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Things to do in Brewer

    Maine Discovery Museum Maine Discovery Museum Bangor, Maine
    The Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor, Maine is the biggest children's museum that can be found north of Boston, opening in 2001 in a converted department store, after years of fundraising and planning. Even though the museum had more than expected visitors the first year, it has continued to have financial problems. It was able to acquire help from the state, but the city has decided not to fund it anymore. The museum's home is going through its first important restoration since opening; although its mainstays are still the two story tree house, a big music department that is filled with various instruments from different cultures and a life-size model beaver dam. The discovery museum is like many of the newer children attractions like this offering outstanding learning opportunities coupled with interactive fun exhibits that encourage children to learn in new and innovative ways. All the exhibits have been geared to provoke thought and learning, regardless of visitors abilities or socioeconomic backgrounds incorporating the various parts of Maine into a world scope that helps children learn more about the similar aspects and the differences. Exhibits include seven permanent interactive exhibits the encourage your children to partake in the marvelous worlds of music, anatomy, nature, art, geography, science and children's literature. They are nature trails that allow children to explore the state's ecosystem by walking along a 20 foot waterway, as well as send a boat down the river and make hydropower, and climb to the top of a two story tree house that offers you a beautiful bird's eye view of the surrounding areas, and uncover wetland creatures in Turtle Alley. Next up is the Tradewinds that is one of the newer displays that showcases Maine's global connections, with a more concentrated focus on Italy, Japan and Brazil, finding out the differences and similarities that exist in their cultures, customs, transportation, geography, communication and commerce. Booktown is a walk down a village that contains doors that will lead you into the pages of a Maine children's literary classic, like being the librarian in Miss Rumphius' library, get your picture taken with you on the back of Wilbur the pig in Charlotte's Web or become the skipper on the Tidley-Idley. Sounds abound helps your child discover the world of music in a awesome sound studio filled with electronic equipment like video recorders where you can act out silly themes and get them recorded, use a karaoke machine to help you sing your favorite song; or even listen to Twinkle, Twinkly Little Star in various musical styles. Body journey allows your children to enter into a huge head that highlights various bodily functions like flossing huge teeth, watch an enormous heart beating, or even walking along the intestinal tract inside the intestine. You can visit a doctor's office that lets you become the doctor, taking care of the babies or checking out real x-rays. Artscape offers children the most amazing opportunity to learn about art and the many utensils that are at your disposal, inside a real art studio, where you will learn about kinetic art, sculpture, patterns, colors, luminous designs; and try you hand at an exciting pendulum drawing board that lets you push it and watch the magical patterns appear as it swings back and forth. And the final adventure is Mission: Discovery with numerous hands-on displays that look at gravity, robotics, acceleration and astronomy, and freezing your shadow, check out a moon rock and race balls down their tracks and so much more.

    Pine Hill Golf Club
    Pine Hill Golf Course Brewer, MaineThe Pine Hill Golf Club in Brewer, Maine is a 9 hole golf course scattered among the hills and woods that offer a great game with 2934 yards and a par 36 to help you keep your game exciting and fresh. Metal spikes are allowed at this course, it helps the grass get aerated, a driving range is also located here, with rental carts and rental clubs for you to enjoy a game without having to cart your clubs all over on vacation, especially is you fly and they charge for everything. A golf pro is available to help with lessons, tips, secrets or just to help you improve your swing, all on a public golf course that rolls up and down like the terrain does in Maine. Trying to add a little more challenge and excitement, the greens are kept close cropped since they already are small and fast, with a course that is heavily bunkered and tightly wooded. The fairways are bluegrass and the greens are bentgrass, but there aren't any water hazards to worry about, although the bunkers and trees are enough to keep you swinging straight and true, even though the holes are never just straight shots. They built the course to make it one of the most exciting and challenging courses around, even though they didn't have room for 18 holes. There is a putting green, to help prepare you as well as a chipping area. So, when you travel to the Bangor-Brewer area in Maine, be sure to check out Pine Hills, and they do have pines all over the hills, sweet scented pines that will keep you sniffing the air all day long.

