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Alamo Car Rentals Alexandria, Louisiana

Make your visit to Alexandria a good one when you rent a car from Alamo. With dirt cheap rental prices and a wide selection of rental car vehicles there is no better choice! With great customer service and Cheap Alamo Rental Cars you can enjoy every moment of your rental care when you save with Alamo!

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Things to do in Alexandria

  • Alexandria Zoological Park

    Alexandria Zoological ParkEveryone likes to see to see animals, especially the exotic ones. Of course you wouldn’t expect to find such great and amazing zoo in the small and wonderful town of Alexandria. This fully functioning zoo is home to hundreds of the worlds most exotic and interesting animals. Dedicated to being fun and entertaining this small town zoo is a fun way to get outside and enjoy nature in an entirely different way. The Alexandria Zoological Park is home to a wide variety of different significant zoo announcements. One of the most surprising was when the zoo announced that they had successfully bred maned wolves and has since been the proud owners of three female wolf puppies. This beautifully gardened park is home to a massive variety of colorful plants that cover the entire park, that is to say bring a camera! Inside these well kept gardens you will find an abundance of waterfalls and fountains, each with their own unique twists. Inside the park you can enjoy a fun filled adventure on train that tours around the park. Get up close encounters with some of the worlds rarest cats, even get within touching distance of a great white tiger! Feed fish, explore gardens and come face to face with some amazing animals when you take an adventure into the Alexandria Zoological Park. This is a fun and inexpensive way to get outdoors and enjoy some of nature’s most hidden wonders.

Budget rent a car Alexandria, Louisiana

Get the freedom you need to enjoy your vacation, business trip, family reunion or other venture to Alexandria when you rent a car from Budget Rental Cars. With professional service and quality customer care you can be in and out, quickly and efficiently when you visit a Budget Rental Car Agency near you or your destination. Budget Rental Car Coupons are a great way to save even more when you rent a car at Budget's affordable prices

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Alexandria, Louisiana - 501 Macarthur Drive

  • Alexandria Aces

    Bringhurst FieldAnyone from the city of Alexandria can tell you about the areas baseball team, that’s because the team has been around long enough to leave an impression on the area. The Alexandria Aces are a legend in the area, and nearly anyone who lives there can quote you the team’s stats and history. Since 1934 this team has been a dominant team in the Continental Baseball League and is quickly become a fan favorite. Since 1933 when the team first began they have been playing in their home field in the historic and still running Bringhurst Field. The Bringhurst Field seats up to 3,500 screaming fans and is the perfect place for the residents of the area. The team has undergone a interesting hop between leagues over the past fifteen years, trying to find their place in the world of baseball. Every league these men have played through has left a lasting impression and now their beginning to press on in their recent change to the Continental Baseball League. During the years of 1997-1988 the team won back to back titles before the league made a name change to the Central Baseball League. In the previous year the Aces claimed the CBL Championship and look to do it again this season.

Enterprise rent- a- car Alexandria, Louisiana

Make your trip an adventure when you get the freedom to go anywhere and everywhere you want with a rental car! Enterprise offers a wide selection of rental car vehicles that you can choose from. With great affordable prices and Enterprise Discounts you can go wherever you want at a great price!

Alexandria, Louisiana - 1607 Macarthur Drive
Alexandria, Louisiana - 1855 Sterkx Road

  • T.R.E.E. House

    T.R.E.E. HouseIf you’re ever in the Alexandria area and you’re with some children then boy are you in for a treat. Alexandria Louisiana is home to an awesome adventure that gets kids involved in entertainment and education at the exact same time. Every child loves colorful environments, and now is their chance to get knee deep in some of the best educational influences that Alexandria has to offer. The T.R.E.E. House is an awesome way to get the kids outside of the house and enjoy some amazingly entertaining interests. This museum is a way for kids to experience playful learning and get them actively involved in education; a way to make learning fun. The museum is designed for ages four through twelve but the applications are limitless. This small educational center is a completely hands on experience that keeps children actively involved in the learning process. While it isn’t a class room or an auditorium this small center offers a wide variety of entertainment at a very inexpensive cost. In fact anyone who lives in the area can tell you how much the kids enjoy visiting this colorful land of bells and whistles. Some of the more exiting exhibits include a full fledge model train station encompassing nearly an entire room. With moving parts and special effects this little town will appear to be alive. This fun, safe and educational environment is open to all, so bring your kids down for a day of great fun at the T.R.E.E. House.

