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Things to do in Lewiston

    Hells Canyon National Recreation Area Hells Canyon National Recreation Area Lewiston, Idaho
    This fabulous national recreation area sits on the border of Oregon and Idaho, established by Congress in 1975 to preserve and protect the historical and archaeological treasures of the Hells Canyon area, as well as the magnificent region that lies along the Snake River between the Oregon-Washington border and Hells Canyon Dam. It contains about 652,488 acres that have been dubbed the Hells Canyon Wilderness, with close to 900 miles of trails for various types of traveling and exploring that will excite you in more ways than one. The biggest part of the recreation area is in eastern Wallowa County, Oregon, with smaller areas lying in southwestern Idaho County, Idaho, northeastern Baker County in Oregon and northwestern Adams County, Idaho. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that truth can be seen by the image to the right, that showcases, highlights and exemplifies the beautiful area that lies in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, with its 2.3 million acres of very different landscapes, that extends from the Blue Mountains and fabulous Wallowa Mountains down to the fantastic canyon country of the Snake River that borders Idaho and Oregon. The incredible forest goes from an elevation of 875 feet in the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area to 9,845 feet in the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area. It is no wonder that this is one of the most gorgeous regions in the United States, with families coming here to enjoy the beauty and majesty of the natural wonders and the many recreational outdoor activities that thrive here. The Hells Canyon area is home to North America's deepest river gorge, with the most spectacular views and scenery in the northwest, with world class whitewater rafting, huge areas of remote and uninhabited wilderness for hiking or horseback riding, one of the most diverse wildlife refuges, as well as significant relics from prehistoric tribes and the rustic remnants of the early settlers and miners. It is going to be one of the most exciting adventures that you and your family have ever enjoyed, by trail, boat or the road.

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    McConnell Mansion MuseumMcConnell Mansion Museum Lewiston, Idaho
    In 1878, William J. McConnell, arrived in Moscow, Idaho, coming here from Yamhill, Oregon, at the age of 40, after having spent a lifetime of gold mining in the Boise Basin. He had become known as Poker Bill, and had sold vegetables to the miners from his truck farm as well as leading vigilantes after horse rustlers. He would eventually become involved in ranching, teaching and finally, serving in the Oregon legislature. Bill opened a mercantile business in Moscow and began to become so wealthy that he would become titled as the "Merchant Prince of Idaho", with his magnificent mansion being finished in 1886, so that his wife and four children could join him on Christmas eve. Bill had worked his way up to the top Republican's spot in the state, serving as a state senator and governor, and was able to have the University of Idaho come to Moscow; but in the Depression of 1893, he would lose it all. Bill's wife, Louisa, would file a homestead claim on the mansion property, the family would lose it all and be forced to move in 1898. Dr. William Adair, his wife Losina, and their five children would move in after the doc had purchased it in 1901, and after raising them, and having them move out, they would begin renting out rooms in the mansion. One of those renters would be Dr. Frederick Church, who taught medieval history at the university, with the Thomas Jackson family buying the house, and then selling it to Dr. Church in 1941. Church was a bachelor, and he would continue to rent out rooms to the university's faculty and graduate students, as well as using the house for a meeting place for university groups. Dr. Church passed on in 1966, and the house would be left to the Latah County so that it would become a museum and meeting place. This fabulous house is a two story blend of Victorian gothic, Eastlake and Queen Anne styles, with rooms on the main floor being returned to their pristine condition that reflected a turn-of-the-century parlors to a 1930s kitchen. There are numerous hands-on relics, and a treasure hunt for the entire family if interested. They have guides that will take you on a tour, filled with knowledgeable information, usually not found in books or elsewhere. The second floor houses the rejuvenated master bedroom, with carved mahogany furniture that had been used by a pioneering family, and two other rooms used for the exhibits of local folks and events, as well as hands-on activities for the children.

