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Things to do in Columbus

    Platte County Museum Platte County Museum Columbus, Nebraska
    This museum showcases the history of the area, when it had been the supply station for the thousands of immigrants traveling on the Oregon, Mormon and Oxbow trails as they moved west to find land and a new opportunity for their families and themselves. It would eventually become the crossroads for the Lincoln and Pan American highways that linked the east and west coasts of the United States. The museum's history gallery contains the many discoveries of fossils, photographs, relics and Indian stone tools that had been found here, as well as the artifacts of the early settlers, and the rooms filled with historical Victorian clothing, heirlooms and furnishings that would often need to be left behind to make the journey westward. Some of the outstanding displays here include an old Die Bold company bank vault that weighed some 5000 pounds and had walls three and a half inches thick. It had been built in the late 1920s and installed in the mid 1930s at the First National Bank, who would donate it to the museum in 2001. Another is the 1857 Gottschalk log cabin that is filled with period furnishings and other antiquities that had been the original staples that are now almost a hundred and fifty years old. A 1914 Baby Grand Chevrolet, that had been traded in for a newer model in the 1940s is also here, with a 1913 Indian motorcycle. They house a 1937 Farmall tractor that has steel wheels, and an authentic turn-of-the-century barber shop.

Budget rent a car Columbus

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Lincoln Mun. Apt. Budget Car Rentals - 2400 W. Adams 
Budget Car Rental Central Nebraska Reg. Apt.
 3773 Sky Park Rd.
Omaha Budget Rental Cars
- 11625 W. Dodge Rd.
Budget Car Rentals Omaha - 12670 Q St. 

    Two Lakes TrailTwo Lakes Trail Columbus, Nebraska
    Two Lake Trail rests alongside the Lakes North and Babcock, about two miles from Columbus, Nebraska, that are part of Loup Power District's huge hydroelectric generation facilities and public recreational activities, with free admission. It is a very scenic 2.5 mile trail that meanders through shady parks and scenery filled with trees, grass and water, along the north shores of the two lakes, that are an eight foot wide concrete trail, with outstanding recreational opportunities for runners, walkers, nature enthusiasts, rollerbladers, joggers, bird watchers and cyclists that has already been named a National Millennium 2000 Community Trail. For those hardy enthusiasts, the trail does go on further for another 4.5 miles, in a more natural state, that circles south and east of the two lakes making it a total of 7 miles altogether for the energetic types that want more. There is also free camping here, with electrical hookups, fishing and boating also offered for those that enjoy the waters and fishing available here. Those that enjoy nature more than anything else, Lake Babcock is home to the huge American lotus, making this the farthest west region in the country of this magnificent water flower that can be found in the nation.

Enterprise rent- a- car Columbus

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Columbus Enterprise Rental Car - 917 23rd St.

Local Restaurants in Columbus

    The Husker Steak House
    Entrees served with potato, cup of soup or salad, roll & choice of spaghetti or veggie; BBQ pork ribs is hickory smoked St. Louis style ribs basted with BBQ sauce; chicken fried steak is hand breaded & topped with house country style brown gravy; pork chops is 2 center cut, lean, boneless pork chops grilled; broasted chicken is 3 pcs chicken broasted your way; Windsor loin is 10oz. pork loin, dry cured; beef liver is baby beef liver prepared with sautéed onions & bacon; chicken breast is grilled & served on bed of wild rice with honey mustard sauce; chicken livers sautéed in butter & mushrooms; Tbone is 18oz.; filet mignon is 8oz.; beef kabob is tenderloin, peppers, onions & mushrooms on bed of wild rice; chopped sirloin steak wrapped in bacon & topped with house hearty mushroom sauce; steak & lobster is 6oz. sirloin paired with 8oz. lobster tail; choice top sirloin 10oz.; Jack Daniels sirloin is house specialty; NY strip is 12oz.; prime rib slow cooked 12oz.

    Traditions Inn
    Entrees; served with choice of soup or salad & warm dinner roll; Tuscan chicken pasta is sundried tomato pesto & artichoke cream sauce served with marinated mushrooms, black olives & tomatoes over pasta with grilled chicken breast & fresh grated parmesan cheese; steak & bleu cheese pasta is grilled petite tender certified angus beef steak medallions served atop cavatappi pasta with bleu cheese & alfredo sauce & sprinkled with toasted pine nuts; cavatappi alfredo is corkscrew pasta in creamy alfredo sauce with parmesan cheese; chicken wellington is tender chicken, spinach & boursin cheese baked in puff pastry shell, served with mornay sauce; Windsor loin chop is tender 8oz. pork loin with housemad mango chutney; pork tender medallions is flame roasted apples & cider sauce compliment the flavor of juicy 8oz. pork tenderloin; black & bleu is steak medallions prepared medium rare, with bleu cheese sauce; filet mignon is 6oz.; NY strip 10oz. served with Arberg whiskey sauce; salmon wellington is Atlantic salmon fillet with spinach & boursin cheese baked in puff pastry shell topped with mornay sauce; grilled salmon is 7oz. Atlantic salmon grilled & served with light lemon dill sauce.


