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Chihuahua Airport Alamo -Roberto Fierro Villaloboa Airport
Chihuahua Alamo Rental Car -Agustin Meliar #1907

Things to do in ChihuahuaChepe

  • Chepe
    Since 1961 the train has been running on 408 miles of tracks and over 37 bridges through some of the most beautiful places in Mexico. The route is known as one of the most important route and a masterpiece in Mexican engineering. It Travels through Tarahumara letting you explore the the culture, history, and folklore.

  • Palacio de Gobierno
    This beautifully designed architectural building was the former house to Marquis Francisco Pizarro who was the founder of the cit in 1535. The building dates back to the 18th century from the Spanish Conquest to the Revolution.

  • Museo de la RevolucionMuseo de la Revolucion
    The museum is housed in what used to be Pancho Villa's house.  There are many exhibits of Villa's stuff that is still inside the museum today such as weapons, personals, tons of photos, and even his 1922 Dodge pick up truck in which he was shot in. His wife Luz Corral de Villa lived there until 1981.

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AVIS at Chihuahua Intl Airport -Robert Fierro Airport
Downtown Chihuahua AVIS -Avenue Universidad 1505

  • Museo Casa ChihuahuaMuseo  Casa Chihuahua
    What was once known as the Federal Palace of Chihuahua was built in the early 20th century until 2004 in the center of the city. The building is now a museum featuring exhibits representing the history of the former Jesuit College to the present museum, temporary exhibits changing every third month, as well as Mexico's deserts, plains, and mountains.
  • Museo de Arte Popular

    Museo de Arte Popular
    The museum lets you explore the Folk Art that is most popular and produced in Mexico. It has over 3,000 pieces donated to the museum. Some of the permanent collection includes Pottery, Plant fibers, Toys, masks, jewelry, glass, paintings and so much more. The Museum expresses Mexican folk art from the beginning and throughout history based on the richness and diversity of Mexico.

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Chihuahua Airport Budget- In Terminal
Chihuahua Budget Rental Cars- Colonia Magisterial