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Things to do in Caldwell

    Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History Caldwell, Idaho
    This outstanding museum of natural history is the only one available to the residents of southwester Idaho, northern Nevada and southeastern Oregon, with a threefold purpose, situated on the campus of the College of Idaho; providing educational programs, house resources for scientific research and a fabulous resource for the community. The museum has become the main repository of some of the finest regional collections that include entomology, fossil, archaeology, mollusa, aquatic invertebrates, an excellent library and the Baja California research collection. Some of the other associated collections for this magnificent college collection includes the Whittenberger planetarium that is place further down on this page, as well as the Evans Gem and Mineral Collection and the Tucker Herbarium, that isn't included on this page. The museum has a special collection of fauna and floral specimens from Baja, California, since the college continues to have and has had a wonderful relationship with the research sites in the Mexican state. Each of the above mentioned collections are also divided into various smaller collections that contain magnificent specimens and artifacts; all of which will be very interesting and exciting for those that come here to visit and learn more about the state's and region's outstanding natural history, along with related collections that have great significance. The museum also includes information and activities that are sure to excite the entire family, like the Fourth of July butterfly count, a latitude and longitude tool, coloring book pages and a pictorial dichotomous key or poster that can be downloaded and colored for the kids. It is a place where all the family will have a great time exploring, learning and more, as they traverse the museum, but unfortunately, it is only open when the college is in session, so be sure to check out their schedule before you head out there.

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    Rosenthal GalleryRosenthal Gallery Caldwell, Idaho
    The Blanche and David Rosenthal gallery of art opened in 1984, after receiving a gift from Blanche, in memory of her late husband, and would become part of a quarter of a million dollars restoration project for the College of Idaho's Blatchley Hall that is one of the oldest structures that sit on the campus and is listed with the National Register of Historic Buildings. It hosts five exhibitions each year, with numerous shows given by well known regional artists, the college staff and faculty, and those art students majoring in art and graduating. The gallery also features many of its own valuable art and ethnographic collections, continuing in its mission to expose the community to outstanding and thought provoking works of art, that helps to play an important role in the continuing education of the college's art students. These excellent exhibitions are free to the public and students, with gallery hours during the week in all semesters, and can be visited by obtaining an appointment. Their permanent collections include works by such artists as Andy Warhol, Howard Chrisey, Hoyo Ueyama, Hans Enri, Paul Sandby, Jacque Phileppe LeBas, Robert Motherwell and Roy Lictenstein. They also have inherited furniture by Charles Gill, along with drawings, paintings and an altered book by him, a magnificent collaborative installation by Earle Swope and Amy Nack of Boise, that showcases incredible tree carvings or arborglyphs left by the sheep herders of the mountain aspens of the state. It is a fabulous collection of paper compositions that represent the forest canopy, trees and carvings. One of the most interesting collections are those created by the faculty and staff at the school, with many excellent artists bringing their talents to bear for the campus gallery.

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Local Restaurants in Caldwell

    Mr. V's Family Restaurant
    Entrees; Malibu chicken dinner is chicken breasts grilled & topped with house smoky ham & creamy Swiss cheese; boneless country fried chicken dinner is 2 boneless chicken breasts cooked crispy in house special batter & covered with homestyle country gravy; shrimp fanatic platter is combo of breaded shrimp & skewered grilled shrimp brushed with lemon pepper butter; pubhouse fish & chips is Alaskan cod filled hand cut and coated with house seasoned breadcrumbs, with FF & housemade tartar sauce; Captain V's seafood platter is large battered shrimp & skewered grilled shrimp brushed with lemon pepper, ale-battered Alaskan cod pieces & breaded fried clam strips; prime rib slowly oven roasted & seasoned 8oz. or 10oz.; USDA choice flat iron steak skillet is choice of 8oz. flat iron steak served skillet style with sautéed mushrooms & onions; pot roast dinner is pulled beef, slow roasted & covered with house original country style beef gravy.

