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Things to do in Middletown

    Locust Grove Home of Governor Joshua Clayton Locust Grove Home of Governor Joshua Clayton Middletown, Delaware
    This house had once been the home of Joshua Clayton, a prominent doctor and distinguished government leader in post-Revolutionary Delaware. After he had finished going to the University of Pennsylvania, he would begin a successful local practice and eventually become one of the founders of the Delaware Medical Society, and when the revolution began, he would be commissioned as an officer in the Bohemia Manor Militia. After the war ended, and the colonies had united and become the United States, he would be elected to the Delaware House of Assembly in 1785, and then chosen to become the state's treasurer in 1786. He would be elected by the legislature in 1789 to become the president or chief executive of the state, and the last person to hold that title under the old state constitution of 1776. In 1792, when the new government would be adopted, citizens of the state would go to the polls to vote and Joshua would become the first popularly elected chief executive, as well as the first person to become called "governor" of the state, and he would continue in office until 1798 when he decided to become a US senator. In the summer of that year, he would be in Philadelphia, having frequent consultations with Dr. Benjamin Rush and other doctors concerning the terrible yellow fever epidemic that had been raging on; and contract the disease. He would return to his home at Locust Grove, and later pass on in August of 1798. He would become known as the last president of the colony and the first governor of the state, after having come from a family that had had a history in England going back to the 11th century. When he set up his practice in Dover, Delaware, he had renewed an old acquaintance with Richard Bassett, and together they would purchase 20,000 acres named Bohemia Manor that sat on the Delaware Maryland border, northwest of Middletown, and in 1765, he married Bassett's adopted daughter "Rachel", and in 1773, construct the Bohemian manor house called, "Locust Grove". Joshua would enter the army or actually the Bohemia Manor Battalion Militia as a captain, and eventually be commissioned as a colonel, acting as aide and surgeon to "General George Washington".

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    Middletown Historical SocietyMiddletown Historical Society Middletown, Delaware
    The Middletown Historical Society would be founded in 1985, and eventually be housed in the Old Middletown Academy that opened its doors in 1826. The academy would be used as a private school until 1876, when it would become part of the public school system; and back in 1840, it would have 33 students. The society owns it now, and shares its spaces with the Middletown Chamber of Commerce. The society hosts house tours in the city, along with lectures about the history of the city, and is responsible for the yearly Old Tyme Peach Festival that began in 1993, to increase the awareness of the role peaches have played in the formation of the city, as well as becoming an inexpensive family outing for the entire family and town to enjoy together. The society is in the process of creating educational lectures and exhibits that will enhance the public's awareness of the city's history and rich heritage, as well as the significant role it played in developing the state's history. Now, the society in in the process of rejuvenating the Old Academy building so that it can become a museum where all the relics and materials that have been collected so far can be displayed in places of honor, and state the collection of Middletown in earnest.

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Middletown Enterprise Rental Car - 5207 Summit Ridge Rd.
Enterprise Car Rental Newark - 2405 Pulaski Hwy.
Smyrna Enterprise Rental Car - 119 N. Dupont Hwy. Unit F

Local Restaurants in Middletown

    Caruso's Bistro
    Entrees; lobster ravioli, linguini with clams red or white sauce, jumbo shrimp scampi with pasta, jumbo shrimp marinara, crabmeat Mediteraneo, Aragosta e gameri de pescatore, gnocchi with marinara, baked penne pasta with ricotta cheese, mozzarella & tomato sauce baked in casserole; penne alla vodka, penne & broccoli with garlic & oil; tortellini alfredo; lasagna with lean ground beef; ravioli, stuffed shells, eggplant parmigiana, manicotti al forno, party a forno, tortellini alla primavera, chicken & broccoli alfredo, chicken marsala, veal piccata, veal scaloppini sorentina, veal marsala.

