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Toledo Express Apt. Alamo Car Rentals - 11013 Airport Hwy.

Things to do in Bowling Green

    American Civil War Museum of Ohio American Civil War Museum of Ohio Tiffin, Ohio
    In nearby Tiffin, Ohio, the American Civil War Museum of Ohio provides visitors with eight outstanding rooms of Civil War and Ohio's part in the terrible events that tore this nation apart and in many regions still permeates the societal and cultural philosophies of the citizens, it is an excellent perception of that war, with the latest relic donated to the museum being two small caskets that came from Andersonville prison, made of peach pits; and created by young David Close of the 126th OVI Company D. He would be captured at the Wilderness on May 6, 1864 and die on October 14, 1864 at the infamous prison. Another fabulous relic brought in and now on loan is a 1857 Colt revolving rifle from the 21st OVI Company and are just a couple of the outstanding artifacts that can be seen here. A Story and Clark pump organ is another excellent relic from those days, and other special relics like a Republican ticket from the 1860 Presidential election and naturally has the name of Abraham Lincoln on it, and is a most exciting piece of history. The museum showcases dioramas, audio-visual materials, relics, mannequins, informational exhibits and hands-on activities for everyone, residing in a 10,000 square foot space that includes research and presentation spaces for all, with more than 40 hands-on exhibits, a theater, presentation room, gift shop and research library. The museum itself sits inside the old 1916 Tiffin Post Office, that had begun construction in 1915 and outlasted its role, as many of our current post offices will be doing very soon. The exhibits include The Road to War, Life of A Soldier, The War Begins, Life at Home, Leaders, While in the Hands of the Enemy, The First Modern War, Medicine and the War Ends with other fabulous rooms containing works and relics like the presentation room that is available for rent, the theater that shows a 20 minute documentary film called Ohio's role in the Civil War, the research library that contains hundreds of Civil War books and the lobby that has all the snacks, drinks and other items that may interest the visitor.

Budget rent a car Bowling Green

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Toledo Express Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 11013 Airport Hwy.
Budget Car Rental Ottawa Hills - 4105 W. Bancroft

    BGSU Fine Arts Center GalleriesBGSU Fine Arts Center Galleries Bowling Green, Ohio
    The Bowling Green State University Fine Arts Center Galleries Program provides the community with outstanding enrichment and support of the academic mission of the university, with some twelve to fourteen exhibitions held and shown here each year. These outstanding shows stimulate and educate art audiences and artists in the community with creative ideas, and offering challenging contemporary artworks by nationally known artists along with faculty and staff. With fabulous donations coming in during 1992, construction of two exciting spaces would be opened that included the Hiroko Nakamoto Japanese Ceremonial Arts Gallery to showcase the demonstration of Japanese traditional arts and the Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery, with all of the galleries free to visitors, the staff and students. The school of art also offers equipment and reference materials that will help all to become more familiar with the center and includes; access to local art venues, the Arts Village, computer labs, the Art Resource Center, the two aforementioned galleries recently added, the woodshop, access to local venues and the Willard Wankelman gallery as well.

Enterprise rent- a- car Bowling Green

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Bowling Green Enterprise Rental Car - 1096 N. Main St.
Enterprise Car Rentals Perrysburg

 12611 Eckel Junction Rd.

Maumee Green Enterprise Rental Cars - 1382 Conant St.
Enterprise Car Rental Toledo Apt. Interm - 11013 Apt. Hwy.

Local Restaurants in Bowling Green

    Sambs Restaurant
    Entrees; crab imperial is fresh jumbo lump Maryland crabmeat tossed with herbs, freshly grated parmesan cheese & baked until golden; chicken marsala is chicken breast sautéed with wild mushrooms in marsala wine sauce; Maryland crab cakes is 2 jumbo lump crab cakes made with crab imperial, pan-fried & topped with Dijon aioli; chicken diplomat is fresh breast of chicken sautéed until tender, covered with layer of crab imperial & topped with hollandaise sauce; salmon gorgonzola is fresh fillet of Atlantic salmon oven roasted until tender & topped with housemade gorgonzola butter; chicken Dijon is fresh sautéed chicken breast, Virginia baked ham, spinach & Dijon mustard, topped with melted Swiss cheese; pesto salmon is fresh fillet of Atlantic salmon oven roasted until tender & covered with housemade basil pine nut pesto sauce; bistro diplomat is 8 oz. of tender broiled bistro steak covered with crab imperial & topped with hollandaise; NY strip is 12oz. of locally grown choice strip beef steak broiled your way.

