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Birmingham Intl. Apt. Avis Car Rental  - Terminal Bldg.
Avis Car Rental Birmingham Apt.
- Terminal Bldg.
Birmingham Avis Rental Cars
- St. James House
Avis Car Rental Birmingham Intl. Apt. - Terminal Bldg.

Things to do in Birmingham UK

    Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery Birmingham, England
    The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (BM&AG) sits in the midst of Birmingham, England, with an outstanding collection of international significance that includes; industrial history, fine arts, local history, ceramics, ethnography, metalworks, archaeology and jewelry. The Birmingham Society of Artists would create a private exhibition hall in New Street, Birmingham in 1829, which would later be augmented by the Factory Act of 1833 that would create the first funding for education from the government. In 1845, the Museums Act would be passed that would allow neighborhoods of 10,000 or more raise half the amount necessary for them to build a new museum, and in 1864, the first public exhibition room would be opened when the society and various donors donated 64 images along with the Sultanganj Buddha to the city council, which would be housed at the Free Library structure, but that building didn't have enough space to feature the donations, so they moved the images to the Aston Hall museum. Joseph Nettlefold would then donate another 25 images that were created by David Cox to the gallery so that it would be open on Sundays. Allen Everitt would become the first curator of the Free Art Gallery in 1880, that would become the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. After numerous changes to the buildings and galleries, as well as more new donations, the Museum of Science and Industry, Birmingham would be incorporated with the BMAG in 1950, and in 2001, it would be closed, with some of its outstanding exhibits being donated to Thinktank, Birmingham science museum. The art gallery is well known for its excellent paintings that span the 14th century to the 21st century, with works by the pre-Raphaelilte brotherhood and the biggest collection of Edward Burne-Jones in the world, along with beautiful works by Gainsborough, Lowry and Canaletto. The Dutch school paintings include works by Jan van Goyen and Willem van de Velde the Younger. English artists include; J. M. W. Turner, John Constable, Peter Lely, David Cox, Sir Edward Landseer, Thomas Gainsborough and William Hogarth; with outstanding works in the Flemish school by Petrus Christus and Peter Paul Rubens. Other famous artists included in the collections include; Andrea Schiavone, Edgar Degas, Salvator Rosa, Camille Pissaro, Guercino, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Carlo Dolci, Johan Zoffany, Giuseppe Crespi, Pompeo Batoni, Canaletto, Giovanni Bellini and Sandro Botticelli.

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Birmingham Budget Car Rentals - NCP Car Park 
Budget Car Rental Birmingham - Main Terminal

    Museum of the Jewelry QuarterMuseum of the Jewellry Quarter Birmingham, England
    The Museum of the Jewelry Quarter is in Hockley, Birmingham, England and is a community museum or branch museum of the Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery. For more than eight decades, the family run business of Smith & Pepper would produce jewelry from this factory that has been transformed into the museum of the jewelry quarter. After the old owners decided to retire in 1981, they would just stop business and lock the doors, with tools left wherever they had been laid or discarded, dirty teacups abandoned along jars of marmite and jam on the shelves, and dirty old coveralls still hanging on the coat hooks where they had been taken off and put. The family business would change little during its eighty year tenure, in the work practices or equipment that had been used for so long. The museum has strived to keep the old company left in a "time capsule" workplace, that also describes the story of the Jewelry Quarter and the ancient crafts skills that had been practiced in the old shop that would make the entire area one of the centers of British jewelry business. It is free of charge to visit, and in 2008, it would be voted the third best free venue in Europe by Tripadvisor, just behind the Parthenon in Rome and the National Gallery in London. However, now the museum is charging for entrance, although children under the age of 16 still get in for free, while the others must pay 3.5 pounds, but includes the Smith and Pepper factory tour and the permanent galleries; which is a great deal no matter where you visit. It was voted the best small visitor attraction in England in 2010. Their lovely museum shop has many locally made designer jewelry, as well as many live demonstrations about jewelry making, and many kinds of tools, machinery and stamps that were left behind.

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Birmingham Intl. Apt. Enterprise Rental Car
 Terminal Link Bldg.

