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Things to do in Barrie

    Spirit Catcher, Barrie Spirit Catcher Barrie, Ontario, Canada
    The Spirit Catcher is a glorious sculpture created by sculptor, Ron Baird, for the Expo 86 that had been held in Vancouver, British Columbia, that now is sitting on the shores of the Kempenfelt Bay, in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Nine sculptors had been contacted to submit ideas for the expo, and only two would be picked to be commissioned for the project. This sculpture would take some six months to complete using COR-TEN steel, that is a non-corrosive alloy that keeps its structual integrity, and originally installed at the Expo exhibition grounds in Vancouver. Once the expo was finished, the sculpture would be bought by the Helen McCrea Peacock Foundation in Toronto, for $230,000 in Canadian dollars, who then donated the magnificent sculpture to the Barrie Gallery Project as a beautiful inspiration for the creation of an art gallery in the city. This fabulous sculpture weighs twenty tons, is 70 wide by 65 feet tall, and had to be brought to the region by two flatbed trucks. It would be installed by volunteers and two cranes, taking two full days in the weekend of June 12 and 13, 1987; and dedicated on September 12, 1987. This unique piece has 16 kinetic quills, that rock back and forth when the wind blows around it, and some months after its installation, fears about the high winds coming off the lake caused some concern that the quills might be blown off. They were then redesigned by Baird and helped by Mike Davies, who was the recently retired vice-president of the advanced engineering program at de Havilland aircraft. This unique sculpture has become a great focal point in the Barrie waterfront, where it has become an excellent meeting place and navigational aid to travelers and the community. This installation would begin the drive to put various pieces of art around the city that is still continuing to this day. The sculpture is one of the most iconic landmarks in this city and was inspired by the west coast location and the Thunderbird of the First Nations mythology; as a messenger that carries our dreams and desires to the Creator.

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Barrie Budget Car Rentals - 10-520 Bryne Dr. 

    Base Borden Military MuseumBase Borden Military Museum Borden, Ontario, Canada
    The Base Borden Military Museum in Borden, Ontario, Canada is a marvelous military museum with four uniquely separate museums, that house a plethora of military items, vehicles and equipment from every period of the nation's military history, along with a great number of historic armored vehicles and aircraft that are showcased outside the museums in the Major-General F. F. Worthington Memorial Park and at various points around the base. It is about 80 miles north of Toronto, where the museum combines all the museums into one at the base that had been established in the 1990s. A new main structure would be opened in 2007, with a huge hangar that is able to highlight the military vehicles, and now is seen in a few buildings and a memorial park. This is one of the biggest museums in the country devoted to the showing of military items and vehicles, with an excellent collection of WWI, WWII and post war armored vehicles, aircraft and trucks. The main structure is a restored WWII armored Corps Officers' Mess and depicts the history of Borden. The memorial park dedicated to Worthington is filled with many outstanding armored vehicles and artillery pieces from the nation, England and the US, along with other countries around the globe and is often referred to as Tank Park. This base is where the Canadian Air Force would be born, and can be seen in the WWI Heritage Hangar, with an Avro 504 K aircraft that is oldest flying aeroplane in the nation, as well as a Tutor aircraft, a Tiger moth and a Silver Star. The vehicles found in the memorial park date from WWI to the modern Soviet armored vehicles.

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Local Restaurants in Barrie

    Casa Mia Restaurant
    Entrees; souvlaki is marinated, charbroiled & topped with house olive oil, lemon, herb sauce, choice of chicken, pork tender or beef tender; mykonos platter is charbroiled, boneless chicken breast with tomato sauce & mozzarella & parmesan cheese; chicken el greco is lightly breaded chicken breast topped with virgin olive oil, garlic, white wine, scallions, red peppers, eggplant & feta cheese, baked in the oven; Greek village chicken is lightly breaded chicken breast topped with virgin olive oil, spinach, fresh tomatoes, herbs, touch of cream & feta cheese, baked in the oven; veal parmigiana is breaded veal covered with tomato sauce & mozzarella & parmesan cheese; veal scaloppini marsala is slices of veal covered in house mushroom marsala wine sauce; veal cutlet cordon bleu is breaded veal stuffed with ham & cheese, topped with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese; chicken parmigiana is breaded chicken breast covered with tomato sauce, mozzarella & parmesan cheese; chicken cacciatore is tender pcs of chicken, mushrooms & peppers, covered with tomato sauce, mozzarella baked in the oven; chicken marsala is fillets of chicken covered with house mushroom marsala wine sauce; chicken cordon bleu is breaded chicken breast stuffed with ham & cheese, topped with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese.

