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Manhattan Alamo Car Rentals - 19 E. 12th St.
Alamo Rental Cars Manhattan - 138-146 E. 50th St.
Manhattan Alamo Car Rental - 305 E. 80th St.
Alamo Rental Car Manhattan - 219 W. 77th St.

Things to do in Astoria

    Belvedere Castle Belvedere Castle Astoria, New York
    Sitting in the huge Central Park area of New York City, the Belvedere Castle rises above the landscape like a ghost from the past, with outstanding displays in its rooms and an observation deck outside that offers spectacular views of the nation's most unique city. It was constructed in 1869 as a folly, this magnificent castle sits upon Vista Rock, the second highest part of the park, and built of Manhattan schist that was quarried here and then finished with grey granite. The turret that rises on its east side is the highest part of the park; while its name infers beautiful view or panoramic view in Italian, offering expansive views of the park and city. It had been designed to be an added feature of the Central Park Greensward plan by Jacob Wrey Mould and Calvert Vaux, along with Frederick Law Olmsted, who had been asked to oversee the park's construction in 1865. The castle had been designed by Olmsted and Vaux in the mid 1800s, and would become an architectural mix of Romanesque and gothic themes, with Vaux deciding that it needed a Manhattan schist and granites structure, with corner tower and conical cap. It had originally been constructed to be a shell, with window and door openings, but it would eventually house the New York Meteorological Observatory, that would become part of the US Weather Bureau in 1912. The observatory would be moved to the Rockefeller Center in the 1960s, so the castle would close and become the object of vandalism, disrepair and neglect, until 1983, when the Central Park Conservancy would begin a rejuvenation project that opened the castle in 1983, as the Henry Luce Nature Observatory and used for numerous films, that included the Bostonians, and the facade used for exterior images of the castle for Count von Count on Sesame Street.

Budget rent a car Astoria

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Budget Discounts

LaGuardia Apt. Budget Car Rentals - 88-08 23rd Ave. 
Budget Car Rental JFK Apt. - Bldg. 305 Federal Circle
Newark Budget Rental Cars
- 38 Carson Rd.
Westchester Apt. Budget Car Rentals  
 240 Apt. Rd. Departure Bldg.

    Isamu Noguchi Garden MuseumIsamu Noguchi Garden Museum Astoria, New York
    This fabulous museum was designed and constructed by the famed Japanese-American sculptor, Isamu Noguchi in 1985 to preserve and showcase his works in sculpting, stage designs, furniture designs, architectural models and drawings; in a two story museum with a magnificent outdoor sculpture garden, just one block from the Socrates Sculpture Park. There are twelve beautiful galleries, besides the garden area in 24,000 square feet of display space, housed in a former photogravure plant and gas station, across the street from where he worked and lived from 1961 onward, although, it would be replaced by a modern public education structure in 1999. It outstanding educational program, "Art for Families" has been recognized by the state's Council on the Arts as a splendid example of a community outreach program, as well as its "Art for Tots" program for helping younger children to become more acclimated and comfortable in a museum setting. When Noguchi purchased the property, there was a 75 year old Tree of Heaven in the back lot that he retained for its beauty and significance, so the garden would be designed around this 60 foot tree, that would begin dying in 2008, so the museum hired the Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop, a marvelous artists collective, that would use the excellent wood for sculptures, benches and other amenities that would be housed in the structure and around it. There are over 240 works by this fabulous artist housed inside and out, with his permanent collection kept on the first floor. Isamu was one of the 20th century's finest sculptors, that would travel the world, and use his fantastic talents to showcase his works and when the second World War began, he would become a political activist, raising the awareness of all America to the patriotism of all Japanese-Americans, requesting to be placed in an internment camp, in 1942, where he would live for seven months.

Enterprise rent- a- car Astoria

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Astoria Enterprise Rental Car - 36-49 31st St.
Enterprise Car Rental 8334 23rd Ave.
- 36-49 31st St.
Woodside Enterprise Rental Cars - 32-33 62nd St.

Local Restaurants in Astoria

    The Brick Cafe
    Entrees; grilled chicken paillard with seasonal grilled veggies; marinated grilled calamari with arugula & tomato salad; chicken Francese with fresh tomato & basil; chicken rollatini stuffed with prosciutto & mozzarella cheese in shiitake mushroom & light tomato sauce; sautéed salmon with capers, tomatoes & garlic; grilled orata in white wine, lemon & parsley sauce; veal Milanese with mesclun greens, tomatoes & red onions; veal scallopine piccata in lemon caper sauce; baked filet of sole stuffed with scallops & shrimp in white wine chive sauce; steak frites with green peppercorn sauce; grilled New Zealand baby lamb chops; filet mignon over grilled polenta with wild mushroom, goat cheese & red wine sauce.

