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 Ciudad De David

Things to do in Colon

    Fort San Lorenzo Fort San Lorenzo Colon, Panama
    The fort at San Lorenzo has a long and interesting history, constructed the first time in the late 16th century, but since it was made of wood, wouldn't last long in the hot humid weather of Panama, especially with constant attacks from the pirates and slave ships. Sir Francis Drake would finally burn it down in 1596, and it wouldn't be rebuilt until 1671, because it was such an important fort along the Chagres River, where all the Spanish ships would meet before going to Spain with their ships filled with treasures of gold and silver. It would then be captured by Joseph Bradley under orders from Henry Morgan, with over 300 people being murdered by the pirates, while they would lose about a hundred. Morgan would come here about a week later, only to find Bradley dying from his own wounds. Morgan wouldn't burn the fort right away but just before leaving, he would torch the fort, only to have it rebuilt by the Spaniards, but on a higher level and with masonry instead of wood. In 1740, British admiral, Sir Edward Vernon, would arrive and bomb the fort until the Spanish gave it up, and after plundering the village and surrounding areas, would leave, but not before torching the entire area. In 1761, it would be repaired and refortified once more, but there wouldn't be any pirate attacks after that. It would eventually lose its significance as the years passed by, and when the nation was able to gain its independence from Spain, it would become a colony of Columbia, and become a prison. When the gold strike was discovered in California, the hordes of prospectors would arrive to cross the isthmus, and once that period had passed by, it would soon become desolate and fall into disrepair. Today, that fort is now available for viewing, just as it was left in 1761, for almost four centuries, with plenty of ruins and niches to entice any adventurous types to come and wander through it. The area is full of exciting relics left over from that period, just the way it was, with many historical items still laying around in the grass, like an old cannon and hundreds of other items that haven't been discovered by the locals or visiting tourists.

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Colon City Budget Car Rentals - Paseo Gorgas Ave.  

Local Restaurants in Colon

    La Casa de Lourdes
    Entrees; banana croquettes stuffed with goat cheese; conchuelas in corn remoulade; tournedo with watercress & sesame sauce warm; Grand Marnier prawns; duo creams; pixbae & tomato.

Grand Marnier Prawns La Casa de Lourdes Colon, Panama

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Hertz Rental Cars Albrook Domestic Apt.
 Aeroporto de Albrook

Panama City Hertz Car Rental
 Calle 52 Bella Vista y Ricardo Arias

Hertz Rental Car Tocumen Apt.
 Aeroporto Internacional de Tocumen
Panama City Hertz Car Rental
 Via Porras 3 blocks from Calle 50

    Panama Canal Railway Panama Canal Railway Colon, Panama
    The Panama Canal Railway Company runs the main line that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific, that spans across the country, jointly owned by the Kansas City Southern Railway company and the Mi-Jack Products company, going for forty-six miles through the Isthmus of Panama from Colon to Panama City. This railroad had become a major factor in the construction of the Panama Canal, that would parallel the rail line almost five decades later. The main reason for the construction of the railroad at that time, was the California Gold Rush of 1849, that brought thousands of hopeful prospectors racing to the shores of California. Construction on the railroad would begin in 1850, and the first train that ran the entire length would be in 1855, and it would be referred to as the inter-oceanic railroad after it was completed. The history of the canal, and who was involved, is a great read and should be done sometime before going there, or else at any one of the excellent museums pertaining to that idea. Building this huge undertaking would be more difficult than first realized, with yellow fever, malaria and cholera taking many lives and making many others too sick to work. Every mile was fought for with lives, blood, sweat and tears, but they would be completed, and moved along inch by inch. The many bridges that had been constructed as quickly as possible, of wood, would eventually be replaced with iron bridges, especially after many of them would be washed away by the high waters of the rivers, and the monsoon rains. When completed, the railroad would go over mountains, through swamps and cross over more than 300 bridges and culverts that had to be constructed to finish the railway. The estimated deaths would be very significant, with some 5000 to 10,000 people dying in the construction, but since no real numbers were kept, with some understanding as to how bad it would really be, so that the numbers would be impossible to know, since many died from the diseases that continued to plague the workers.

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- Panama City
Panama City Avis Rental Cars
- Edif Distribuidora David
Avis Car Rental Panama City - Calle D. el Cangrejo

    Portobelo National ParkPortobelo National Park Colon, Panama
    This park, located on the Caribbean coastline of Panama, has become a protected area where the ocean and the tropical forest meet and fills some 86,000 acres, with over a fifth of it being marine ecology. There is a large area of dedicated beaches, that have become one of the most visited places in the country by its citizens and visitors vying to dive and created to protect and preserve natural, historical and cultural monuments, being declared a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1980. Portobelo is a typical fishing village, but with large modern hotels and restaurants serving the finest cuisine in the Caribbean, along with jet-skis, diving equipment and boats that come with guiding services if you prefer. The village is filled with historical monuments and buildings with a number of great places to visit and enjoy. It is considered to be one of the best diving areas in the Caribbean, with a shallow diving area and close to the coastline, with numerous diving schools for the novice. The coastline contains many coastal lagoons, beaches and mangrove swamps, with four species of marine turtles coming here to nest every year. The park contains one of the most magnificent natural harbors in the Caribbean, and numerous fortifications, that include the fort of San Fernando, the castle of San Felipe, the Trench and the fort of Santiago, kept pristine in the Historical Monumental Set of Portobelo.

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Panama Intl. Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - In Terminal
Thrifty Car Rental Panama Domestic Apt.- In Terminal
Panama City Thrifty Rental Cars - Via Espana No. 100

    Gatun Eco AdventuresGatun Eco Adventures Colon, Panama
    Gatun Eco Adventures (GEA) is a magnificent ecotourism center located in the province of Colon, Panama, with over sixty acres of the rainforest encompassing the former US army post of Fort Gulick, that had been known as the School of the Americas, that would be used as a training ground for the army's special forces unit. It has all the makings for a splendid adventure, that includes, entertainment, recreation and enjoyment via such outstanding activities as low-impact tourism, sustainable extreme adventures, preservation, ecology and the constant conservation of the entire area's biodiversity. The adventure includes ten ziplines, 2 hanging bridges, hiking, pontoon boating, the Ember Indian village and some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. You can ride horseback, mountains biking and some of the most interesting hiking trails in the world.

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Panama City Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - Main Terminal
Dollar Rental Car Panama Domestic Apt. 
 Marcos Albrook Gelabert
Dollar Rental Car Panama City - Ave. Ricardo J. Alfaro

    Fuerte SantiagoFuerte Santiago Colon, Panama
    Fort Santiago is the first fort you'll see coming upon the city of Colon, Panama, from the west, since it was constructed after the attack of Admiral Edward Vernon, which would destroy the earlier forts that had been constructed here to protect the city and entrance into the interior of the country. Some of its walls are almost eight inches thick, made from reef rock or coral, that is easily cut with a saw, and was used by the Spanish for building because it was light and tough as granite, while being able to be shaped by saw. The ruins of the fort that are now standing include the barracks, sentry box, numerous watchtowers, officers' quarters and artillery sheds.  The forts at San Felipe and San Diego would be destroyed by Vernon in 1739, forcing the construction of the fort at Santiago, which would be constructed on the foundation of their ruins, although later on, when the American engineers arrived to work on the canal, these people would eventually take some of the walls to be used as breakwaters for the ships that arrived. It is a very scenic area, with outstanding panoramic views that are sure to delight you and your family.

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 Canal Area

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