Enterprise Car Rental Birmingham - 9-10 Suffolk St.
Birmingham Enterprise Rental Cars - 670 Kingsbury Rd.
Enterprise Car Rental Birmingham - 722 Warwick Rd.

Local Restaurants in Birmingham UK

    San Carlo
    Entrees; lasagne Emiliane is layers of pasta with bechamel & Bolognese sauce, baked with mozzarella & parmesan cheese; penne all'arrabbiata is fresh pasta with an Italian bite, chili & tomato; risotto Algi scampi is Italian rice with scampi, white wine, cream & tomato sauce; suprema di pollo principessa is pan fried breast of chicken with white wine, mushrooms & cream sauce, garnished with asparagus; vitello signor sassi is escalopes of veal cooked in mustard seeds, cream, brandy & mushrooms; agnello all toscana is lamb cutlets in Madeira sauce, with rosemary & sun dried tomatoes; mixed shellfish royale is roasted giant prawn, langoustine, prawn crevettes, scallops & mussels with garlic butter; tagliolini lobster is special pasta with lobster, brandy, tomato, cream & peas; grilled whole sea bass baked with white wine, garlic, lemon & bread crumbs; giant prawn & scallops in garlic & chilli.

    Chez Jules
    Entrees served with choice of FF or gratin dauphinois; sirloin steak 8oz. served with béarnaise sauce; fillet de saumon is poached fillet of salmon with cream of mushroom & shallot sauce; coteletted de porc is grilled pork chop on bed of parsnip mash with prune & sage jus; strudel de legumes is veggie strudel with tomato relish; moules mariniere is mussels steamed in garlic, onion, white wine & cream; ragout de boeuf is braising steak with root veggies, rosemary & red wine; risotto de potatoes douces is sweet potato, pumpkin & pea risotto with a balsamic reduction; filet de loup de mer is roast sea bass fillet on wilted spinach with lemon bleurre blanc; terrine de betterave, fenouil et carotte is warm terrine of beetroot, fennel & carrot with shallot confit; poulet chasseur is chicken supreme with a tomato & mushroom sauce.


Suprema di Pollo Principessa San Carlo Birmingham, UK





 Poached Salmon Chez Jules Birmingham, UK


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Hertz Rental Cars Birmingham Intl. Apt.- Apt. Way
Birmingham Intl. RR Hertz Car Rental - Apt. Way Elmdon
Hertz Rental Car Birmingham
 Upper Conybere St. Off Highgate
Birmingham Hertz Car Rentals - Upper Conybere St.

    Ashton Hall Ashton Hall Birmingham, England
    One of the most fabulous structures in Birmingham, England is the Jacobean style mansion in Aston, Birmingham, named Ashton Hall, that had been used by Washington Irving as a model for Bracebridge Hall in his stories in the marvelous book, The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon. The structure would be started in 1618 and Sir Thomas Holte would move into it in 1631, with the overall completion finished in 1635, designed by John Thorpe. Parliamentary troops would damage it very badly after they attacked it in 1643, with a bit of the damage still visible, including a hole in the staircase where a cannonball would go through a window, an open door and then into the banister. The house would stay in the family until 1817, when it would have to be sold, and later leased by James Watt, Jr., the son of the world-famous industrial pioneer, James Watt, Sr. The mansion would be purchased by a private company in 1858 to be used as a park and museum for the public, but soon after, money problems would arise and the Birmingham Corporation would buy it in 1864, so that it would be the first historic country house to become municipal property. The magnificent mansion would be visited by Washington Irving, who began writing about it, but used the name Bracebridge Hall instead, getting the name from Abraham Bracebridge, the husband of the last remaining member of the Holte family to live there. Irving's stories would showcase the idyllic harmonious warm-hearted English Christmas festivities that he had enjoyed while he stayed at the hall, when it had been mostly abandoned. One such Christmas eve custom had been the owners allowing the servants to "have full liberty to drink, dance, sing and go to bed when they please", that appeared in a Gentleman's Magazine in 1795. From 1878, until the new art gallery in the Council House could be completed, the collections of art and museum of arms would be housed in the hall and during the 1920s, the Birmingham Corporation would start having financial difficulties of their own, and they would have to chose between the Ashton Hall property or the closeby Perry Hall estate, with the firm choosing Ashton Hall. In 1927, the Birmingham Civic Society would design formal gardens there that would be complemented by the city's workforce that had been recruited from the unemployed and paid with government grants. The changes would include stone urns, a statue of Pan by William Boyle, fountains and more terracing that would be paid for by the government as well. There are numerous period rooms filled inside with outstanding period furniture and furnishings, paintings, metalworks and textiles that were chosen from the collections of the BMAG.

