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Things to do in Coeur d'Alene

    Museum of North Idaho Museum of North Idaho Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
    This exciting and interesting museum collects, preserves and interprets the history of the Coeur d'Alene area so that they can learn to appreciate the area's history. It would fall to the North Idaho Hoo Hoo club, the organization of foresters, loggers and lumbermen that considered starting a museum of lumbering and logging, that would be incorporated in 1968, that would include all the history of the five North Idaho counties, and as the years passed, the museum would decrease in scope to the Coeur d'Alene region alone. The museum would open in 1973, with the Powder Magazine that had advertised the opening and was already a big part of the North Idaho College, being put on the National Register in 1979, that is owned by the college and leased rent free to the museum. Within just a few years, the museum would become too large for the spaces it occupied, so they contacted the city about a vacant structure that was situated by the city park. The museum contains many outstanding exhibits that pertain to the northern regions of the state; with a feature display that showcases the stories behind the artifacts and relics that have been collected and preserved, and how the museum does it. Other featured displays include railroads, playland pier, sawmills, Cataldo Mission, logging, Diamond Cup Hydroplane races, agriculture, steamboats, the Coeur d'Alene tribe and name, recreation and more. All of these interesting displays will help you to discover and learn more about the regions' rich history with excellent exhibits that showcase the heritage and history of the city and region. The museum houses more than 20,000 photographs and archival materials that pertain to the history of the Coeur d'Alene area, also available on the searchable database that is found at the museum. The Fort Sherman Chapel that had been constructed by the US army in 1880 is the city's oldest church, meeting hall, library and school, that would eventually be abandoned in 1900, and the structures and property sold at public auction in 1905.

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    North Idaho Centennial Trail North Idaho Centennial Trail Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
    This outstanding trail spans 24 miles of paved trail in northern Idaho that is used for transportation and recreational activities and goes from Higgens Point on the northeast edge of Lake Coeur d'Alene, that has become a favorite roost of bald eagle watchers in the early months of the winter, and heads along the lake's northern shoreline to the Spokane River as it steams along the Idaho/Washington border. Once you cross the river, the trail becomes the Spokane River Centennial Trail that goes for another 37 miles out to Sontage Park in Nine Mile Falls, Washington, going through the towns of Post Falls and Coeur d'Alene. After the World's Fair and Expo '74 in Spokane, Washington, the state's parks and recreation commission began to plan a trail that would follow along the Spokane River so they could celebrate their centennial in 1989. The commission started coordinating with the state of Idaho to extend the trail past the border and the northeast side of the lake, so that Idaho could celebrate their centennial the next year, in 1990. In 1999, it would become a Millennium Legacy Trail by Hillary Clinton, and in 2002, local artist David Clemons would design and install two statues that would stand at either end of the trail. One is called "Leopold", an 1890 photographer, and he is located at Higgens Point, and "Kate", a turn of the century cyclist, sat on the state border; with Clemons hoping that he would capture the things people did a century ago, and still continue to do today. Kate would be vandalized in 2003, and sent out for repairs, and later returned in 2005 at the start of the trail at the Spokane River.  

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Local Restaurants in Coeur d'Alene

    The Cedars Floating Restaurant
    Entrees include fresh salad bar or cup of housemade chowder & warm artisan bread with butter; wild Pacific salmon is cedar plank smoke roasted & served with wild rice, pan roasted veggies & chipotle honey butter; seafood pappardelle is salmon, clams, white fish with prawns poached in white wine & garlic, tossed with wide ribbon noodles in light pesto cream; pan seared sea scallops atop gorgonzola cream sauce with smashed baby red potatoes & garlic seared green beans; rosemary rack of lamb of New Zealand spring lamb lightly grilled & finished in oven, served with smashed baby red potatoes, garlic seared green beans & finished with sundried cherry demi glaze; prawn piccatta or grilled chicken with mostaccoli pasta, fresh tomatoes, basil, mushrooms & capers tossed with fresh lemon cream sauce & topped with herb marinated grilled prawns; butternut squash ravioli is roasted butternut squash stuffed ravioli tossed in Alaskan king crab & fresh sage butter, topped with pair of king crab legs; filet mignon is 8oz. center cut filet complimented by Idaho baked potato & pan roasted veggies; prime rib is spice crusted prime rib slowly roasted, served with au jus & hardy horseradish cream accompanied by Idaho baked potato & pan roasted veggies.