    The Keg Steakhouse & Bar
    Entrees served with choice of Caesar salad or wedge salad, veggies & mushrooms; top sirloin or teriyaki classic is naturally grilled or marinated in house teriyaki sauce; filet classic is wrapped in applewood smoked bacon for extra flavor; NY classic is tender NY strip loin; prime rib classic is hand carved with horseradish & au jus; zesty salmon is a grilled fillet basted with sweet & mildly spicy sauce, served with chili mayo; mustard salmon is grilled salmon fillet basted with honey, Dijon & whole grain mustard sauce; sautéed shrimp is black tiger shrimp sautéed in parsley & chive pernod cream sauce; king crab dinner is a pound of steam Alaskan king crab legs; lobster tail dinner is 2 Atlantic lobster tails with butter for dipping; grilled Thai chicken is boneless chicken with sautéed onions, bell peppers & snap peas in sweet hot Thai chili sauce; teriyaki chicken is grilled chicken topped with shrimp & scallops sautéed in Creole seasonings; chicken Oscar is grilled chicken topped with shrimp, scallops, asparagus & béarnaise sauce; honey BBQ chicken & ribs grilled & basted in house honey BBQ sauce; honey BBQ ribs is pork back ribs grilled with house honey BBQ sauce.


Casa Mia Restaurant Barrie, Ontario, Canada







Grilled Thai Chicken The Keg Steakhouse & Bar Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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Hertz Rental Car Markham- 4 Laidlaw Blvd.
Thornhill Hertz Car Rental - 7545 Yonge St.

    Simcoe County MuseumSimcoe County Museum Barrie, Ontario, Canada
    This museum was created in 1928 by the Women's Institute members, Mrs. C. P. Stocking and Mrs. R. A. Sutherland, with the first exhibit held in the Barrie Public Library and then in the Barrie Registry Office. The county would take the responsibility of the museum and its functions in the 1950s, with the first wing of the museum opening at Hwy. 26, and the present locale in 1962. During the ensuing years the museum has grown in size and statue, so that today, it houses a five gallery facility that contains sixteen outdoor heritage and exhibit structures. The collection include heritage buildings, orientation gallery, farm and construction equipment, Ross Channen Gallery, education wing, Barrie's Main Street and the Victorian wing; as well as numerous outstanding educational programs. The orientation gallery is the best place to start off your tour, to gain a better understanding of the county, that was inspired by historian Andrew Hunter's 1909 book, A History of Simcoe County, where you can wander through the display and learn more about the region's development, its settlement, industry, the development of the museum and the political scene. The Ross Channen gallery was named after the museum's first curator, and the early inhabitants of the county, with a magnificent copy of a Wendat (Huron) longhouse that was created specifically for visitor's to explore and enjoy. The gallery housing Barrie's Main Street takes visitors back to the early start of the 20th century, and the businesses that were in operation during the period of 1890 to 1910, with quite a few businesses like George Monkman's Apothecary, Simmons Hat and Fur and H. H. Otton's Hardware. Their Victorian gallery showcases the end of the 1800s, when growth and prosperity seemed to explode for many in the city, and this gallery highlights many of the aspects of that period including dioramas of a 1890s parlor, kitchen and dining room, along with numerous exhibits of textiles, taxidermy and hair wreaths that showcase a few of the hobbies people had back then. It is a fabulous place to visit and explore, where you can learn more about this city during its heyday and the lifestyles of the many people living here back then.

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Barrie Avis Car Rental  - 425 Dunlop St. W.