    North Star Grill
    Entrees; French onion ribeye is 16oz. ribeye steak smothered with French onion mixture & topped with melted mozzarella cheese served with baked potato & veggie of the day; filet mignon is 8oz. filet lightly seasoned & cooked your way topped with garlic butter served with baked potato & veggie of the day; grilled chicken breast is twin 6oz. seasoned boneless chicken breasts with roasted redskin potatoes & veggie of the day; Baltimore style crab cakes are jumbo lump crab cake with Baltimore seasoning, broiled or fried, served with roasted redskin potatoes & veggie of the day; crab imperial housemade jumbo lump crab imperial made with fresh red & green peppers & premium jumbo lump crabmeat served with garlic smashed redskin potatoes & veggie of the day; chicken Chesapeake is grilled chicken breasts smothered in housemade jumbo lump crab imperial & finished with cheddar cheese, served with garlic smashed redskin potatoes & veggie of the day; chicken & broccoli is fresh cut broccoli florets topped upon twin 6oz. grilled chicken breasts buried in melted cheddar cheese served with garlic smashed redskin potatoes & veggie; seafood marinara is medley of fresh shrimp, clams, scallops, New Zealand green shell mussels & white cuttlefish sautéed in house marinara sauce over bed of linguini.

Lobster Ravioli Caruso's Bistro Middletown, Delaware



Baltimore Style Crab Cakes North Star Grill Middletown, Delaware

Hertz Car Rental Middletown

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Hertz Rental Cars Middletown- 5077 Summit Ridge Rd.
Elkton Hertz Car Rental - 378 W. Main St.
Hertz Rental Car Newark- 242 E. Delaware Ave.

    Odessa-Wilson-Warner House Wilson-Warner House Odessa, Delaware
    The Wilson-Warner House in Odessa, Delaware was constructed in 1769 by wealthy merchant, David Wilson and it is an excellent example of Delaware-Georgian architecture, with furnishings housed there actually replaced by the historical society from the family's 1829 bankruptcy "list of sales". Spread around the Historic Odessa Foundation's historical houses, which includes the Wilson Warner House, there are over 4000 relics that span the interpretive period in regional decorative arts from 1760 to 1850, with many original pieces from the families that lived there. Some of the original furniture would be created by well known Delaware cabinetmakers of the 18th century, along with many significant paintings, metals, prints, pewter, textiles and silver.

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    Immanuel Episcopal ChurchImmanuel Episcopal Church New Castle, Delaware
    Officially called the Immanuel Episcopal Church on the Green, this outstanding historical church, in New Castle, Delaware is considered to be a contributing property that belongs to the New Castle Historic District, since it sits on the northeast edge of the Green, or what many people recognize as the town common. It is one of the more significant local landmarks because it has been in continuous operation since 1689, making it the oldest Anglican parish in the state and one of the oldest in the nation. This structure was build between 1703 and 1708, with an addition added in 1822 to make more room for the congregation. In 1980, a terrible fire would break out and damage the interior and parts of the roof, so they had to reconstruct those two areas. When the old church was initially constructed, it would be in the part of Delaware that had belonged to Pennsylvania, with the first services being held there even though this church hadn't been built yet. The National Register of Historic Places states that the church is a "stuccoed stone, five bay, center aisle church with clipped gable roof, and stone and frame spire with clock". Today, the church's appearance reflects the changes that architect William Strickland had to do for the repairs that included the transept and crenellated tower, after reconstruction. Visitors to the church today, will notice the small churchyard that encompasses the church, where the graves of parishioners from the 17th century to the 21st have been laid to rest, with numerous veterans of the Revolutionary War and those that had signed the Declaration of Independence. The church is a marvelous example of a living historical church, still utilizing the 18th century communion silver and enjoying the heritage and spiritual nourishment given to them by the knowledge of their ancestors congregating here, to develop the city, the state, the new nation and the Declaration of Independence. The entire experience here is quite beneficial and an excellent church to come and share the vestments of the parishioners.

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September 22, 2011