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Budget Coupons will help you get the very best deals and bargains on all of your rental vehicles when you are visiting Ecuador. This may be your once in a lifetime opportunity to visit such a unique part of the world, so you definitely do not want to miss anything. You need to use your precious time wisely while you are in Ecuador and you must see all the amazing landmarks and sites that this city has to offer. If you want to see anymore amazing rental car discounts, please follow the link below:

Budget Rent a Car Discounts in Guayaquil, Ecuador
Jose Joaquin De Olmedo
Guayaquil, Ecuador Discount Budget Car Rentals
AV Las Americas #900 Y Calle N
Budget Car Rental Coupons Oro Verde Hotel Guayalquil
Garcia Moreno Y Hurtado

Manta, Ecuador Discount Budget Rent a Car
Malecon Entre Calle 16 Y 17

Budget Rental Car Discounts Quito, Ecuador
Aeropuerto Mariscal Sucre

Things to do in Ecuador

  • Crepes and Waffles
    Crepes and Waffles Located in Quito, Crepes and Waffles will satisfy all of your breakfast desires. Crepes and Waffles happen to be the perfect informal restaurant in Quito and you deserve a morning visit to this dainty café. Your experience at Crepes and Waffles will be a memorable one. Fantastic crepes, delicious waffles, and amazing curry along with the relaxing atmosphere should make Crepes and Waffles your number one breakfast restaurant. Not only can you go to Crepes and Waffles for breakfast but also for lunch. Crepes and Waffles is perfect for families with children and large groups. If you love the food at Crepes and Waffles but are in a hurry you can order take out so you can continue on your way with some mouth – watering breakfast or brunch. However, do not think you are limited to only crepes and waffles at this restaurant. There are a myriad of other delicious entrees for you to order including a divine salad bar and such other options. The frozen cappuccino drinks are also recommended. The affordable prices give you a reason to come back and visit Crepes and Waffles again. This popular restaurant is definitely worth the risk of trying. If you do not have time to visit for a full meal then dessert is a must.  

  • Riviera
    RivieraHere is another dining option for breakfast and brunch. In Guayaquil there are a plethora of options to choose from however, Riviera is the best choice for your morning hungers. If you have never enjoyed Italian breakfast then Riviera is the perfect place to indulge in your first experience. Riviera is perfect for families with children, large groups, romance, business and pretty much everything else you can imagine. If you prefer to eat outdoor then Riviera will fulfill all of your wishes. The affordable prices will allow you to even order dessert. Takeout and reservations are also available. Do not be afraid to take the risk by ordering dishes at Riviera such as “Carpaccio di Carne,” or “Radicchio of Corso.” However, if you want to take a smaller risk then just order off of the dessert menu. Crepes seem to be popular in Ecuador so you could stay safe with the crepes or try “Lightning.” It consists of chocolate and cream so maybe that sounds a little less risky. “The Three Volcanoes” also sounds quite appetizing. Whatever you order you will be satisfied at Riviera. Hot drinks such as “Mokaccino,” and “Caffe con Panna” at Riviera are also popular. When in Guayaquil stop by Riviera to receive a one of a kind experience.

Things to do with a rental car in Ecuador.
  • El Cajas National Park
    El Cajas National ParkThis beautiful national park located in Cuenca is just what you are looking for if you want to explore Ecuador’s natural beauty. At this particular national park you have the option of exploring alone or with a tour guide. If you want more out of the experience then you should definitely book with a tour guide. If you wish to walk in the Paramo then El Cajas is the best park to do this in. This park is full of lovely high altitude lakes and beautiful plants, trees and gardens. You will run into the Polylepis forest while in El Cajas where you will see many exotic birds and animals. If you have never seen dwarf trees then this is the place to see them, at El Cajas National Park. You will be able to view and go through the cloud forest and this way you will see two very different parts of El Cajas. If you enjoy hiking then you can participate in some memorable hiking experiences. So for a relaxing and peaceful day in Ecuador visit El Cajas Nation Park located in Cuenca. Spectacular sights and rigid nature makes this tour at El Cajas unforgettable. Make sure you see Ecuador at its best by visit El Cajas National Park.  

Hertz Car Rental Ecuador

When you get a chance to visit a great country like Ecuador, you are going to want to make sure that you get to do and see everything that is located in the country. Getting reliable transportation can prove to be quite tricky while you are there, so what you can do to make sure that you have reliable transportation is get a discount car rental from Hertz. With rental car coupons from and the great rates that you will receive from Hertz Discounts, you are going to see instant savings, you are going to get a safe and reliable vehicle and you are going to have the freedom to roam about the amazing country of Ecuador.

Cuenca Airport Ecuador Discount Hertz Rental Cars
Cuenca Airport

Hertz Discount Car Rentals Aeroporto Joaquin Olmedo
Internacional Simon Bolivar de Guayaquil
Agencia Quito Airport Ecuador Hertz Rental Car Coupons
Internacional Mariscal Sucre de Quito
Hertz Car Rental Discounts Ecuador Finansauto, S.A.
AV. Amazonas NO.49-111 Y Rio Curaray

  • Mangiare Benne Restaurante
    Mangiare Benne RestauranteAfter a long, breathtaking tour at El Cajas most likely you will be famished. Due to the convenient location in Cuenca, right after your long tour at the national park you can head to Mangiare Benne Restaurante to get a quick bite to sooth those loud stomach roars. At Mangiare Benne Restaurante you will receive a gorgeous Italian meal with great service that will make your meal pleasant. Perfect for romance, large parties, families with children and everyone else Mangiare Benne Restaurante is the place to be for any occasion. The ideal atmosphere also adds to the restaurant’s popularity and the experience you will partake in at Mangiare Benne. The excellent meal will make you want to come back for more. The enticing wine list along with the plentiful entrée menu and the desserts to top off your meal will make your experience at Mangiare Benne the best. While passing through Cuenca no matter if it is time for lunch or dinner Mangiare Benne will be delighted to serve you. Make sure to prepare yourself for a gourmet Italian meal that will be a memorable one. The lovely courtyard will make you feel even more at home. So make sure you swing by Mangiare Benne to taste the fabulous Italian dish.  

