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One of the largest populace countries in South America is Brazil. With a coastline of 7,491 kilometers, it is bound by Venezuela, Sriname, Guyana, Columbia, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. In 1500 after the landing of Pedro Alvares Cabral, it was a colony of Portugal. Due to it's economic prosperity, Brazil has become the world's tenth largest economy. Brazil is a melting-pot of  188 indigenous languages among 155 thousand speakers. Having the largest group of uncontacted peoples, statistics indicated there are at least 67 tribes that are isloated from civilization. Due to tribal warfare and cannibalism, the Portugues decided to civilize the Amerindians. Early Portuguese settlements cultivated brazilwood and sugarcane. The early capital Salvidor was established in 1549 at the Bay of All Saints. In the early 18th century, sugar became the staple crop of Brazil. Rio de Janeiro later became the seat of government by Portuguese fleeing from Napolean. Finally Brazil achieved it's independence from Portugal in 1822 after a series of political disputes. Slave trade was a major industry  until 1888 when when Brazil stopped trading slaves from Africa. 

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Although large parts of Brazil are covered by Rainforest, the remaining part of the country has a wide range of temperatures. Hosting five major climatic subtypes, a traveller can experience everything from equatorial to semiarid. Daily temperature averages about 77F with more significant changes in the everning. Due to the Amazon Rainforests, scientist estimate that plant and animal species is about 2 million. Most animals that are abundant include armadillos, apossums, sloths, anteaters, tapirs, Pecaries, foxes, bush dogs just to mention a few.  Dams, Climate change, fire, wildlife trade, fishing, gas extraction, mining, logging, all threaten it's natural heritage. Being the tenth largest economy in the world, Brazil has a large developed agriculture including service sectors, manufacturing, and mining. Major exports include  elect. equipment, corn beef, tootwear, textiles, ethanol, steel, iron ore and much more. Brazil is one of few countries becoming energy independent with biofuels and deep-water oil. Brazil experienced a currency crisis in 1994 and was bailed out with a rescue package in 2002. Now with a stronger global leadership in commodities from beef to soybean, Brazil is punching it's weight with a booming economy. Much of the gross natural product results from fishing, logging, and forestry representing 5%. At least 30% of the GNP is represented by durables, aircraft, compters, petrochemicals and steel. Among latin countries Brazil has the most advanced space program with the capability of satellite, launch sites, and launch vehicles

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