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    Bangor Museum and Center for HistoryBangor Museum and Center for History Bangor, Maine
    The Bangor Historical Society began in 1864 when a group of 22 men led by Judge John Godfrey, came together to collect, preserve and interpret the local history for the public and future generations. It is the second oldest historical society in Maine, sharing space for a long time with the pubic library, until the Great Fire of 1911, with both of them being located in a building that today is the home of the Bangor Savings Bank. The fire destroyed everything, but the society again became located in the new Bangor Public Library building on Harlow Street. Once more, residents of the twin cities of Bangor and Brewer, would donate their historical items and artifacts, and by the 1950s, the society had outgrown its spaces and had to find something bigger. The Sons of Union Veterans, who were the caretakers of the GAR Memorial Home, the Thomas A. Hill House, allowed the society to use it, and they opened in the summer of 1953. The museum continued to grow and expand, and by 2002, it once more needed more space for its outstanding exhibits, and began looking for a new site. During June of that year, the museum would open at 6 State Street, in the downtown area, next to the University of Maine's art museum and the Discovery Museum. The location would allow the society to maximize its space and exhibits, offering more programs and events and increasing the vision of the museum. The board of directors decided to change the name so that the museum would reflect the scope of the museum's missions and it became the Bangor Museum and Center for History. But by 2005, the museum had outgrown its spaces once more and began looking for something bigger and more expansive. In June of 2005, Sally and Bill Arata offered the society a permanent home at 25 Broad Street and a capital campaign was started to rejuvenate the house so that the museum could move in and began operating from there. In its collections, there are more than 10,000 tintypes, photographic prints, glass plate negatives, postcards of local and regional interest and daguerreotypes; spanning the period from the 1840s to the present day and contains 240 photographs of Dow Air Force Base that had just been uncovered. The museum is the custodian of the Quipus Club collection of historical clothing that cover the years from 1918 to 1999 with more than 800 items of clothing that include hats, handbags, shoes, walking suits, gowns and day and evening dresses that cover the period from the 19th to the late 20th century. There is an extraordinary collection of Civil War artifacts that were acquired from the Grand Army of the Republic and their successor organization, the Sons of Union Veterans. There are numerous exciting items in this collection that include diaries, personal papers, swords that were Daniel Chaplain's, an apothecary chest, many letters written by Union soldiers and a sword of Joshua Chamberlain. The museum's archival collection includes letters written by Hannibal Hamlin and Joshua Chamberlain.  The museum offers tours of the Mount Hope Cemetery and the Ghost Lamp Tours, since Mount Hope Cemetery is the second oldest garden cemetery in the nation, designed for the mid-19th century city dweller's desire to walk through a romanticized rural landscape. There are many of the state's leading statesmen, civic leaders, military leaders laid to rest here, along with some infamous individuals that had colorful lives and legends. 

     Stephen King's House
    Stephen King's House Bangor, MaineThe Stephen King House in Bangor, Maine, is or was actually the William Arnold House, constructed in 1858 for $7000 with a splendid ornate wrought iron fence and macabre wrought iron gate with spider webs. King's wife, Tabatha, keeps her office on the first floor of the cylindrical tower of the house, while Stephen does his work in the back of the house, just above the swimming pool changing rooms; with even a ghost that supposedly haunts the living room. Many of King's novels has taken place in Maine, from one end of the state to the other, and you can visit Bett's Bookstore in downtown Bangor, that carries a t-shirt of his fictional and real cities and towns that have been mentioned or used in his books.  The blood red painted house contains 23 rooms and is quite large, but difficult to realize unless you stop and check it out.

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Local Restaurants in Brewer

    Muddy Rudder
    Starters; jumbo shrimp cocktail is peeled served chilled with cocktail sauce; spinach & artichoke dip with tortilla chips; bacon-wrapped scallops with Maine maple glaze; baked brie in puff pastry with roasted pears & raspberry sauce; fried calamari with parmesan cheese over marinara; crabmeat stuffed mushroom caps baked & topped with Monterey jack cheese; bruschetta on rosemary flatbread; smoked seafood sampler with salmon, scallops, shrimp, mussels with dill dipping sauce; fresh mozzarella, tomato & basil drizzled with balsamic reduction; steamed veggie platter with black pepper Romano cheese sauce. Seafood entrees served with steamed veggies, choice of rice, baked potatoes, fries, linguine, garlic mashed potatoes, 4 bean salad or cole slaw; Maine lobster; deep dish lobster pie in rich Newburg sauce; lobster & sirloin is hand cut NY sirloin 10oz.; baked stuffed lobster stuffed with house crabmeat stuffing; stuffed seafood platter is fire roasted bell pepper stuffed with jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, haddock & lobster topped with Japanese panko breadcrumbs, fresh mozzarella & parmesan cheeses, served on bed of confetti wild grain rice; fresh local haddock with crabmeat stuffing topped with lobster Newburg sauce; fried haddock platter; broiled haddock with dry vermouth & topped with blackened mayo or white wine, butter & crumbs; prime rib pasta with prime rib, bacon, red peppers, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, baby squash & signature Alfredo sauce tossed with penne pasta; classic marsala is two pan seared chicken breasts topped with mushroom pan sauce; with linguine in garlic butter; NY strip hand cut; rib eye hand cut generously basted with garlic butter & cooked your way; downeast sirloin is NY strip topped with lobster in house lobster Newburg sauce; boursin chicken is fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic, artichoke hearts, baby spinach, tossed with olive oil, sherry, penne pasta & boursin butter, topped with pan-seared chicken breast.

