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Things to do in Jamestown

    National Buffalo Museum National Buffalo Museum Jamestown, North Dakota
    The National Buffalo Museum and Prairie Winds Gift Shop is located in Jamestown, North Dakota, where the city has the distinction of being nicknamed, "The Buffalo City", so having the museum here is quite appropriate, as well as the museum growing their own herd of buffalo or bison. The herd and museum can be found at the Frontier Village, with outstanding exhibits that concentrate on the history of the bison on the plains and the culture that has risen with it. Their displays showcase Plains Indian artifacts, much artwork, 19th century of firearms used by bison hunters, a video about the history of the buffalo, a children's room that depicts the wildlife of the state and the remains of a prehistoric buffalo. The museum's gift shop has many marvelous items for sale that have a buffalo or bison theme, with the associated herd of 30 plus adding much more to the entire experience. Especially since the herd includes a rare truly white or albino buffalo named White Cloud, who has four baby buffalo, with Princess Winona and Dakota Thunder, as well as Dakota Miracle, another white buffalo born in 2007. The museum often hosts educational programs and community events, with many opportunities for the region's children coming from schools on a field trip; and the birthday bash for White Cloud, with many other exciting and interesting events that are very popular with the residents of the city and county. The museum is housed in a 6,000 square foot rustic looking log cabin, with an outstanding collection portraying the natural history and culture of the buffalo and Great Plains, that span from prehistoric times to the current day. Many local artists' works are shown here also, along with the many displays of artwork and relics, with many sculptures, paintings and other Native American art that is great for a gift or piece to talk about. The museum also has a buffalo viewing deck, antique gun room, history room, white buffalo room, main gallery video room and children's room, along with the gift shop. In 2002, the museum would acquire a magnificent cast from a giant buffalo skull, since the bison had occupied the region around here before the last ice age ended. The buffalo's horn span is seven feet, and has been radiocarbon dated to 47,500 years ago, and is the only buffalo skull ever found, thus far.  This herd would be thrown into the limelight again in 2008, when Dakota Legend was born to a brown buffalo, to become the third white buffalo in the herd; while the American Indian still believes that these beautiful beasts are sacred and mean something of great importance to the tribes.

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    Fort Seward Interpretive CenterFort Seward Interpretive Center Jamestown, North Dakota
    Fort Seward had been an active military post from 1872 until 1877, and would be the foundations of a city called Jamestown that would spring forth from it. The site contains the interpretive center that showcases relics excavated from the many statewide archaeological digs. They say that the views of the James River Valley are especially beautiful here and will give you the most expansive and magnificent sights you'll ever see in the state. The center depicts the history of the fort and its short life, using a scale model of the fort and the numerous relics that have been discovered here during the many archaeological digs done here beginning in 1999. The fort is a mile from the Jamestown College campus, and every year hosts a living history program that is put on by the 20th Infantry Reenactment company in September. The fort had been constructed to protect the 500 railroad workers that had been building the Northern Pacific railroad, and once it was done, the fort was dismantled and moved to Fort Totten, about 81 miles away. The grounds are home to the Flags Across America collection and a Veteran's Memorial.

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Local Restaurants in Jamestown

    Grizzly's Grill & Saloon
    Entrees; served with side salad & choice of lodge potatoes, fresh veggies, mashed potatoes, FF or baked potatoes; hickory smoked ribs St. Louis style BBQ pork ribs; grilled salmon 6oz.; hickory smoked ribs & BBQ chicken is half rack of ribs served with grilled BBQ chicken breast; country fried chicken gently breaded & fried chicken breast topped with country gravy; big lodge walleye pan fried, broiled or beer battered; house smoked beef brisket slow cooked, sliced thin & served with housemade BBQ sauce; smothered chicken breast smothered with mushrooms, peppers, onions & Swiss cheese; Bear Creek pasta is angel hair pasta, chicken, bacon & mushrooms with Dijon honey or Alfredo sauce, topped with cheddar & mozzarella cheese & baked; spicy southwest chicken penne is penne pasta tossed in spicy cream sauce, with roasted corn, red peppers, black beans & spicy chicken; chicken bruschetta pasta with angel hair pasta, roma tomatoes, white wine, fresh chopped garlic tossed in light tomato basil sauce & topped with parmesan encrusted chicken; chicken & broccoli pasta is penne pasta tossed with grilled chicken & fresh broccoli in creamy alfredo sauce.


St. Louis Style BBQ Pork Ribs Grizzly's Grill & Saloon Jamestown, North Dakota



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    The World's Largest Buffalo The World's Largest Buffalo Jamestown, North Dakota
    The "World's Largest Buffalo" sits proudly astride his concrete slab in Jamestown, North Dakota, as a sculpture of the great American Bison, at the Frontier Village, created in 1959 by local businessman, Harold Newman; easy to see from I94, as he stands looking over the city above the James River Valley. He has become a huge draw for tourists coming to this area of the north, and a perfect nickname for the city, called the Buffalo City. He stands 26 feet tall and is 46 feet long, weighing in at 60 tons, because he is made of steel beams and wire mesh covered over by cement and stucco, costing a whopping $8500 in 1969, which was quite a sum in those days, and much more than the projected costs of $4600. The concrete slab he stands on would be added later, and wasn't included in the original cost. It is complete in many of its details, sculpted after a male bison in mid-stride, and is anatomically correct. In 2007, the city would get a grant from Hampton Hotels' Save-A-Landmark program to restore the buffalo to its former beauty, and was used to repaint it entirely and increase its horns. In 2010, it would be named Dakota Thunder after having a contest to name it and received over 3500 entries. It is the first giant roadside sculpture made in the state, well known around the state, with thousands of visitors coming up the highway every year to see this huge one-of-a-kind image, and would be dedicated by the Presidential candidate for 1959, Nelson Rockefeller. In 1965, Frontier Village would be constructed next to the huge and famous sight, with many relics being moved here from other places and includes a post office, fire department with three antique fire trucks, grocery store, souvenir shop, wishing well, log cabin, Midland & Northern Pacific caboose, train depot, school house, art salon, church, printing shop, barber shop, mine shaft and jail house.

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    Frontier VillageFrontier Village Jamestown, North Dakota
    The Frontier Village in Jamestown, North Dakota is just like an old time American town would be like, with two dozen structures that include many old original structures from the frontier villages of North Dakota, filled with antiquities and relics to help visitors become more accustomed and acquainted with the lifestyles of the 19th century, as well as featuring some outstanding donations like the Kirkpatrick Gallery that had been the summer studio and showroom of artist James A. Kirkpatrick, and donated to the city by his wife Ila and himself. Along with that outstanding structure is the Louis L'Amour Writer's Shack that sits at the end of the boardwalk, celebrating the town's most famous son, Western author, Louis L'Amour, with a complete collection of his works in the shack and staffed by volunteers that know much more than any of us about the writer, his history and significance. Another superb structure is the Northern Pacific Railroad Depot that was built in 1880 and the first train depot in the city; being used every day until 1965, when the city acquired it and moved it here. The village has many other stores and merchants that sell handmade goods and souvenirs, light lunches and snacks, leather goods and North Dakota products. There is an outdoor amphitheater that hosts live entertainment as well as stagecoach and pony rides, along with the World's Largest Buffalo nearby, the National Buffalo Museum also, and a live herd of American bison.

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