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Minot Apt. Alamo Car Rentals - 25 Apt. Rd. Ste. 19

Things to do in Minot

    Roosevelt Park Zoo Roosevelt Park Zoo Minot, North Dakota
    This zoo opened in 1920, in Minot, North Dakota, and would become the first animal exhibition that showcased the American buffalo, and by 1970, the zoo would be taken away from the park, owned by the city, and the Greater Minot Zoological Society would be born to take full responsibility for it all. This would be the second zoo constructed in the state, and it is open from May to September, because of the harsh winters that flow across the state from every direction. The flood in 1969 would require that all the birds and animals be taken from the zoo, that ultimately led to the redesigning of the grounds, that would also see a new bear den created, a new foot bridge and a new feline house. And it is with sad regret that that same kind of natural disaster has closed the zoo once again, but they do want any help that you can offer or provide, in hopes of opening it by next spring, and hopefully, the flooded areas of the zoo will have returned their previous conditions. Some of the fabulous animals living there, in normal conditions, include; amur leopard, fallow deer, tiger, American bison, brown bear, sika deer, snow leopard, African warthog, Japanese serows, red kangaroo, llama, bongo, bactrian camel, plains zebra and many more, along with birds like flamingos, great horned owl, cattle egret, golden eagle, American white pelican, emu, ducks, geese, African penguin, bald eagle and many reptiles that include; African spurred tortoise, alligator, veiled chameleons, African plated lizard, bullsnake, blue tongue skink, green tree python, ball python, red tail boa constrictor and more. It is the process and recuperating from the terrible flooding that it received in the spring of 2011 and hopes to be back in business by the spring of 2012.

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Dickinson Municipal Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 11168 42nd St. SW.

    Dakota Territory Air MuseumDakota Territory Air Museum Minot, North Dakota
    This museum is close to the Minot, North Dakota International Airport and its collections include a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, Lockheed 33 Jet Trainer, L-29 Soviet Jet Trainer, Douglas C-47, and the oldest Starduster biplane in the world, along with numerous other civilian airplanes. The museum is currently adding the Oswin Elker Wing so that it will now have about 10,000 square feet of exhibition space and include a new entrance. The museum began in 1986, and plans begin immediately to make the museum a showplace of famous military and vintage aircraft, along with the depiction and story of aviation's history. Many of the planes are still in service today, with others that include an AT-6 Texan, a T-28 Trojan and L-T-V A-7 Corsair. They have over two dozen civilian aircraft, the Minot Airport beacon that had guided airplanes into the airport from 1949 until 1993, Minot Fire Department trucks from the 1920s and 1930s, many aviation photographs and a big collection of aviation periodicals and literature; and shares many other aircraft from the Texas Flying Legends Museum aircraft like; B-25J Betty's Dream, P-51D Mustang Dakota Kid II, FG-1D Corsair Whistling Death, A6M2 Model 21 Zero Last Samurai and a P049K Warhawk Aleutian Tiger. Other outstanding memorabilia include the region's military aviation flight service gear, souvenirs, aviation's role in the area's agriculture and transportation necessities, equipment and other marvelous memorabilia. Their website has many magnificent photographs of these planes that will bring a sense of awe to viewers, especially those that can recall the magnificent flying machines as they passed overhead. It was a different era, a different time, and one that will never be forgotten, although it had been a terrible time of desperation and trouble.

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Minot Apt. Off Site Enterprise Rental Car - 1825 S. Broadway

Local Restaurants in Minot

    10 North Main
    Entrees; NY strip grilled over white oak grill; filet mignon is bacon wrapped tenderloin grilled over white oak grill; prime rib is 10, 14 or 20 oz. ; elk loin is 7oz. North Dakota raised elk grilled & topped with house mushroom-onion port demiglace; bison NY strip is N. Dakota raised buffalo strip grilled your way; lamb rib chops is N. Dakota raised lamb seasoned & grilled your way; tenderloin tips is sautéed elk strips, andouille sausage, onions & portabella mushrooms tossed in house hot chili pepper sauce with rice medley; half smoked chicken herb seasoned & lightly smoked; BBQ ribs smoked & finished on the grill with house sweet & snarky BBQ sauce; smoked duck is half duck smoked with sake-hoisin sauce; smoked pork chops is French cut pork chop smoked & marinated in house; walleye breaded in panko crumbs & pan fried; Tasmanian salmon is wild line caught salmon grilled over white oak fire & topped with dill sauce; Chilean sea bass is 6oz. fillet lightly sautéed & served with asparagus; shrimp dinner is wild gulf shrimp marinated in citrus marinade, grilled or breaded in panko crumbs & deep fried; crab cake dinner is 2 big crab cakes sautéed & served your way.