    Bear Creek Wildlife SanctuaryBear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary Barrie, Ontario, Canada
    The Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary is located about five miles west of Barrie, Ontario, Canada, and is a volunteer driven nonprofit that is dedicated to the survival of rare and endangered species, involved in the humane wildlife rescue and rehabilitation of the world's animals. It isn't open to the public, but you are able to obtain a private tour for you and your family. The sanctuary was started in 1989 by Werner Ebner, and today houses more than 100 animals that include the most beautiful and rare species of animals in the world. The sanctuary has become a safe haven for unwanted, injured and abused exotic and zoo surplus animals; believing in the axiom that we are responsible morally and ethically for these animals, which attributes to the constant and future survival of the rarer species that inhabit various areas of the world that are under continual attack by developments and encroaching growth. Sadly, but also fortunate, this sanctuary is the last resort for many of these magnificent animals, before they would be euthanized. The sanctuary is a marvelous adventure and learning center for the children of today that will become part of that future that realizes that if we all don't learn to live together, sharing our problems, and trials, we will not survive, and obviously, neither will they. Animals housed here include; jaguars, bears, birds, jaglions, tigers, primates, wolves, lions, lynx, cougars and foxes, as well as coyotes, rabbits, servals and raccoons. Some of the fascinating facts that can be learned here include; that 2010 was the year of the Tiger in Chinese astrology, and that the largest threat to these regal and majestic beasts is poaching for the Asian medicine market. And that in 1900 there had been an estimate made of the tiger population of about 100,000 animals, but today, a 110 years later, we only have 3200 left. And there are many more significant and enlightening facts that you can learn about this fantastic animal at the sanctuary.

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Thrifty Car Rental Mississauga Hurontario
 3485 Harvester Rd.

    MacLaren Art CenterMacLaren Art Center Barrie, Ontario, Canada
    The MacLaren Art Center in Barrie, Ontario, Canada contains many of the nation's most significant works of art, that includes being the permanent home of Rodin's The Thinker. The center was named in honor of Maurice MacLaren, that left his home, Maple Hill, to the Barrie Gallery Project, which would eventually be moved to the Barrie Public Library, which had been constructed as a Carnegie building, adding to it with a new gallery that opened in 2001. The first work that would be added to their collection is the magnificent Spirit Catcher, mentioned above, which is a sculpture of the Thunderbird, and was originally shown at the Expo 86. The Barrie Gallery Project is a number of citizens that wanted to start an art gallery in Barrie, which had become a quickly growing city in southern Ontario, during the mid 1980s. It is a regional art gallery that serves thousands of people in the city of Barrie, the county of Simcoe and the region, with a permanent collection of 26,600 works held in trust for the public, offering world class exhibitions, educational activities, public art projects and special events. The collection is valued at more than $23 million, with 23,116 vintage photographs of the Soviet press, with the balance of the collection representing visual culture in the nation with an emphasis on the contemporary art. Other fabulous works include more than 2000 works on paper by Canadian artist, Michael Forster from the late 1940s to the early 1990s, 51 drawings and illustrations by Canadian artist, Bertram Brooker from the 1930s, many paintings from the 1960s to the current day by many outstanding Canadian artists like Tim Zuck, David Craven, Renee Van Halm, Greg Murphy, Ron Martin and many more.

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Dollar Rental Car Toronto - 191 Parliament St.
Burlington Dollar Rental Car  - 3485 Harvester Rd.
Dollar Rental Car Etobicoke - 5553 Dundas St. W.

    Wye Marsh Wildlife CenterWye Marsh Wildlife Center Barrie, Ontario, Canada
    The Wye Marsh Wildlife Center spreads across 3000 acres of wetlands, forests and fens in Midland, Ontario, Canada housing a magnificent amphibian and reptile exhibit hall, canoeing and kayaking routes, hiking, biking and skiing trails, birds of prey exhibit, event facilities, naturalists on staff, an observation tower and boardwalks, gift shop and education classrooms. The center is operated by the Friends of Wye Marsh, Inc. (FWM) and opened in 1985, committed to linking people with nature and promoting a better understanding of the significant role that wetlands play in the environment, with staff and volunteers devoted to preserving the marsh, and the natural heritage of the Wye Valley, as well as providing a low impact on the educational, research and educational opportunities at the center that is benefitting today visitors and tomorrow's. The marsh occupies about 3000 acres of natural beauty and activities in the magnificent Wye Valley, where visitors can enjoy many recreational and learning activities that will enhance your knowledge and appreciation of the great outdoors. During the spring, visitors can enjoy and marvel at the annual frog chorus, maple syrup production, chickadees feeding from your hands and the beautiful trumpeter swans that come here for a visit. During the summer months, you can travel by canoe or kayak and enjoy the fabulous sights of sunning turtles and more, while in the winter, when the white snow drifts down and covers the more disdainful sights, so you can snowshoe or cross country ski. The marsh is home to over 595 plant and animal species that call this marsh and valley their home.

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