    Easy Street Cafe
    Entrees served with choice of soup du jour or dinner salad & choice of potato, rice or veggie of the day; ribs is St. Louis style spareribs broiled & smothered with special BBQ sauce; fantailed breaded shrimp is 7 large shrimp breaded & deep fried in zero trans fat oil, with cocktail sauce; N. Atlantic cod is 2 6oz. center cut cod fillets prepared either boiled or deep fried with tartar sauce or lemon; crabmeat stuffed shrimp is 6 large shrimp stuffed with crabmeat lightly breaded & deep fried with cocktail sauce & lemon; sautéed chicken livers lightly breaded & sautéed with green peppers & onions, laced with dry sherry & served over bed of rice; ribeye steak is USDA choice, 12 oz. ribeye charbroiled you way; NY strip is 10oz. aged black Angus beef sirloin grilled & glazed with house signature Caribbean grilling sauce.


Sambs Restaurant Bowling Green, Ohio






Fantail Shrimp Easy Street Cafe Bowling Green, Ohio

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Hertz Rental Cars Toledo Express Apt.- 11013 Airport Hwy.
Findlay Hertz Car Rental - 3600 Ventura Dr.
Hertz Rental Car Helena- 3875 State Rt. 6
Toledo Hertz Car Rental - 5555 W. Central Ave.

    Snook's Dream Cars Snooks Dream Cars Bowling Green, Ohio
    Snook's Dream Car is owned by Bill Snook and his son, Jeff, and showcases a fabulous replica 1940s Texaco gas station, with a showroom of automobile memorabilia as well as a marvelous car collection that includes period scenes that span the century with a 1930s general store to a racetrack from the 1960s. Considered a living museum, every car is in running condition, and Bill and Jeff drive one of the collectibles around the town each day on a regular basis. The outstanding car collection has models from the 1930s to the 1960s, with convertibles, sedans, coupes, roadsters, and racecars that were manufactured by Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, Willys, Cadillac, Jaguar, Pontiac, Triumph, Packard, Lotus and MG. The station or museum houses a complete four bay shop for the continual maintenance of the collection, an area for special events or banquets and a warehouse for the collectible cars. Their love for autos began when they started restoring a 1929 Model A Ford in 1963 that Jeff would drive when he turned 16, and have been collecting and repairing them every since. Their magnificent memorabilia collection includes model cars, die-cast banks, advertising materials, oil cans, games, a kiddie ride, toy cars, period auto accessories, pedal cars, signs, coin-operated machines and so much more. Cars include a 1931 Ford Model A pick-up truck, a 1968 Alexis F Ford, 1931 Ford Model A Roadster, 1966 Pontiac GTO, 1931 Ford Model A Station Wagon, 1966 Morris Mini Cooper, 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible, 1933 Buick, 1933 Cadillac 355C, 1964 Jaguar MKII, 1963 Jaguar XKE, 1961 Triumph TR3, 1961 MG-A, 1935 Ford Coupe 48 Standard, 1936 Auburn, 1956 Lotus X1, 1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria, 1956 Ford Thunderbird, 1954 Kaiser Darrin 161, 1936 Ford Convertible, 1939 Caruso Sprint, 1940 Packard, 1941 Chevrolet pick-up truck and much more. The museum can store cars for you, give you a car appraisal, buy and sell cars, classic car repair, show you the museum cars and memorabilia and offer much more that is sure to make you one of their customers for life.

avis discount rental car Bowling Green

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Toledo Express Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 11013 Apt. Hwy.
Avis Car Rental Ottawa Hills
- 4105 W. Bancroft
Marathon Avis Rental Cars
- 232 E. Hardin

