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  • Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira Memorial Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira Memorial Brasilia, Brazil
    Juscelino was the 21st President of Brazil, from 1956 to 1961, and he was instrumental in having the city and capital of Brasilia constructed.  During his term, the country had good economic prosperity and political stability.  He was born into poverty in Minas Gerias, where his father, a traveling salesman died when Juscelino was two years old; forcing his mother, a Czech descendant teaching school, to care for him.  He became trained as a physician, but was voted into the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil from his state, in 1934.  After Getulio Vargas took over the government in 1937, Juscelino returned to medicine until 1940 when he was elected mayor of Belo Horizonte and while there, he had a reservoir built that would supply the town's water supply and a complex of buildings.  In 1945, Juscelino was elected to the National Congress of Brazil and then was voted into the governor's position in 1950.  In 1955, Juscelino ran for the Presidency with a slogan saying that the country would get 50 years of progress in five; which is how long the office was held for.  He won the election and was sworn in on January 31, 1956 as the President of the Republic of the United States of Brazil.  The period became known as a optimistic political era and he started his term with a plan called the National Development with 31 specific goals being tried in the country.  His main areas of improvements lie in the education, food, transportation, energy, industry and the building of Brasilia; in hopes of expanding the Brazilian economy and integrating the interior states.  Exempting importation taxes to the companies that imported machinery and industrial equipment, he helped the auto industry get started, as well as the naval and heavy industry companies in his country.  Hydro-electric plants were built and roads were improved and built up.  The economy was doing good, but the inflation that came with it, disheartened many people, especially his adversaries.  When his term was ended, he had raised the national debt by a billion and a half dollars; and while the growth of the industrial production had gone up by 80%, the inflation had gone up by 43%.   

  • Cathedral of Brasilia
    This cathedral was designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, and is in the capital city of Brasilia.  It is a concrete framed hyperboloid structure with a glass roof reaching up to the skies.  It was finished in 1970 and inspired by the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.  The spirals that rise up to the sky seem to be a modern version of the crown of thorns worn by Jesus and have four figures that line the outside area representing the four gospel writers.  The visual masterpiece is considered to be the best of Niemeyer's designs and stained glass panels inside give the majestic cathedral an awesome feeling of color and inspiration.  It is seen from the outside as small, but once inside, the walls and floor are made of white marble and the impression of this magnificent church is overpowering.  The altar is plain compared to many, with a white marble altar and image of Christ on the cross.  Sculptor Alfredo Ceschiatti created the four apostles outside and the angels that have been suspended from the ceiling inside.   

  • Brasilia National Park
    The national park is also known as the Parque de Aqua Mineral or Mineral Water park because of the two mineral springs that swirl inside it.  The weekends are especially busy times here, since it is located in the center of the city, with many beautiful trees, two trails that meander through the whole park giving visitors and locals alike a feeling of tranquility that replaces the hectic pace of the city that surrounds it.  It is a favorite for the family since the springs offer a fantastic remedy to the extremely stressful life that most people face here.  The 30 acre park is a natural environment that brings the locals to the area every chance they get. 

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  • Brasilia Zoological GardensBrasilia Zoological Gardens, Brazil
    The zoological gardens in Brasilia is part of the Riacho Fundo Wildlife Sanctuary and the visitors can see exotic and unusual wildlife in their natural environments.  Managed by the FunPEB Ecological Pole Foundation, this park helps to preserve endangered species and gives zoologists a chance to study them in a natural setting.  The three reasons that the gardens were started are; to preserve the endangered animals that are close to extinction, the next is the opportunity for scientists to study the effects of the present on these wonderful creatures and the last reason is for a place where locals and visitors can come to see these marvelous animals in their natural habitants; where the ordinary citizen couldn't.  The gardens have been built by men wanting to create as natural an environment as they could within the confines of a city.  There are three lakes with islands that are home to monkeys, wild ducks and other animals; with much bamboo, vegetation, trees and bushes for the animals to thrive in.  With over 253 species represented by 1300 animals, the park has been divided into various areas including a bird sanctuary.  Some of the animals there include; pumas, kangaroos, giraffes, tapirs, elephants, camels, chimpanzees and Brazil's unusual maned wolf.  Wandering through the park is a joy and the best way to see everything; with many picnic areas that are under great shade trees.  There are chances to drive through, which would take less time; however, the images that you would miss is much easier and enjoyable when walked at a casual pace.  Also on the grounds is a library, theater, snack bar and taxidermy museum.

