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Things to do in Badger

    Denali National Park Denali National Park Badger, Alaska
    The Denali National Park and Preserve is located in the interior of Alaska, where the highest mountain in North America rises high above the earth, called Mount McKinley and the entire preserve occupies almost 10,000 square miles of landscapes and the longest glacier called the Kalhiltna. Denali, means the high one in the native Athabaskan language, which refers to the peak, named after President William McKinley of Ohio in 1897, by a local prospector named William A. Dickey, even though McKinley didn't have any links to the region. In fact, the name is used only by those that live outside the state. Charles Alexander Sheldon, a conservationist that would become known as the "father of Denali national park" began taking an interest in the Dall sheep that lived in the area and had become native. Charles believed that mankind would begin to encroach upon the area and threaten this unique species, so he petitioned the people of the state, after a visit there in 1907 and 1908, and Congress, to create a preserve specifically for the sheep. In 1917, the park would be officially established as the Mount McKinley National Park, even though only a part of the mountain would be included in the preserve, and that part did not include the summit. In 1976, it would be redesignated as an international biosphere reserve, and a separate Denali National Monument would be created by President Jimmy Carter in 1978. In 1980, the Mount McKinley National Park, that had been criticized locally, and the Denali National Monument would be incorporated and established as the Denali National Park and Preserve by the Alaska National Interests Lands Conservation Act. It would be at that time that the US Board of Geographic Names would keep the name of McKinley for the mountain, although the locals, would prefer to call it Denali. This park welcomes over 400,000 visitors each year that come here to enjoy the fabulous backpacking, wildlife scenery and mountaineering, with winter time recreational pursuits including dog-sledding, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. It is also home to grizzly bears, beavers, black bears, caribou, Dall sheep, moose, gray wolves, hoary marmots, arctic ground squirrels, snowshoe hares and pikas, with foxes, wolverines, martens and lynx living there as well, but staying well out of sight. Birds found there include; waxwings, ptarmigan, tundra swan, pine grosbeaks, wheatears and Arctic warblers, with a number of predatory birds like the golden eagle, owls, hawks and gyrfalcons. Fish include trout, salmon and arctic grayling.

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    Alaska Bird Observatory Grosbeaks @ Alaska Bird Observatory Badger, Alaska
    The Alaska Bird Observatory is dedicated to advancing the appreciation, understanding and conservation of birds and their habitats through continued and constant research and ongoing education that assist people around the world become better and more active stewards of birds and their natural habitats, that are constantly being assailed to enlarge developments and resorts, while slowly eradicating the homes and nesting places of the beautiful birds of the world. The observatory is located in the lovely Center for Education and Research that is situated in the Wedgewood Resort, that sits on the edge of Creamer's Refuge, open the entire year, featuring outstanding interpretive displays, a small gift shop, classroom for lectures and disseminating information, a bird feeding station and a small library that house small exhibits about bird identification and conservation. The observatory has many excellent programs to acclimate folks to the many magnificent birds that live and nest here, to include newsletters, K-12 school programs, citizen science, teaching materials, resources for educators and parents, workshops, community events, Alaska bird camp, youth mentoring at the observatory, walks and seminars. Some of the recent sightings include a yellow-bellied sapsucker, three toed woodpecker, golden crowned kinglets, American pipit, black brant, gray crowned rosy finches, rusty blackbirds, chukars, osprey, pine siskins, black billed magpie, hummingbird, belted kingfishers, sandpipers, yellow warblers, lesser yellowlegs, red-necked grebes, red-winged blackbird, blackpoll warbler, semipalmated sandpiper, pectoral sandpiper, northern shrike, Bohemian waxwings, orange crowned warbler, thrush, fox sparrows, bufflehead, widgeons, pintails, herring gulls, great-horned owl, Swainson's thrush, white-crowned and Lincoln's sparrow, peregrines, and many more that will thrill you and your family when you come for a visit.

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Local Restaurants in Badger

    Cookie Jar Restaurant
    Entrees; tavern battered halibut is beer battered Alaskan halibut served with housemade tartar sauce for dipping, batter fries & choice of soup or salad; Italian lasagna is Italian sausage, tangy marinara & 3 kinds of cheese run 4 layers deep, baked until bubbly served with soup or salad & garlic bread; vegetarian lasagna is every veggie we've got sautéed & layered with marinara, lasagna noodles & 3 kinds of cheese baked until bubbly, served with choice of soup or salad & garlic bread; fettuccini alfredo is rich cream sauce with garlic & parmesan cheese served with choice of soup or salad & garlic bread; chicken parmesan is boneless, skinless chicken breast rolled in bread crumbs, Italian seasonings & parmesan, grilled & topped with marinara & more parmesan served over herbed fettuccini; ribeye is 14oz. served with choice of soup or salad, baked potato & sautéed veggies; NY steak is 12oz. steak with choice of soup or salad, baked potato & sautéed veggies; Country fried steak is prime rib rubbed with seasoning, breaded & grilled covered with sausage gravy, with choice of soup or salad, baked potato & sautéed veggies; steak & shrimp with choice of soup or salad, baked potato & sautéed veggies; prime rib dinner slow roasted, baked potato, veggie, soup or salad.

