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    Antigua Brewery Antigua Brewery Antigua and Barbuda
    The Antigua Brewery was created to produce top quality beer, stout and soft drinks, constructed on Crabbs peninsula by local contractors that were under the leadership of Brauhaase International Management of Hamburg, Germany, that has constructed and commissioned more than 20 breweries worldwide as well as providing the best technical experience that will always ensure a top notch brewery. The brewery has expanded the horizons of the local beer market as they use the in-house desalination plant to give fresh water to the operations as well as offering refunds on the returned plastic bottles returned in re-usable plastic crates. The brewery is the company that makes many popular name brands of liquid drinks and includes, Guinness, Red Stripe, Coca-Cola, Carib, as well as many soft drinks and their famous flagship beer, Wadadli. The company has made a substantial financial contribution to the island and its people, offering long-term employment, money for the taxes, training opportunities, recycling programs and savings on foreign exchange. Their drinks are premium beer and soft drinks which are certainly enjoyed around the island, and many other places in the world. The company brews Guinness stout, Red Stripe and Carib in house, but under the licenses of those companies; with a flagship beer called Wadadli, a marvelous pale lager named after the original Amerindian word for their island. The beer was released in 1993, and has become the original Antiguan word for beer. Other drinks include Coca-Cola, Orange Fanta, Vita Malt, Maxi Malt, Ting and Sprite, manufactured at the brewery but under license from the other companies, and complimented by the company's own apple jack, club soda, ginger ale, tonic water and a popular tropical fruit drink that the company created itself; called Cocktail de fruits.

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Local Restaurants in Antigua

    Starters; soup of the day, Chef chicken salad, shrimps & avocado, mussel sauté, seafood crudite, warm Greek salad, Napoleon; Entrees; housemade ravioli, seafood pasta, spaghetti Bolognese, housemade lasagna, steak with green mashed potatoes & veggie, chicken fillet in mushroom cream sauce, catch of the day, warm lobster catalana.

    Chippy Antigua
    Entrees; fish & chips, scampi & chips, scampi & fish & chips, lobster bites & chips; 2 sausages & chips, lobster scampi & fish, housemade pies & chips, chicken/mushroom, steak/kidney, steak/mushroom, minced beef/onion, Indian curry with pita bread & rice or chips, mushy peas, cole slaw, chips.



Housemade Ravioli Bumpkins St. John's Antigua



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    St. Peter's Church St. Peter's Church Parham, Antigua
    St. Peter's Church is situated in the nation's oldest town, Parham, and is well known for its octagon shape, considered to be one of the best churches in the West Indies with a distinctive Italian style, decorated stucco facade, ribbed wooden ceilings and marvelous location. The church was designed by British architect, Thomas Weekes in 1840, replacing earlier ones that had been made of wood; and it was the first structure in the town that would get electricity. The original church was constructed in 1711, but would eventually be destroyed by fire, and replaced by another wooden structure that would only be up until 1754, and it would be replaced by another that would be destroyed by the earthquake of 1843, and then finally replaced by this lovely stone and mason structure that has thus far survived the tests of time.

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    Hell's GateHell's Gate Antigua
    Hell's Gate in Antigua is a tiny island that is situated in North Sound, that is close to the Great Bird Island and can be reached only by boat or else an excursion boat that goes to other islands in the cluster as well. It is a beautiful island and great for swimming and snorkeling, as well as getting some excellent solitude and alone time. The unique geological formations of the island have interested and intrigued by people from around the world that continue coming here for the sights, beauty and solitude. Many folks come to the island on Eli's Ecotours that is the only excursion trip to the small island that has a wonderful cave, an outstanding bridge along a rocky bridge over the ocean and more sights than the size of the island. It has always excited people that come here, with all the different rock formations and the abundance of places to snorkel. There are a few places where you can swim in calm water, but it depends on the tides.

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    Megaliths of Greencastle Hill Megaliths of Greencastle Hill Antigua
    Green Castle Hill in Antigua is located on the northern edge of the volcanic highlands and the Central plains, atop a hill that offers a marvelous view of the west coast and the triangular shaped hills of the Central Plains. Along the slopes and atop the summit of the hill are unique standing rocks and formations that the islanders called megaliths; but no one knows anything about their history or origins. Evidence has been discovered that show these rocks have been here since pre-Columbian times, and contains many remains of pottery, faunal remains, lithic flakes, debitage and shellfish. Many archaeologists believe that the area was used for ritualistic events like observing the night sky or it might have been an early observatory of sorts. With the evidence acquired from recent astronomical surveys, it is considered to be the best possibility. The islands of the Caribbean seem to be shaped like a linear arc that interlinks three very diverse cultural areas of North, Central and South America, with the understanding that because of their close proximity to each other, they could represent stepping stones from one archipelagos to another, since each island is visible from the other. It is believed that these Amerindians would migrate from one to another, settling in some and bringing their household necessities with them, including their animals, plants and cultures. For over 5000 years, these groups would traverse the islands, developing their own unique island cultures that would continue until the first Europeans arrived in the late 15th century. After the discovery of the islands and other lands, Europeans came by the groves to settle, changing the lifestyles of the native peoples and the landscape forever. The newcomers would also bring their animals, plants and cultures, with many new plants and animals arriving, as were millions of slaves from Africa. They would be used to mine, cultivate and plant the many industries that would start up in the islands, with more refugees coming here from China, India and Portugal, creating a melting pot of culture and diversity that would become part of the island culture forever.

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    Monk's Hill or Fort George Monk's Hill Antigua
    After the 1666 invasion and devastation by the French, the island planters and British military soon realized that they would need some type of protection from invaders and other ships that came here to provision or steal whatever they needed or could, so the construction of a fortress on top of Monk's Hill began in 1689, building until an eight acre fort called Great Fort George was completed in 1715. It would have over thirty big caliber cannons to protect it, but the main reason for the fort would be the security of the women and children, as well as any important personal property. It would continue to be used as a signal station, because of its location atop the hill, flags, signal guns and vari0us other means of communicating could be done with the other forts and colonists along the islands. Currently, only the remains of the fort ruins can be seen among the newly grown shrub brush, along with the stone buildings, huge cisterns, cemetery and falling ramparts. The site has revealed many outstanding artifacts that have been excavated there, and offers some insights to the lifestyles of the islanders during their early developments. The views are magnificent and very panoramic, offering the deep blue waters that encompass the island, along with the hills, rivers and valleys that can be seen in the distance. It is a great place to hike the numerous trails that abound on the island, with some views more beautiful than others, but all in all they are something worth seeing.