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Alamo discounts 

Lisbon Apt. Alamo Car Rentals - Aeroporto Da Portela
Alamo Rental Cars Lisbon Downtown
 Av. antonio Augusto De Aguiar, 24 Cd

Lisbon Gare Do Oriente Alamo Car Rentals
 Av. D. Joao li Lt. 1. 15.01, 1980-999

Alamo Rental Car Lisboa
 Rua Julio Cesar Machado 9, 1250-133

Things to do in Amadora

    Queluz National Palace Queluz Natonal Palace Amadora, Portugal
    The Queluz National Palace in the Lisbon district, is a spectacular 18th century palace that is a freguesia of the modern day Sintra municipality, and one of the last impressive rococo structures in all Europe after being thought of as a summer retreat for Dom Pedro of Braganza, who would eventually become the husband and king consort to his niece, Queen Maria I. The palace would become the best place for the queen after she would be imprisoned because of her madness that began after Dom Pedro passed on in 1786. When the Ajuda Palace was destroyed by fire, in 1794, this palace would become the official residence for the Portuguese prince regent, John VI and his family, until the royal family would flee the country and go to Brazil, after the French invaded the nation. The palace was started in 1747, under the direction of architect, Mateus Vicente de Oliveira, and even though it would be smaller than most of the other palaces in the country, it would still be considered the Portuguese Versailles. After 1826, the palace would lose its favor with the royals, and in 1908, would become the property of the state. After a terrible fire in 1934, that gutted in the insides, the palace would be completely rejuvenated and is now open to the public as one of the country's major tourist destinations. One wing of it, the Pavilion of Dona Maria, was constructed between 1785 and 1792 under the leadership of architect, Manuel Caetano de Sousa, and has become guest house used by foreign heads of state when they visit the country. There is much to be seen and viewed here, with fabulous grounds and gardens, and an interior that is beyond elegant. Its floors and walls are richly decorated, as well as its halls, rooms, dining room, ballroom and more. One room that must be seen and that is the king's bedroom that is round with a domed ceiling and the walls are decorated with incredible scenes from Don Quixote.

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Lisbon Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals - Lisbon Intl. Apt. 
Budget Car Rental Lisbon - Rua Castilho 167B

Local Restaurants in Amadora

    Entrees; olive dish; head xara or pig's head cheese; fried sausage with scrambled eggs & olive oil; joint palos pork; ham pata negra; mixed cheese; pudding with orange; scrambled eggs with wild asparagus & mixed peppers; quail eggs on bed of pata negra with in slices of pata negra ham; alimos mackerel in olive oil & vinegar; foie gras birds LBV is liver with port cream & black pepper; duck livers with LBV in virgin olive oil & orange juice; pudding grouper with shrimp sauce flavored with black pepper; pasta with walnut tuna balanced in lemon.

Walnut and Tuna Pasta Oganhao Amadora, Portugal

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Hertz Rental Cars Lisbon- Rua Castilho 72
Lisbon Portela Apt. Hertz Car Rental - Portugal Apt.
Hertz Rental Car Almada- Rua Do Regil Loja 15 F
Prior Velho Hertz Car Rental - Av. Severiano Falcao No. 7-7A

    Palace of the Marquises of Fronteira Fronteira Palace Amadora, Portugal
    This palace is better known as Fronteira Palace, and was built in 1640 to become a hunting pavilion for Dom Joao de Mascarenhas, the 1st Marquis of Fronteira, with a magnificent house and gardens that contain splendid glazed tiles that represent various themes like monkey playing trumpets or battles, which seem to be quite a startling array. Although the palace is still the current residence of the marquis, there are numerous rooms like the library, a few rooms and the beautiful gardens that are open to the public. The Battles room contains marvelous panels that represent the scenes of the Portuguese Restoration War, where one shows that the Dom is fighting a Spanish general. Because of his efforts and loyalty to King Pedro II of Portugal, he would get the title of 1st Marquis of Fronteira. The fabulous dining room is decorated with portraits of members of the Portuguese nobility that had been painted by the noted artist, Domingos Antonio de Sequeira. The chapel, that is dated from the 16th century is now the oldest part of the palace, and its facade is decorated with shells, broken glass, porcelains and stones because they had been used during the palace's inauguration and had been broken purposely so that they could no longer be used. The garden of the palace is huge, with visitors entering in through the chapel yard, and here, there are niches filled with glazed tiles containing images that represent the various arts along with mythical figures. The hedges there have been cut in order to represent the different seasons of the year, and a stone staircase takes visitors to a special yard where numerous niches have been decorated with the kings of Portugal busts.

avis discount rental car Amadora

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Avis Discounts
Avis Discounts

Lisbon Apt. Avis Car Rental  - Aeroporto De Portela Lisboa
Avis Car Rental Lisbon
- Av Praia Da Vitoria 12 C
Lisbon Avis Rental Cars
- Rua D. Duarte Nr 4

