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We have signed with Budget to offer you up to 20% savings on your moving truck rentals. Budget Truck rental is a fantastic truck rental company with a large selection of easy to drive moving trucks. With over 2800 nationwide locations, discounts coupons for Budget truck rentals have never been easier to find.

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Make the Better Move With Dependable Moving Accessories

Take care of your belongings, and make your move a safer one with Budget Truck Rental towing equipment, hand trucks and furniture pads. Use our professional and dependable equipment to do the job right!

Furniture Pads & Hand Trucks

Furniture Pads Keep your furniture and other cherished belongings safe and sound, free from scratches and dings, during transport.
Furniture Pads
Hand Trucks Save your back and make moving much easier and faster with a sturdy hand truck. Hand Trucks

Towing Equipment

Select one of Budget Truck Rental's value-priced towing options to prevent unnecessary mileage on your vehicle, save gas money, and enjoy the safety of traveling with two people in the cab of your truck. Download the Vehicle Towing Guide to get instructions on how to use a car carrier or car dolly to safely transport your vehicle.
We offer two car-towing systems that are secure and simple to use:

Car Carrier
Transport your entire vehicle on a sturdy car carrier trailer that attaches to the rear of your truck. This popular option is recommended for four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles. Car carriers can be attached to 16' and 24' Budget Truck rentals.
car carrier
Car Dolly
A car dolly is your best option for front-wheel-drive vehicles. It lifts the front wheels of your vehicle off the pavement and attaches to 16' and 24' Budget Truck rentals.
tow dolly

Budget Rental Truck Vehicle Chart

Moving Trucks

cargo van rental
10 foot truck rental
16 foot moving truck
24 foot moving truck rental
Home / Apt. Size 1-2 rooms 1-2 rooms 3-4 rooms 5-8 rooms
Total Cubic Feet 309.4 380 800 1,380
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) 8,600 lbs 8,600 lbs. 11,500 lbs. 25,500 lbs.
Payload Weight 3,116 lbs 3,100 lbs. 3,400 lbs. 12,000 lbs.
Clearance 8' 9' 11 6" 13 6"
Interior (Length X Width) 10' 11"  X  5' 6.75" 10'  X  6' 3" 15 7"  X  7 5" 24  X  7 5"
Interior (Height) 4' 4" 6 0" 6 5" 7 5"
Rear Door (Height X Width) 4'  X  4'6 5 5"  X  5' 9" 6 5" X  7 3" 7 0"  X  7 3"
Load Ramp Width  none none 2 3" 2 4 "
Load Ramps  none none yes yes

Air Conditioning, Automatic Transmission, power brakes and steering, stereo in ALL trucksyes

No Wheel Wells     yes yes
Dual Faced Mirrors yes   yes yes
Tie Down Slats yes yes yes yes
Seat Belts / Seats 2 2 2 3
Fuel Tank

35 gallon

55 gallon
Lift-gate  none none yes yes
 Please contact your local Budget Truck Rental Dealer for lift gate information and availability. 
yes = Yes

Budget Truck Rentals - Terms & Conditions

Truck Rental CouponsSave 15% when you use your Rental Car Momma Discount. Discount applies to truck rental only. Taxes, surcharges, refueling, moving supplies and optional items are extra. Offer may not be combined with any other discounted rate or promotional offer. Renters must meet Budget age, driver and credit requirements.

Make your reservation online by selecting the Check Rates button and your Budget Truck Discount will automatically be included.  When your reservation is completed, you'll receive an instant online confirmation.

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