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Things to do in Meridian

    Idaho State Capitol Idaho State Capitol Boise, Idaho
    The Idaho State Capitol originally was constructed in Lewiston, Idaho, until 1890, when the capitol was moved to Boise, which was during the same time that President Benjamin Harrison made it a state. The way this came about is quite strange, or perhaps in those early days, something done often, just that the public wasn't aware of it until later. It seems that during the night of that period, government workers would sneak into the capitol building in Lewiston and steal the state seal, taking it to Boise in the middle of the night, and thus, Boise became the capitol, or so they say. Once the capitol had been changed, the city of Boise would grow overnight into the biggest community in the northwest region, bigger than Seattle and Olympia, Washington combined, and sometime after the territory became a state, construction on the new capitol would begin in 1906. The main architects of this fabulous structure were Charles Hummel and John E. Tourtellotte, whose career began in Massachusetts, although he was from Connecticut, and would skyrocket when he moved to Boise. Hummel had been a German immigrant that partnered up with Tourtellotte in 1903, and once they completed the capitol building, moved to Portland, Oregon. The final cost would be over $2 million and be finished in 1920, with the architects using various methods and materials to construct the huge structure, which had been inspired by other sources and cultures. The construction and remodeling would entail some auspicious elements, and then be filled with marvelous artworks. These would include the Winged Victory statue that is a plaster copy of the original marble statue of Nike of Samothrace, that had been discovered on the island of Samothrace, Greece in 1863 by a French explorer and lave given to the US when they freed France from the Nazi regime that had conquered it. It was picked to be showcased in the Boise capitol, and arrived in 1949. Another famous statue is the head of Terry Shadduck, made from bronze and black stone, who had been a well respected writer, civil servant, historian and political activist in the state, serving numerous Republicans, and in 1958, be elected to the position of Secretary of Commerce and Development, and become the first woman to ever hold that position. She passed on in 2008, at the age of 92.

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    Linder Farms Linder Farms Meridian, Idaho
    Linder Farms is a marvelous destination in Meridian, Idaho, with a 20 acre pumpkin patch, 15 acre corn maze, rock climbing wall, straw bale maze, laser tag area, mechanical bull riding ring, hayrides, barrel train rides, concession stands, inflatables and astro jumps, petting zoo and pone rides, with a pumpkin slingshot and much more. Other attractions not included in the entrance fee include the bounce house & slide, orbitron, kiddie swing, orbiter, obstacle course, bungee run, dandle hopper and more to keep you and the entire family well entertained and excited, with pictures, field trips, group tours and more. It is a real working farm, with plenty of dirt, mud and weeds, so be sure to wear clothing that covers your legs and feet, with plenty of room for movement. Their maze contains three major paths that will take you for a less than a mile walk to over four miles, and for those of you with a bigger thirst for adventure and fun, explore all three paths and enjoy six miles of walking and exploring. The farm features a Farm Scene Investigation called FSI, that adds more interest and excitement to the adventure, with clues hidden along the way to help you solve a whodunit mystery. Their concessions stand has many great snacks to help keep the hunger and thirst away, with their mini donuts made fresh every day. It is a great place to bring the entire family because it is so different than most attractions that visitors head to when they visit a new place, and not many have these great adventures available.

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Boise Enterprise Rental Cars - 233 Auto Dr.
Enterprise Car Rental Boise - 2618 W. Fairview Ave.

Local Restaurants in Meridian

    Rick's Press Room Grill & Bar
    Entrees served with choice of soup or salad; Rick's salmon in potato is fresh salmon filet covered in a potato crust & cooked golden brown, served with lemon garlic sauce; lemon & garlic chicken is seared chicken breasts topped with light lemon & garlic butter sauce served with green onion & bacon jasmine rice pyramid; grilled NY is half pound NY steak with garlic mashed potatoes & fresh veggie; seared double cut pork chop is oven roasted double cut pork loin chop served with warm polenta triangles & fresh veggie; fettuccini alfredo is classic aflredo sauce over fettuccini noodles, served with fresh veggie; grilled rib eye is 12oz. rib eye steak grilled to order served with garlic mashed potatoes & fresh veggie.

    Carino's Italian
    Entrees; lemon rosemary chicken breast grilled with angel hair pasta, spinach & roma tomatoes, served with choice of fresh veggies or roasted red pepper green beans; chicken balsamico is balsamic glazed chicken breast served with angel hair pasta, spinach, roma tomatoes & parmesan; chicken marsala is sautéed chicken breast, mushrooms & sweet wine sauce, served with fettuccine or sautéed spinach; Italian pot roast is pot roast sautéed in red wine marinara with parmesan, onions, carrots & peppers, served with choice of spaghetti or roasted potatoes; five meat Tuscan pasta is bowtie pasta, meat sauce, Italian sausage, bacon, ham, pepperoni, onions, green bell peppers, parmesan & asiago; Italian flat iron steak is premium flat iron steak topped with choice of mushroom gorgonzola cream sauce or sweet marsala mushroom sauce; served with fresh veggies & roasted potatoes; chicken scaloppini is sautéed chicken breast, mushrooms, roma tomatoes, bacon & lemon butter cream sauce, served with spaghetti; grilled NY strip is premium aged center cut, served with veggies & side of pasta with sauce or roasted rosemary potatoes; chicken Milano is sautéed chicken breast with mushrooms & alfredo layered with ham, basil & provolone, served with fettuccine.