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Local Restaurants in Lewiston

    Zany's Hollywood Grill
    Entrees; grilled shrimp is jumbo shrimp flame broiled with garlic butter, Texas toast, soup or salad & choice of veggies; prime rib 8 or 12oz. prime rib aged hand rubbed with special seasoning, slow cooked; baby back ribs are pork ribs dry rubbed with special seasonings & slow smoked in southern BBQ pit; chicken fried steak is certified Hereford, cube steak hand breaded & deep fried; pit roasted chicken is half chicken dry rubbed in spices & baked in wood burning oven; shrimp & bite size is chargrilled shrimp & bite sized steak; bite size steak is marinated steak tips lightly breaded & cooked medium; meatloaf dinner is thick slice of housemade meatloaf, laid over garlic mashed potatoes & topped with brown gravy; black & bleu flat iron steak; top sirloin 7oz. served with Texas toast soup or salad.

    Shari's Cafe
    Entrees include choice of 2 sides & house sweet cornbread; wild Alaskan salmon with creamy lemon butter sauce; sirloin steak flame grilled; shrimp seafood catch is Pacific shrimp with cocktail sauce; southern style chicken strips made from all white chicken tenderloin; fish & shrimp seafood platter is Alaskan hand cut cod & tender golden shrimp; fish & chips is golden hand cut Alaskan cod fillets served with FF & cole slaw; original country fried steak smothered in house country gravy; salmon Caesar salad with wild salmon on bed of fresh romaine lettuce with croutons & parmesan cheese; pot roast & Willamette Valley veggies with fresh red skinned mashed potatoes topped with brown gravy; rosemary chicken & dumplings is slow cooked tender chicken, in medley of peas, carrots & diced red pepper in a creamy gravy served on top of steamed dumplings topped with sprig of fresh rosemary; grilled penne chicken alfredo is grilled chicken with creamy penne alfredo, sautéed mushrooms & sprinkling of imported parmesan served with grilled garlic flat bread.


Grilled Shrimp Zany's Hollywood Grill Lewiston, Idaho






Grilled Chicken Penne Alfredo Shari's Cafe Lewiston, Idaho

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    Nez Perce County Historical Society Museum Nez Perce County Historical Society Museum Lewiston, Idaho
    This historical society was created to preserve the unique history of Nez Perce county and the encompassing region, and to share its marvelous treasures and information with the community and visitors, looking at the history of this area from the first entrance of Lewis and Clark along with the Nez Perce Indians. The museum will inform visitors about the area's geology, the Camas Prairie railroad, river navigation, the Nez Perce Indians (Ni Mii Pu), pioneers, the Lewis and Clark Expedition of Discovery and much more. This magnificent museum is housed in the city's first hotel, the Luna House that had been constructed in 1862 by Hill Beachy, with ownership changing often, and at one time, it would be sold for $500 and a pack of mules. In the 1880s, it would be converted into the county court house, and then torn down in 1890. The land would sit empty until 1937, when the present art deco style structure would be built by the WPA to be used for government offices. The historical society would be created in 1960, just before the city's centennial year, 1961, and moved into the structure in the late 1970s. The society is earnest in its reputation as a museum foremost, and has become the repository for all historical relics and materials for the county. The museum also houses a wonderful research library of local history and continues to work with the public to offer any educational information it has and can obtain. They have a fabulous collection of old photographs that include the earliest settlers and citizens along with many historical scenes. Their exhibits include; the Lewiston/Hollywood connection, the Nez Perce Indian War of 1877, Lewiston sports, agriculture, Lewiston roundup, the lumber business, WWII home front, fire department and law enforcement, the Great Depression, development of the city's businesses, WWI, Normal Hill, entertainment and sports and education and health care. The society has a wonderful media center and gift shop, as well as hands-on activities for children and those young at heart. Topical exhibits include those of Felix Warren, Chief Joseph, Speeding up the US mail, steamboat Lewiston, Women through the years, Home again, fun & games, WWII home front and a centennial dress.

