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Things to do in Brant

    Bell Homestead Bell Homestead Brantford, Ontario, Canada
    At the Bell Homestead National Historic Site, visitors help to celebrate one of the world's most impressive and necessary devices of digital converse, invented in Brantford, Ontario in 1874, by Alexander Graham Bell, and would change the world as much then, as the digital device has done for the modern world today. In 1870, when Professor Alexander Melville Bell and his family arrived in the new world from the old one, they hadn't planned on settling here, but after some visits with friends in Paris, Ontario, the Bells fell in love with the beauty and serenity of the landscapes, and they decided to live here for the next eleven years, during which time, their son, Alexander Graham Bell, would invent the telephone and change the way people would communicate for the next century and beyond. The Bells purchased a lovely homestead that looked out over the Grand River and the friendly town of Brantford, which would become the Bells first North American home, which they would call Melville House, and here, in 1874, Alexander G. Bell would invent the telephone. Bell's invention had become so significant in the world, that by 1909, the Bell Telephone Memorial Association would buy the mid-Victorian farm, and deed it to the Brantford Board of Park Management to be used forever as a public parkland and memorial of the invention of the telephone in Brantford. The Bell Homestead, as it became known, would open for the first time in 1910, and for the next century welcome visitors from around the world that aspired to come here and visit the fabulous site of the invention of the telephone. It is one of the province's oldest historic house museums, that has continued to grow, with three historic structures being moved there, as well as an eclectic collection of original Bell family relics. Altogether, these relics help to depict the story of a young teacher of the deaf would come to invent one of the most significant digital devices of our time, although back then, it was not digital, nor as overused as it is today, with more people owning and using a telephone than any other device or digital device in the entire world. One could almost imagine the smile that rests on Bell's face now as he sees the results of his invention, for a practical form of communication.

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    Woodland Cultural CenterWoodland Cultural Center Brantford, Ontario, Canada
    This fabulous cultural center is a First Nations educational and cultural center, founded in 1972 to protect, preserve, promote and interpret the history of the Anishinaabe and Onkwehnwe people, as well as presenting their history, language, cultural heritage and intellect; dedicated to demonstrating the highest standards of excellence in the practice, presentation, interpretation and collection of resources that are available in education, cultural heritage, museology, arts and language, in order to create a better understanding and appreciation of the intellect and artistic talents of the First Nations people in Canada and abroad. The museum houses more than 35,000 relics that include contemporary paintings, fine crafts and documents, with an excellent archeological and ethnographic collection that are part of the permanent collections presented in a dramatic storyline that starts with their Iroquoian and Algonquian prehistoric past up to the present day, with a special collection of contemporary art from the artists of the First Nations' ancestry. The permanent gallery has been enhanced by the complimentary special exhibitions, that include themes of art, history, popular culture and science. This center also hosts many workshops, demonstrations, lectures, artists residencies, performances and festivals that strive to complement that collection as well. The center's language program brings the past to life today, with many outstanding interpretations of the old language, and research that has brought this ancient tongue into perspective so that the people of today can better understand the history and culture of these great early Americans and Canadians. Assisting these collections and resources is the center's library that also contributes to the history, culture and heritage of the First Nation peoples, especially those in the Eastern Woodland area, with first editions and out-of-print treasures that require special storage conditions so that we today, can learn about their travels, tribes, and history.

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Local Restaurants in Brant

    The Brant House
    Entrees; grilled mini filet mignon bacon wrapped; mini chuck burgers with old cheddar cheese; chicken drummettes with plum wine peanut sauce; grilled lamb skewers with roasted lemon; seared tuna prosciutto wrapped, with oven dried tomatoes; sweet & sour shrimp skewers with tamarind, chili & orange; lobster croquets with remoulade; potato crusted halibut with herb beurre blanc; grilled calamari with roasted pepper, pine nut, olive & basil.

    Keg Steakhouse & Bar
    Entrees; served with choice of Caesar salad or wedge salad, veggies & mushrooms; top sirloin or teriyaki classic naturally grilled or marinated in house teriyaki sauce; filet classic wrapped in applewood smoked bacon; NY classic is tender NY striploin; prime rib classic hand carved with horseradish & au jus; zesty salmon grilled fillet basted with sweet & mildly spicy sauce, served with chili mayo; mustard salmon is grilled salmon fillet basted with honey Dijon & whole grain mustard sauce; sautéed shrimp is black tiger shrimp sautéed in parsley & chive pernod cream sauce; king crab dinner is a pound of steamed Alaskan king crab legs; lobster tail dinner is 2 Atlantic lobster tails with butter for dipping; grilled Thai chicken is boneless chicken with sautéed onions, bell peppers & snap peas in sweet hot Thai chili sauce; Creole chicken is grilled chicken topped with shrimp & scallops sautéed in Creole seasonings; honey BBQ ribs is pork back ribs grilled with house honey BBQ sauce.

Seared Tuna The Brant House Brant, Ontario, Canada



Grilled Thai Chicken Keg Steakhouse & Bar Brant, Ontario, Canada


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    Kanata Village Kanata Village Brant, Ontario, Canada
    The Kanata Village is a funtastic place to learn about nature and the influences it has on us, and how it relates to our survival, with an excellent interpretive center that instructs visitors about native culture and how it pertains to us today, and how it can be used to benefit our lives. The world kanata is a First Nations word that means settlement, village or land and was the first name to use for this new land that was derived from the Saint Lawrence Iroquoian word kanata, that would be understood as being canada by the French invaders.  Kanata is a reconstructed First Nation village located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada and depicts the lives of early natives that lived in the region long before the first European traders arrived.  One of the best features at the village is a longhouse that was reconstructed so that the people of today could see what the dwelling looked like and felt like, as long as you go in to see. The structure would be built in a long wooden barrel vault, quite high to accommodate the fires that burned constantly for various reasons, like in the winter time, it would be burning all the time for warmth, and in the summer time to keep the black flies and the deer flies from coming in and settling somewhere to bother the inhabitants. 

