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Things to do in Coventry

    Nathaniel Greene Homestead Nathanael Greene Homestead Coventry, Rhode Island
    The General Nathanael Green Homestead is located in Coventry, Rhode Island and is a registered historic house known as Spell Hall, where the legendary Revolutionary war hero, Nathanael Greene live from 1770 to 1776. His brother, Jacob Greene would own the house afterwards, along with his wife, Margaret, and then the General Nathanael Greene Homestead Association would assume its responsibilities in the 1920s, opening as a museum in 1924. It would become a National Historic Landmark in 1972, and a National Register of Historic Places in 1971. This old house was constructed by Nathanael in 1770, and would become known as Spell Hall since he had mentioned it in one of his letters as such. It would be built on a hillside, with natural woods to the west, and the east sloped towards the Pawtuxet River, overlooking a broad woodland meadow. When he lived here, there were 83 acres included with the farmstead, but when it became the property of the association, it had just 13 acres. It was a typical house of the period, but in the 1870s, it would get a Victorian front doorway installed, with bracketed hood and double window door. In the early 1920s, it would receive an 18th century door to make it resemble the type used in that period, and during that period, a fire would break out on the second floor above the door. The two floors contain four rooms each, with a center hall, while the rooms on the first floor house the dining room, library, kitchen and parlor, with each of them containing a fireplace. The interior would be renovated in the early 1920s, when it would be converted into a museum, and in 1990, a large research project would begin to find the right paint colors that had been original to the house in the 1770s. The rooms on the second floor were used as bedrooms. There are numerous photographs of the house and area in the museum, as well as other items that pertain to the family and the period.

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    Paine House Museum Paine House Museum Coventry, Rhode Island
    The Paine House Museum is another historic house situated in Coventry, Rhode Island, constructed in 1748 and later added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. Today the house is owned by the Western Rhode Island Civic Historical Society, and had at one time been a colonial inn, but now has been restored to its original condition and furnished in that style. The house had been originally built by Francis Brayton, Sr., but he passed in 1783, and left the house to his son, Francis Brayton, Jr., who would be granted a license to sell liquor in 1785 and would become a tavern. In 1797, it would be sold to one Charles Holden and became the Holden Tavern, until he passed and his heirs sold it to Thomas Whipple in 1849. In 1866, the Whipple family would sell it to Phebe Paine and Mary Mathewson, who would eventually sell her half to Phebe, who was now Phebe Paine Johnson. The outstanding house would stay in the Paine family for the next 87 years, until one Herbert F. Paine would become the last of the Paine family to live there and after he had died in 1946, the house would become his half sister, Mrs. Zilpha W. Foster. It would be donated to the Western Rhode Island Civic Historical Society in 1953. This old house is filled with the memories and furnishings of almost three hundred years of family members personal items that include Bibles, clothing, tools, diaries, books, everyday household items, and quilts with too many things to name and more to see. There were a number of families living here, but most were related in some way to the original owners, and each would leave their belongings for the next generation to do as they wish. The house contains many rooms like children's room, the military room, a school room, library and more. It is veritable treasure of the history of our great nation, and the people that lived it, helping to make it what it is today. If you want to learn a bit about the history of the United States, then this is definitely a place to visit and learn more.

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Local Restaurants in Coventry

    Cafe Giannas
    Entrees; parmesan is hand breaded finished with mozzarella cheese & house pomodoro sauce served over imported linguini; marsala is pan-seared with mushrooms & green onions in a marsala wine demi glace; saltmibocca is pan-seared with prosciutto, mushrooms & green onions in a marsala wine demi finished with mozzarella cheese; picatta is pan-seared & finished in a light lemon butter sauce with capers; francaise is lightly egg-battered & finished in a lemon butter sauce; Mediterranean is capers, sundried tomatoes, Bermuda onion, kalamata olives, green onions, artichokes in a light lemon butter sauce finished with feta cheese; gianna is artichokes, red roasted peppers, fresh spinach & mushrooms in a fresh sage demi glace finished with mozzarella cheese; NY sirloin is seasoned 14oz. choide sirloin grilled your way with house mashed potatoes & veggie du jour; a la mama is topped with sautéed mushrooms in white wine garlic sauce; a la papa is topped with sautéed hot pepper rings in white wine garlic sauce; filet mignon is seasoned choice tenderloin grilled your way served with house mashed potatoes & veggie du jour; Asian sesame encrusted tuna is fresh sushi grade tuna served over bed of crisp mixed greens with rice noodles, pignoli nuts, green onions, shredded carrots, crispy wontons finished with spicy peanut Asian vinaigrette.