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    Lewis-Clark Center for Arts & HistoryLewis-Clark Center for Arts & History Lewiston, Idaho
    The Lewis and Clark State College Center for Arts and History in Lewiston, Idaho is filled with many fabulous relics, documents and clothing items that are historical and beautiful. Current exhibits include; The Confluence Project: Reimagining the Columbia River, with artwork by Maya Lin and The Wilderness Within, that includes a lecture by artist Scott Schuldt. The center had a very destructive fire occur in 2009, but all the collections have been cleaned, inventoried and stored, moving back into the center in 2010, and is in the process of being redesigned because of the structural damages that happened, and will reopen in the spring of 2012. After gold was discovered in the area that would grow into Pierce, Idaho, in 1860, thousands of miners would rush to the region, as well as escaping from the horrors of the Civil War that began around that time, and by 1865, just after it ended, Chinese miners would be allowed to enter the area to mine, and once this happened, they would come here as quickly as they could. Since Lewiston sits at the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers, with access to the great Pacific Ocean, the city would become a very popular point of destination for miners and their necessary supplies, and since it was the only seaport in the state, it would watch its region and economy grow exponentially, because of the discovery of gold some seventy-five miles northwest of it, especially with the Chinese miners and support people coming here in throngs. In the 1870 census, only 71 Chinese would be counted in the city limits, but another 675 Chinese would be found in the surrounding settlements, villages and other areas.  These newcomers would bring in many relics and other interesting items from their homeland that are now housed in the center.

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    Buffalo Eddy PetroglyphsBuffalo Eddy Petroglyphs Lewiston, Idaho
    The Nez Perce National Historical Park is a unique non-traditional national park site that describes a fabulous story about a people that were spread across an area that includes thirty-eight sites in four states, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Washington. The most spectacular of these sites is called Buffalo Eddy, which are a series of sharp bends in the Snake River that have densely grouped clusters of petroglyphs and a number of pictographs, that are outstanding evidence of the longevity of the Nez Perce that lived in this area, with hundreds of distinct images that might date back to over 4500 years ago. Petroglyphs are figures and designs that have been chipped, pecked or abraded into the rocks, while pictographs are figures or designs painted onto the rock's surface, that Native Americans across the continent have created in numerous forms called rock art that they have been creating for thousands of years. The meanings of these images have never been discovered, with many educated guesses given, like the images are part of a story or various expressions of spirituality, or just plain artistic expressions. Regardless of how or why, these ancient images will create different feelings in each person that comes here and views them, and they are now protected and preserved by federal law, which could be punishable by fines and imprisonment. And they are magnificent proof that our ancestors lived and thrived here, creating a majestic life that lived off the land and wildlife, with all their needs given and met by the materials and wildlife that came here, for one reason or another.

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    Nez Perce ReservationNez Perce Reservation Lewiston, Idaho
    This reservation contains the tribal lands of the Nez Perce nation, located in four counties in northern Idaho, but mostly in the Camas Prairie area, that encompasses 1,195 square miles, with a 2000 census of 17,959 residents living here. The biggest city in the reservation is Orofino, located at the northeast corner, with Lapwai, being the seat of the tribal government, and the biggest amount of Nez Perce people, at 81 %. The most famous leader of these great people was Chief Joseph, who had led his people in a struggle to keep their identity, and Chief Looking Glass, who rode with Joseph during the tribe's last encounter with the US Army before they would be moved to the reservation. Their best scholar was Archie Phinney, that had studied under Franz Boas at Columbia University and published a magnificent collection of Nez Perce legends and myths from their oral traditions called Nez Perce Texts. Before the white man arrived, the Nimi'ipuu would live in peaceful groups that would travel in seasons to the deep canyons created by the Snake, Salmon and Clearwater Rivers, going across Oregon, Washington and Idaho; with their traditional home located in north central Idaho. Their aboriginal territory would include about 17 million acres or about 27 thousand square miles of land, with survivors living in all parts of the world, but the reservation is still in north central Idaho.

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