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Things to do in Acapulco

  • La QuebradaLa Quebrada
    La Quebrada is known as one of the famous attractions for tourist in Acapulo. People come from all over to watch divers jump from the cliff to the waters below. For generations the Quebrada tribe boys have been cliff diving off the cliff is over 148 ft high and planning at just the right moment to coincide with the waves to avoid serious injury. Around 1:00 p.m. almost every day you can see the divers take their leaps into the water below.

  • Capilla de la Paz
    Known as the Chapel of peace, this contemporary church has a unique style of architecture that is shaped as a pyramid. The church sits 1200 feet above sea level where you can see the entire bay of Acapulco from the chapel. On the church property, it is decorated with beautiful artificial waterfalls, rivers, and gardens with many different walking paths to view the landscape. Outside on the property as well sits a 130 ft cross with bronze praying hands that sits right below the cross pointing toward the sky. The chapel is a big apart of Acapulco's history where people have worshiped for years. Its a beautiful place to visit and experience.

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  • El Fuerte de San DiegoIsla de la Roqueta
    The El Fuerte de San Diego is the home to the Acapulco Historical Museum. The museum exhibits and displays important moments in history for the state as well as the Acapulco Fortress. There is 13 halls through out the museum that hold many collections of archaeological and historical of the region and the fortress. Some of the permanent collection includes representation of animals, tools, pottery and many more from over centuries ago.

  • Isla de la Roqueta
    Located a few miles off of Acapulco, in the Coca Chica channel is the Isla de la Roqueta where you can take a glass bottom boat to the island and see what lies beneath in the beautiful clear water. On the tropical island is a zoo that are inhibited by the animals that were found on the island such as lions, turtles, giraffes, monkeys and many more. There is also 2 great beaches called the Playa Roqueta and Playa de los Enamorados. Hike though the island and explore all the different plants and birds, relax on the beaches, enjoy a meal at the restaurant, or swim or dive in the crystal clear ocean.

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  • Restaurant La Perla
    Restaurant La Perla is an exquisite place to dine when in Acapulco, Mexico. Diners here can experience the true taste of Mexico in an amazing environment teaming with beautiful sights of cliffs and the waves in the ocean cracking against them. Buffet breakfasts are available for a mere 11 dollars and include chilaquiles which are fried tortilla pieces mixed with eggs, chicken, salsa, and cheese. Also on the breakfast menu are a variety of soups, fresh fruits and other snacks, roasted pork, some of the freshest coffee and pastries ever tasted, and a variety of other goodies. There is live music and entertainment that fills the air performed by the three mariachis which walk around to keep the feel and atmosphere going for the patrons of this fine establishment. There is also an interesting view of some other entertainment that is quite unexpected. The main attraction at La Perla is the cliff divers which jump from the high cliffs into the turbulent water. Come check them out when in Acapulco.

  • CiCi Waterpark
    The Waterpark is one of Acapulco's greatest family theme park.  The park is filled a huge wave pool for the whole family to relax, water slides that are great for young ones and adults, and a hot air balloon ride that takes you 50 meters above the park to get a gorgeous view of Acapulco's bay and city from above. Another great feature about Cici waterpark is the swim with the dolphin program they offer. The program consists of a quick summary about the dolphins behavior and then time in the water with the dolphins with an instructor. Its a great place to spend the day with the family.

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  • Jovitos
  • Su Case
  • Esmirna del Mar
  • Kookaburra
  • Pompano
  • Tres Marias
  • Conuco
  • Suntory
  • La Mansion
  • O' Jardim
  • La Cabana de Caleta
  • Vesuvio
  • El Fogon
  • El Zorrito
  • Die Bratwurst
  • Mi Piaci
  • Zibu
  • Bou Bou
  • Zuntra Restarant
  • Becco Al Mare
  • Jimmy's
  • Mar Y Cielo

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