Hertz Car Rental Alexandria, Louisiana

Get a rental car at an affordable price when you rent a car from Hertz! With thousands of locations world wide there is most likely a dealer near you or your destination. As one of the largest names in the rental car business Hertz can offer you a massive selection of rental car options. Hertz Printable Coupons are the perfect way to save even more when you rent a quality vehicle from Hertz!

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  • Local Favorite Restaurants of Alexandria

  • Atwood’s Bakery

    Atwood’s BakeryThis small town diner has quickly become a fan favorite of the locals. Although the name suggests that the restaurant offers only bakery products that wouldn’t be entirely true, because here at Atwood’s Bakery you can have the best lunch in town. Anyone from the area can to you how amazing the pastries from this great little diner are; it’s always something great to wake up to. These sweet and tasty pastries have swept the town since the bakery’s grand opening in 1977. In the past thirty years the food has just gotten better and better as they serve the great people of Alexandria. With weekly specials and amazing food you can make a quick stop to this great store and walk out satisfied. If you’re ever in the Alexandria and looking for a good lunch then you have come to the right place. At Atwood’s Bakery you can get the best sandwiches in town. With a fully functioning deli this bakery just offers more and more when you make your visit. Enjoy award wining breads, amazing pastries, doughnuts, sandwiches and the bakery’s original passion, wedding cakes. That’s right, the bakery was originally intended to be a cake shop, but now offers a wide variety if great foods for you and your family. Make your trip to Alexandria a fun and exiting adventure when you stop by Atwood’s Bakery for some of Louisiana’s best baked goods.

avis discount rental car Alexandria, Louisiana

When you visit the small town of Alexandria it will be hard and expensive to find public transportation. The solution? Rent a vehicle from Avis. With professional service and quality customer care you can rent a vehicle at an affordable price. And now with Avis Rental Car Coupons your rental car purchase can cost even less and keep the money in your pocket!

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Thrifty Car Rental Alexandria, Louisiana

Make your visit to Alexandria a fantastic experience when you get the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want, at an affordable price. With great deals by Thrifty you can make your trip a fun filled adventure! With professional service, quality customer care and Cheap Thrifty Rentals you can enjoy every moment of your time traveling in the comfort of your own rental car!

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  • Bistro on the Bayou

    Bistro on the BayouAnyone from the Alexandria area can tell you about the famed Bistro on the Bayou. Some of Louisianans best cuisine comes out of this small restaurant located in the center of Alexandria, and for an affordable price you can eat here to! Serving everything you would expect from a gourmet restaurant this small town dining serves the best seafood in the Alexandria area. Enjoy a great warm and wholesome atmosphere with friendly waiters and chefs whose only goals are to make you happy and satisfied with your meal. This restaurant can blow you away with some of the best in the food tasting business’s quotes. But instead of letting them speak for the restaurant, they would rather have the food speak for itself. Get some of the most amazing prime steaks you have ever tasted, or enjoy some of the most unique pasta dishes that have ever graced this earth when you dine at the Bistro of Bayou. Here you can find more than just gourmet cuisine, you can find a whole selection of unique and delicious plates that can be found no where else. Each dish has its own unique Louisiana touch that makes it stand apart from any other restaurant you visit. Critics can find nothing to say bad about this little place, and the rave is a constant steam of great comments. So if you’re ever in the city of Alexandria this should be on the top of your list for dinner options!

Dollar Rent-A-Car Alexandria, Louisiana

Dollar offers you quality vehicles at an affordable cost, what more could you ask for? With professional service and affordable prices you can get the freedom you need and want to go wherever you want whenever you want. Make your rental car purchase even more affordable when you use Dollar Rental Car Coupons.

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National Rental Cars Alexandria, Louisiana

When your looking for a rental car company to rent from choose National! With professional sales associates and quality customer service you get exactly what your looking for at an affordable price! Get the freedom a rental car gives you so you can enjoy every moment of your visit to your destination. With Cheap National Vehicle Rentals you can enjoy every moment of your vehicle while still keeping money in your pocket!

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