    Cafe Romano
    Entrees; shrimp, scallops, littlenecks, squid, fish, spicy saffron tomato leek broth, cappelini; tenderloin tips, scallops, bourbon demi glace, arugula, roasted garlic, mushrooms, scallions, potato gnocchi, shaved parmesan; grilled chicken, rabe, andouille sausage, fresh mozzarella baked inside house made pizza, grappa cream; jumbo lobster ravioli, grilled gulf shrimp, roasted red peppers, basil, pink vodka cream, parmesan cheese; soy-guinnes flat iron steak, sautéed haricot vert, cheddar potato tots; pan seared duck breast, confit leg, grilled duck sausage, manchaego risotto, orange balsamic demi glace, grilled asparagus; grilled double thick pork chop, spiced peach demi glace, sautéed spinach, maple mashed sweet potato; herb grilled beef tenderloin, wild mushroom demi glace, three potato gratin, sautéed broccoli rabe, fried onions; teri-sake salmon filet, shrimp fried jasmine rice, sesame bok choy, crispy wontons; pistachio crusted venison loin, blackberry port wine syrup, gorgonzola mashed potatoes, honey roasted carrots.


Filet Mignon Cafe Giannas Coventry, Rhode Island



 Double Pork Chop Cafe Romano Coventry, Rhode Island





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    Isaac Bowen House Isaac Bowen House Coventry, Rhode Island
    The Isaac Bowen House was constructed in 1795, and would be added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. Isaac Bowen's story is one of treachery and deceit, one filled with the worst kind of horror a man could ever meet, and if you should come to the area, and be able to visit some of the museums, perhaps you'll learn why. The story of how poor Isaac came to be in the service of the United States army, during the Civil War, is incredible, and makes his personal story no less sad. Isaac would not enlist in the army, like so many others, but was drafted in a most unusual way, as so many others found out during that period. It seems that at that time, you could pay someone to take your place in the army, if you had the money to pay, which many did, but to those less fortunate, it would become the worst kind of hell on this earth imaginable. It seems that his wife would do just that, or that she went to the draft board and gave his name, but either way, Isaac would end up in the Union army, fighting in North Carolina, where he would be able to write a few letters that his family kept and has passed down to posterity, enlightening many of us about the conditions that these poor soldiers had to endure, besides the constant realization that the imbeciles that lead them didn't care one iota about their lives or conditions. Isaac would end up dead, no matter which way he had been drafted, and the period of distress that he went through before dying was certainly worse than dying itself. His leaders were incredible, inconsiderate, unbelievable degenerates that lavished all the best food and drink on themselves, without giving anything to their troops, and it is a wonder that this nation is not one of a slave society since the rebels believed in their cause, while many from the north were so against any kind of fighting that many would go to Canada, just like the many that did during Vietnam. He wrote letters to his parents, his sister and brother, describing the circumstances he lived under and the officers that lead them down the primrose path to destruction. It is worthwhile for anyone going in that area to check out the house that he lived in before going to gather any kind of information about him and his family.

