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Things to do in Cape Breton

    Fortress of LouisbourgFortress of Louisbourg Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
    This magnificent fortress is still in reconstruction as an 18th century French fortress, in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, the remnant of a place of imperial battles that would eventually lead to the nation of Canada. The original fortress had been constructed between 1720 and 1740, had been one of the most comprehensive and costly European forts built in North America, supported by two smaller forts on the Ile Royale, where the current day towns of Englishtown and St. Peter's are located. This large fortress would have numerous construction flaws, that made the land facing defenses weak, and would eventually lead to the capture of the fort by the British in 1745, that would become a big bargaining chip in the Treaty of 1748, that ended the War of the Austrian Succession, and then given back to the French, who would leave it as it was, and so, it was captured again in 1758 by the British during the Seven Years' War; after which it would be completely destroyed by the British engineers. It had been in operation from 1720 to 1758, and wouldn't be rebuilt until the 1960s, when it would be reconstructed using some of the original stoneworks and giving jobs to the unemployed mining workers that lived in the area. It is currently being managed by the Parks Canada organization as a living history museum. The Ile Royale is now known as Cape Breton Island, and the French settlements that rose there can be traced to the early 17th century settlements that had risen in Acadia, located in the Bay of Fundy, like present day Port-Royal and other towns situated in the peninsular of Nova Scotia. The fortress would become the capital for the colony of Ile Royale, since it was situated on the Atlantic coastline of Cape Breton Island, along its southeastern parts, with the site particularly picked since it was an easy location to defend against any British ships that were going to try and attack Quebec. On the southern exposure of the fort, a natural barrier reef was located, as the remainder of the island was an excellent choice for the battery. This fortress would force any invading British ships to come into the harbor using a five hundred foot channel, and would be given the nickname of the Gibraltar of the North or the Dunkirk of America. The fort would also be constructed to protect France's hold on one of the richest fishing grounds in the world, the Grand Banks. The original setttlement in Louisbourg included ten women, twenty-three children and one hundred and sixteen men.

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    Alexander Graham Bell National Historic SiteAlexander Graham Bell National Historic Site Baddeck, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
    This historic sight, situated in the small village of Baddeck, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, occupies a magnificent 25 acre plot of landscaping that looks out over the beautiful Bras d'Or Lakes, that is a saltwater inland sea, and the magnificent complex, with three exhibit halls, houses the biggest collection of Bell's relics and inventions, that include copies of the first telephones and a full scale model of the HD-4 hydrofoil craft. This is where Alexander Graham Bell, the famous inventor of the telephone, would choose to construct his home, because of these words he spoke during that period; "I have travelled the globe. I have seen the Canadian and American Rockies, the Andes and the Alps and the highlands of Scotland, but for simple beauty, Cape Breton outrivals them all. " His eventual estate, Beinn Breagh, that is gaelic for beatufil mountain, is available from the rooftops of his house, where the rooftop gardens would be located. This historical site honors the genius and compassion of Bell, with outstanding exhibits that showcase his achievements in the nation's first Canadian powered flight with their airplane, the Silver Dart, as well as producing the world's fastest boat, invented the telephone, advanced recording technology and created huge kites. There are original relics, family photographs and films that highlight his scientific and humanitarian works. Those that visit here can take part in the many hands-on activities and more. The site is still owned by his descendants today, with Bell buried on the property. During his lifetime, he would receive many awards, tributes and honorary degrees that showcased his talents and genius, with quite a few being given posthumously.

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Local Restaurants in Cape Breton