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    Her Majesty's Royal Chapel of the MohawksHer Majesty's Royal Chapel of the Mohawks Brant, Ontario, Canada
    The Mohawk Chapel, outside of Brantford, Ontario, Canada is the oldest surviving structure in the province, and one of the six Chapels Royale that exist outside of Great Britain, and one of the only two in Canada. It was built near Brantford in 1785 by the British Crown and given to the Mohawk Indians led by Joseph Brant, for the outstanding support they gave the crown in the American Revolution and had originally been called St. Paul's, and is better known today as the Mohawk Chapel, that is part of the Anglican Diocese of Huron. The chapel is quite simple according to architectural standards, with a large rectangular floor plan, built with a wood frame and painted clapboards on its face or facade. It has continued to be restored over the years, but did suffer some significant damage in 2001 when two failed arson attempts were made. Originally, the entrance had faced east, to the canoe landing that sits on the banks of the Grand River, and in the mid 1950s, eight stained glass windows would be installed showing the events of the history of the Six Nations. The remains of Joseph Brant would be brought here and laid to rest in 1850, and John, his son, is also buried there. Sitting close to his tomb is a boulder that memorializes Pauline Johnson, a woman born at the nearby Six Nations Reserve, that attended services in the chapel, which was made a National Historic Site of Canada in 1981. Pauline, was a Mohawk Canadian writer that had also been a popular performer in the late 19th century, who had become well known for her poems and performances that celebrated her First Nations heritage, with her father being a Mohawk chief of mixed ancestry and her mother, an English immigrant. Her literary reputation would decline after her death, but later in the 20th century it would began to received renewed interest.

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    Brant Museum and ArchivesBrant Museum & Archives Brant, Ontario, Canada
    The Brant Museum and Archives is run by the Brant Historical Society and strives to enlighten the understanding of the region and its peoples by exploring their heritage in the area using innovative partnerships and communicative exchanges that attempt to build a more inclusive and tolerant society. Brantford has continued to have a museum since the 1890s, even though the first museum would have a somewhat hazy history, today's society members know that it had originally been located on the corner of George Street and Dalhousie in the town, but would be moved to the town's library basement in 1905. After so many years, the library became filled with many outstanding relics, so it had to be closed down, which led to the creation of the historical society, in 1908. Its earliest records show that it didn't start collecting relics and artifacts until 1910, and would be placed in the town's public library once more. The museum's original nucleus would be assembled by George Broomfield, one of the first society members and the curator for three decades. His own private collection of native and local relics would become the first artifacts that would be housed in the new museum that would continue to grow. The society purchased a property in 1951, where it is currently located, in a site that had been constructed in 1879 by Frederick Brendon, a local druggist, and then sold to Rev. William Cochrane, the minister of the Zion Presbyterian Church, that lived in the house from 1883 until his passing in 1898. In 1966, the structure would be donated to the county by the historical society, and they are the ones responsible for its maintenance today. The museum houses many collections of documents, photographs and relics, as well as many outstanding archives, and include clothing, glass items, furnishings, maps, tools, books, equipment, ledgers, art, textiles, ceramics, communication devices, ceremonial items and much more. Permanent exhibitions include an 1800s printing machine, called the Benjamin Franklin Gordon, the Victorian bedroom, Brantford pottery, the Pioneer room, a general store, the Brant Square exhibit, the Volunteer Fire Brigade, T. Collens optometrist display, barber shop, William Peirce's undertaking and more.

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    Canadian Military Heritage MuseumCanadian Miliary Heritage Museum Brantford, Ontario, Canada
    This museum was created to honor the Canadian military, past and present, and dedicated to the collection, preservation and exhibition of artifacts that relate to the military history of Canada, maintaining a museum for the purpose of education. The museum has a magnificent collection of the War of 1812, that include weapons, uniforms, equipment and more. There are as many if not more relics included in the WWI collection, that include weapons, helmets, uniforms, equipment and more from many of the major battles. Another collection is the RCAF, that also includes uniforms, hats, insignia, models, metals and more. The museum showcases one of the best collections of WWII communication devices that include many of the best made equipment ever. WACS is another excellent display area that praises the efforts of women in the war, from nursing to the home front; with many photographs, uniforms, medals, hats and insignia. The militia and artillery gallery is filled with more outstanding relics of uniforms, weaponry, missiles, bombs, helmets, and so much more. This museum has one of the finest collections of the Six Nations, with various weapons, headdresses, relics, tools and more that will certainly interest every visitor here that wants to learn more about this wonderful group of Indians that lived here long before any white men, enjoying all the flora and fauna of the land, and not building the huge trash mounds we make today. Their photograph collection includes many images of young men and women that were going off to war, or returning home, with military images and more. It is one of the most comprehensive museums in the country and filled to the brim with outstanding and memorable relics. One of the most personal images we can get from these boys and men is to read some of the numerous diaries, letters and stories that they would write home about.  One haunting image that had to be included in this story is the one to the right, depicting the youth of our boys and men that went off to fight that war, and have continued to go off to war and fight for the rights of oppressed peoples.

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