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Birmingham Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 Terminal Link Bldg. Apt. Way

Alamo Rental Car Birmingham City
 18-20 Bristol St.

Birmingham S. Alamo Car Rentals
 683/687 Stratford Rd.

Birmingham W. Bromich Alamo Rental Cars
 Unit 1, Pargat

    National Motorcycle MuseumNational Motorcycle Museum Birmingham, England
    The National Motorcycle Museum in Brickenhill, Solihull, England sits on eight marvelous acres and houses the world's biggest collection of British motorcycles, that number more than 850 that span a century of motorcycle manufacture. Roy Richards, a construction entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, would begin the museum's collections in the 1970s, when he started to collect good examples of British motorcycles, and it would open in 1984 with just 350 bikes. It would evolve into a huge complex, with outstanding conference facilities, in 1985, and the museum became the repository of the biggest collection of British motorcycles in the world, welcoming more than a quarter of a million visitors each year. Richards would pass on in 2008, at the age of 77, so the museum has now become the finest memorial to this interesting man that could have ever been thought of. Sadly, in 2003, the museum would endure a fire, that severely damaged it, and caused the loss of 380 bikes, and to make matters worse, would be the discovery of a discarded cigarette that had been thrown away in a designated area, but it would eventually light up a pile of cardboard boxes. It would spread through the museum's dropped ceilings that didn't have a detector system, and then reach into a big part of the museum before one of the ceilings would fail and the fire would be discovered. There was a conference going on there at the time, and so staff and attendees would scramble, literally, to save over 300 historic bikes, although three of the five exhibit halls would be destroyed. It took 120 firefighters to put out the terrible storm of fire that had been seen some 15 miles away, with many of the rarest and most irreplaceable bikes going up in smoke. The cost would be estimated at over 14 million pounds. It would take 15 months and 20 million pounds to restore the damages, that also included a 1.2 million pound sprinkler system. It opened again in December, 2004, with 150 of the motorcycles thought to have been destroyed, completely rejuvenated and completely restored for the reopening. One of the most valuable motorcycles in the world is the Brough Superior Golden Dream that is the only example of George Brough's show model for the 1938 Olympic show that had been hand constructed by Brough and Freddie Dixon. The bike has two crankshafts that are geared together, with one driving the rear wheel and the other driving the oil pump and magdnyo, along with two pairs of horizontally opposed cylinders, with one on top of the other, and two longitudinal crankshafts to give vibration free running. Two of these fantastic bikes would be manufactured before WWII began, but it would stop any further developments or creations. The newest bike in the collection is a 2300 cc Triumph Rocket III that is the world's biggest production motorcycle engine, and in 2004, it would set a world's record for land speed of a production bike that has more than 2000 cc.

Thrifty Car Rental Birmingham UK

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Birmingham Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - Unit 4C, Matrix Point
Thrifty Car Rental Coventry Apt.
 Middlemarch Business Park
Dudley Thrifty Rental Cars - Pedmore Rd.
Thrifty Car Rental Wolverhampton -  Neachells

