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Things to do in Norfolk

    Elkhorn Valley Museum & Research Museum Elkhorn Valley Museum & Research Museum Norfolk, Nebraska
    The Elkhorn Valley Historical Society began in 1958, believing that the preservation of it antiquities would be beneficial to the future generations, and thanks to many in the community, a new museum would be constructed and opened in 1997 with outstanding historical exhibits that relate to the valley and city of Norfolk, including the famous Johnny Carson gallery that showcases his years on television. Their excellent research center houses the family files, photographs and files of the people of Norfolk and Elkhorn Valley that is most helpful to those looking into their families' genealogy. The late John and Willeta Lueschen family donated a wonderful bird library, that is wonderful to learn and explore, while the Children's discovery zone houses many outstanding hands-on activities that bring out the best in children, ages 2 to 11 and their families. The museum also contains a marvelous gift shop that has great souvenirs and gifts that include antique and history books, books by Nebraska authors, Johnny Carson DVDs, VHS tapes and books and the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers items. The Memorial Exhibit Hall is where the majority of the region's history and the city's history is detailed and depicted, with the Granada display and the timeline of the Elkhorn River valley, and the outstanding LaBarre gallery. Other excellent exhibits include the Square Turn tractor factory that began here in 1913 and started building these unique tractors in 1916, and include a very rare one that is quite different than the usual tractor of today. Another display is about Dr. Verges' office that spanned three decades, from 1881 to 1983, dedicating 103 years of medical service to the community by this great family, with an outstanding exhibit filled with their antiquities. Restaurant row is the display dedicated to the cafes and restaurants of old that represent 175 years of culinary delights, and include some relics from the Double K, the Brass Lantern and Mary's Cafe. Each month, one member is asked to feature one of their marvelous collections, along with space available to the community for any of their special exhibits or collections.

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    Norfolk Art MuseumNorfolk Art Museum Norfolk, Nebraska
    This local art center in Norfolk, Nebraska is dedicated to bringing the people of the community together with the arts, in the form of visual arts exhibits, art classes, musical and theatrical performances and productions, in a fun and unique way that is beneficial to the adults and children of Norfolk. The center was founded in 1978 to enrich the lives of the people living in this region and northeast Nebraska, growing over the years to include education, community activities and the performing arts, with two galleries that total 2200 square feet, two classrooms a thousand square feet each, a serving kitchen for any type of food and beverages and a gallery concourse that includes some 28 feet of hanging space; all available for rent any time of the year, including weddings, receptions, bridal or baby showers, holiday parties, birthday parties and graduations. The center exhibits the works of several well known artists in the region, that work in a variety of media and styles with 14 exhibits shown each year, that include works from more than thirty area artists, with ten solo exhibits a year and four group shows. Classes are offered for both adults and children, and include; yoga fitness, belly dance fitness, pastel painting, jewelry decorating, colored pencil portraits, mask making, acting and watercolors.

Enterprise rent- a- car Norfolk

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Local Restaurants in Norfolk

    Entrees; served with chilled juice or housemade soup or tossed salad, choice of FF, cottage fries, baked potato, hash browns, potato wedges sweet potatoes, rice pilaf or hot veggies served with housemade rolls and butter; cut unique cheese & cracker basket included; chopped sirloin is fresh ground sirloin beef; Windsor loin chop is 12oz. tender smoked pork chop broiled & served on toast points, chicken strips deep fried; chicken fried steak if freshly breaded & fried golden brown, with white country gravy; prime rib of beef is prenger's cut 10-12oz. ; hearty cut is 14-16 oz. cut; top sirloin steak gently broiled your way; filet mignon is bacon wrapped; NY strip is premier cut 12oz.; T-bone steak is 16oz. ; ribeye steak is 14oz. ; shrimp scampi broiled in delicious garlic butter; steamed shrimp freshly steamed shrimp served on a rice pilaf with drawn butter; FF shrimp hand breaded shrimp; Cajun shrimp is fresh shrimp broiled our way; tilapia is mild white fish, sautéed in lemon butter; blackened redfish is cooked in cast iron skillet over high heat searing in flavor of Cajun seasonings.

    Whiskey Creek Wood Fire Grill
    Entrees; pan seared tilapia topped with choice of roasted red pepper sauce, corn relish or warm pineapple salsa served with oriental rice & choice of 2 sides; chicken fried choice of chicken or sirloin steak, served with country gravy & choice of 2 sides; chicken tender dinner is chicken tenders fried right, served with FF, Whiskey Creek cole slaw & honey mustard; pot roast is tender beef pot roast smothered in housemade brown gravy & served with choice of 2 sides; sizzling fajitas is fire-grilled steak or chicken over sautéed peppers & onions on sizzling platter; pollo fettuccini tossed in parmesan cream sauce with sundried tomatoes & fire-grilled chicken; salmon wood fired fillet, basted with honey lemon butter, served with oriental rice; pit roasted chicken is fire grilled boneless breast of chicken, served on bed of chicken infused rice; loaded chicken is grilled breast of chicken topped with hickory cured bacon, sautéed mushrooms & melted cheese, served on bed of chicken infused rice; Hawaiian chicken is grilled breast basted with honey lemon butter & topped with pineapple salsa, served on bed of chicken infused rice.