    Sanford's Restaurant
    Entrees; organic free range rotisserie chicken with fresh herb rub, sweet potato mash, seasonal veggie medley; chicken pallard is grilled chicken with tomato, basil & garlic; roasted garlic crusted chicken with garlic mash, seasonal veggie medley; honey mustard chicken is grilled with stir fry veggies, jasmine rice, signature honey mustard; sesame chicken teriyaki with stir-fry veggies, jasmine rice & teriyaki glaze; hangar steak 18oz. with sweet potato mash, seared asparagus, Napa cabernet reduction; pork osso bucco 18oz. Berkshire pork, slow cooked, au jus reduction & garlic mash; pan seared Chilean sea bass with porcini mushroom, black truffle cream sauce, seasonal veggie medley; pecan crusted yellowfin tuna with Mediterranean orzo salad, grape tomatoes, balsamic fig reduction; shrimp scampi pasta is grilled shrimp, capellini, creamy roasted garlic sauce; BBQ herb crusted wild salmon with red cabbage slaw, garlic bread strips & BBQ sauce.


Brick Cafe Astoria, New York






Pork Osso Bucco Sanford's Restaurant Astoria, New York

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Hertz Rental Cars New York City- 412 E. 90th St.
New York City Hertz Car Rental - 345 E. 81st St.
Hertz Rental Cars New York City- 355 E. 76th St.
New York City Hertz Car Rental - 301 E. 69th St.

    Metropolitan Museum of Art Metropolitan Museum of Art Astoria, New York
    With over two millions works of art, the Met in New York City is decidedly the most magnificent museum in the United States, and one of the finest in the world, as well as being one of the biggest, with fabulous works from ancient Egypt and classical antiquity, a magnificent collection of modern and American art and paintings and sculptures for all the European masters. Naturally, it houses excellent examples of Islamic, African, Byzantine, Asian and Oceanic works as well, with an encyclopedic collection of antique weapons and armor from across the globe, musical instruments, costumes and accessories. There are exceptional interiors, from the 1st century Rome to the modern American designs, all housed in nineteen fantastic curatorial departments. It would begin in 1870, by a number of Americans that included leading thinkers and artists, businessmen and financiers, that wanted to bring the beautiful works of art and art education to the American public, that would probably never see the likes of its contents anywhere. It would open on Fifth Avenue in February, 1872, and by 2007, it would contain almost a quarter mile long area, with over two million square feet of space and exhibits. The museum contains a beautiful American decorative arts collection that holds some 12,000 examples that span the later 17th century to the early 20th century, obtaining its first donation in 1909 from Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage, the wife of financier, Russell Sage, with a magnificent collection of stained glass, believed to be the most comprehensive in the world, contains many exquisite pieces by Louis Comfort Tiffany, John LaFarge, William Jay Bolton and Henry E. Sharp; with a great collection of Paul Revere silver that includes many pieces created by Tiffany & Co. The American paintings and sculpture galleries house an allegorical sculpture by Hiram Powers called California, and over 1000 paintings, 2600 drawings and 600 sculptures that span the early colonial period to the 20th century and include such excellent artists as James McNeill Whistler, Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, Thomas Eakins, Gilbert Stuart, Emanuel Leutze and George Caleb Bingham. It would take days to view all the fabulous works housed in the ancient near East art, the costume institute, arms and armor, Asian art, drawings and prints, art of the Americas, Oceania and Africa, European paintings, sculpture and decorative arts, Egyptian art, Greek and Roman art, Robert Lehman collection, Islamic art, fabulous libraries and medieval artworks.

avis discount rental car Astoria

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Avis Discounts
Avis Discounts

La Guardia Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 25 Bowery Bay Blvd.
Avis Car Rental J F Kennedy Intl. Apt.

 Bldg. 305 Federal Circle

Newark Liberty Intl. Apt. Avis Rental Cars
- 28 Newark Apt.
Avis Car Rental White Plains - 240 Apt. Rd. Ste. 105

    Queens ZooQueens Zoo Astoria, New York Andean or Spectacled Bear
    Sitting on five acres in Flushing Meadows, Corona Park, Queens, New York, the Queens Zoo is managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society in partnership with the city's parks and recreation department, constructed on the site of the 1964 World's Fair, with an aviary housed in a marvelous geodesic dome, designed by Thomas C. Howard, that had been used during the fair, opening in 1968 as the Flushing Meadows Zoo. It houses many animals from the Americas, with numerous other zoos located in the city, but only one of five in the city that showcases the spectacled bears; as well as coyotes, bald eagles, California sea lions, alligators, sandhill cranes, cougars, owls, Roosevelt elk, lynx, pudu and thick-billed parrots, to name just a few. There is a lovely little petting zoo located there for the small fry with many of the usual domestic animals found on a farm or other petting venue. Besides a plethora of birds, the aviary houses porcupines, egrets and cardinals, while the petting zoo or farm houses Flemish giant rabbits, cashmere goats and hairy Highland cows. There is a great sea lion pool and a South American trail that has the world's smallest bear, the Andean, as well as the world's smallest deer, the pudu, with thick-billed parrots; all three on the endangered species list. The waterfowl marsh has many trumpeter swans, ducks and sandhill cranes, and telescopes to allow visitors to get that up close feeling, and the woodland trail where the North American animals live. It is a great local zoo that is excellent for young children to learn more about endangered species and the need to help conserve these magnificent animals. They also have many excellent school programs that help to educate the leaders and conservationists of tomorrow, bringing the kids and animals into a unique world that lets both get a better sense of understanding and forbearance.