    Thinktank, Birmingham Science MuseumThinktank Birmingham, England
    Thinktank is the science museum located in Birmingham, England that opened in 2001 with some exciting and interesting exhibits that were acquired from the now defunct Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery Science Museum and part of the Millenium Point complex. There are four floors of 200 hands-on displays and relics, with a theme for each floor that is chronologically set up from the past, with Thinkback, the present with Thinkhere, and the future with Thinkahead. The idea to move the museum was studied by the Birmingham City Council in 1995, when an opportunity to move into a new facility was offered to them at the Millenium Point complex. The old museum had repair problems, relics no longer working properly as well as poor accessibility for those that are wheelchair bound. The galleries of the museum are photographical, but not the Brain in Medicine Matters or the Lotus Sports bike in the Move It exhibition. The Thinkahead gallery contains future innovations in technology and space travel, with the majority of these displays being watched on a video screen, with a trackball provided to decide or choose the particular topic that interests you. Other topics included in the gallery are micro air vehicles, nanotechnology, silicon gyroscope, emotive robots, video pills, artificial intelligence, artificial heart - the Jarvis 2000 and the growing organs display. You will also enjoy watching the programmable drumming robot that responds to a waving of a drum stick which sends a sequence of twelve hits to the computer that will make the onscreen stick play the notes of the sequence. Their Future of Space area has numerous exhibits, as well as the International Space Station simulation and the Mars Rover. The museum has a marvelous planetarium that was the first digital purpose built one like it in the UK, where the images of the night's sky are projected onto a domed screen that is located above the viewers and uses six multimedia projectors that are connected to computers; these computers are able to provide various screen shots of the night, regardless of what it is or where it is located. The Thinknow gallery contains the current scientific knowledge and technology, and their effects on our lives. The other galleries located on this floor include; medicine matters, things about me, kid's city, wildlife and the street. The Things About Me gallery focuses on the younger audience, assisting to help them understand their bodies better and how to keep it working in top shape. The Wildlife gallery is a living history gallery that is filled with stuffed and filled animals, as well as collections of fossils, skeletons and skulls, with special attractions located here that include the dinosaur crocodile, triceratops skull fossil and great deer skeleton. It is a marvelous and exciting venue to visit and enjoy with the entire family so the next time you visit England, be sure to stop by and discover this outstanding science museum.

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London Heathrow Apt. Dollar Car Rental - Colnbrook Bypass
Dollar Rental Car London Gatewick Apt. - Forecourt Rd.

    Hagley HallHagley Hall Worcestershire, England
    Hagley Hall in Hagley, Worcestershire, England is an old 18th century house that was constructed for George Lyttelton, 1st Baron Lyttelton, the secretary to Frederick, Prince of Wales, as well as a poet and man of letters, and for a short time would become the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Sometime before his father passed away in 1751, George would start to landscape the grounds of the estate in the newer picturesque style, and between 1754 and 1760, he would commission the main house to be constructed. A park has always been located at Hagley, since the reign of Edward III of England, during the 14th century, when a very famous event occurred after the Gunpowder plot and just before the current hall was built. Once this plot had been found out, two of the criminals, Stephen Littleton and Robert Wintour had escaped being arrested at the Holbeche House, going north to ask Humphrey Littleton for help. During that period, Muriel Littleton, the widow of John Lyttelton that had passed away in prison, was living at the house, while Humphrey had the run of it. In 1606, the two men were caught at Hagley Hall, thanks to the Littleton's cook, John Fynwood, who had turned them in. The cook had noticed how much food was being consumed and then saw the two culprits; although Littleton stated that he wasn't harboring anyone, so a search was made, where another servant, David Bate, would show the authorities where the two men had escaped and headed off into the countryside. The current landscape would be built from 1739 to 1764, with the outstanding follies designed by Lord Camelford, James "Athenian" Stuart, Sanderson Miller and Thomas Pitt of Encombe. These follies include the Wychbury Obelisk on Wychbury Hill that had been constructed in 1764 for Sir Richard Lyttelton that could be seen for many miles and the Temple of Theseus that was built from 1759 until 1762; which was a gift from Admiral Smith, Lyttelton's half brother. Some of the other smaller buildings or follies included some smaller structures of the classical style, the Four Stones or Ossian's Tomb on the top of Clent Hill and a sham ruined castle.

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Birmingham Apt. National Car Rental 

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National Rental Car Birmingham -  18-20 Bristol St.
Birmingham Halesowen National Car Rental 
 230 Dudley Rd.

National Rental Car Birmingham S. -  683/687 Stratford Rd.