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Avis Aeropuerto Jorge Wilsterman - Av Juana Azurduy, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Aeropuerto El Alto Car Rentals - La Paz, Bolivia


Nestled between the larger South American countries, ;the Spanish ;Republic known as ; Bolivia, was named after Simon Bolivar. ;As the constitutional capital of La Paz, it later ;became the seat of government in 1898. After the Spanish conquest of in 1524, Bolivia was considered upper Peru during the Viceroy Lima. Silver which was the primary interest of the Spanish empire, became the city's most important resource. Unfortunately, many native Mestizo & Amerindians ;selected by the draft system were committed to force labor on their own countries resources of ;silver & tin. Since it's independence, Bolivia lost large territories during its border wars. Bolivia continued to prosper in the silver industry. Due to the Nationalist Revolutionary Movement from 1951 - 1978, Bolivia remained in a state of turmoil. After a series of coups, Congress was appointed to elect Sanchez de Lozada as the ;new president in 1982. During this period between 1993-2001, coca became a big problem that needed to be eradicated using special police units. Hydrocarbon assets began to replace the silver and tin production exports during the government of Evo Morales. Today, Bolivia rich in natural resources has the lowest GDP per capita and is considered a "donkey sitting on a gold mine."

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Budget Mariscal Sucre Airport - Fernando Guachalla 639 La Paz, Bolivia