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Things to do in Annapolis

  • Hammond-Harwood HouseMaryland State House
    Built in 1774, the house was made for the 25 year old tobacco planter Matthias Hammond. This house is known as the Jewel of Annapolis. Whether or not Matthias lived in the house or not is still unknown. The house and land had been passed down through a few generations of the Chase family and finally ended with the great granddaughter Hester Ann Harwood. the house was then auctioned in 1926. Not only is this 18th century house worth viewing, but much of the collection is preserved valuables from the families that have owned the house including paintings, furniture, ceramics, fine silver, and much more.

  • Maryland State House
    The Maryland Statehouse is the oldest state house that is still in use today and is the only building to be used to serve the nation's capitol. Inside the building the governor, lieutenant governor, speaker of the House of Delegates and president of the Senate inhibit their offices there. The building that remains today begun in 1772, was delayed because of the Revolutionary War and was not complete until 1797.

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  • William Paca GardenWilliam Paca Gardens
    Located in the heart of Annapolis this two-acre garden was built in the 1760's but died out in the 1960's.  After some research the garden was rebuilt with its original features. The garden is filled with many different colorful flowers that include beautiful heirloom roses and cute fish shaped pond with a bridge that leads a beautiful summer house. The flowers and plants that fill the garden are known from books and letters throughout the 18th century.
  • US Naval Academy
    The Academy was founded in 1845 by George Bancroft, the Secretary of the Navy and is located in what is now historic Annapolis. The Academy's mission is to develop their men and woman morally, mentally and physically by focusing on integrity, honor, and respect. Since opening in 1845 over 60,000 people have completed their four years at the Academy. During the hours of 9 to 5 your freely welcome to explore the campus or take a guided tour.

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