Beef Liver The Husker Steak House Columbus, Nebraska






Beef Steak Medallions Traditions Inn Columbus, Nebraska

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Lincoln Hertz Car Rental - 5401 O St.
Hertz Rental Car Omaha- 302 N. 168th Circle
Blair Hertz Car Rental - 2546 S. Hwy. 30

    Robert White Trail Robert White Trail Columbus, Nebraska
    This great trail in Columbus, Nebraska is called the Robert White Trail or better known to locals as the Bob White trail, that was made from crushed limestone and flows for a mile and a half, at nine feet wide, and favorable for walking, jogging and biking, as it goes along the south perimeter of Lake Babcock, that was mentioned earlier. There are parking lots on the east and west edges of the park trail, with a large parking area at the start in the entrance parking lot. Although the city has many great walking trails, these two sit alongside lakes that make for more interesting travel, with the flights of birds coming and going, as well as inline skaters, wheelchairs and more, starting out at a footbridge on the west edge of Lake Babcock. Most of the trails located in the city has excellent sights and scenery, which is why many of these trails had been located there, so that the preservation of these great trails will continue to be preserved for future generations that will want to travel around the lakes, with enjoyable sights and scenes that include animals and birds.

avis discount rental car Columbus

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Lincoln Mun. Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 2400 W. Adams
Avis Car Rental Omaha
- Eppley Airfield
Sioux Gateway Apt. Avis Rental Cars
- 2403 Aviation Blvd.
Avis Car Rental Lincoln - 6400 O St.

    Andrew Jackson Higgins National Memorial Andrew Jackson Higgins National Memorial Columbus, Nebraska
    One This memorial is quite a legacy to a man that Eisenhower said decidedly helped us win the second world war, with his famous invention of the landing craft vessels, called LCPs, LCMs, LCPLs and LCVPs, which were shallow bottomed landing craft that could run up a beach and bring troops right onto the beaches of Europe and bring the war to the Nazis, who had already been assured that they were going to become the rulers of the world. Higgins was born in Columbus, Nebraska, in 1886, and his early childhood would be spent along the rivers called Loup and Platte that swept by the city where he was born. His interest in shallow draft boats would probably be born on the sandbar infested rivers of this city, which would continue with his life forever. As a young man, he started a lawn mowing business, and actually tried to corner the lawn mowing business in the small town, but in the 1890s, his family would move to Omaha, where he attended the Creighton Prep High School, and later, the Creighton University, would honor him with an honorary degree. He constructed his first boat in the basement of that Omaha house, but forgot about needing to get the boat out of the basement, which resulted in a wall being demolished so that he could get it outside; which showcased his independence and self-assurance, that would become prevalent with his instructors in both high school and college. He joined the state national guard in the early 1900s and would serve as an infantry officer, moving south to get more involved in the lumber business. Needing to get to the huge stands of hardwood trees in the back swamps of Louisiana, he had to build shallow draft boats, that would eventually help us win the war. He began his company in the 1930s, outside of New Orleans, designing the famous Eureka Boat that would become known as the Higgins boat, that would become the LCVPs of WWII or land craft vehicle personnel. He traveled to the Philippines to get mahogany for his boats, since he foresaw that the war would need all the steel and metal it could get, so he was far ahead of his time when the war broke out, and his company was ahead of the times in years because he hired both whites and blacks, men and women and paid them all the same wages.

Thrifty Car Rental Columbus

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Omaha Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 4501 Abbott Dr.

    Glur's TavernGlur's Tavern Columbus, Nebraska
    Glur's Tavern is the oldest operating tavern west of the Missouri River, constructed in 1876, and often patronized by Buffalo Bill Cody during his many visits to the city, as well as being listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The tavern is a local watering hole, enjoyed by many of the locals, although, the only significant part of the bar is the fact that Buffalo Bill used to come here for drinks when he was in town, which brings in many visitors wanting to see what kind of place it is, and what or why Bill would frequent it when he was visiting Columbus. In fact, the most interesting and significant events that happened here, were when Bill came here for a visit, and the old townspeople would flock to the tavern to see the famous cowboy and other fascinating things that came to mind. Bill was just another cowpoke out for a drink or two when he came here, but his infamy would proceed him and the entire town wanted to come and see what the fuss was all about. It would take a few times of coming here for a drink, before the townspeople would let Bill enjoy his drinks, without someone constantly eyeing him, which had always made him nervous and ready for anything. It has survived the ages because it is one of those old bars that nothing exciting or disruptive happens, just a local bar for people to come and drink, or visit with friends or acquaintances. It hasn't changed, which is a good thing, otherwise it might have ended up being destroyed or other mishaps occurring because of its popularity. Sometimes not being noticed is a good thing, especially for Buffalo Bill, who just wanted to come here and enjoy the ambiance and local color, having a few drinks or more, with just local down-to-earth folks.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Columbus

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Omaha Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - 4501 Abbott Dr.
Dollar Rental Car Omaha - 101 S. Tenth St.

    Platte County Agricultural SocietyAg Park Platte County Agricultural Society Columbus, Nebraska
    This society would be created in 1941 when some fifty county farmers and businessmen got together and provided gifts of land and money to a society for agriculture, if one should be formed. Much of the original work was done by M. M. Taylor, who was the president of the Central National Bank, and it would be through him that Mr. Theo Friedhof donated $5000 and Mrs. Albert H. Gehner donated an 84 acre farm. Friedhof was a retired merchant that had run a department store for many years in the town, and Mrs. Gehner was the daughter of one of the county's earliest settlers, since her maiden name was Browner and the farm was called the Browner Farm. The society would grow over the years, adding fairs, races and making significant improvements, so that today, the society is a great leader in the community and part of the attraction of living here. They started the yearly Platte County fair that just celebrated its 71st year and is still one of the best draws of the community, while their racing efforts have just celebrated their 70th year.

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