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Is there a more beautiful country in the world than France? I think not! Whether you're headed to Paris to check out Notre Dame or down to the south of France to relax on the Riviera or just flying in for the Cannes film festival, French deals on car hires can be found at Advantage car rental.

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Things to do in Cannes

    Musee de la Castre Musee de la Castre Cannes, France
    The Musee de la Castre Cannes Museum of the Castre French Riviera is located in an old castle that offers a fantastic view of the beautiful bay below, with a marvelous museum filled with the antiquities and beauty of the ancient world. You will marvel at the numerous Roman influences still remaining in this city by the sea, constructed on the site of a Roman military camp, the city started out as a fishing village, as did the majority of cities located along the Mediterranean Sea. This magnificent museum is situated in the Castre tower of the Cannes Castle that rests on the topside of the Le Suquet hill. The Lerins order of monks, the past owners of the old city, would construct this awesome citadel in the 11th century to provide protection from the pirates that sailed along the coastlines of the Med, looking for easy prey. The raids would increase during the period from the 15th century to the 19th century as various European and Muslim nations were competing against each other and sponsored the pirates so that they could carry out raids along the coasts of various nations. Many of the finest museums in Europe have been started by the donations of personal collections, as the interests of non-European countries and cultures began to rise dramatically during the 19th century, when many aspiring archaeologists would travel the world looking for treasures of ancient civilizations that had yet been discovered. Two such men were Lycklama and de la Coche, who visited exotic lands and cultures, being amateur archaeologists, collectors and students of these foreign lands, like the Middle East, pre-Columbian America and the Marquesas Islands. They would eventually amass a large varied collections of treasures and antiquities, that later, Lycklama would donate to the city of Cannes that would create the first museum of Cannes in 1877. Their astute artistic interests would soon become the philosophy of the museum, with Damien's collection of Mediterranean relics being the second large donation, that would augment the ever growing collection of the museum. As the ensuing years rolled on, the museum would add pieces from around the world, with space becoming a major problem. In 1952, the Museum of Cannes would be moved into the castle, and some three decades later, the Museum of Fine arts would be added to it. Thus creating a masterful collection with great variety and diversity, including 19th and 20th century paintings from Cannes and the encompassing areas, that would be mixed with statues from Oceania. As you meander through the excellent collections, be sure to visit the instrumental gallery that houses musical instruments from Asia and Africa, that is located in the Sainte Anne Chapel; which has a new twist for visitors coming there, a delightful treasure hunt, and afterwards, be sure to climb to the mount and take beautiful panoramic view of the bay and surrounding countryside.

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Local Restaurants in Cannes

    Main courses; roasted duck breast with spicy honey, roasted season fruits & root veggies; roasted rack of lamb on a spit, baked eggplant puree & small roasted potato with garlic; roasted filet of beef with red wine sauce, shallot & macaroni stuffed with green French beans; roasted veal filet with green pepper & bitter caramel sauce, crispy veggie nem & lettuce puree; pigeon breast with duck's liver & truffle sauce, season veggies; lobster stewed in champaign cream & young veggies from the Forville Market; sea bass filet on the skin, leeks & fennel with smoked creamy sauce; John Dory filet in lemon flavored olive juice, cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms; thick piece of cod in veggie crust, caramelized onions & celery juice; Monkfish roasted in fresh herbs pistou, black rice "Venere" with lime & shrimps.

    Main courses; catch of the day; Dublin Bay prawn roasted in open lasagna with crispy veggies & juice; roasted scallops & truffle butter gratinated, mashed parsnip & Granny Smith; red mullet with fish stuted soup, cooked shellfish confetied with lemon served with parsnip & salsify; line caught sea bass & squid cooked a la plancha with mashed potatoes; roasted filet of beef, cannelloni with veggies, sauteed artichokes & provencal juice; sweetbread, roasted salted in butter, parmesan cheese with gratinated salsify cream, mushrooms & black truffle saisonnier; pheasant with breast stuffed with foie gras, poached & roasted leg cooked cabbage in a with truffle, chanterelle mushrooms; doe, hazelnuts in trilogy, natural smoke bacon, truffle, polenta served with dried fruits & candied celeriac.