    Moon Time
    Entrees; potato encrusted ahi pan seared potato encrusted tuna topped with crawfish cream sauce & served with wild rice corn cakes drizzled with honey chipotle sour cream; chicken parmesan is breaded chicken breast pan seared then topped with marinara sauce in parmesan, mozzarella & romano cheeses, garnished with basil pesto & served with small Caesar salad; sundried tomato raviolis stuffed with cheese & topped with sundried tomato cream sauce, garnished with basil pesto & served with sliced French bread; Chile braised beef burrita is seasoned braised beef stuffed in grilled flour tortilla with jack cheese & burrita sauce, topped with iceberg lettuce, cilantro pesto, tomatoes & jalapeno/green chile sauce, served with ranch style black beans & dirty brown rice; 74th Street gumbo is chicken, sausage, shrimp & veggies in traditional sauce served over rice; chicken Caesar soft taco is tender grilled chicken breast tossed with romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes & house famous Caesar dressing stuffed in warm flour tortilla, served with creamy chipotle & roasted corn pasta salad.


New Zealand Spring Lamb The Cedars Floating Restaurant Coeur d'Alene, Idaho









Chicken Parmesan Moon Time Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

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    Sierra Silver MineSierra Silver Mine Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
    The Sierra Silver Mine tour has grown into the most popular, interesting and informative tour in the northwest, and describes hard-rock underground mining in the richest silver district on this earth; with a qualified experienced miner as your tour guide. Exploring the main drift of this old underground silver mine filled with outstanding and informative displays and demonstrations about operating mining equipment, visitors have the opportunity to learn more or something about the historical and modern-day techniques that were once used to mine gold, copper, lead, zinc and silver, in a 125 year old mining museum. The Coeur d'Alenes is a magnificent and unique mining culture, that includes a knowledgeable miner to help guide you through the mine, all the while explaining and detailing his own personal experiences as a hard-rock mine in the Coeur d'Alene district. You will hear the stories, enjoy awesome demonstrations and amazing displays that are included in the silver mine tour that is both educational and fun, for folks of all ages and sizes. The tour starts when you board a sixteen passenger vintage trolley, that takes you on a short trip to and from the mine, where you will enjoy a marvelous narrative of the colorful history of Wallace, Idaho, the silver capital of the world, that is completely listed on the National Register of Historic Places, that continues to have and keep a deep feeling and flavor of a turn-of-the-century mining camp. At the mine, visitors are fitted with a hard hat, and before entering the shaft, your guide will give you a brief overview of the fundamentals of hard-rock mining. In the mine, there are many exhibits that depict the miner's daily work and experiences, learning historic and modern day mining techniques, along with outstanding demonstrations of pneumatic powered mining equipment. You will have to take a short climb up 25 steps to the mine, with a thousand foot guided tour, going through a U shaped tunnel that has a small decline on a smooth surface without any tight spots or ups and downs. The mine had been discovered in 1900, but it was not rich enough to warrant an active mining operation, with assays showing that you could get up to a half an ounce of silver for every ton of ore mined. Its ownership would change hands a number of times, occasionally worked on through the years until the 1960s, when a more thorough exploration would be done that showed it would never amount to more than what had already been ascertained.

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    Cataldo Mission of the Sacred Heart Cataldo Mission Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
    The Old Mission State Park is also called Cataldo Mission or the Mission of the Sacred Heart, and is both a state park and National Historic Landmark located in northern Idaho, with a magnificent church, parish house and encompassing property, that is the oldest standing structure in the state. During the early 19th century, the Coeur d'Alene Indians learned about powerful "medicine men" with long black robes and a book, so they decided that they would need some of these men for their tribe for many reasons. The tribe would send men back east to St. Louis and in 1842, a Pierre-Jean De Smet, friar, would respond to their request and head west to their territory. Fr. Nicholas Point and Br. Charles Duet also came with the priest, and helped to pick a mission location, with the initial one being located along the St. Joe river, although they later found out, the hard way, that the area was prone to flooding, so they moved it to its present location in 1846. The church would be taken over by Antonio Ravalli in 1850, who started designing a new mission, making sure that it would be constructed by the natives themselves, so that they would gain a feeling of having done it themselves and become a part of the church. The church was constructed using the wattle and daub method, finally being completed in three years, never using one nail on the entire structure. As time passed, the mission would become a significant stopover for settlers, miners and traders, eventually taking on the role as a hospitality and supply station, as well as a working port for boats going up and down the Coeur d'Alene River. Although the workers had little materials to decorate the church, they would ingeniously find methods and techniques that would help beautify it, with the walls being decorated in fabric purchased from the Hudson's Bay company, and hand painted newspaper that Fr. Ravalli had received in the mail. They used tin cans to create the illusion of chandeliers, with both of their wooden statues being hand carved with nothing but a knife, and the unique and magnificent blue coloring of the interior wood would be a stain created by pressing local huckleberries onto the wood. The parish house would burn down in the 1800s, but be reconstructed in 1887, as a two story structure, with the upper floor used for sleeping quarters, and the downstairs for daily activities; and houses a smaller chapel, that would be used for daily mass.