Lemon Garlic Chicken Rick's Press Room Grill & Bar Meridian, Idaho


Five Meat Tuscan Pasta Carino's Italian Meridian, Idaho

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    Initial Point Gallery Initial Point Gallery Meridian, Idaho
    The Meridian Initial Point Art Gallery is sitting on the third floor of the city hall, in downtown Meridian, Idaho, open daily and free of charge, showcasing the numerous artists and photographers that have lived in the region, using a rotating display showcase, during the year, with numerous artists and photographers' works being shown, in a gallery that is open and well lit, with plenty of room offered to the visitor to come and reflect on the art and artist, in a calm and relaxing environment. The gallery regularly hosts receptions for their featured artists, with many of them coming to the show to meet and greet visitors, so that they can divulge more information about their works. Over the years, the gallery has held a "Call for Artists", giving them a local venue where they can show their works and discuss any type of details to the visitors, wanting to know more about a particular piece and the artist that created it. The gallery is always looking to add more works, and is constantly alert to accept any new watercolors, sculptures, photographs, fabric art, like quilts and needlepoint and oil paintings, but especially those artists and photographers living in the Treasure Valley area.

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- 2565 W. Main St.

    Eagle Island State Park Eagle Island State Park Meridian, Idaho
    This state park offers daily adventures and day-use recreational activities, near Boise, Idaho, eight miles west of the capitol, on the outskirts of Eagle, Idaho. There is an excellent swimming beach, over five miles of equestrian trails, a marvelous water slide, picnic area and more to provide you and your family with a wonderful day of fun and activity. This outstanding park is bordered on the north and south with two forks of the Boise River, that offers sportsmen the finest fishing opportunities in the Midwest. It was started in 1977, when the state's department of correction donated the land that had been used for the Eagle Island Prison farm, to the state's department of lands, that would become this wonderful state park. The park has flush toilets, water slide, non-motorized boating, swimming, group shelters, nine hole disc golf course, volleyball, picnicking and fishing, with a couple of horseshoe pits. The park occupies 545 acres, with five miles of trails for horseback riders, walkers, bike riders, dog walkers, hikers and more.

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Thrifty Car Rental Lebanon- 93 Beswick Dr.

    Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation AreaSnake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area Meridian, Idaho
    This national conservation area, south of Boise, Idaho, contains one of the densest populations of nesting raptors, just thirty-five miles south of Boise that sits along 81 miles of the Snake River, spanning over 484,000 acres of land mass, that sits in Owyhee, Canyon, Ada and Elmore counties. In 2009, it would be renamed the Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation area due to the marvelous efforts of Morley Nelson, a raptor expert and advocate; and one of the original proponents of the creation of the conservation area. The Snake River ecosystem is an unusual mix of climate geology, vegetation and soils that seems to support very high numbers of predators and prey, with over 700 pairs of raptors, that represent 15 different species, who nest on the high canyon walls, with another nine raptor species using the Snake River region for seasonal hunting grounds in migrations or wintering regions. It is a very significant area for prairie falcons, the only indigenous falcon in North America. The area supports a very high number of small burrowing animals that live here, with the Paiute ground squirrels, the most favorite prey of the falcons, living here in great numbers, with the nesting success of the falcon related to the number of squirrels that live here. This is also the reason that so many golden eagles can be found around this region, because of the huge numbers of black-tailed rabbits that live here as well. The deep soil and large amount of prey are another reason for the thickest populations of badgers in the world being found here, although now, recurring wildfires and military training exercises at Snake River seemed to have altered the previous prey base found here, causing them to decline from a historical 230 pairs to only 110 pairs today. Besides the large numbers of predator birds living here, there is also a big cultural value in the region as well, since humans has lived here for over 12,000 years, with early inhabitants using the large boulders found deposited here as wonderful canvases for carving petroglyphs, as well as some of the oldest and most amazing Native American archaeological sites in the state found inside the conservation area. The park also contains some of the finest preserved parts of the Oregon National Historic Trail and there are three sites from an 1860s gold mining settlement that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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    J. Curtis Earl Arms Collection J. Curtis Earl Arms Collection Meridian, Idaho
    This world class collection of arms is showcased in the old penitentiary of Idaho, that reopened in 2002, and includes admission to the collection when you visit the old prison. It contains one of the country's biggest collection of historic arms and military memorabilia, that includes medieval arms and armor, an 1883 Gatling gun still on the original carriage, Civil War relics and Revolutionary War weapons that includes swords. There are magnificent collections of pistols and rifles from the old west days, used by settlers and lawmen in the 19th century, as well as all types of machine guns, pistols, rifles, mortars and cannon from numerous countries that had taken part in WWI. The collection would be donated to the Idaho State Historical Society in late 1999, and includes many outstanding relics that are over 3500 years old, and collected over six decades by the late J. Curtis Earl, a part-time Boise resident that passed on just a few months after donating the collection to the state. The collection includes; howitzers, automatic rifles, assault rifles, submachine guns, anti-tank guns, broad swords, mace, war axe, ancient weapons from the Bronze age through the Roman Empire, shotguns, grenades, court swords, rapiers, daggers, halberd, arrow heads, spear heads, partizan, pike and spontoons. It seems that Earl had been one of the most prolific collectors of military small arms, at one time believed to have owned 250 Thompson submachine guns, which would earn him the nickname of Mr. Tommy Gun. From 1980, until his passing in 2000, he lived in Boise in the summer months, and Phoenix, Arizona in the winters. Just before his passing he donated his collection and $600,000 for the construction and continued care of the exhibit space.

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