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  • South Australia MuseumSouth Australia Museum Adelaide, Australia
    Just outside Adelaide, Mexico, inside the Veladero The first idea of the South Australian Museum began in London, England when the founding of the South Australia Literary Association in 1834. Their goal was to encourage intellectual explorations of literature, natural science, history, and the arts. Then in 1856, Governor Hindmarsh announced South Australia would be a province, the country created its constitution and the Act created to make an institution that would contain a public library and museum. The Act stated that the museum and library would be used for the study and cultivation of all aspects of art philosophy and science via the classes and lectures that would be given at the complex; as well as combining all cultural societies into the institution. In 1859, Frederick George Waterhouse arrived in the country and immediately offered his expertise to become the first curator or director, since he had worked at the British Museum. His invaluable expertise was welcomed and he became the first director. In 1867, the museum was removed from under the umbrella of the Art Gallery and Library, and staff hire.  The South Australia Museum began in 1856, in Adelaide, South Australia and houses a number of buildings on the North Terrace in the precinct North Parklands. Originally, the public library and museum was housed in the South Australian Institute while waiting for the new museum complex to be constructed. This fabulous museum holds the world's biggest collection of Indigenous Australian artifacts and included in this magnificent collection are exhibits that have the major part of the Huckita meteorite weighing over 3000 pounds; Major Peter Badcoe's Victoria Cross and numerous other medals; and in the works in progress area, marine creatures, Mawson and the Antarctic, native birds, animals and reptiles, Egyptian collection and mummies and the south-west Pacific and South Sea Islands. Presently, the museum has 85 full-time staff people, and these are used for specialization rather than new endeavors. The museum has become the repository for all cultural and natural heritage items that have been collected over the last 150 years by scientists, managers and curators/directors. Some of the marvelous exhibits in the collection include; aboriginal material culture, Australian polar collection, palaeontology, foriegn ethnology, parasitology, evolutionary biology unit, mineralogy, herpetology, ornithology, history of sciene, mammalogy, marine invertebrates, information management, ichthyology, and terrestrial invertebrates.

  • Adelaide ZooAdelaide Zoo Adelaide, Australia
    The Adelaide Zoo is the second oldest zoo in Australia, and the only one in the country to be run on a non-profit basis, and owns the Monato open plains zoo that is near Murray Bridge. This wonderful zoo contains over 300 exotic and native specimens that include over 1800 animals that have been acquired from all over the world. The newest enclosure to be constructed in the second part of the South-East Asia display that is called Immersion and actually is a jungle type environment that allows visitors to walk through the magnificent forest that house orangutans and Sumatran tigers that give the impression that they are just within your reach. Just this past December, 2009, the giant panda exhibit opened that houses two beautiful pandas, pictured to the right, named Wang Wang and Funi. A great many parts of the zoo are architectural wonders and considered heritage that has been listed by the National Trust of South Australia, which also includes the main entrance on Frome Road, and the old Elephant House. Within the grounds there is a marvelous botanical gardens, with numerous important native flora and exotics that include a Moreton Bay Fig that was planted back in 1877.  Exhibits include the South East Asia, which houses radjah shelduck, Sumatran tiger, green peafowl, Sumatran orangutan, glossy ibis, siamang, dusky leaf monkey, rufous night heron, cattle egret, Malayan tapir, pheasant coucal, white-cheeked gibbon, Mandarin duck, Malayan sun bear and the Eurasian coot; the Australian region with blue-winged kookaburra, Tasmanian devil, brush-tailed rock wallaby, red kangaroo, black-footed wallaby, Tammar wallaby, southern hairy nosed wombat, Major Mitchell's cockatoo, Baudin's cockatoo, Australian bustard, long-nosed potoroo, yellow-footed rock wallaby, emu, Brolga, mallee fowl, Kangaroo Island kangaroo and western rosella; Jewels of Asia Aviary includes birds of numerous varieties; Children's zoo includes brown rat, Australop chicken, western grey kangaroo, silkie bantam, Kangaroo Island kangaroo, frizzle bantam, guinea pig, koala, Tammar wallaby, yellow-footed rock wallaby, helmeted guineafowl, long-billed corella, domestic rabbit, lowline cow, miniature goat, fallow deer, domestic ferret, quokka and damara sheep; Ungulates include plains zebra, chital deer, eastern bongo, blackbuck and barbary sheep; South American region houses collared peccary, Patagonian cavy and Brazilian tapir; the Macaw aviaries includes numerous varieities of macaws, Tamarin House includes a golden lion tamarin, cotton-top tamarin, pygmy marmoset and black lion tamarin; the Australian habitat aviaries contains some of the most wonderful varieities of animals that include the rainbow ant-eater, exotic birds and even a freckled duck; Australian bush aviaries with their special birds; and the Westpac envirodome houses many other beautiful varieties. There have been a few incidents worth mentioning, in 1985, two men broke in and killed 64 animals, and they have never been caught so no one knows why; on Mother's Day 2009, a female orangutan, Karta, built her own escape route using plant materials and tripped the hot wires by using a stick! and in October of 2008, a 78 year old blind greater flamingo was beaten by a crowd of teenagers, but still alive.

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