    Fiesta Guadalajara
    Entrees; served with rice, refried or whole beans & 3 tortillas or salad & FF; steak ranchero is 16oz. T-bone marinated & broiled with guacamole; tacos de asada is 4 corn or flour tortillas filled with choice of carne asada or pollo asado, garnished with cilantro & onions, served with rice, beans, guacamole & tomatoes; chile verde is chunks of pork in light tomatillo sauce; carne asada is sliced skirt steak, grilled over charcoal, served with guacamole; carnitas de res is strips of top sirloin sautéed with sliced green peppers, diced tomatoes & onions, tossed with Mexican salsa & served with guacamole; steak a la chicana is top sirloin cut into strips & topped with Spanish sauce, onions & green peppers, served with cole slaw; chile Colorado is chunks of beef cooked in tasty chile red sauce; arroz con pollo is boneless chicken breast sautéed in special sauce with onions & mushrooms, served over rice; chicken Mexican style is boneless chicken breast, onions & bell peppers, cooked in tasty mild sauce with cole slaw; pollo asado is boneless chicken breast cooked over charcoal with guacamole; camarones a la cream is large prawns sautéed with mushrooms in sour cream based sauce, garnished with parsley & parmesan cheese; crab enchilada is 2 corn tortillas stuffed with real crab, topped with cheese, sour cream, olives, special sauce & 1 sliced avocado.


Malibu Chicken Mr. V's Caldwell, Idaho







Crab Enchiladas Fiesta Guadalajara Caldwell, Idaho

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    Our Memories Museum Our Memories Museum Caldwell, Idaho
    The Our Memories Indian Creek Museum in Caldwell, Idaho is now the second museum that is operated by the Canyon County Historical Society, after it was donated to them in 2005, and had been started by Dr. Archie & Opal Gulley with a fabulous collection of thousands of relics showcased in more than 30 rooms, depicting scenes from the past that are of great interest and excitement to the community and those that come here to visit and learn more about the region's past history and heritage. The museum contains expansive archives of mostly Canyon County items that include newspaper clippings, photographs and books that are used extensively for research reasons. It houses a marvelous gift shop stocked with outstanding and unique items that include cookbooks, clothing, gifts, historical books and more, with an online museum store opening soon.

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    Glen L. & Ruth Evans Gem & Mineral CollectionGlen L. & Ruth Evans Gem & Mineral Collection Caldwell, Idaho
    This magnificent collection contains thousands of beautiful rocks and gems that are enclosed in glass cabinets, that include such exotic stones called tiger eye, Lake Superior agate and Bruneau jasper, that are part of one of the finest collections of it type in the country, with two cabinets alone that showcase over 2000 cabochons, made of materials that many believe are no longer available. The fabulous collection is the result of 40 years of collecting by the Evans', who were alumni of the College of Idaho trustees.

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    Whittenberger PlanetariumWhittenberger Planetarium Caldwell, Idaho
    The Whittenberger planetarium is located on the campus of the College of Idaho located in Caldwell, Idaho, although it is found down a flight of stairs, making it difficult to access for those with handicaps, wheelchairs or other problems that will hinder their going down to the planetarium, that showcases many beautiful shows based on the skies at that particular period or night, along with anything interesting that is happening in current events, like the present satellite that is getting ready to plummet to earth. The topics could contain today's current events, planetary movement, deep space objects or constellation identification and more. Since the shows are informal, the day's presentations are always unique and geared towards topics of interest to the particular audience for that evening, which is usually based on their studies or questions. The planetarium does have a unique inflatable StarLab planetarium that is always available for a two week rental period, with outstanding support and assistance from the college.

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    Van Slyke Agricultural MuseumVan Slyke Agricultural Museum Caldwell, Idaho
    The Van Slyke Agricultural museum is housed in the Caldwell Memorial Park, in Caldwell, Idaho, providing visitors an excellent insight to the region's agricultural history, in an open-air museum that showcases a large number of antique farm equipment, a pair of 1950s railroad cars, two outstanding 1864 pioneering log cabins that are filled with period furnishings and much more to help you learn more about the agricultural heritage of this great city on the outskirts of Boise.

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