    Wood County Historical SocietyWood County Historical Society Bowling Green, Ohio
    The Wood County Historical Society is located in a historical house and museum just outside of Bowling Green, Ohio, with a fabulous number of outstanding attractions that include educational programs, events and exhibits, serving as the heart of information for the county and northwest Ohio. The outstanding museum provides an excellent space for professional meetings, bridal and baby showers, weddings, reunions and special events, with guided or semi-guided tours of the magnificent museum that is located in a historical house, offering speakers, lectures, tours and a traveling trunk that brings it to your classroom. The grounds are equally fabulous with the Brandeberry Wall that was built from more than 49,000 rocks and would take ten years to construct, spanning 580 feet, as well as a cattle barn from 1892, a chicken coop from 1873, a granary, herb garden sustained by the Black Swamp Herb Society that also cares for the butterfly garden, the rose garden, the children's garden and grandma's garden, a hog barn built in 1913, horse barn from 1875, ice house and ponds from 1905 that could hold up to 300 tons of ice cut from the ice ponds. The oldest building on the property, that is an infirmary and built in 1873, the Lyle Fletcher Arboretum, the lunatic house from 1885, the pole barn constructed in 1986, an oil derrick that would be used for gas, oil and natural gas, first discovered in the 1880s, the pest house and others that will capture and sustain your interest for hours. Other exhibits include the Alumni and Yearbook Exhibit, Wood County's Role in the Civil War, the beauty and barber shop, behind fences, life at the Wood County infirmary, 4-H of Wood County, Hands-on history, government room, decorating styles, general store, Hands on history: Ohio Inventors & innovators 2011. Still others include native Indians of Northwest Ohio, Homemakers guide to kitchen and laundry, military exhibit, Residents remembered, Victorian parlor, Wood County in Motion, Victorian's Secret, Spotlight on acquisitions 2011, Wood County Infirmary: Memories of the County Infirmary, and exhibits sitting on the grounds of the infirmary include; Mental Health through the Ages, hog barn constructed in 1913, the ice house, the corn barn/horse barn, the oil derrick & boomtown district, Oak Grove Cemetery, which is one of the four traveling exhibits that also include; Residents Remembered, Wood County Children's home and Wood's County children's home.

Thrifty Car Rental Bowling Green

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Cleveland Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 19601 Maplewood
Thrifty Car Rental Cleveland-Mentor
 7272 Mentor Ave. Ste. 3

    Fort Meigs State Memorial Fort Meigs State Memorial Bowling Green, Ohio
    This fort sits along the Maumee River in Ohio, that had been built during the War of 1812, and named in honor of the governor, Return J. Meigs, Jr. because of his outstanding support for giving General William Henry Harrison the supplies and men that were needed for the line of forts that were built along the Old Northwest frontier. Building the fort would begin in 1813 by soldiers under Harrison's command near today's present Perrysburg, Ohio, although the climate was harsh and the landscape difficult. One documented case told about a soldier on sentry that froze to death during his two hours of guard duty, and the fort would be the biggest wooden walled fort in North America. On May 1, 1813, British soldiers, under the command of General Henry Proctor and Chief Tecumseh would lead a siege against the fort, while Colonel Dudley took a party of soldiers outside the fort in hopes of staying the siege only to be destroyed by the Indian allies. It would continue to happen to many of the wood gathering parties that went outside the fort, while Harrison kept them at bay with great help from the long and broad hills that surrounded it. Harrison would leave General Green Clay in charge of the fort while he took an army out, and the British would again try to siege the fort after another two months. After they had left the area, Harrison would order the fort dismantled. Now, the fort is the site of the Ohio State Memorial in Perrysburg, occupying 65 acres that contains a full sized copy of that fort, positioned in a corner of the cemetery, with remains of the artillery positions left by the British that they had used during the siege. There is an excellent visitor center's museum located there that includes the frontier Ohio and early Native Americans, with a grand history of the War of 1812, and the role it played during that fight. There are many relics from the old fort, as well as some from the military life; and visitors are encouraged to visit and view the rebuilt stockade and barracks. There are numerous re-enactments held at the fort every year that will interest and excite visitors.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Bowling Green

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Cleveland Apt. Dollar Car Rental - 19601 Maplewood Ave.
Dollar Rental Car Cleveland-Mentor - 7272 Mentor Ave.

    Butterfly HouseButterfly House Whitehouse, Ohio
    The Butterfly House in Whitehouse, Ohio houses more than 1000 butterflies that includes many species from both North and South America, and Asia, constructed with the purpose of developing magnificent gardens in a controlled environment to showcase these beautiful winger creatures to the public. Visitors will learn about the life cycle of these fantastic creatures and how they can promote a healthy environment for the butterflies. The atmosphere is serene, with a fabulous garden setting, allowing visitors to sit back and relax, enjoying the added sounds of a waterfall and nature, with the entire cycle of the beautiful butterflies coming to life in front of them. Watch as the mesmerizing flying colors go from flower to flower, feeding on the nectar, looking for a mate and dancing about the air in the warm sunshine. The average butterfly will only live for two to three weeks, which encourages the house's staff to introduce new species, with more than a 100 fluttering about each day, which will create changes in the enclave each and every week, enticing visitors to come here as often as they like. The house has just opened this spring, 2011, and is a marvelous place to come and visit, bringing your family here to enjoy and learn.

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