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Things to do in Nampa

    Canyon County Historical Museum Canyon County Historical Society Nampa, Idaho
    The Canyon County Historical Society is located in Nampa, Idaho and is responsible for the operation of two excellent museum as well as other duties that pertain to the collection, preservation and display of the regions historical and cultural relics, with many begin placed in the Nampa Train Depot Museum and the Our Memories Indian Creek Museum in Caldwell. At the Oregon Short Line Depot in downtown Nampa, the original historical museum would be located there; since the depot had been constructed in 1902 and it railroad services would begin in 1903, serving as the town's train depot until the Union Pacific depot opened on the north side of the town in 1925, and the old depot would be the home of offices for the UP. It would eventually be donated to the county historical society by the UP railroad, and partly converted in 1976. It houses collections of the train depot and Nampa railroad history, along with mustache cups and more. The Indian Creek museum is located in Caldwell, that had originally been founded by Dr. Archie & Opal Gulley that would transfer the ownership of their marvelous collections to the historical society in 2005, housing thousands of magnificent artifacts showcased in 30 rooms that depict the many scenes and relics from years gone by. Their museum gift shop contains excellent embroidered hats, descriptive t-shirts, printed ts and more with many featuring the town's train depot that is in the process of being rejuvenated. They also have calendars for each year, with new books, and more at both museum locations, that also have outstanding cookbooks, railroad items, historical books and more that is sure to interest you and your family when you visit Nampa and its great museums.

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    Warhawk Air MuseumWarhawk Air Museum Nampa, Idaho
    This museum is dedicated to teaching and preserving the nation's fabulous history in times of war from the home front to the war front and the amazing aviation history from the beginning of flight to the space age, encouraging the educational experience about cultural, technological and social changes that have occurred here during times of war. The 20,000 square foot museum contains a unique spectrum of sweetheart pillows, v-mail, victory puzzles, ration books, mother's flags and many other objects that represent the home front during WWII. Come visit and see one of the only two remaining Curtiss P-40 WWII fighter airplanes left in the world and one very rare WWII P-51C Mustang fighter. You will have the opportunity to compare these exciting fighters with the WWI Dr-1 Fokker Tri-Plane replica German fighter, while having other opportunities to enjoy perusing survival gear, a Norden bombsight, equipment, link trainer and all kinds of examples of the most advanced technology that is known to mankind that was available during the 1940s. Visitors can pass through the door of the new NASA Space Place Club and learn more about the amazing technology that has taken us to the stars and beyond. Head to the library and check out the numerous rare publications or just look around the museum's gift shop to see what is new and in stock. The museum is proud to offer the John F. Nagel Foundation's portable tour guide system that allows you to enjoy a tour of the museum, while listening to selected content as you explore this exciting and interesting museum. They also have self-guided tours, docent tours and school tours for the entire family to enjoy. One of their finest projects to date is the Veteran's history project that is creating a national collection of personal histories from American heroes and other that went to the front to give their lives for the freedoms we take for granted and enjoy. You will have many chances to visit the Veteran's archives where you can learn more about the personal stories of vets and more.

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Local Restaurants in Nampa

    Brick 29 Bistro
    Entrees; daily catch is basil crusted with coconut scented rice, seasonal veggie, beurre blanc & strawberry salsa; eggplant parmesan is parmesan encrusted eggplant layered with roasted red peppers, mozzarella, fresh basil & oven roasted served with crispy polenta, tomato coulis & seasonal veggie; Hagerman trout is pan roasted Idaho trout with mashed red potatoes, seasonal veggie & lemon brown butter sauce; bistro chicken is sautéed chicken breast with mushrooms, shallots, bourbon & cream served with crispy polenta; mac & cheese is wheat penne pasta tossed with cheddar, Monterey jack, mozzarella, blue cheese, tomatoes, onions & garlic baked golden; 3 cheese ravioli is Ferranti cheese ravioli with smoked chicken breast, mushrooms, grape tomatoes & baby arugula in white wine cream sauce; Niman Ranch burger is all organic local ground beef, tomatoes, onion, butter leaf lettuce, cheddar & jalapeno aioli on artisan roll; certified angus ribeye steak is dry aged, salt & pepper seasoned, mashed red potatoes & compound butter; certified angus top sirloin steak is charbroiled, mashed red potatoes, balsamic BBQ & herbed vinaigrette.

    The Mona Lisa
    cheese fondue entrees served with choice of zesty Caesar or classic garden salad, assorted fresh breads & refreshing fruits & veggies; old world cheese is Swiss cheese fondue, with perfect blend of emmenthaler & gruyere cheeses in white wine base; Davinci's pesto garden is blend of brie & Swiss cheeses with splash of fresh pesto sauce melted in white wine base; new world cheese sharp cheddar & emmenthaler cheese combined in tangy beer base with carefully selected original seasonings; south of the border cheese is smooth cheddar cheese fondue with fiesta flavor from fresh strawberry salsa; north of Paris cheese is creamy fontina cheese fondue with single egg added to the delicious seasonings in cream base; filet mignon; vegetarian; marinated breast of chicken; teriyaki filet mignon; shrimp & filet mignon.


