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Things to do in Catania

    Museo DiocesanoDiocesan Museum Catania, Sicily, Italy
    The Diocesan Museum in Catania, Sicily, Italy was created to preserve and exhibit the various artifacts and other significant relics of the Cathedral museum, and bring them together in one place to showcase the vast collections that the church has acquired over the many centuries. These artifacts would arrive from all the small and large churches in the country, that were of artistic and historical importance, and be put under one roof to show the magnificence of the church's vast collections and be divided into two areas of significance; the first dedicated to the liturgical furnishing of the church, that are now located on the numerous rooms of the second level in the museum and ends at the chapel on the next floor. While the second includes home furnishings and other pieces that have been collected to be located on the second and third levels. The tour will end when visitors come to the panoramic terraces that offer a fantastic view of the baroque city and all its fabulous architecture. The city itself has been completely rebuilt seven times because of the closeness of Mt. Etna, that has erupted numerous times during the history of the city that began sometime in the 7th or 8th century BC.

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Local Restaurants in Catania

    The Fry Cook Restaurant
    Entrees; lightly smoke tuna with anchovies mesh to very old vinegar; ravioli with broccoli drowned sauries & raisins in marsala; fillet in sweet & sour sorrel & salad of field; candied tuna belly, with orange blossom honey.

    Il Ricci Ristorante
    Entrees; flat spaghetti with sea-urchins meat; spaghetti in cuttlefish sauce served with fresh ricotta cheese & marjoram; spaccatelle pasta with anchovies, tomato, green peas & toasted breadcrumbs; traditional small macaroni with dried cod fish & tomato; busiata pasta in fish & seafood ragout; large egg tagliatellie boar ragout with leaves of local cheese flavored with saffron; baked lasagna with yellow pumpkin cream & buffalo milk mozzarella cheese; puff pastry beef filet served with ragusano cheese fondue & broccoli tops in red wine; grilled Irish angus beef entrecote with sautéed veggies; veal cheek in tomato sauce served with potato flan & fresh local cheese; horse meatballs with raw tomato petals, red onion & aged ricotta cheese; Argentian beef filet.

Smoked Tuna The Fry Cook Restaurant Catania, Sicily, Italy


Baked Lasagna Il Ricci Ristorante Catania, Sicily, Italy

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 Via Matteo Renato Imbriani, 248 Sicily

Catania Apt. Hertz Car Rental - Fontanarossa Apt. Sicily
Hertz Rental Car Catania- Via Brucoli 15 Sicily
Siracusa Hertz Car Rental - Via Mazzini 2 Sicily

    Mt. Etna Mt. Etna Catania, Sicily, Italy
    Mount Etna, lying high above the east coast of Sicily, it the highest stratovolcano in Europe, rising up some 10,922 feet, that often changes due to the many eruptions and has grown to a height that is now 69 feet higher than it was in 1981. Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, active all the time, although the soils conditions that now exist are considered very fertile, and provides excellent opportunities that supports agriculture, with many orchards and vineyards spanning the lower slopes of the mountain and the expansive Plain of Catania that lies to the south. The United Nations has made the mountain a Decade Volcano since it continues to be active and the close proximity of people. The mountain has had many eruptions over the centuries, that have caused great havoc and destruction, but the community keeps rebuilding and returning, with the worst eruption in many centuries occurring in 1928 that destroyed a population center, called Mascali, that was completely gone in just two days. Other significant eruptions have occurred in 1949, 1971, 1981, 1983 and 1991-1993, with lava burying the Etna Observatory and the first generation of the Etna cable car; as well as causing many villages to become worried about their future existence. In the last big eruption in 1991-1993, the village of Zafferana would be threatened by a lava flow, but with the help of many people, it would be diverted and only take one house. In July and August of 2001, the mountain would erupt on the south slope, in the height of the tourist season and many reporters and news people were there to cover the G8 Summit in Genoa, so it would become world news in minutes. In 2002 and 2003, it erupted and threw up a huge plume of ash that was seen in space, and as far away as Libya, that would cause damage to many houses that were located on the northeastern flank of the mountain, destroying part of the tourist station, Piano Provenzana and the Etna Sud tourist station on the south flank. This monstrous volcano continues to spew ash and lava out of its huge mouth, and many visitors are warned to be very careful since it could erupt at any time with gaseous plumes of toxic ash and lava flows that could destroy everything in its path.