Roasted Duck Breast Mesclun Cannes, France



 Stuffed Pheasant Felix Cannes, France


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    Palais des Festivals et des Congres Palais des Festivals et des Congres Cannes, France
    The initial Palais des Festivals et des Congres was a structure built in 1949 that would host the Cannes Film Festival, located on the Boulevard of Promenade de la Croisette where the current hotel Palais Stephanie managed by Sofitel sits, but as it grew, because of its great successes, and the arrival of the first business conventions, like the MIPTV Media Market that began in 1965, the city decided to construct a new palais in 1979. The new structure would be designed by Bennett & Druet, and built on the former site of the municipal casino, then opened in 1982. It was enlarged in 1999 when the Espace Riviera would be constructed, used for exhibitions since it has many rooms and 18 auditoriums. The Society of Mixed Economy for the Events of the city of Cannes (SEMEC) would be created in 1992 to manage the palais, which was a merger of three nonprofit groups; the Cannes Tourism, the association Cannes Palais des Festivals et des Congres and the OMACC. The palais also hosts many other significant events during the year, with some of those that are coming up including Trio Esperanca, International Games Festival and L'emmerdeur, as well as Richard Gotainer coming in March. The facility is fitted with the latest and greatest light and sound systems, WiFi and a wonderful network of video surveillance that offers the highest level of security in today's dangerous world. It is also equipped with cutting edge technology that can accommodate various types of clients that have needs to include; video transmissions, screenings, simultaneous multilingual translations, conferences, shows, meetings, exhibitions and receptions.

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Cannes Avis Car Rental  - 69 La Croisette
Avis Car Rental Cannes
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    Musee de la MerMusee de la Mer Cannes, France
    The Musee de la Mer or Museum of the Sea, in Cannes, France, is located off the coast of Cannes, on the first Iles Lerins, situated in the oldest section of the Fort Royal on Sainte Marguerite, a historical monument that looks out over the Mediterranean Sea, and encompassed by marvelous pine and eucalyptus forests, where on the ground level, the state prisons are located, and the infamous cell where the man in the iron mask would survive eleven years. The Huguenot memorial and the wall paintings that were created by the famous prisoner painter, Jean Le Gac. There are Roman water holding tanks still there, as are the invaluable underwater archaeological discoveries that have brought up Roman and Saracen relics from the sunken ships, named Bateguier and Tradeliere and contained ceramics, glasses and cargos of amphorae. They have also discovered fragments of a Roman wall painting that were excavated at Ile Sainte-Marguerite and when they would rebuild the laconicum. There is a beautiful outcropping that has been set aside for photographers that overlooks the magnificent blue waters of the Med, along the Cannes coastline, the Esterel, Cap d'Antibes and the Southern Alps. The museum is well known for its children's workshops that are held all through the year and designed to benefit and encourage the younger artists in waiting. This maritime museum has grown into one of the more favorite in the nation, that is visited by both national and international visitors, that is dedicated to the treasures of the sea. The museum provides excellent exhibits of the fishes of the Med and other invertebrates that live and thrive in the Bay of Biscay, with saw fish, sharks and the guitar ray; although their seal pool is the most enjoyed attraction at the museum, that is growing full of the cargos and treasures of ships that had been wrecked along the coastal areas and the islands.

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    Galerie de CarltonGalerie de Carlton Cannes, France
    The fabulous Galerie du Carlton in Cannes, France is a marvelous variation to the usual hotels in Europe since it offers its own art gallery that sells as well as purchases paintings, glassware and sculptures, including the works of Renoir, Chagall, Vlaminck, Matisse, Utrillo and Picasso. The gallery is divided up into sections that house French artists' works and those of the international genre, with outstanding examples of landscapes, figurative works, classical, medieval and modern and include other artists like Provenzano, Aubry, Fouchet, Jequel, Ethchenic, Geneau, Bricka, Drachkovitch and Campana. The sculptures are well represented as well with creations by Lassere, Angeline, Gerstein and Chevin. There are numerous tours offered in Cannes that will bring you to this magnificent gallery that sits in the famous and flamboyant Carlton Hotel in Cannes.

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    Musee-chapelle BelliniMusee-chapelle Bellini Cannes, France
    The Musee-chapelle Bellini is a lovely chapel museum in Cannes, France that was constructed by Count Vitali in 1880 in the Florentine-baroque style and had been the property of Princess Kara-Georgevich of Serbia, and eventually the studio of famous painter Emmanuel Bellini. Today, his daughter, Lucette, a painter as well, guides visitors around the beautiful chapel that houses many canvasses that were painted in the contemporary figurative style, that was created by this self-taught painter. The chapel is encompassed by a marvelous garden area that has its own fountain sitting in its midst and quite a drawing card as well. One of the best aspects of the chapel is the tower that is beautifully decorated and provides expansive views of the city, with magnificently carved doors and window. The interior contains spectacular fresco paintings and iconic paintings, along with carved church plates. The frescoes were created by the artisans of the renaissance era, depicting Christian stories and teachings, as well as numerous images of saints. There are many exciting and interesting areas in the chapel that seems to be filled with outstanding artworks everywhere you look, and during the many festivals held in the city, the museum is decorated beautifully; with prayers and choir performances held as well.

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