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    Battle of Rhode IslandBattle of Rhode Island
    The Battle of Rhode Island, which is also called the Battle of Quaker Hill, would happen in August of 1778, when troops of the Continental Army lead by John Sullivan would try to recapture the island of Rhode Island, that has become better known as Aquidneck Island to show that it is just a part of the bigger state of Rhode Island, from the British army. The battle would end without the American army gaining control of the island, and losing the ability to ship from Narragansett Bay. French admiral d'Estaing would get to the region in the summer of 1778, with a fleet of ships and infantry reinforcements for the ongoing war. The French commander wasn't able to cross over into New York Harbor, so the leaders of the American army said that they should use the troops as fresh forces in Rhode Island, to get rid of the British from there, and put Major General John Sullivan in charge, hoping he could expel them without too many casualties or losses. On the island, there were American and British troops waiting for the stand-off to end, while Col. Christopher Greene would be responsible for and was having a hard time finding all the necessary troops needed to replenish the army. That meant that General Sullivan had to find men to help from various areas to support them, from all around the island. By the time it wasa all done, the entire militia of Rhode Island had been called up, with troops from Massachusetts and New Hampshire and the Continental Artillery to help their French allies. General Washington would send Generals Nathanael Greene and Lafayette to help Sullivan with the organizing, although many believed that the real reason that he did that was because he didn't think that Sullivan had very good decision making skills. When General Robert Pigot realized what the Americans and French were doing, he began deploying his troops in such a way to defend the city of Newport and its citizens. Pigot moved all the livestock into the city, burned the orchards and houses so he would have a clear path of firing on the American troops. It would become a long drawn out battle that would give the victory to the British, although the Americans believed that they had won as well, although the British still held the island and the Americans lost quite a few good men.

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    Stephen Hopkins HomeStephen Hopkins House Providence, Rhode Island
    This house was constructed in 1708, and today is a museum and National Historic Landmark sitting in Providence, Rhode Island, the former house of Stephen Hopkins, the governor of Rhode Island and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. He bought the house in 1743 and added a two story addition, that has become the property of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America, and declared a National Historic Landmark in 1978. Hopkins was born in Scituate, Massachusetts in 1707 and would marry Sarah Scott in 1726, when they both were 19 years old. He would be elected as the town solicitor in 1731, for a year before becoming a representative for the general assembly in 1732. For the next six years, Stephen would be a member of that legislative body, until 1742, when the family would move to Providence, Rhode Island. It would become a very difficult time for him in 1753, when an epidemic took both his sons and his wife, leaving him distressed and alone. But the times were changing and he grabbed onto them with both hands and became a delegate to the Congress of Albany in 1754, with Stephen lobbying with Benjamin Franklin for a colonial union. In 1755, he would meet and marry Anne Smith, and by 1765, write the Rights of the Colonies Examined that would denounce the Stamp Act that the British government had levied on the colonies, without representation in the Parliament. By 1772, he would become the Chief Justice, although no one would be prosecuted, and in 1774, he would be elected to the general assembly and then the First Continental Congress in 1774; and within two years be signing the Declaration of Independence.

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    The Old State HouseRhode Island State House Rhode Island
    The Rhode Island State House sits on the border of downtown and the Smith Hill sections of the capitol city of Providence, Rhode Island, a neoclassical structure that contains the general assembly and the offices of the governor, lt. governor, secretary of state and the general treasurer, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is the seventh state house in the state, and the second in Providence, designed by the architectural firm of McKim, Mead and White. It would be built from 1895 to 1904 with a large rejuvenation in the later 1990s. This majestic structure contains 15 million bricks, 327,000 cubic feet of space and 1309 tons of iron floor beams. It has the fourth biggest self supporting marble dome in the world, with a gold covered bronze statue of Independent Man that had been originally called Hope. That statue weighs over a quarter of a ton, and is 11 feet high that raises the top of the structure to 278 feet above the ground. The man represents independence and freedom, that reminds us all of the independent spirit that brought Roger Williams to settle in the area and start the city and eventually state. It was one of the first structures in the state to use electricity, and today, is lit by 109 floodlights and two searchlights at night. It was one of the first public structure in the country to use skylights, the main ones used in the Senate chamber, the state library and the house. The interior has impressive amounts of carved marble, with pillared porticos that contain the quotations and historical chronologies of the state, with many battle flags, guns representing the state's military past and statues that bring the entire building to life. Sitting under the rotunda, beneath the marble dome is a brass copy of the state seal, and used to be visible from I-95 before the Providence Place Mall was built.

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