Smoked Pork Chop Broiled Pregner's Norfolk, Nebraska







Pan Seared Tilapia Whiskey Creek Wood Fired Grill Norfolk, Nebraska

Hertz Car Rental Norfolk

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    Dederman CabinDederman Cabin Norfolk, Nebraska
    The Dederman Cabin is the oldest surviving structure in Norfolk, Nebraska, constructed in 1869 from sing willow logs, and housing just two rooms and a loft with wooden floors, by Frederick John Dederman and his family, after moving here from Wisconsin. Dederman and his family came here with 124 other German Lutheran settlers that came here from Ixonia, in three wagon trains in 1866. The area they made their home in didn't have many logs in which to build their homes so they would have to travel some distance to bring them here. The family would live in a dug out cave for two entire years before completing the dwelling. It would become the first home in Norfolk, Nebraska, and today sits in Verges Park as one of the newest exhibits opened here, as well as the Dederman school. The cabin was donated to the museum in 2003, and was rebuilt according to its original plans. The school opened in 1882, and was situated just north of the town, being donated to the museum in 2006. It had been moved to Johnson Park in 1941, and then in 2002, moved to its current location at the Elkhorn Valley Museum and Research Center. Dederman would acquire the logs himself, along the Elkhorn River and bring them back to his property to build his home, the distance being quite far so that it would take the full two years to haul, plane and build the house.

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Avis Car Rental Omaha - 15432 W. Center Rd.

    Cowboy Trail Cowboy Trail Norfolk, Nebraska
    This trail is a former rail track turned trail, in northern Nebraska, now being used as a multi-use recreational trail able to handle bikes, horseback riding and walking or hiking, on the former Chicago and North Western Railway corridor. Once the entire trail is completed, it will run from Chadron to Norfolk, a total distance of some 321 miles, that will make it the longest rails-to-trails in the country. It is the state's first recreational trail, and flows across the Outback area of the state. The track was originally constructed by the Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad, which would be the predecessor of the Chicago and North Western Railway, in the late 1870s and early 1880s, later called the Cowboy Line, that would be abandoned in 1992. The very next year, the Rails-to-Trails conservancy bought the right-of-way and gave it to the state, that would eventually convert it into a recreational trail. The rate that the conversion is taking thus far is about ten to twenty miles each year, and during the summer of 2009, the last section would be finished between Valentine and Norfolk that would total some 195 miles of continuous length. There are 29 communities along the stretch, with many major cities included in that list, with trailheads located in Norfolk and Valentine, all made of crushed limestone, with 221 bridges on the trail, with every one converted to recreational usage, with the bridge across the Niobrara River running a quarter mile long and is 148 feet high, while the bridge at Long Pine Creek is 595 feet long and a 145 feet high.

Thrifty Car Rental Norfolk

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    Verges CavesVerges Caves Norfolk, Nebraska
    The Verges Caves were actually built during the prohibition period, when the city's founding fathers thought it would be a great idea to keep their illegal alcohol stashed in an underground cave, dug by the Verges family, and some of their hired help. They began digging the caves from a steep hill, which had a quarry below, and since they were mostly brickmakers, the family began digging the cave to hide their illegal booze. They finished a three room cave, made of concrete, and painted brightly with the cartoon characters of the day, and sealed the entire enclave, with a rolling stone. Inside the hidden cache, the town's people would hold wild alcohol parties, until prohibition ended, and the need for the cave was no longer necessary and so was sealed permanently with concrete. The entrance to the caves is now part of the Verges Park area, named after the Verges patriarch, and had been kept secret for over sixty years, until someone broke into the caves and brought it to the town's attention, only to have Verges tell them that it had been built as a playroom for the youngsters many years before; and then resealed to keep the park the way it had been for years. Eventually, some pictures would be discovered, showing the wilder side of Mr. Verges, and the caves became part of the park and history. Now, two times each year, the LaVitsef, or festival spelled backwards is held and around founder's day, the caves are opened to the public, with tours offered and the huge rock moved aside by a forktruck; giving visitors a look at the way folks celebrated in the 1920s. Although the walls are faded, and the furniture cleared out, the caves still hold an eerie feeling, and those visiting come away with a stranger than life feeling.

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    Willow Creek State Recreational Area Willow Creek State Recreation Area Norfolk, Nebraska
    The Willow Creek State Recreation Area would start in 1982, spanning some 1633 acres of magnificent landscaping, much enjoyed by the area's fishermen, hunters and campers, as a wonderful ecology blossoms to life under the excellent preservation laws protecting it. There is a fantastic 700 acre lake very popular with the locals and visitors. It is a marvelous region, bordered on two sides by other state parks, and on the south and west sides bordered by outstanding attractions like the trout farm, historic trail and numerous fossil beds. Sitting in the Susitna river valley, this region has once been scored by huge massive ice glaciers that had covered it and as they retreated, about 9000 years ago, the resulting landscape would have rolling hills of elongated glacial deposits that are called drumlins, and containing hundreds of ponds and lakes. It has become a sanctuary for birds and animals alike, with many water fowl, beaver and other animals native to the area, with a marvelous ecosystem that is encouraged by the preservation laws protecting it and the creatures living within, showcasing a magnificent habitat of nature, flora and fauna. The park has 140 campsites, as well as toilets and water, and offers excellent fishing, wildlife viewing, camping and trails.

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