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Things to do in David

    Museum of History and Culture Jose De Obaldia Museum of History and Culture Jose De Obaldia David, Panama
    The Museum of History and Culture Jose De Obaldia in David, Panama was started to provide visitors and Panamanians the cultural and historical evidence of the Chiriqui province, made by the citizens of this region. The museum is named after its benefactor, who started it in 1976, with outstanding donations that would become the nucleus of the museum's collections, and is located in the house he lived in, donated to the National Historic Heritage by his descendants; which also has great historical and architectural significance. Some of the magnificent artifacts that are found in one room of the museum date back over 5,000 years and go up to the arrival of the Spanish. Another gallery contains historical and cultural relics from the time that the Spanish arrived in Chiriqui, and began founding cities, like David, San Pablo, San Lorenzo and others. Their religious art room has many magnificent pieces that are centuries old and quite extravagant, showcasing the workmanship and talents of the artisans back in the day when tools were mostly made from natural materials. The most significant room depicts the history of the city of David, since its beginnings in 1849, and includes many insightful relics and materials gathered by Jose himself. The room has a special piece made of marble and bronze called the litero, along with weapons, military uniforms and documents from that era, as well as many personal effects of Jose. In fact, one entire room is dedicated to Jose and his expertise in acquiring and preserving the many outstanding artifacts that he was able to gather and preserve. Other outstanding relics include textiles, furniture, photographs, pottery and stone, from the 19th and 20th centuries, and over 1000 pieces of pottery and stone.

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Local Restaurants in David

    Casa De Fogo
    Set The Casa de Fogo specializes in the finest freshest meats and vegetables from around the city bringing you carved meats at your table in the Brazilian style that is sweeping the world. The Churrasco meats include; pork loin that is center cut and covered in parmesan cheese; picanha is the house special and favorite with is the rump steak; the marinated garlic beef; the chicken wrapped in bacon is the breast meat; filet mignon cut from the shoulder and wrapped in bacon'; marinated chicken; turkey is turkey breast; sirloin cut from the top sirloin; and linquica or Brazilian sausage, with unlimited salad.


Marinated Chicken Casa De Fogo David, Panama

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 Via Circunvalacion Frente a La Terminal de Transporte

    Los Pozos de Caldera Los Pozos de Caldera David, Panama
    The hot springs of Caldera are famous throughout the country, and associated with cowboys and witches, sitting in a naturally secluded area in the forest that is close to the roaring waters of the Rio Chiriqui, where many visitors and natives enjoy jumping into to cool off from the hot waters of the spring and give a sharp contrast to each other. The journey to the springs will take some extra effort, but the rewards are more than worth it, the four pools of hot water, don't have the usual bad aroma that is often associated with hot springs, and the first pool is considered the hottest, usually running at 108 degrees, but should only be sat in for less than 15 minutes, and then you can run to the river, jump in and cool your body off. Staying in hot water too long can cause medical problems, and the isolated spot doesn't have and doctors or 911 ambulances around to help if you should react badly to the heat. There is one that is closer to the waters of the river, but is harder to see and find, but might be a better bet to enjoy the healthy heat from it, and isn't as hot as the first, although the scenery is outstanding and not as developed as the others, which have been lined with large flat rocks. Just above the hot springs, and across some muddy rocks and slippery banks, there are five beautiful waterfalls, with each one getting more splendid than the last, but should be accompanied by a guide or someone to help you in case of problems. As is the case in any foreign country, it is best to have someone with you who knows the area and is there in case of any problems that may arise. It might cost you some money, but your life is certainly worth it and you don't want to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere by yourself. Cell phones probably don't work well out there and it is better to be safe than sorry. There is an admission charge, usually a dollar, but don't be fooled or intimidated by anyone else coming to you for money. Remember, you are American and there are often unscrupulous people everywhere in the world

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    Baru Volcano National ParkBaru Volcano National Park David, Panama
    The Baru Volcano National Park lies in the province of Chiriqui, not far from David, Panama, established in 1976, and is the only national park in the country that has a volcano. The park has a few climate zones that include low humid montane forests, that aren't available in any other part of the nation, as well as humid montane forests, low humid montane rainforests, montane rain forests, montane rainforests and very humid low montane forests. It rains less on the lower slopes of the mountain range, but from the summit you are able to view the Pacific Ocean, part of the Caribbean and a big area of eastern Panama. The park is the source of the Caldera River that generate electrical power for the entire nation, as well as other significant rivers. There are more than 250 species of birds recognized here, that includes the quetzal, the black bellied hummingbird, the black and white hawk-eagle, the brown violet ear, black-cheeked warbler and various types of torcazas. In April and May, you have the opportunity to see hairy woodpeckers, and numerous types of endemic species like the yellow thighed finch, black guan and wrenthaus. In the Baru cloudy forest, you might run across the iguanas Anolis vocieferans and other amphibians, while there are five cat species thriving here. These include the puma, leon venado, mouse, porcupine and numerous bats that include the artibeus aztecas and lisirus borealis. It has become one of the most visited parks in the country because of its outstanding beauty and variations of flora and fauna. It is highly visited because of the many areas for sightseeing and adventures that excite both visitors and residents alike.

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    Refugio de Vida Silvestre (Wildlife Refuge)Wildlife Refuge David, Panama
    About 25 minutes outside of David, Panama, the wildlife refuge contains five species of sea-turtles that come to nest along the eight and a half miles of beach that lies within the park. These include the loggerhead, green, hawksbill, leatherbacks and olive ridleys. They come here between June and November to lay their eggs and they head out to sea. About two months later, the baby turtles hatch and make their way to the ocean during the evening hours. The most opportune time to watch these amazing creatures is during the high tides, usually during the crescent moon stage, although many hatchlings had been seen during August to January. There is a fee of $5 to enter the park, but the beauty and joy of it is well worth it. The country started a wildlife protection program in 1986, so that the species would not be bothered or taken for souvenirs or other reasons, and has been a great success. The refuge is filled with many magnificent animals and plants, so much so that is possible for you to spend a day here just enjoying the sights and wandering around to see the many animals that frequent the region. Besides the turtles that come here to nest, there are many types of birds and jungle cats that come to look for food and other needs that make your day a great success and adventure.

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    Fort DavisFort Davis David, Panama
    Fort Davis, the Canal Zone, is located near the Gatun Lake, close to the Gatun Locks, that are on the Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal and would be called Camp Gatun originally, established in 1919 as a military reservation for the defending of the Atlantic area of the Panama Canal, and named after Colonel William D. Davis, 36th Infantry. The initial construction started in 1920 and provisions would be made for one regiment of infantry, which would become the 14th Infantry. For numerous decades, the fort would become a training area for jungle warfare exercises and special forces training, sitting on 4,075 acres that includes some 427 structures by the time it would be handed over to the Republic of Panama in 1995. The post would be enlarged in 1939, and become the home of numerous regiments that included the 14th, from 1920 to 1956, the Panama Atlantic General Depot from 1939 to 1946, the Panama Mobile Force and Security Command from 1941 to 1946 and the 4th Battalion, 10th Infantry from 1962 to 1984. From the later 1984 until the transfer, it would host the 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) that had moved here from Fort Gulick just before that post was closed.

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