    Museu Nacional de Arte AntigaNational Museum of Ancient Art Amadora, Portugal
    The National Museum of Ancient Art, in Lisbon, Portugal, has become the most significant and important art museum in the nation, along with being one of the most important art museums in Europe. It is known as MNAA in Portuguese, and more popularly known as Museu das Janeias Verdes, or the Green Windows Museum because of its window colors. It sits inside the magnificent Palacio de Alvor-Pombal, that had been the palace of the count of Avor and then eventually bought by the Marquis of Pombal. The museum was founded in 1884 and sits alongside the Tagus River, inside the palace that had been constructed in the 17th century, and at one time, been the convent of Santo Alberto. The chapel here is an outstanding example of 18th century Portuguese baroque architecture that blends perfectly with all the art and historical works inside it. Their fabulous collection includes artworks from textiles, drawings, sculpture, decorative art forms, furniture and metalwork from the Middle Ages to the early 19th century. The most significant, at least to the Portuguese, are the collections that were created in the 15th and 16th centuries, especially in the fields of metalwork, sculpture and paintings. The most significant work housed here is are the panels of Saint Vincent that date from the 15th century and were created by Nuno Goncalves, the court painter for King Afonso V. There are six big panels that depict people from all levels of the Portuguese society that were paying homage to Saint Vincent, believed to be one of the first examples of collective portraits in European art, and include some sixty portraits. It also houses significant works by such early 16th century artists as Jorge Afonso, Gregio Lopes, Garcia Fernandes, Cristovao de Figueiredo, Frei Carlos, Francisco de Holanda and Francisco Henriques; as well as many others. There are numerous outstanding works from the 17th to the 19th century, and outstanding Portuguese metalworks that include some pieces from the 12th to the 18th centuries, with one very famous example called the monstrance of Belem. It may have been created by the actor, poet and playwright, Gil Vicente, and according to the inscription on the monstrance, it had been made from some of the first gold brought back from India by the explorer, Vasco da Gama. Other famous artists that have works located there include; Francois Boucher, Pieter Brueghel the Younger, Nicolas Poussin, David Gerard, Anthony van Dyck, Albrecht Durer, Diego Velazquez, Hans Holbein the Elder, Raphael, Tintoretto and many others.

Thrifty Car Rental Amadora

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Lisbon Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - Rua Martires De Timor

    Castle of Sao JorgeCastle of Sao Jorge Amadora, Portugal
    The Castle of Sao Jorge is a fabulous Moorish castle that sits high above the city of Lisbon, Portugal, with a marvelous view of the Tagus River beyond and is a fortified citadel that dates from medieval times, that sits on the highest hill in the heart of the city, and has become one of the major destinations of historical and cultural tourist sites. The initial fortifications on the hilltop have been concluded to be from the 2nd century BC, although archaeological research has uncovered evidence that it may have been occupied since the 6th century BC and perhaps even earlier. It is believed that the hill had been the home of many indigenous tribes like the Celtics, Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians, and then the Romans, Suebic, Visigothic and finally Moorish. The Christian Reconquista, would include the castle and city being won back by the Portuguese, under King Afonso Henriques, who used northern European crusaders to help, on their way to the Second Crusade. Called the Siege of Lisbon, it would be the only victory for those crusaders during the period of 1147. There is an old legend about a knight called Martim Moniz, who would see that one of the doors to the castle had been left open, so he put his body inside it so that the Moors couldn't close it and it would allow the other Christian soldiers to enter, thus sacrificing his life for his fellow troops. This castle would assist the Portuguese against the Moors in the last few years of the 12th century, and when the city became the capital of the kingdom in 1255, the castle would become the royal palace named the Alcacova and later rejuvenated by King Dinis I. Many changes would occur over the following centuries, until the early 16th century, when Manuel I would begin construction of a new palace on the banks of the Tagus River that would leave the old castle falling into more ruinous conditions. But, in 1569, the new king, Sebastion, would order the reconstruction of the royal apartments so he could live there, although it would never be finished. In 1580, the Spanish would gain a foot old in the nation and rule it for sixty years. In 1755, when the Great Lisbon earthquake severely damaged the castle, it would fall further in to disrepair and neglect, but in 1788, the first geodesic observatory would be placed in one of its towers. During the period from 1780 to 1807. a charitable institution called Casa Pia would occupy the citadel, but the remainder of the castle would continue on in neglect, until the 1940s. A wonderful restoration would begin then and continue until finished, and can be seen in all its splendor today.

National Rental Cars Amadora

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Lisbon Apt. National Car Rental 
- Aeroporto Da Portela
National Rental Car Lisbon Downtown 
 Av. antonio Augusto De Aguiar, 24 Cd

Lisboa National Car Rentals 
 Rua Julio Cesar Machado 9, 1250-133

National Rental Cars Lisboa Gare Do Oriente 
 Av D Joao li Lt. 1. 15.01, 1980-999