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    Aci Castello Aci Castle Catania, Sicily, Italy
    The Castle of Aci is a city and commune that lies in the province of Catania, Sicily, Italy, some five miles north of Catania, on the Mediterranean coastline, being supported by agriculture and industry. The city grew around the castle that had been built in 1076 by the Normans, and in 1169, Aci Castello would begin to grow after the large eruption of Mt. Etna destroyed many towns and villages that surround the area. The castle has become a marvelous museum, and just some yards away is the Aci Trezza beach that has become a favorite place of the locals and a popular seaside resort for the rest of the nation. The castle itself is constructed of lava rock and is used by the museum for many other purposes that bring tourists here from around the country regularly. The area is a prime location for citrus fruits, olives, grapes, almonds and cereals, with cattle breeding included in the mix. There are also many locations that sell handicraft works made by the local artisans including many beautiful wooden objects. The initial suburb constructed there would be founded around the castle and given to the Bishops of Catania by the Norman Count Ruggero, but would be entirely destroyed by an earthquake in 1170 and not rebuilt until 1530, when the local towns of Aci Trezza and Ficarazzi would be annexed. It belonged to the Massa family until 1647, when the feudal system was abolished.

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    Teatro RomanoRoman Theater Catania, Sicily, Italy
    This Roman theater is what the typical theater resembled during the Roman Empire, and used in many of the provinces of it, regularly being used for the interpretation of the theatrical acts of that classical era. These theaters would become part of the indoctrination of the conquered peoples throughout Europe and the Middle East, as well as temples, circuses, amphitheaters and forums, and constructed of stone and mortar, built to be used for the leisure entertainment of the people, with each of them being used for different purposes; like the circus used to race horses and chariots, the theater used for plays, both Roman and Greek and the amphitheater used for hosting shows and various games, like the gladiators fighting and animal fighting. It main features had been copied from the Greek theater architecture, and more specifically that of the Hellenistic period. The first theaters had been constructed of adobe, and once the event, show or play was finished, the theater would be destroyed, as per the laws. Then, in 55 BC. the Theater of Pompey was constructed with a temple that would be used to defy the law and remain. As the years passed, the Roman theater would begin to develop specific characteristics, and today show those elements proposed by Vitruvius that include; the vomitoria, that was the vaulted entry accessed by the cave, the scenae frons that was the front stage area and had a double row of columns, the cave which was a semicircular structure, that placed spectators according to their social standing, and divided into various parts that also included the prosscaenium that lay in the front of the stage, where all the action was held and the porticus post scaenam, the orchestra area that was usually constructed in a semi-circle and held the actors and authorities and the aditus that were the corridors that lead into the orchestra areas. Occasionally, a protective awning would be spread across the top of the theater, to protect the spectators from being overexposed to sun and rain, and numerous small temples would be built in its structure for inclusion in the plays.

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    Il Castello di NelsonNelson Castle Catania, Sicily, Italy
    The Abbey of Santa Maria of Manipur is also known as the Castle Duchy of Manipur or the Duchy of Nelson, Nelson, but still sits on the border between Manipur and Bronte, in the Catania province, that had been founded in the twelve century by Queen Margaret of Navarre that would be given to the king, Ferdinand IV to Englishman, Horatio Nelson, and is now a magnificent museum. The founding of the monastery here is caught up in a web of deceit and lies, that is still confounding people today. Many believe that the structure was started as a small fortified village in the Roman empire and then, the Byzantine, that was named by General George Maniace, who had come here under orders from Emperor Michael IV in 1038 and in 1040 would be the scene of a horrendous battle that pitted the Byzantines, Normans and Lombards against Muslim forces that would turn the Saracen River red with blood, but after winning the terrible battle, the general would construct a small monastery, giving thanks to the Virgin Mary and creating an icon, or so the legend says, that would be painted by St. Luke. The monastery would be vacated around the earthquake of 1169 and then fall into a state of disrepair. In 1173, Queen Margaret, the mother of William II the Good, would found an abbey here of Benedictine monks that would be dedicated to the virgin and create a large estate around it. Guillame de Blois, a Frenchman, would become the first abbot, and today, not much remains of it, other than the church ruins and some adjoining structures. In 1491, the abbey would become the property of Pope Innocent VIII to become a hospital for the poor of Palermo, and the Benedictines would be replaced by the Basilians, then the Friars Hermits of St. Augustine and finally, the Franciscans. In 1799, King Ferdinand of Bourbon would give the complex of St. Mary on Manipur to Admiral Nelson for his help during the Napoleonic Revolution and grant him the title of Duke of Bronte. His descendants would operate the properties until the 20th century. During the 19th century, the estate would be occupied by the Scottish poet, William Sharp, who was buried here in 1905.

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