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Things to do in Kearney

    Museum of Nebraska Art Museum of Nebraska Art Kearney, Nebraska
    This is the official art museum of Nebraska, situated in Kearney, Nebraska, affiliated with the University of Nebraska at Kearney, and home to the MONA or Nebraska Art Collection that is home to many artworks by people that were born here, lived here, on have any type of connections to the state; while the facility does host numerous rotating exhibitions by living or historic artists that have some kind of connection to the state. The Nebraska Art Collection began in 1976, although it didn't have any permanent location, but in 1985, the state decided to use a historic post office in the city that had been abandoned, and constructed in 1911. It would need much reworking to get it into better shape, since it was already slated for demolition. It is a neoclassical structure with excellent marble interiors and large, well lit rooms, which helped the museum make a good decision to buy it and convert, so that it would open in 1986, and has now been there for more than two decades. Its outstanding collection spans 175 years of art history and art, with many historic artists that have Nebraskan ties, putting their works on permanent display for the benefit of the city and region's citizens. Some of the finest artists around that region include; Frank Rinehart, Alice Eliza Cleaver, John Philip Falter and Robert Henri, with modern works by such famous artists like Leonard Thiessen, Jun Kaneko, Jane Golding Marie and Thomas Hart Benton.

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    Trails and Rails MuseumTrails & Rails Museum Kearney, Nebraska
    Resting along the Great Platte River road, deep in the heart of Buffalo county, the Trails and Rails Museum is finding outstanding respect and help to keep the past preserved for the those in the future that will look back one day and will be able to define who and what they are; because of the marvelous efforts of those volunteers of today that have made this museum one of the finest in the old west. It houses a multitude of collections, so much so that only a part of it can ever be seen or shown at any one time. Some of the collections are shown only at special times, and then changed on a regular basis, so that those that visit here often with gain a better understanding and a deeper appreciation of all the trials and tribulations that their ancestors went through to make this region the fabulous place it is today. Two outstanding events are brought to mind right away, because of the spectacular sights and memories associated with them for so many of the citizens of Kearney, Nebraska. A number of the magnificent exhibits now being shown at the museum now include; Loup River Freighters Hotel that had been built in the 1880s for the many freight drivers that came through here and needed a decent place to stay overnight before hitting the road again, on their route from Kearney to Broken Bow and return. Another is the District 1 school house that had been organized in 1871, by pioneers traveling on the Mormon Trail, and decided to settle in Buffalo County, so this is the first schoolhouse constructed here. Engine No. 481 is a 1903 Baldwin Steam locomotive numbered 481 that is housed with a Union Pacific flat car and caboose. The Boyd Ranch house actually was the first structure built in the county, in the late 1850s, when it became part of the J. E. Boyd Trail Ranch that was located near Gibbon on the Wood River. The Union Pacific Depot had been constructed in 1898, with now the ticket office and waiting room being rejuvenated, while the baggage room being converted to an exhibit room, that showcases the history of the wagon, train and finally auto transportation that came and went through the county. There is also a log cabin, that had been constructed in the 1860 era on the museum grounds to showcase an excellent interpretive display.

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Local Restaurants in Kearney

    The Alley Rose
    Entrees served with freshly baked bread, veggie of the day, paired starch, soup & salad bar; filet Larae is original recipe by Chef Flood is a grilled tenderloin filet topped with sautéed mushrooms, roasted garlic & bleu cheese crumbles, served on roasted beef-steak tomato & paired with mushroom risotto; naked ribeye is seasoned & flame grilled ribeye grilled your way; ribeye & garlic shrimp is seasoned & flame grilled ribeye topped with trio of tiger shrimp sautéed in compound lobster butter; NY au poivre is flame grilled NY strip steak rubbed with cracked black peppercorns, served with Hennesey cognac stock reduction; prime rib is signature slow roasted prime rib, served with steeped bay leaf au jus; chicken cordon bleu is oven roasted, lightly crusted chicken breast wrapped around herb infused mozzarella cheese & shaved prosciutto, ladled with creamy hollandaise; osso bucco is fork tender braised pork shank, with wild mushroom & root veggie demi-glaze; pan roasted Chilean sea bass lightly breaded & pan roasted, topped with English pea, tomato & black olive compote, served with lemon; almond crusted salmon is combo of fresh oven roasted coho salmon topped with house toasted almond & brown sugar crust; grilled salmon is fresh coho salmon seasoned & based with olive oil & lemon; seared scallops is 5 wrapped in prosciutto & seared in lobster butter, served with grilled asparagus & mushroom risotto; pale ale shrimp is 5 tiger shrimp beer battered & fried golden, served with zesty bourbon cocktail sauce & lemon; shrimp scampi is 5 tiger shrimp broiled with mushrooms, diced Roma tomatoes & scallions in garlic-compound butter served with wild mushroom risotto.

    Cellar Bar & Grill
    Entrees; served with garlic toast & choice of 1 side, cottage cheese, cup of soup or garden salad; grilled chicken breast platter is flame grilled chicken breast glazed with choice of house signature BBQ sauce or teriyaki sauce & wild rice; Mardi Gras chicken is pico de gallo & melted cheese atop a grilled boneless breast of chicken, served with Spanish rice & side of guacamole & sour cream; smothered chicken is grilled chicken breast smothered with sautéed mushrooms, crisp bacon & melted Swiss cheese; fiesta chicken is grilled chicken breast topped with fiesta sauce & melted cheeses, served with side of Spanish rice & crispy tortilla strips; fried catfish fillets is 2 fillets coated with cornmeal breading & fried until golden; jumbo butterflied shrimp is 9 shrimp, breaded & fried golden; fireside shrimp is 3 skewers of shrimp basted in house secret Caribbean glaze & grilled; Alaskan salmon is grilled & topped with tasty bourbon glaze & golden ring of grilled pineapple; ribeye is 14oz.; filet mignon is tender cut.