    Entrees; Chianti braised short ribs slowly braised with mushrooms & rosemary in rich Chianti wine gravy, over mashed red potatoes & sautéed pancetta peas; linguini with clams & mussels simmered in white wine, lemon & garlic broth; stuffed flank steak rolled with prosciutto, sundried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil & spinach, baked in brick oven with sherry butter, over mashed red potatoes & sautéed pancetta peas; semolina encrusted salmon is wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon coated in semolina flour & pan fried, served with risotto & garlic roasted tomatoes, finished with balsamic reduction & fresh basil; Italian meatloaf is mix of lean ground beef & pork mixed with oven roasted eggplant & zucchini, sharp provolone & fresh herbs, served with cheesy macaroni, & sautéed pancetta peas; gnocchi a la vodka is gnocchi cooked in spicy tomato sauce, sundried tomatoes, pancetta & fresh basil; roasted duck risotto is creamy risotto over roasted duck, mushrooms, brandied cranberries & roasted garlic, finished with extra virgin olive oil & pecorino Romano.


Grilled Tavern Halibut Cookie Jar Restaurant Badger, Alaska





Chianti Braised Short Ribs Gambardella's Badger, Alaska

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    Yukon Flats Wildlife Refuge Yukon Flats Wildlife Refuge Badger, Alaska
    Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge is a beautiful protected wetlands area in Alaska, comprised of the majority of Yukon Flats, a huge wetland located at the confluence of the Yukon River, Chandalar and Porcupine Rivers that is a marvelous waterfowl breeding area, and after a weird proposal to flood the flats from a dam on the Yukon River, which would be turned down, it would be considered to be worth protecting. The lands conservation act of 1980 would establish the refuge making it the third biggest in the nation, even though it is still less than a third the size of the other two bigger, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge. This refuge would be established to also protect fish and wildlife populations and their habitats that include nesting waterfowl, wolverines, various migratory birds, dall sheep, furbearers, bears, moose, caribou, salmon and wolves. The native Alaskans living in or near Yukon Flats are mostly Gwich'in Athabscan Indians that had been very mobile people, but when the Europeans began settling in the region, they decided to settle in more permanent villages that would evolve around trading posts and newly built schools.

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    Kanuti Wildlife Refuge Kanuti Wildlife Refuge Badger, Alaska
    The Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge in central Alaska is just one of the sixteen refuges in the state, established in 1980 when Congress passed the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act. It contains 1.64 million acres, which is about the size of Delaware, sitting on top of the Arctic Circle, as a prime example of Alaska's boreal ecosystem and is filled with black and white spruce trees with some white birch and poplars. It has short, hot summers with many thunderstorms and lightning strikes that creates an abundance of burning and recovery, with many natural wildfires that continue to create diverse habitats that house various plant species able to support many species of wildlife. It has 37 species of mammals, that include brown and black bears, moose, mink, marten, wolf packs, beavers and muskrats with the occasional caribou. It is home to various migratory fish like sheefish, chum, chinook and coho salmon and others. Almost 130 species of migratory birds spend some or all of their time at the refuge, as many other areas are becoming lost to various businesses. Some of the lands in the Kanuti are now under the Native Alaskan ownership, with subsistence hunting permitted in the refuge. It is a marvelous region to hike and meander around, if you are comfortable in the wild, and able to handle the extreme changes in terrain, temperature and climate.

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    Aurora Borealis Lodge Aurora Borealis Lodge Badger, Alaska
    The Aurora Borealis Lodge, just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska was created specifically for the enjoyment of watching the Aurora Borealis lights in the night skies, that is a magnificent spacious Alaskan log lodge, located in Cleary Summit, away from the city lights that might cause problems viewing the beautiful lights as they appear in the skies above. The lodge caters to one night stands, so that folks can come up here and view the magnificent lights, unique in all the world, with an indoor viewing area for those that prefer to stay inside while the spectacle appears. Because of its excellent geographical location, just below the Aurora Oval, you are in one of the best places to see this amazing sight, while staying in a marvelous log lodge with all the comforts of home. Roundtrip transportation is offered from Fairbanks, with accommodations included, and complimentary hot drinks served in their comfortable lodge, while you visit or wait for the full effects. The tour is best done from 10 pm to 2:30 am.

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    Chena Dog Sled Adventures Sweetie of Chena Dog Sled Adventures Badger, Alaska
    Since this is Alaska, and quite famous for its dog-sledding, it might be that some visitors coming up to Alaska would want to enjoy a short or long dog sled ride, that is unique among rides in the world. About forty miles east of Fairbanks, the adventures home sits on 120 acres with easy access to the winter trails and all of the quarter of a million acres of the Chena River State Recreation Area, with cabins available for those that choose to stay overnight. And they do serve meals as an option in some of the adventure packages. By the way, these adventures are offered only during the winter months, although they did offer summer packages at one time and may do again, so keep in touch and see what happens. They also offer snow shoeing, ice fishing, dog-sledding and dog team instruction. You can enjoy the dog sledding in various ways and time spans, with a two mile adventure, an hour long sled ride, a half day dog mushing adventure, a one and a half day adventure and a two day multi-activity adventure. They also have dog handling training course, cabin rentals, one day ice fishing adventure and naturally, custom adventures. And each of their fabulous adventures offer photographic chances and comfort stops, with winter outer clothing available to those that don't have their own; like those of us living in Florida that want to fly up for a great day of dog-sledding and certainly don't need any type of winter clothing. It is a great time and adventure, with friendly folks wanting to share their great dogs and adventures with those living in the lower 48.

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