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    Staff House MuseumStaff House Museum Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
    The Staff House Museum is housed in a historical 105 year old Bunker Hill Company staff house, a short walk from Silver Mountain, and the Trail of the Coeur d'Alene bike trail, with a fabulous history and outstanding exhibits that preserve and showcase the mining, smelting and cultural history of North Idaho's Silver Valley. The Staff house had been constructed in 1906, by the Bunker Hill & Sullivan Mining and Concentration company as the residence of Manager Stanly A. Easton and his new bride, Estelle. Easton was the son of a California Episcopalian minister, and had become the manager of the company's Kellogg operations in 1903 after graduating from the University of California in 1894, with a degree in mining engineering. For the next 55 years, Stanly would rise through the ranks of the state's biggest mining operation until he became president in 1933, and then chairman of the board from 1954 to 1958. Bunker Hill would still be the state's biggest industrial employer when he retired, being elected to the Idaho Hall of Fame in 1999. The house had been converted into a residence for single staff members, and called the Staff House. When the mining operations closed down in 1981, the house would sit abandoned until 1986, when a group of local citizens suggested opening the house as a museum for smelting and mining, with the company agreeing. With elbow grease and hard work, the museum would open the same year with three rooms of displays, which would later be turned over to the town many years later for just a small amount. In just three short years, over a dozen rooms would be filled with relics and artifacts of mining and smelting, with two floors filled in the basement, and a grant that helped them construct cement pads that would showcase the mining and smelting equipment that had been used, but was way too large to be housed inside any structures.

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    Crystal Gold MineCrystal Gold Mine Kellogg, Idaho
    The Crystal Gold Mine underground tours are offered in Kellogg, Idaho, that is the only authentic 1880s gold mine tour in the northwest. It is a splendid family tour that is guided without any necessary climbing, although it does have well lit concrete walkways and hand steeling demonstrations. Their outstanding gift shop offers gold and Idaho silver, souvenirs and more, all in an underground gift shop. They also have an RV parking area that is free, allowing pets and an easy on and off location by I-90. The history of the mine is quite mysterious, evidently starting sometime in 1879, when Tom Irwin, a gold prospector, arrived here and discovered a gold bearing vein, so he constructed a log cabin and mined the gold for three years; finally leaving the area, but not before blowing the hillside down on his mine hiding it, his track, tools and mine car inside, as if he believed he would come back someday to continue mining. But he never did and no one has ever heard from him or about him since that time. The mine would remain hidden for another century, and no records of how much gold had been taken out during its three years of operations. His cabin would become a landmark for many decades, and even though he was the first person to mine quartz veins in the Shoshone country, he wouldn't receive any credit for it in the history books or any other information for that matter. In 1991, the owner of the property notice water seeping out of the hillside, and hoping to discovery a marvelous spring, he began digging into the bank and would partially uncover the opening. He covered it with a piece of plywood, and leave it alone, until 1996, when he sold it to the current owner, who just happened to be a retired miner, that uncovered the remainder of the mine and opened it as a tourist attraction. In the century plus that it had been lost, magnificent smithsonite crystals began forming on the walls, with gold and wire silver marked out for all its visitors to see and enjoy, still attached to the quartz vein. When the mine was being cleared out for the tourist traffic, the owners discovered high-grade gold ore that had been left behind and these samples would be assayed at 70 ounces per ton.

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