Pan Fried Idaho Trout Brick 29 Bistro Nampa, Idaho







Cheese Fondue The Mona Lisa Nampa, Idaho

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    Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge Nampa, Idaho
    This refuge is a significant region for breeding for birds, mammals and various animals, located in the area encompassing Lake Lowell, outside Nampa, Idaho. It has become a well known wintering and resting area for birds that include Canadian geese and mallards, along the Pacific Flyway, and has been named a Globally Important Bird Area by the American Bird Conservancy. This beautiful refuge contains two areas of open water, forests, grasslands, riparian and edge wetlands habitats, with the biggest part consisting of Lake Lowell and its environs, that is found in Canyon County, that lies west of Nampa, and the second includes the Snake River islands lying in various counties in the region. The Lake Lowell site has a marvelous visitor's center that has become a center of activity for visitors and volunteers that donate their time and services to the wildlife conservation projects. President Teddy Roosevelt would create the national bird refuge at Deer Flat Reservoir, that is now called Lake Lowell, in 1909, which makes it one of the oldest refuges in the country, with more than 10,000 acres. During the winter months, waterfowl populations top more than 300,000 birds, although it has been said that the number is more like 100,000 today. Many of the 101 Snake River islands contain heron rookeries and gull colonies, that offer feeding and resting areas for migratory birds; and has become very popular with the residents and visitors, with more than 100,000 visitors coming here to fish, hunt, photograph and enjoy the magnificent scenery of nature and her wildlife.

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Avis Discounts
Avis Discounts

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    Train Depot MuseumNampa Train Depot Museum Nampa, Idaho
    This depot is a 1903 baroque revival style structure that had been the Oregon Short Line depot, and now contains areas for changing exhibits that showcase the city's significance as a railway town, with highlights from the Canyon County and Union Pacific Railroad history, model trains layouts and a caboose from the 1940s. In fact, the town would rise to life in the 1880s due to the arrival of the Oregon Short Line railroad that had been constructed from Granger, Wyoming to Huntington, Oregon, passing through the region that would spawn Nampa, Idaho. As more lines began to travel through the town, it would grow to become an important railroad town. Since this railroad would bypass Boise, it would construct one of the fanciest depots in the region, and can be seen today in that light. This depot is the last one in the state to be restored, that is starting a five year project that will restore the fabulous depot to its original splendor.

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    Idaho Land of Yankee Fork Historical MuseumIdaho Land of Yankee Fork Historical Museum Nampa, Idaho
    The Yankee Fork Historical Museum near Nampa, Idaho is located in a historic structure that was modeled after an old mining mill, the museum has many outstanding displays and exhibits that highlight the city's growth from the 1870s, when gold prospectors arrived here in the droves to find that gold, which began a huge economic and building boom that would last until the mines eventually gave out. The museum has many historical exhibits, audiovisual presentations and much information about frontier mining, with some unique information about the huge cliff that is located just outside its front doors, where Indians would drive the buffalo in large herds and drive them over the cliff, slaughtering big herds of them for food, clothing and other personal needs. The museum is part of a state park that is within the bigger Land of the Yankee Fork Historic Area that occupies much of the magnificent scenic lands of central Idaho, with many marvelous recreational areas, that includes a gold panning station, that today is an excellent opportunity to find small amounts of gold dust that amount to large sums of money because of the astronomical price of gold, and more friendly people that have great information about the area's history and culture. There are also a few ghost towns in the region that include Bayhorse, Bonanza, Custer, the Custer Motorway, the Yankee Fork gold dredge and the famous aforementioned Challis Bison Jump.

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    Sawtooth WinerySawtooth Winery Nampa, Idaho
    The state of Idaho is famous for its fabulous mountains, lakes and rivers, but not many folks know about the excellent wine growing areas of the state, that combines climate, soils and geography that help the Idaho vineyards produce outstanding grapes of excellent character. The region's high elevations, long hours of daylight, cool nights and volcanic ash soils all contribute to the production of grapes with concentrated flavors and naturally high acidity. The Sawtooth winery is one of the warmer areas in the state, which is well suited for cabernet sauvignon, with other varietals that include syrah, merlot, cabernet franc, pinot gris and roussanne. This exceptional vineyard had been known as Pintler Cellars, and had been founded in 1987, with fifteen acres in the heart of Canyon County, along the Snake River valley. The vineyards that encompass the Sawtooth had been rich pastures owned by Charles Pintler, who had seen the huge potential of the steep sloping hills, began to grow grapes. He would plant seven acres of vinifera vines in 1982, that included riesling, semillon and chenin blanc grapes, and by the next year, would add four more acres to the plantings that would include chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon, finally harvesting the first crop in 1987; which produced 4000 cases of wine, and in the next year, 1988, the vineyard would become bonded and an official winery, producing its own wine at its new facility, bottled under the Pintler Cellars label, with a tasting room opening the following year that would allow curious visitors the opportunity to try the new wine. It would join with the Corus Estates and Vineyards in 1998, and change its name to the Sawtooth Winery, that today signifies outstanding quality.

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