Local Restaurants in Brasilia
  • Patu Anu
    Ever since this restaurant has opened its doors, it has been committed to an excellence of food and flavor that is made up of this great city and the diversity of its cuisine.  Their desire to create innovative and delicious foods have helped this restaurant become one of finest in the city and country.  Using special equipment, trained people and innovative techniques, the culinary exploits of Chef Lucas Arteaga have developed into a place where the unexpected will surprise you with extreme prejudice.  Come to try the most delectable cuisine that you have ever dreamed of.  For starters they offer; Patu Anu breads with herb butter and eggs cooked at low temperatures  with duck consommé.  Entries include; cannelloni shiitake confit and tomato with compote of grilled onions and green leaves with mini wine vinaigrette; sashimi tuna capsule in smoke with citric sauce of maple syrup and chives;  cameroon in the plate with bourbon vanilla mayonnaise and carrot in two textures; tail of crocodile leather olive with Dijon mustard, palm charcoaled.  Main courses offer; duck confit in tucupi with farofa crispy egg and carrot; palette of lamb with cooking 48 h s is terraine of cassava, chlorophyll Jambu sauce and three mustards; grilled fish of the week, with plants glace, quinoa and pumpkin coulis; filet baby buffalo with mashed cara, cardoncello mushroom grilled in olive oil with rosemary and lemon.  Desserts include; petit fours with expresso or imported tea; pineapple sorbet with honey and champagne citrus with vanilla parfait, cookie white chocolate, passion fruit curd, lemon sorbet, a reduction of tamarind and merengue crispy; truffle black whiskey is 70% cocoa, honey ice cream, praline and hazelnut foam. 

  • Porcao
    A trend that is taking over the favorite places to eat here is the rotation of meats that have been cooked over an open fired grill using long skewers to put the varieties of meats on and walk around the dining room offering the meat skewers to guests that have turned a card or some kind of notice either green for go and bring and red which means stop.  Side bars are available for salads, hot appetizers, cold appetizers and vegan specialties.  Over 30 different meats are included on the skewers with beef, lamb, poultry, fish, turkey, salmon, ostrich, crocodile, pork and more.  Some of the great side dishes include; cheeses, meats, salads, appetizers, rice, pastries, fried cassava, black beans, fried yucca, mashed potatoes, farofa, bananas breaded, fried potatoes and manioc.   



Croc Pat Anu Brasilia, Brazil


Pat Anu Brasilia, Brazil




Porcao Brasilia, Brazil

Porcao Brasilia, Brazil

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  • Palacio do Planalto Palacio do Planalto Brasilia, Brazil
    The palacio or Palace of the Plateau in English is where the President of the country does business, much like the White House of the United States.  The word Planalto is a metonym for the executive branch and the main duties of the President is done here; although his family does not live here.  That residence is called the Palacio da Alvorada.  The vice-president, chief of staff and other high level advisers also have offices in the building.  The architect was Oscar Niemeyer; which was instrumental in most of the important buildings of the new capital and he wanted to make the building an image of modern times and simple lines.  It is four stories tall and spreads out over 390,000 square feet; with four more buildings as part of the complex.  A reflecting pool was constructed in front of the palace with Japanese carp swimming in the waters.  It is 17,600 square feet and 3.6 feet deep.  A major renovation is in the works, since the building hasn't been maintained properly, plus it was built in 1958, and needs major overhauls to its electrical, water and central air systems. 

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  • Museu Nacional Museu Nacional Brasilia, Brazil
    This museum was named after a student revolutionary that disappeared after he was arrested in the 1960s.  It is most unusual in its shape and was designed by the nation's most prominent architect, Oscar Niemeyer and opened on his 99th birthday in 2006.  It has a total space of 14.5 thousand square meters and is one of the most impressive buildings of Oscar's designs.  The dome is 80 meters in diameter and has three ramps that lead into it.  Inside are two auditoriums, a circular showroom, 3 elevators, special lighting, an area to hold 400 thousand works of art and a mezzanine suspended with many oddly shaped items.   

  • Vale do Amanhecer
    The Valley of Dawn is a religious community that was started in 1969, by a truck driver named Tia Neiva and has over 500 residents who are mostly abandoned children that he took in, with another 20,000 living and working there in the area.  Some of the people living there worked with Tia, others are mediums, many to handle the maintenance needs and people that come to overcome alcoholism.  The main building is the Temple of Dawn, which was made of stone resembling a ellipse with over 2400 square feet of space.  Inside is an area with different spaces that function to make sure the day to day spiritual needs are carried out.  Set in the rear of the temple is the huge statue of Pai Seta Branca, a Pre-Columbian spirit that spoke to Tia in 1957; a young muscular Indian, wearing a blue tunic, leather sandals and a long headdress; with an arrow being held in his hands.  The school has about 200 students, with a auto repair shop, bookshop that sells religious and spiritualist masks, and restaurant; all under the government's control.  The religion seems to incorporate aspects of mysticism, Afro-Brazilian religion, Christianity, spiritism, flying saucers belief and ancient Egyptian beliefs.  Mediums wear bright colored robes and believe they are the reincarnation of aliens called the Equitunas that landed here some 32,000 years ago.  These aliens came back over the centuries in the form of Hittites, Jonians, Dorians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Mayans.