Thrifty Car Rental Astoria

  Thrifty Car Rental has been a staple in the car rental business for many years.  Our customers will get the biggest selection of new quality cars to choose from and the friendliest customer service.  Thrifty Rental Car has more cheap locations around the country designed to SAVE you more money for other travel uses.
 Thrifty Cheap Locations

Manhattan Thrifty Rental Cars - 148 W. 83 St.
Thrifty Car Rental Upper Montclair- 120 Watchung Ave.
Union Thrifty Rental Cars - 2735 Rt. 22 W.
Thrifty Car Rentals Westfield- 508 N. Ave. E.

    The Octagon (Roosevelt Island, New York)The Octagon Roosevelt Island Astoria, New York
    This unique structure, called appropriately, the Octagon, is located on Roosevelt Island in New York City, constructed in 1834, to be used as the main entrance of the New York City Lunatic asylum that opened in 1841 and designed by Alexander Jackson Davis. It is a five story rotunda constructed of blue-gray stone that was quarried on the island, the final remains of the hospital, that would endure two fires and many years of decay and neglect; that would be rejuvenated in 2006, and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. The structure would be called "remarkable" by visiting English novelist, Charles Dickens, who was quite impressed with its magnificent flying spiral staircase rising up from an illuminated glass floor; and originally constructed to be an island retreat, but then converted in 1894 into the hospital. It sits next to the Hudson River, with gorgeous views of the city and harbor, with a steamer service that brought the patients and staff by ferry across the East River. The hospital would close its doors in 1955 and begin falling into disrepair, until the two wings were demolished, and the domed roof destroyed by fires. Today, the rotunda has been saved, while the two wings were replaced with more modern apartments with fourteen stories of upscale residences, with many green spaces, glass, fresh air, and a skyline that is outstanding. There are now 500 apartments that enclose floor to ceiling windows that showcase the city's awesome skyline and natural sunlight coming into each room, with smooth granite countertops, hardwood flooring, cherry-finished cabinets, stainless steel appliances and much more. It contains six open-air tennis courts, a 2200 square foot fitness center, heated outdoor swimming pool, bike paths, waterfront esplanade, playground for children and an ecological park with full acre courtyard and terrace. It even houses a daycare center, a business center with media and conference rooms, a 24 hours concierge service, doorman, dry cleaning, maid service, laundry and valet.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Astoria

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Dollar Savings

JFK Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - Federal Circle Bldg. 312
Dollar Rental Car LaGuardia Intl. Apt. - 22-61 94th St.
Dollar Rental Car Newark Intl. Apt. 
 Bldg. #36 Station #P2 36 Carson Rd.
Dollar Rental Car New York City - 99 Charles St.

    Rhinelander MansionRhinelander Mansion Astoria, New York
    This French renaissance revival mansion in Astoria, New York was the former residence of Gertrude Rhinelander Waldo, constructed in 1898, who would never step foot in the mansion after it was completed. Gertrude was an heiress that would continue to live with her sister in a row house across the street from the mansion. She had come from a New York family that had lived in the city since the 17th century, and later married stockbroker, Frank Waldo, in 1876, who had lost his fortune in the Panic of 1873, and would later pass on in 1878. She would get an inheritance in 1882 of real estate valued at $360,000. The mansion housed a ballroom that was lit with a thousand light bulbs, and furnished at a cost of $1 million, that would never be occupied during her lifetime. In December of 1909, it was scheduled to be sold for $10,000 to cover a judgment, the same amount in unpaid taxes and $150,000 due on the mortgage. The mansion would remain vacant until 1921, when it would be broken up into apartments, and now contains the showpiece clothing store of Polo Ralph Lauren. The first floor had a big center hall with large rooms on both sides of the hall, for servants and receptions, while the second floor houses the main salon, butler's pantry and dining room. The third floor housed the master bedroom and the fourth held the servants quarters and guest bedrooms. It would become the property of Edgar de Evia and Robert Denning, until a local church purchased it in the later 1960s, with Ralph Lauren getting a lease in 1983. It was sold while he held a lease, first in 1984 for $6.4 million, then in 1989 for $43 million, and finally, in 2005, for $80 million.

National Rental Cars Astoria

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Manhattan National Car Rental 
- 252 W. 40th St.
National Rental Cars LaGuardia Apt. - 9501 Ditmars Blvd.
JFK Intl. Apt. National Car Rental - Bldg. 308 Federal Circle
National Rental Car Manhattan - 19 E. 12th St.