    Governor's Pub & Eatery
    Entrees; Atlantic broil is scallops, shrimp, salmon, haddock & mussels, lightly breaded, baked in white wine & butter & served with seasonal fresh veggies & choice of rice or potatoes; fresh Atlantic salmon is charbroiled or blackened salmon served with seasonal fresh veggies & choice of rice or potatoes; haddock a la Maison is pan fried haddock lightly breaded, topped with 2 scallops, 2 shrimp & a drizzle of hollandaise sauce; fresh Atlantic halibut is gently charbroiled or blackened with house spices served with seasonal fresh veggies & choice of rice or potatoes; scallop portofino is sauteed scallops in lemon butter, wine & chives served with seasonal fresh veggies & choice of rice or potatoes; beer batter fish & chips is Nova Scotia haddock in house beer batter served with house cut fries, tartar sauce & crispy cole slaw; peanut Thai chicken stir fry is sauteed chicken, mushrooms, bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, celery & onions in house peanut Thai sauce atop a bed of rice; cranberry chicken supreme is chicken supreme stuffed with house signature cranberry stuffing served with seasonal fresh veggies & potato of the day; curried seafood linguini is shrimp, scallops, mussels, peppers, broccoli & green onions tossed in curried white wine sauce; pesto chicken penne is chicken, bell peppers, mushrooms, green onions sauteed in pesto, roasted garlic, white wine & olive oil.

    Don Cherry's Sports Grill
    Entrees; served with veggies, garlic bread & choice of baked potato, fries, roasted garlic mashed potatoes or rice pilaf; ribs grilled & basted with choice of sauce; BBQ heaven is back ribs, BBQ wings, chicken fingers & grilled garlic shrimp; ribs & wings is half rack of ribs & half pound of wings; NY steak is 10oz. cut, garnished with raw onions; chicken tortellini alfredo is tortellini stuffed with chicken & romano cheese, blended with creamy alfredo sauce, sauteed mushrooms, red peppers & chicken, served with garlic bread; baked rigatoni with sausage is tossed in blend of tomato basil & aflredo sauces, mild sausage medallions & topped with asiago cheese, served with garlic bread; curry butter chicken is tender chicken, red & green peppers, tomatoes, onoins simmered slowly with exotic herbs & spices in tandoori butter coconut sauce, served over jasmine rice with naan bread; chicken oriental stir fry is medley of fresh veggies sauteed with chicken strips in stir fry sauce, served with choice of penne or rice pilaf & garlic bread; lasagna is prepared with tomato & meat sauce, topped with alfredo sauce & mozzarella cheese, served with garlic bread; spaghetti & meatball melt is under blanket of melted cheddar & monterey jack cheese served with garlic bread.


Scallops Portofino Governor's Pub & Eatery Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada









Chicken Tortellini Alfredo Don Cherry's Sports Grill Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada


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    Cape Breton Miners' Camp Cape Breton Miners' Camp & Museum Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
    On the southeastern end of Cape Breton Island, the Sydney Coal Field lies, a huge comprehensive underground coal seam that extends at an angle from the shore below the seafloor of the Cabot Strait, being a huge deposit of high-sulfur coal that would first be extracted by the French soldiers from the Fortress Louisbourg in 1720 nearby in Port Morien. Then, during the 19th century, a significant coal industry would begin, eventually becoming the biggest energy project in British North America, during its heyday of production. In 1901, the biggest integrated steel mill in the British commonwealth would be built here, in the Sydney Harbor, but after WWII, the coal and steel business would decline and never fully recover. In the late 1960s, they would be naturalized, thinking to have them closed by the 1980s, but then, during the 1970s, production would increase because of the rising prices of oil and steel, and by the late 1990s, environmental degradation and economic ruin would be the end results and the industrial areas of Cape Breton would be facing a serious future. In 2001, the last steel mill and coal mine would be closed, and now, with the economic decline, the region is in the midst of an economic recovery, trying in many ways to adapt. These urban areas of eastern Cape Breton, that had been influenced by the coal and steel industries, would become known as the Industrial Cape Breton, there were many areas in the rural communities that have been able to remain quite stable, due to the blend of fishing, tourism, forestry and small-scale agriculture.  The miners' camp museum is located along one of the most picturesque coastlines of Cape Breton Island, honoring the many miners and region's long history of mining. The museum occupies fifteen acres of wild roses and grasses, with a location filled with stories of miners and their families, and home to the famous choir of miners; The Men of the Deeps. While visiting this marvelous museum, take some time to visit the underground tour of the Ocean Deeps Colliery, which is an old coal mine located beneath the museum, using retired coal miners as tour guides to make a greater impression and give visitors a better understanding of the perils of mining, especially for coal, that happens anywhere in the world where men are going below the earth to dig and blast out minerals necessary for the continued enhancement of human life. There is another exhibit that concentrates on the geological development of the island's coal fields, the types of coal and mining techniques, with outstanding displays of equipment, opportunities to hear the actual stories told by the miners themselves, the companies that they worked for and their unions and families.