    Sevens Bar & Restaurant
    Entrees include choice of FF, jumbo baked potato, cheddar ranch potatoes, baby baked potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes or steamed veggies; ace of steaks is 10 oz. tenderloin hand cut & charbroiled; Holly's butter filet is hand cut tenderloin seared in spiced, garlic butter, slowly cooked & topped with seasoned Holly's garlic butter; prime rib is 14oz. slow roasted; Gaucho Brazilian steak is tenderloin steak marinated in chimichurri rojo, then flame broiled, served with reserved chimichurri rojo sauce; chicken Rio is 2 grilled chicken breasts in velvety cream sauce with tomatoes, onions & garlic; live Maine lobster is market priced; hold'em halibut is tender flaky white meat broiled with lemon pepper; pecan encrusted Norwegian salmon is encrusted with pecans & roasted garlic seasoning, then broiled, serve with light chardonnay wine sauce; three kings crab cakes is creamy wine sauce over 3 house recipe crab cakes; 2 pair shrimp is 4 shrimp dredged in beer batter then deep fried & served with cocktail or tartar sauce; encrusted walleye is encrusted with chopped nuts & breadcrumbs then pan fried.




Grilled NY Strip Steak 10 North Main Minot, North Dakota








Gaucho Brazilian Steak Sevens Bar & Restuarant Minot, North Dakota

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Hertz Rental Cars Minot Intl. Apt.- 25 Apt. Rd. Ste. 18

    Railroad Museum & Magic City Express Railroad Museum & Magic City Express Minot, North Dakota
    This marvelous museum of railroading began in 1986, as part of the city's centennial celebration, and was started to help preserve the wonderful history of railroading and the tracks that criss crossed the state and country. The museum has become home to some of the finest relics and artifacts in railroading, like the authentic Burlington Northern Speeder Car that the rail workers used to ride the tracks going to their next destination. It seems like the museum has continued to grow, since new artifacts are added almost on a weekly basis, and soon enough they should have another complete floor of the museum open to receive more visitors and enthusiasts. A new library is also in the works, where visitors and the community will have the opportunity to enjoy reading archived material about railroading or watch a video about the marvelous machines. It is free admission so that the folks that just don't have any extra funds at this time can still come and visit, without any obligations or worries. The Magic City Express is up and running in Roosevelt Park, although there is a small fee for this exciting ride around the park, but well worth it for the sights and pure enjoyment of riding in an ancient railroad. The museum houses many interesting and exciting exhibitions that include; the Southern Pacific #4449 in Minot, Rocky, the Goat and W. F. Hebard, A-14 Shop Mule, with historical displays about the Magic City, the Great Northern Railroad in Short and Henry Davis Minot. The museum is a great place to visit and learn more about the railroads that helped bring immigrants to the new west and north, as well as bringing and taking supplies from one area to another, and bring passengers back.

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Minot Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 25 Apt. Rd. Ste. 17

    Taube Museum of Art Taube Museum of Art Minot, North Dakota
    The Lillian and Coleman Taube Museum of Art, which had been called the Minot Art Gallery, in Minot, North Dakota, opened in 1970 by patrons of the art that wanted to bring an art gallery to the city. The gallery would be initially opened in a house, but was later moved to the Ward County Historical Society building that sat on the North Dakota State Fairgrounds that lay east of the city, and then in 1978, the gallery would be relocated to another Ward County Historical Society building, the J. E. Harmon house, which was also located on the fairgrounds, and in 1997, the museum would acquire a permanent location in the historical Union National Bank building. The museum has began affiliating with other cultural organizations to enhance the arts in the city and county, with excellent opportunities for the community to learn more about every kind of visual arts form using their outstanding exhibits. The building that houses the museum has been added to the National Register of Historic Places, a showcase in its downtown location, since it was built in 1925. The museum has a wonderful gift shop, an annual artfest, art camp, summer art ventures and outstanding opportunities for educational assistance in the arts for anyone and everyone.  The museum also has and hosts many fabulous art shows and exhibitions that bring in interested patrons and visitors, that do enjoy the wine and hors d'oeuvres that the museum serves, all free of charge.

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