    Weathervane Seafood Restaurant
    Appetizers; onion rings; fried appetizer combo with buffalo chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, onion rings & mushrooms, with celery sticks & dipping sauces; fried onion nuggets; potato skins topped with bacon, cheddar & mozzarella cheese; fried mozzarella sticks with marinara; fried mushrooms with creamy ranch dressing; boneless buffalo chicken tenders with blue cheese dressing & celery sticks; fried calamari with marinara sauce; steamers with broth & drawn butter; steamed mussels with garlic, lemon & white wine. Fried Seafood Dinners, served with FF & cole slaw; haddock, calamari, native shrimp, fantail shrimp, bay scallops, sea scallops, haddock nuggets, clam strips, chicken tenders, whole clams. Maine lobsters; lazy man lobsters is meat freshly shucked from 2 Maine lobsters served in drawn butter; lobster pie is tender meat of whole lobster with buttery crabmeat stuffing & baked; fresh fried lobster tails is 2 freshly steamed Maine lobster tails split, battered, fried; lobster dinners are single, twin or select. Broiled, Grilled & Baked stuffed seafood, choice of one side & cole slaw; grilled maple salmon topped with Macintosh apple drizzle; broiled haddock lightly topped with Ritz cracker crumbs; broiled sea scallops lightly topped with Ritz cracker crumbs; broiled sea scallops & haddock lightly topped with Ritz cracker crumbs; broiled seafood platter is salmon, sea scallops & haddock; broiled salmon lightly seasoned & broiled; baked stuffed haddock with house crabmeat stuffing; baked stuffed shrimp with house crabmeat stuffing; baked stuffed seafood combo with house stuffed crabmeat, 3 baked stuffed shrimp, sea scallops, haddock & lobster. Steak & chicken dishes; marinated sirloin tips 12oz. with sautéed mushrooms & onions served on rice pilaf, side of slaw; NY strip dinner 10oz. char-grilled with choice of side & slaw; fried chicken tender dinner with FF & slaw; apple harvest chicken is 2 chicken breasts, marinated, broiled & topped with house crabmeat stuffing & Sidehill Farm maple apple drizzle, with steamed garden veggies & slaw.


Baked Stuffed Lobster Muddy Rudder Brewer, Maine


Broiled Haddock Muddy Rudder Brewer, Maine


Boursin Chicken Muddy Rudder Brewer, Maine

 Grilled Maple Salmon Weathervane Seafood Restaurant Brewer, Maine

Marinated Sirloin Tips Weathervane Seafood Restaurant Brewer, Maine


Broiled Ritz Crusted Scallops Weathervane Seafood Restaurant Brewer, Maine



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    Maine Aviation Historical Society and Air Museum Maine Aviation Historical Society and Air Museum Bangor, Maine
    The Maine Aviation Historical Society was started to collect, preserve and document the invaluable history of aviation in the state of Maine, with civil, military, commercial and recreational flying histories that have been a significant part of the growth and history of the state. From the earliest balloon flights to the barn stormer pilots and finally to space travel, the state has continued to be one of the active participants. The collection of artifacts and memorabilia can be seen at the Maine Air Museum at 98 Maine Avenue, Bangor, Maine, or the Bangor International Airport, located in an old cold war period missile assembly and maintenance building. The museum was begun in 2000 that would enable the society to store, collect, document and showcase the collection of relics and memorabilia that has been received. Their exhibits include a history of the aviation events that began with the earliest flights to the space age, and include very interesting items, like the balloon that went to the highest point ever attained by a balloon and was able to get a picture of the curvature of the earth. The collection contains answers to questions like what Maine aviator became an astronaut and flew into space? or one of the first flights across the Atlantic, that began in Old Orchard Beach and carried a stowaway? What does the White Bird, the second greatest aviation mystery, mean to the state? and who was Harry Jones and why was he important to the history of the state's aviation history and many more answers than you would think or imagine. There are also many past military crash sites located in the state and the museum has a map to them all. There are hundreds of pictures, stories and more located in the archives, just waiting for you to come and discover the answers and truths. They guarantee that you won't ever be disappointed or not interested enough to immerse yourself in this history.

