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Things to do in Hastings

    Hastings Museum of Natural and Cultural HistoryHastings Museum of Natural and Cultural History Hastings, Nebraska
    The museum also features the J. M. McDonald Planetarium, along with the hands-on Groundwater Discovery Adventure, as well as the Lied Super Screen Theater; as well as numerous species of animals that are set in their own natural habitats, and the world's biggest exhibit of whooping cranes in the world. It chronicles the history of the earliest inhabitants of the region and how a young man named Edwin Perkins would discover a famous and well loved soft drink called Kool-Aid. The museum is most significant for bringing to life the natural and cultural heritage of the city, county and the Great Plains of Nebraska, linking the museum to the world through its excellent educational programs, outstanding exhibits and films, inspiring better public respect for our past, present and future. Albert Brooking would spend the major part of his life finding and collecting objects, unique ones that interested him, dreaming of one day opening a fabulous museum. This would eventually occur in Hastings, Nebraska, where he would begin the process of opening and setting up a first class museum, which opened in 1927, and would welcome more than 300 people coming here to find out what all the fuss was about. The collections would continue to grow as would the museum, after having started out with more than 2000 mounted birds created by Brooking, hallways filled with firearms and the A. T. Hill American Indian collection that was already nationally famous. Brooking had come to the area in the early 20th century, and constructed a new house in Trumbull, Nebraska after moving there in 1908. His house included a den that would showcase his growing collections, with many species and a diverse collection of relics. By 1911, he was showing his collection in any public building that would let him show it, for free. By 1937 he had found a permanent structure to house the marvelous collections, and it would be the biggest municipal museum between Chicago and Denver. It has a long and distinguished history and one that should be read or discovered when you visit this outstanding museum in Hastings Nebraska.

Budget rent a car Hastings

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Central Nebraska Regional Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 3773 Sky Park Rd.

    Duncan Field Duncan Field Hastings, Nebraska
    This field has originally been called Pershing Field, constructed just before the start of WWII, although the Great Depression would still be a factor in constructing anything in this country. But the civic leaders of the city believed in its future, so the field was built, and dedicated in 1941, just two months before the attack on Pearl Harbor, and would be renamed after Donald Duncan, a short time after his death in 1948. It was a big field, with the distance to the outfield fence a pitcher's dream, which meant it was a long way off for any hitters to try for a center field home run. The field would become home to the Hastings Giants, a Class D, Nebraska state farm team of the New York Giants, that would someday become the San Francisco Giants. It was owned by the Major League baseball and players in the league would be more or less rookies. By 1956, the attendance would be around 28,000, but later dropped to a little over 10,000 in the last year of the league in 1959. In that year, it would become host to the American Legion National championships, with more than 23,000 fans coming here to watch the events and games, in early September. The Thomas A. Edison Post 187 from Detroit would lose their first game, but then go on to win a double elimination tournament, from the other teams that came here from Hampton, Virginia, Phoenix, Arizona and West Hartford, Connecticut. Fred Bowen, Jr., a shortstop on the first place team from Detroit would be name player of the year. This huge success would allow the city to host the 1960 tournament as well, which saw New Orleans Louisiana Post4 125 become the winner, who beat Billing, Montana to win the championship; and the team coached by Kevin Trowes would have such greats as Pat Screen, Rusty Staub and Dick Roniger. It would host the 1961 championships that saw a team from Phoenix win, and then Bismarck, North Dakota would become the host for 1962.

Enterprise rent- a- car Hastings

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Local Restaurants in Hastings

    OK Cafe Hastings
    Entrees come with choice of mashed potatoes, gravy, FF, golden hashbrowns or baked potato, hot veggie, fresh tossed salad or cottage cheese & dinner roll & butter; lean roast beef dinner, breaded cod fillet; fried ham steak; breaded pork cutlets, country style steak; chicken strips, FF & toast; grilled chicken breast; fried chicken; chicken fried steak; shrimp; 8oz. ribeye steak; flat iron steak with shrimp.

    Murphy's Wagon Wheel
    Entrees served with 2 sides & garlic bread; NY strip 12oz.; fire grilled steak; beef filet; big sirloin; small sirloin; grilled halibut; grilled salmon; slow roasted smoked brisket; smoked pork loin; full rack pork back ribs; half rack; wood fired marinated chicken boneless, skinless breast; ham & cheddar burger; bacon & American burger; blue burger with blue cheese; bacon burger with American with salsa; patty melt grilled onions & cheese on Vienna; Reuben burger with kraut, thousand island dressing & cheddar; chili burger with chopped onion & cheddar.

Fried Ham Steak Ok Cafe Hastings, Nebraska


Grilled Salmon Murphy's Wagon Wheel Hastings, Nebraska


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Lincoln Municipal Apt. Hertz Car Rental - 2400 W. Adams St.
Hertz Rental Car Lincoln- 5401 O St.

