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Things to do in Grand Forks

    North Dakota Museum of Art North Dakota Museum of Art Grand Forks, North Dakota
    This is the official art museum of North Dakota, situated on the campus of the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, as a private nonprofit organization, with three exhibition galleries, a gift shop, restaurant and video information room. It began in the 1970s as the University of North Dakota Art Galleries, and in 1981, the state legislature would make it the official art museum of the state, and renamed it to its present one. The unused 1907 West gymnasium was sitting empty on the campus, so it was decided to remodel it and by 1989, this marvelous 16,000 square foot structure would become the new art museum of the college and later, the state. The museum has become well known for its excellent temporary exhibitions, like the previous Lewis and Clark: Rivers, Edens, Empires, Bugs and Such, The Plains of Sweet Regret, the 1997 Flood of the Red River of the North and Under the Whelming Tide. The museum attains to bring the finest regional, national and international artworks to the region, dedicating themselves to enriching the cultural life of the rural plains area with vibrant and outstanding contemporary art. The museum has collected magnificent artworks that include the visual history of the area, a wonderful contemporary Native American art gallery and other excellent works that complement the present collections. Some of the outstanding artists with works displayed there include; Xu Bing, Walter Piehl, Lena McGrath Welker, Barton Benes, Kiki Smith, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Georgie Papageorge, Jim Dow, Luis Gonzalez Palma, Nancy Friese, David Madzo, Barbara Hatfield and Mark Klett. The museum also continues to offer excellent special events like poetry readings, exhibit openings, Sunday afternoon concerts and literary discussions, often with wine and hors d'oeuvres, welcoming everyone that might have an interest or willingness to learn more or understand the contemporary world of art.

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    Grand Forks-Myra Museum & Campbell HouseMrya Museum & Campbell House Grand Forks, North Dakota
    The museum and house located in Grand Forks, North Dakota was built in 1976, in the gothic revival style, filled with outstanding and interesting relics from the city's early history, and before, actually going back to the ice ages of the past and coming forward to the first settlements that were created in the region. Having an active calendar is one reason why the museum and historical society enjoys such a marvelous commendation from the community, offering special events that bring more local and visiting people into viewing the magnificent relics and artifacts discovered thus far. The historical society had been formed to help contribute to a better understanding of the history of the county and city, with constant collecting and preservation of documents and relics that are important to the city's history. It continues to operate a fabulous museum complex, with outstanding public programs and events that interest the community and its citizens as well as the many visitors that come here to learn more about the city and county. One of its main objectives is to preserve the history of the city and county, in the state, as well as preserving the heritage of the Red River Valley, for the future generations, with excellent exhibits and great historical houses like the Thomas Campbell house, the one-room schoolhouse, the Carriage House, the old log cabin post office and the Lustron house, with beautiful grounds that include an area for a band pavilion that is a popular venue for weddings, recitals and band concerts in the summer months. The history of the city and county, and why it would begin as a pit stop for Canadians needing to travel to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is a fantastic story, that included ships and steam boats traveling the rivers of the north that would assist these folks get their supplies and goods sent there, within a short time.

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Local Restaurants in Grand Forks

    Sanders 1907
    Entrees; lamb grilled with garlic & herbs with a chutney glaze; seafood mixed grill is shrimp, scallops, fish special & crab cake; grilled ribeye is 12oz. angus served with béarnaise sauce & crispy onions; filet mignon is 8oz. filet topped with choice of green peppercorn sauce or gorgonzola sauce; sliced filet is 8oz. filet grilled, sliced & topped with wild mushroom port demiglace; pasta carbonara; spicy seafood linguini is shrimp, scallops, calamari & clams with spicy red sauce tossed in linguini.

    Toasted Frog
    Entrees; fish tacos is grilled mahi mahi with sour cream slaw, avocado, mango salsa, tomato salsa, green onions & flour tortillas; grilled pork tenderloin topped with port wine craisin demiglace, with choice of potato & veggie du jour; grilled filet mignon topped with toasted pecan gorgonzola butter, with choice of potato & veggie du jour; grilled NY strip marinated in garlic & fine herbs, with choice of potato & veggie du jour; brown butter mahi mahi is lightly dusted with flour, topped with brown butter, served with choice of potato & veggie du jour; fish & chips is house hand breaded walleye strips served with choice of potato; Asian spare ribs is Chinese five spice spare ribs with hoisin BBQ sauce, with choice of potato & veggie du jour; wood fired lobster tail is served with clarified butter, with choice of potato & veggie du jour.

Grilled Lamb Sanders 1907 Grand Forks, North Dakota



Grilled Pork Tenderloin Toasted Frog Grand Forks, North Dakota


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    Dakota Science CenterDakota Science Center Grand Forks, North Dakota
    The Dakota Science Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota is why everyone can learn more about the fields of science and the fabulous programs offered by the center that will fill you with wonder and excitement about the world we live in. There are many programs and events that provide the student or novice with outstanding ideas and classes that will give you and your family a better understanding of the sciences and the world we live in. They offer excellent areas of exploration and interest that is going to provide you with more information than you would normally receive in any school curriculum and includes many venues offered by the government agencies that provide these marvelous opportunities to learn more. They have resources for the teacher, the parent and the student, with wonderful opportunities to learn more about butterflies, water, science and engineering, as well as math and engineering for high school students, with the first LEGO league robotics. Its mission is to encourage the lifelong curiosity and fascination with the sciences for parents, teachers and members of the community through exciting discovery, interaction and exploration.

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    University of North Dakota Leonard Hall Geology MuseumUniversity of North Dakota Leonard Hall Geology Museum Grand Forks, Norht Dakota
    The Hall museum houses a big range of exhibits that showcase regional interest about geology, that include the many displays of North Dakota rocks, minerals, fossils and faculty research, inside the state's biggest collection of fossil specimens in the state that includes many outstanding thesis collections, with large numbers of microfossils and invertebrates, along with numerous significant vertebrate and plant specimens. The geology department is located in Leonard Hall, on the campus of the University of North Dakota, in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where the water quality lab is also located, as well as the microcomputer lab, the Leonard Hall museum, the F. D. Holland, Jr. library that houses more than 35,000 bound volumes and keeps subscriptions to over 500 periodicals in geology and related subjects, as well as being a repository for all US geological survey maps and publications. The hall would be named after the university's geology professor, F. D. Leonard, housing outstanding collections of paleontology, planetary science, library map collections, geological and mineralogy specimens. The museum and library offers an outstanding history about the region and its fabulous geological collections that include dinosaurs, that make this one of the richest fossil areas in the United States and is considered a great place to visit and learn more about this great collection.

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