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    MacDonald House MuseumMacDonald House Museum Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
    In 1823, Alexander MacDonald, a weaver, would leave his home on the island of Mull, Scotland and come to the region of East Lake Ainslie, where he would acquire a land grant for 518 acres. He would marry Mary MacLean and the couple would have four daughters and two sons, with Charles, the second oldest son, starting the first merchantile business in the area in 1848 and construct this house in the mid 1850s, with his store serving the community and other settlements in the area for many years. The first post office would open in that house, with Charles becoming the postmaster, in 1876. The post office would stay there for almost three quarters of a century, and finally close in 1956, when the rural delivery system began, although the MacDonald home would still continue to be a significant place in the community, with people coming here for the news, a place for the farmers to sell their goods and everyone getting their staples necessary to live. The house sits atop a lovely hill, overlooking the the biggest freshwater lake in the province, with four structures that contain a wealth of farm implements and other relics from the Cape Breton region, up to the 1940s. Other items of historical interest include a display barn, country schoolhouse and an excellent array of early 1900s furniture and relics. The house itself is a typical example of gothic revival style, that had been very common in that part of the region during those days, and the Glenmore School would be relocated to the property in 1921 by Angus MacKay and Malcolm Archie MacMillan, and renovated by the Lake Ainslie Historical Society. The barn houses outstanding relics like old wagons, a thrashing machine from the farm, sleighs, carts and other objects that had been used by farmers in the area. They also have a growing collection of books and records that relate to the families and history of the local region, with numerous walking trails.

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    Hall of the ClansHall of the Clans Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
    This museum is an interactive facility with eight excellent interactive displays that depict the cultural and linguistic contributions of the Gaels to the social fiber of life in the island and nation, with a marvelous museum of pioneering relics, restored displays that trace the social and military history of Scotland, with an outstanding theater, that shows the continent's first Gaelic language short film: Faire Chalium Mhic Leiod- The Wake of Calum MacLeod. The hall is located inside St. Anne's Center that is the Gaelic heritage and learning center that has been developed in the hall with a great addition to the excellent displays of the museum. It features a walk around exhibit that traces the development and history of the Celt from the ancient times to the Highland Clearances, with 3d displays, a Celtic cross, weaponry, clan histories, battles, the great dispersal, Highland way of life, the clan system and Heraldry. The eight interactive displays include; a shared experience, dance, piping, storytelling, fiddle, Gaelic song, piano accompaniment and textiles, that all describe and depict the arrival of the Celts in the new world and the opportunities and hardships that faced them.

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    Cossit House SydneyCossit House Sydney Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Rev. Mr. Ranna Cossit would become the first Anglican minister to come and live in Sydney during the late 18th century, where he would become involved in a struggle for control of the political power of Cape Breton, which at that time in history was a colony separate from the mainland of Nova Scotia. His archbishop would move him to Yarmouth in 1800, so that he could pay more attention to his congregation than the politics of Cape Breton, but before that he had constructed his home in 1787, which many now consider to be the oldest house in Sydney, living there with his wife, Thankful and their large family. Six of the couple's thirteen children would be born in that house, and would be restored based on the inventory of his house in Yarmouth in 1815, which showcases the household effects of a family living in this nation during the late 1700s. Cossit had received a land grant from the English crown, that ended up being close to a thousand acres, that lie on the Louisbourg road and three town lots in North Charlotte Street, which had been an inducement to get him to move there. There is when and where the trouble started, as the governor had promised Cossit that he would construct a house on the property and a church for the congregation. Cossit left to go to New Hampshire, where he and his family lived from 1785 to 1786, he would return to Sydney and construct the house using his own funds. The government agreed to pay him a certain amount for his house, with the church being built in 1788 for more than double that of the house. Thankful would pass on during childbirth having their fourteenth child when she was 46, although two of them did die in their infancy. After her passing, Cossit became involved in the struggle for political and social control of the colony between 1794 and 1800, when the bishop came and convined Cossit to leave the area, and would stay in Yarmouth until his passing in 1815.

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