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Messina Alamo Car Rentals - Via Vittorio Emanuele li 75
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Things to do in Messina

    The Regional Museum Regional Museum Messina, Sicily, Italy
    This outstanding museum is housed in a former silk weaving mill, near the coast road that runs from Messina, Italy to the lighthouse, and the museum contains the collections of the Civico Museo Peloritano as well as many works from the ruins of palaces and churches that would be destroyed in the 1908 earthquake, and the terrible bombings of WWII; with some magnificent paintings still available by Caravaggio and Antonello da Messina. It contains various collections of goldsmith, archaeology, renaissance and later art, medieval art and crafts, sitting in 14 various galleries that encompass a courtyard, providing an excellent cross section of historical culture and lifestyles. The entrance is guarded by a large sculpture of Neptune, that had been created in 1557 by Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli, and along the walls surrounding the statue are nine bronze panels that were created in the 19th century by goldsmith Spina on drawings by Carlo Minaldi that showcase the legend of the Holy Letter that had been given by the Holy Virgin in 42 AD to ambassadors from Messina that had gone to Israel to visit her, and would make her the Madonna della Lettera or patron saint of the city. In the Byzantine gallery there are fragments of the cathedral that have been painted with figures from the Old and New Testament, along with fabulous mosaics that were created in the 14th century. There is a marble Madonna degli Storpi, dated 1333 and created by Gozo di Gregorio, as well as a triptych on wood of the Sienna school, many paintings on wood from the Catalan school and a painted cross. The gallery filled with the early renaissance period contains a statue of the Virgin with Child by Baboccio from Piperno, and had been hanging above the door of the cathedral, a low-relief of the Virgin with Child that was created by Desiderio from Settignano, and one created by Domenic Gagini that represents St. George and the Dragon, a large wooden crucifix of the Provencal region and a round glazed majolica that represents the Virgin with Child, created by the Della Robbia school. There are many paintings, some created by Flemish artists, a masterpiece by Antonello da Messina from the 15th century, with many works by the finest artists of the 15th century in Italy, and an entire room of paintings by Caravaggio, or better known as Michelangelo, that came here to work during his final years between 1608 and 1609, creating two of his finest masterpieces. Another work by the famed artist is a huge 380 by 275 oil painting that had been ordered by a merchant, and showcases Michelangelo's masterful use of light, that just seems to bring Lazarus' figure come out of the painting.

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Local Restaurants in Messina

    Ristorante l'ossidiana
    Entrees; risotto al salto with buffalo mozzarella & smoked bacon filange; carnaroli risotto with scallops & curry; main fish; fish from the Tyrrhenian hectogram; octopus & chickpea tangine; fillet of sea bass style fish.

Carnaroli Risotto Ristorante l'ossidiana Messina, Italy

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Hertz Rental Cars Messina
 Via Vittorio Emanuelle II IS. 113 Sicily

Tito Minniti Apt. Hertz Car Rental
 Aeroporto Dello Stretto Apt.

Hertz Rental Car Milazzo- Via Manzoni 12 Sicily
Catania Hertz Car Rental
 Via Matteo Rnato Imbriani 248 Sicily

    The Cathedral The Cathedral of Messina, Italy
    The Cathedral of Messina is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, that would become the Madonna of the Letter, and is the Cathedral Basilica of Protometropolitana Archdiocese of Messina, Liprari-Saint Lucia del Mela, sitting in the historic heart of the city, with a marvelous facade and bell tower that sits next to the Piazzo del Duomo. The cathedral dates back to Norman occupation, when Roger I of Sicily wanted to reconstruct the church after the Saracens had destroyed it during their occupation, and finally consecrated in 1197 by Archbishop Berardo, Emperor Henry VI, the son of Frederick Barbarossa and the Queen of Hauteville, Constance, who would be the last Norman princess, bringing the kingdom of Sicily as her dowry when she wed him. The elegant church was created in honor of the letter that was given and perhaps written by the Virgin Mary when ambassadors from the city went to Israel and visited her, bringing the Holy letter back to the city and its inhabitants. The cathedral is decorated with many beautiful images and paintings, as well as outstanding embellishments to the interior of the church that includes a sculpture created by Andrea Calamech, and is decorated with magnificent arabesques at the base and the pillar and capital contain faces of heretics. The walls are decorated chapels from the Apostolate with an array of twelve niches that house six statues depicting the apostles. After the complex had been severely damaged by Allied bombs in 1943, the statues on the altars would be replaced by contemporary sculptors that included Thaddeus D. Lazarus, Matthew G. Ciocchetti, Poidimani Biagio, A. Selva, Tadolini, P. Canonical, E. Martini, San Fillipo M. Mazzacurati and others. The aisles house a few chapels and on the right of the altar is a marvelous sculpture of St. John the Baptist that was sculpted in 1525 by Antonello Gagini and other artifacts that are both ancient and magnificent.