  • Geotours
    GeotoursFirst time in Ecuador? If so, then you should probably take a tour to see the full beauty of the country. Located in Banos you will find that Geotours will not be your typical tour guide. On most tours you walk around on foot. However, at Geotours you take your tour in either a kayak or canoe. This tour will definitely not be a boring one. While getting some exercise and vitamin D you will also be learning about the history, culture and nature of Ecuador. Sounds like a pretty good deal. The excellent guides and professional atmosphere will tempt you to take another tour. Canyoning, canoeing, and a myriad of other spectacular activities are waiting for you to take advantage of. At Geotours you will pass through the countryside on horseback or through the streams in a raft. No matter what adventure you want to take Geotours is the place to do it. Canoeing down five waterfalls in Cascada Chamana sounds like a full day of fun. Geotours will keep you occupied for many days. While in Banos a visit to Geotours is a must. The great café at Geotours is also a huge plus to the whole Geotours experience. 

  • Uncle Ho’s
    Uncle Ho’sReady to dive into some Vietnamese cuisine? While in Quito, Ecuador you can have the best Vietnamese experience at Uncle Ho’s. The cool and stylish atmosphere along with the delicious food will make your experience the best. While in Quito you will want to visit Uncle Ho’s for lunch and dinner as many times as possible. The friendly staff plus the unforgettable service will make the food even better than what it already is if that is possible. At Uncle Ho’s you will have the time and meal of your life so go with high expectations. Entrees at Uncle Ho’s include a plethora of distinguished rolls for appetizers. Salad, soup, entrees, desserts and a drink list are also available to help you enjoy your meal even more. Tofu, curry chicken, lemon grass beef, and dragon stew all may sound a little risky but why not take the risk? You will never know if you have found your new favorite food unless you try it first. If you are more of a vegetarian you can try the spicy palm heart salad for starters. And the last but not least is Uncle Ho’s desserts. Stuffed fried bananas and flan for dessert sounds quite appetizing.

avis discount rental car Ecuador

There are many things that you must prepare for when you are planning a trip to another country and it may seem a bit overwhelming, but when you are looking for a discount car rental, well Avis is here to make your transportation plans easy. Not only will you get a quality car at a great price, but the professional and friendly staff at Avis will make it so easy to get into your rental car and out on the road so you do not waste anytime on your vacation. Be sure that you use rental car coupons from and Avis Discount Offers to get the car that you need when you are in Ecuador.
Avis Discounts

Avis Discount Car Rentals Ambato, Ecuador
Avenida Atahualpa Y Victor Hugo

Mariscal Lamar Airport Discount Avis Rental Cars
Avenida Espana Y Elialiut
Avis Car Rental Discounts Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Malecon Y Delgadillo
Avis Car Rental Coupons Guayaqui International Airport

Avenida de Las Americas
Santo Domingo, Ecuador Avis Rental Car Coupons

Avenida Quevedo 384

  • Blue Marlin Fishing Charters
    Blue Marlin Fishing ChartersIf in Manta and looking for something peaceful and relaxing to do then Blue Marlin Fishing Charters is the ideal place to begin your laid back day. Also located in Salinas, Blue Marlin is perfect for leisure or sporting events. Using Bertram, Stamas, and Hatteras boats, Blue Marlin will guarantee that you have a great day fishing away. With complete fishing packages which include hotel and transportation your day will be hassle free. Not only can you fish at Blue Marlin but you can also take boat tours. The Blue Marlin Lodge is also a quaint place to stay so that you can enjoy your experience in Manta even more. No matter if it is fishing season or not Blue Marlin will always be delighted to have you as guests and you will be happy with your decision of choosing Blue Marlin. If you are flying into Manta, Blue Marlin will pick you up from the airport. Want to take an ecological land tour? Well, Blue Marlin can accompany you on this eventful tour. City tours all throughout Ecuador are available through Blue Marlin also. Whatever you have in mind to do Blue Marlin can make those thoughts come to reality.

  • Pavarotti Ristorante
    Mediterranean cuisine along with elegant dining, Pavarotti Ristorante is one of the best in Quito. Rated as number one you will not be disappointed if you decide to include Pavarotti Ristorante on your night out on the town. The excellent food along with the great service will draw you back to Pavarotti Ristorante once again. If you cannot decide what to order when you arrive then choose The Ecuadorean Stone Crag since it is practically amazing. However, if you just absolutely want to be surprised just ask the owner to order for you. According to previous customers this is the best way to go since you will e receiving the best at Pavarotti. And never forget the wine to go along with your meal. The wine at Pavarotti is quite indulging just like the rest of the dishes and drinks here. This restaurant is perfect for romance. To top off your meal go for the dessert because no meal is complete without it. Your expectations will be surpassed in every way. So be prepared to be blown away. The cozy and yet elegant atmosphere will make your feel comfortable and the glass ceiling windows overlooking the busy streets of the city will make your experience even more pleasurable.