    Adams County Historical Society Adams County Historical Society Hastings, Nebraska
    The historical society is dedicated to preserving the historical record of the times and people of Adams County, Nebraska, located in Hastings, the birthplace of Kool-Aid, a rich history tied to the Pony Express, homesteading, the Naval Ammunition depot that would become the biggest in the nation during WWII and the Oregon Trail. The society has the original county records, newspapers, diaries, maps, school records, church records, photographs and city and county directories, as well as an outstanding oral history, historic preservation programs, historic markers, historic preservation and cemetery preservation. The society has a marvelous collection of old photographs from the Hines Photo collection, dozens of historic buildings and sites, historical tours, rural schools, many places listed on the National Register of Historic Places, a historic photo slideshow and so much more. One of the most interesting and extensive categories they preserve is the history of Adams County, which is quite large considering it is a small city in Nebraska, but it does have a long list of historical sites and buildings, so be sure to check out the society's information before you head out for any adventures.

avis discount rental car Hastings

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Avis Discounts

Lincoln Municipal Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 2400 W. Adams
Avis Car Rental Lincoln
- 6400 O St.

    WWII Naval Ammunition DepotWWII Naval Ammunition Depot Hastings, Nebraska
    The Naval Ammunition Depot (NAD) was the biggest US WWII naval munitions plant that operated during the war from 1942 to 1946, and had been built on 49,000 acres close to Hastings, Nebraska, after being completed in early 1943 with more than 2000 structures that included bunkers, buildings and other types of structures constructed just for this operation. The cost would be more than $71 million, but the facility would produce more than 40% of the Navy's munitions during WWII. The navy had picked this region because of its close proximity to three railroads, cheap natural gas, electricity, a stable workforce, the abundance of underground water and the distance from both coasts, believing that neither the Japanese or Germans had long range bombers that could infiltrate that far into the interior of the United States. There would be three other NAD plants built in this country, one in Burns City, Indiana, Hawthorne, Nevada and McAlester, Oklahoma; with this plant making bagged powder, mines, bombs, torpedoes and all sizes of calibers of smaller ammunition. Once the war ended, the work week would drop from 60 hours to 54, and by August had been reduced further to 40 hours, and the number of employees reduced by 3,000. By 1949, there would only be 1189 workers, and although it looked like the end was near for them, the start of the Korean War begin a reactivation of the depot in August 1950. By 1954, when the employment peaked, there would be 2,946 civilians employed here. It closure would be in 1958, and to be finished by 1966, with the land now occupied by the Central Community College, that uses some of the old buildings.

Thrifty Car Rental Hastings

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Hastings Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 725 W. 2nd St.

    Oregon TrailOregon Trail Hastings, Nebraska
    The Oregon Trail is a 2000 mile historic east to west wagon route that linked the Missouri River to the valleys in Oregon, as well as any locations in between, and flourished during the 1840s until the arrival of the railroads in the last part of the 1860s. On foot, the trip would take anywhere from four to six months, and had been the oldest northern commercial and emigrant trails that had been discovered by fur trappers and traders in the fur trades from 1811 to 1840. During its earliest period, it would not be passable for wagons, but would be for men walking or riding horses and leading mule trains. By 1836, the Oregon Trail had become so organized that when the first wagon trains began leaving Independence, Missouri, it was passable all the way to Fort Hall, Idaho, and by 1843, a rough trail had been carved out all the way to the Dalles, Oregon, and by 1846, the trail was good all the way to Fort Hood, Oregon in the Willamette Valley. As time passed, the trail would become easier after the roads were improved with cutouts, bridges and ferries that made the trip much faster. After 1840, steamboats and steam powered riverboats would be running up and down the Missouri, Ohio and Mississippi rivers that helped to speed up the settlements and development of the American Rocky Mountains, with the riverboats servicing various jumping off points for the wagon trains that would cross the mountains and head to the rich farmlands of Oregon and California. After disputes with Spain and Britain settled, these routes would become much faster, and the lands became more attractive. By 1869, when the first transcontinental railroad by Union Pacific and the Central Pacific were finished, the trail would become obsolete since the train would only take a week and cost just $69 to go there.

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Omaha Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - 4501 Abbott Dr.
Dollar Rental Car Omaha - 101 S. Tenth St.

    Children's Museum of Central NebraskaChidlren's Museum of Central Nebraska Hastings, Nebraska
    The Children's Museum of Central Nebraska has become one of the finest community resources for children and adults, committed to encouraging the exciting life-long learning experience of young children in a most enjoyable way. The museum was started to stimulate kids' imaginations and encourages collaboration by the numerous hands-on interactive activities that bring out the joy of learning. It is an idea whose time has arrived as many centers around the country have realized that by encouraging children to have fun, while learning, they will continue this life-long endeavor by learning as much as they possibly can, along with having a good time doing it. This museum has volunteer opportunities for both adults and children, that include a big range of interests and possibilities, like leading field trips, helping with special programs, working behind the scenes with the various exhibits, hosting birthday parties and more. The center has many exciting and interesting exhibits that encourage children and adults to enjoy learning more about various subjects that will help them to decide on a career choice. These displays include; a grocery store, infant-toddler barnyard, construction zone, around the block around the world, vet's office, artist's corner, pizzeria, hospital doctor's office, puppet theater and performance stage and much more that will inspire and intrigue your child while helping them to interact with other children and adults, as well as learning how to learn having fun. It is a marvelous museum to visit and learn more, all the while having a great time doing it. It is a great environment for both adults and children to further their learning capabilities and to expand their horizons. Check it out when in the area to see if it is something that might help your child or family.

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