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Messina Avis Car Rental  - Via Garibaldi 231

    Annunziata dei CatalaniAnnunziata dei Catalani Messina, Italy
    This church would be constructed during the last half of the 12th century, when the Norman kings controlled the region, with a 13th century facade housing three portals, with the center portal cambered and the two flanking one architraved with monofore, and the interior contains three aisles with columns and a barrel and vault ceiling with domed roof that contained triangular Byzantine penditives. The church has been able to survive the ravages of time, various bombings in WWII, and destructive earthquakes. It stands today as a great testimony to the Arab, Byzantine and Norman artisans that worked on it. The magnificent church contains numerous false arcades, with small but elegant Corinthian columns encircling it and numerous colors that showcase its unique beauty. It is a mixture of Norman, Byzantine and Arab architecture, with a famous statue of Don Juan of Austria sitting in the rear, who had been one of the heroes of the Lepanto Battle.

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Messina Downtown Thrifty Rental Cars
 Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 7
Thrifty Car Rental Reggio Calabria Apt.- In Terminal

    Santa Maria degli AlemanniSanta Maria degli Alemanni Messina, Italy
    This church would be constructed in the 13th century by German knights and is the only gothic architectural structure in Sicily, with three naves and apses that are oriented eastwards, without a nave, although it sits in some ruin because of a lightning strike in the early 17th century and then the earthquake of 1783, which caused more damage, but didn't destroy it. Again, in 1908, when another very destructive earthquake struck the city, the church would be miraculously spared, and just lately has work been started to rejuvenate the wonderful old church back to its former glorious condition. The arches and capitals are excellent examples used during the Middle Ages, carved with beautiful motifs of monstrous beings and human figures, with the original portals still there. There is a great amount of artistry found in the church, since its builders had come from three distinct and different cultures, with each one having its own unique architectural style, and that helps to make this church the unique structure that it is today. The main body is covered in gothic architecture layered in burgundy piers, and its spans covered by ogival vaults, with ribs in varying shapes, as well as filigree sets of columns and capitals covered in floral leaves.

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Messina Downtown Dollar Car Rental
 Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 7

Dollar Rental Car Reggio Calabria Apt. - In Terminal

    Bell Tower and Astronomical ClockBell Tower and Astronomical Clock Messina, Italy
    One part of the Regional museum not mentioned earlier is the bell tower and astronomical clock that rises up some 197 feet into the sky, that was created in 1933, in Strasbourg, France and puts on a majestic and magical show at noon every day. Schubert's Ave Maria begins blaring away on the loudspeaker, while the bronze automata begins its magnificent dance, with a lion waving his banner and roars, and a cock flaps his wings and crows. Dina and Clarenza, two heroines of the city during the time of the Sicilian vespers, take their turn at ringing the bell, while Jesus comes out of his tomb for a quick resurrection; and the crowds go wild, both visitors and locals enjoying the show every time it is put on. It is the world's biggest astronomical clock and beautiful in its exquisite details and craftsmanship.  It doesn't matter how often you come to view it or how bad the weather might be, the sights and sounds that emanate from the tower fascinate most people and bring them back at noontime to see it all again. It is one of the most unique sights in the city, and only takes a few minutes of your time to enjoy and it doesn't cost a penny.

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- Via Vittorio Emanuele li 75
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