NY Strip Steak The Alley Rose Kearney, Nebraska












 Grilled Chicken Breast Cellar Bar & Grill Kearney, Nebraska





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    Great Platte River Road Archway Great Platte River Road Archway Kearney, Nebraska
    The Great Platte River Road Archway Monument is both a monument and museum of the state's and Platte River valley's part in the westward expansion, with the archway boldly sitting astride the Interstate 80 that is just three miles from Kearney, Nebraska. It was governor Frank B. Morrison, a former governor, that had wanted the archway constructed, but in 2000, when it would be approved, and opened, the state had to reassess its visitor projections and cut some of the costs of the arch to make it affordable. Some of the outstanding features of the archway include; that the lobby escalator is the biggest in the state, an authentic 1914 Ford Model T is showcased in the Lincoln Highway scene, over 360 feet of fiber optics is used in the entry movie, with 24 life size cast figures used in the show. The faces of these figures would be cast from real people, with 89,000 blades of grass used in the show, an authentic 1928 Oldsmobile is used in the Lincoln Highway scene, and an authentic 1961 Cadillac convertible is used in the drive-in theater scene. The entire archway can be seen in the movie, About Schmidt, and a wagon shows the size and contents of a typical Conestoga wagon that had been used on the Oregon Trail. Regardless of what trail pioneers were using to head west, the Oregon, Mormon or California, would all converge on the place known as Fort Kearney; which would be the end of civilization as they knew it.

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    Harold Warp Pioneer VillageHarold Warp Pioneer Village Kearney, Nebraska
    Called the biggest private collection of Americana in the world, this pioneering village contains about 28 structures that sit on 20 acres which house more than 50,000 irreplaceable relics of historical value, that have been already restored to their working condition, then arranged in groups and finally put into a chronological order of their development that is sure to awe and inspire you. Some twelve historic structures encompass the "green" along with a frontier fort, an iron horse, an authentic Pony Express station, general store and toy store, filled with the memorabilia of yesterday and an art collection of 25 Currier and Ives prints, the biggest single collection of Rogers statues and 23 Jackson paintings. A 1902 Cadillac, 1902 Ford, that both had been designed by Henry Ford, along with 350 other antique autos, a valuable steam carousel, the world's oldest Buick, 100 antique tractors and 17 flying machines that will amaze you and your family. Other significant items showcased include the historic sod house, historic country church, original Elm Creek stockade and blacksmith shop. For thousands of years man, and women, have endured our planet and the severe natural storms in a simple way of life, with an open hearth, grease lamps and ox carts, until some century and a half ago, when it exploded, blossomed into a nuclear fusion that brought a plethora of electronic gizmos, super sonic speed, television and the computer, so the museum has decided to put these events and changes in order to show you the magnificent progress we have endured, and for some, enjoyed. Many of the country buildings were taken from their original locations and moved here to showcase it all in one place. Their one room school house contains all the items that were left in it when it closed for good in 1935. There are many sights and places to visit, that you might have to stay a few days to enjoy it all, but since it is all in one place it shouldn't be that difficult.

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    Fort Kearney Museum & Glass Bottom Boat ridesFort Kearney Museum Kearney, Nebraska
    At the Fort Kearney Museum you'll find a world class collection of unique and unusual items from the past that include mummies from Egypt, dinosaur fragments from the Gobi desert and the first license plate ever issued in the state of Nebraska; and that is just the beginning of the collection that contains more than 10,000 relics of the past. And to top it all off, you can enjoy a quiet ride on the Midwest's only glass bottom boats that take you on a journey across a clean clear spring fed lake with the most amazing sights you will ever see. This museum is not the actual Fort Kearney stockade that is located on the south side of the city, but this small privately owned museum can be found on South Central Avenue in Kearney, filled, actually overfilled with a bountiful amount of relics and artifacts that have been donated to the museum from the turn of the century, from world travelers, which is why there are many bizarre or most unique items that have interested visitors for many decades. Some of the other relics include Native American weapons and clothing, taxidermy from around the world that includes moose, buffalo, zebras, pioneer photographs and artifacts, Japanese samurai equipment and totem poles to name just a few. Check it out when you visit and you will be amazed at the number of artifacts and unique objects that you might not have ever seen.

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    Fort Kearney State Historical ParkFort Kearney State Historical Park Kearney, Nebraska
    The first fort constructed to protect the westward travelers on the Oregon Trail would become Fort Kearney, Nebraska and it would last for 23 years while the groups passed by on their way west. It would become the military and civil government's home, as well as a significant stage coach station, outfitting depot for many Indian campaigns, the home station for the Pony Express and also, the home of the famous Pawnee scouts that were led by Luther and Frank North. The original Fort Kearney would be constructed by Colonel Stephen Watts Kearney by Table Creek, which is now Nebraska City, after an 1844 report to the Secretary of War, that recommended the creation of a chain of posts along the Missouri River to the Rocky mountains that would protect the westward movement of pioneers and settlers. Congress would pass an act in 1846 that created these posts, as well as an Oregon battalion, that would be a regiment of mounted volunteers. The post at Table Creek would become an error and in 1847, the War Department issued orders to create an alternate military base near Grand Island, where the road to California meets the Platte River. It would become a historical and enormous undertaking that would eventually help more than 30,000 people going through the fort on their way west. It is filled with history and culture that will interest visitors for many days, to both visit and learn more about this famous fort and the many roles it played in the westward movement for many Americans. Here is the best place to look into history about these famous events that led to other historical events and more.

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