    Hose 5 Fire Museum
    Hose 5 Fire Museum Bangor, MaineThe Hose 5 Fire Museum was constructed in 1897 and utilized for the next century until the new fire station was built on Hogan Road, and the former fire station is now a fire museum with free admission. Their 1930 McCann Pumper wasn't the first motorized fire engine the city acquired, but it is the one that came here new and never left, being used for its entire life span. They also have a 1946 Jeep Willys that was outfitted by the Portage Lake Fire Department to fight forest and structural fires, and although Bangor had one similar, it has long been gone, but this replacement is perfect and shows visitors what type of vehicle was used just after the WWII period. Another great exhibit is the 1917 Garford pumper that was the first motorized fire engine for Old Town, and is one of the two surviving Garford fire engines left in the entire world, the other being located in Australia. Other interesting exhibits include; an original Bangor ladder, gamewell fire alarm boxes, brass poles, 1939 Seagrave pumper, antique SCBAs, hand tools, hand-drawn hose carts, wooden water mains, life net and vintage bunker gear; plus much more for your enjoyment.

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    University of Maine Museum of ArtUniversity of Maine Museum of Art Bangor, Maine
    The University of Maine Museum of Art was started to enrich the cultural lives of the community and University community through its outstanding programs, collections, exhibitions and innovative educational programs that are designed to invoke understanding of the visual arts, focusing more on the modern and contemporary works of artists from around the world. The art collection started in 1946 under Vincent Hartgen and was called the University of Maine Art Collection, until 1988, when it would become the University of Maine Museum of Art, moving to a downtown location to better serve the community and has grown into an excellent regional fine arts museum. The collection has grown to include 6500 original works of modern and contemporary artworks, but stronger in the American mid-20th century works on paper. Artists included in the collection include; John Marin, Andrew Wyeth, Berenice Abbott, Winslow Homer, Marsden Hartley and Carl Sprinchorn.  Current exhibits include A Pointed View, photographs by Ilya Askinazi; String Too Short To Use which is works by Todd Watts and Pablo Picasso The Passionate Print.

    Fort Knox State Historic Site
    Fort Knox State Historic Site MaineFort Knox is located near the town of Prospect, Maine, constructed in 1844 through 1869 and located on the west bank of the Penobscot River. It is now called the Fort Knox State Park or Fort Knox State Historic Site; and sits about five miles from the mouth of the river. It was the first fort constructed in the state that wasn't made of wood, but granite instead, and named after Henry Knox, the first Secretary of War, who ended up living in Thomaston, Maine. In 1970, it would become a National Historic Landmark. It had been built because of the continued tension between the new United States of America and the United Kingdom, only this time it was for issues arising out of the Canadian border lines just after the Aroostook War. That was an undeclared conflict between the US and Great Britain over the international boundary during the years 1838 and 1839. It would end with a mutually accepted border between Maine and New Brunswick, after President Martin Van Buren sent General Winfield Scott to arrange some kind of agreement, and once they did, the tension eased.  Its intended purpose would be to protect the Penobscot River and Bangor, Maine, which had grown into a major shipbuilding lumber city, with money to build the fort coming in slowly and intermitteningly from Congress. Its final design had never been configured, even though a million dollars had already been spent, with granite being quarried five miles upriver in Frankfort, Maine at Mount Waldo. The fort had two batteries facing the river, with each one of them equipped with a hot shot furnace to heat cannon shots hot enough to set ships on fire, but soon became obsolete after shipping construction began on ironclads. The fort was manned during U. S. Civil War by volunteers from the state, which were mostly new recruits that were in training before going off to the war. The majority of the work during this period included adapting the batteries to use the new Rodman cannon, under the leadership of Thomas Lincoln Casey. Then during the Spanish American War a regiment of troops came from Connecticut to man the fort in case of attacks; although it would never see any type of action, and in 1923, the government said the fort was excess property and put it and the 125 acres surrounding it up for sale. The state of Maine purchased it for $2121 and it became a state historic site.

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