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Alamo discounts 

North Platte Reg. Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 5400 E. Lee Bird Dr. Ste. 8

Things to do in North Platte

    Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park North Platte, Nebraska
    The Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park, or better known around these parts as Scout's Rest Ranch, is a living history park west of North Platte, Nebraska, that includes the home of Buffalo Bill Cody, along with many other historical displays. Just two miles west of North Platte, the property includes the second empire architecture building that was constructed in 1886, and then listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. When the Platte River flooded in 2011, it would be closed, with all the exhibits move and berms constructed around the buildings, and although the flooding came very close, it didn't do the damage that it was expected to do. The house had been constructed during the profitable years of Cody doing the Wild West Show, making the development of his ranch and other interests easier, and no expense would be spared constructing and furnishing the ranch, where visitors can now come and see all the fascinating relics and collectibles that Bill accumulated. This house, which was the very home of William F. Cody, better known as Buffalo Bill Cody recaptures his life and career of the famous buffalo hunter, Pony Express rider and army scout that had turned showman and became world famous. The home, known as Scout's Rest, would become a state historical park in 1965, and since that period, the house and barn were renovated, with a treasure of his memorabilia being showcased and is on display for all to see. The park is located next to the state recreation area that rests along the Platte River, with 50 amp electrical campsites and primitive sites for the tent campers, with fishing, hiking, fire rings and picnic tables, with just 25 acres of the original 4000 now shown. There are five miles of hiking trails, and a boat access, with an excellent visitor's center and much more to keep you and your family busy for days on end, enjoying the very beauty that Buffalo Bill enjoyed in his last years.

Budget rent a car North Platte

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Central Nebraska Reg. Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 3773 Sky Park Rd.

    Cody ParkCody Park North Platte, Nebraska
    Cody Park, in North Platte, Nebraska, is home to a unique collection of animals, children's rides and picnic areas, all set in a beautiful setting that includes a historical antique carousel that has been completely restored, with magnificent hand carved horses. This park is where the powerful statue of William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody stands, with a splendid display of flags from the many tours that the Wild West Show took, as well as a fabulous collection of railroad locomotives and cars donated by Union Pacific Railroad. During the month of September, the park becomes host of the annual Arts in the Park event, that feature outstanding handcrafted items by local artisans and craftsmen. It sits on a hundred acres with kiddie rides and a concession stand, with a wonderful campsite of 40 hardsurfaced pads, and a 4000 square foot shelter. An animal enclosure is another feature of this great park with elks, sheep, ducks, geese, burros and peafowl kept in a natural environment that is great for the kids and families. The Carpenter softball complex is located there, with eight hard-surfaced lighted tennis courts for use during the year, along with many picnic and recreational areas for whatever sports you enjoy like Frisbee and more. There are four restrooms located throughout the park, and three big playground areas for the little guys and girls. They have a great train display being shown from Memorial Day until the end of September that includes a Union Pacific challenger steam engine, 6900 diesel, baggage car, caboose and mail car, with a lot of marvelous railroad memorabilia available for no charge. A portable band shell is also found there, that is used mostly during the summer months for various special events and concerts until the end of the summer.

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North Platte Enterprise Rental Car - 2415 E. 4th St. Ste. 6

Local Restaurants in North Platte

    Whiskey Creek Wood Fire Grill
    Entrees; served with choice of 2 sides; flat iron steak 12oz. ; bacon wrapped filet mignon 8oz.; KC strip 11oz. ; big porterhouse 20oz.; pan seared tilapia is sweet, mild flavored with flaky texture, topped with choice of roasted red pepper sauce, corn relish or warm pineapple salsa, served with oriental rice & choice of 2 sides; chicken fried is hand breaded chicken or sirloin steak, cooked to golden brown, served with country gravy & choice of 2 sides; chicken tender dinner fried right & served with FF, Whiskey Creek cole slaw & honey mustard; pot roast is hearty portion of tender beef pot roast smothered in housemade brown gravy & served with choice of 2 sides; sizzling fajitas is fire grilled steak or chicken over sautéed peppers & onions on a sizzling platter; pollo fettuccini is tossed in parmesan cream sauce with sundried tomatoes & fire grilled chicken; rattlesnake pasta is grilled chicken breast & fettuccini tossed in spicy alfredo sauce.

    Entrees; sizzling smokehouse chicken stack is grilled chicken breast seasoned with BBQ spices then topped with shaved ham, applewood smoked bacon & melted cheddar cheese, served atop 2 corn cakes with BBQ demi-glaze & side of cheesy corn; sizzling Cajun steak & shrimp is 7oz. house sirloin grilled with blackened seasonings & served over sautéed onions & red peppers, topped with blackened shrimp & traditional Cajun gumbo with okra, served with side of red beans & rice with andouille sausage; sizzling Asian shrimp is sizzling, blackened shrimp top skillet full of rice, broccoli, red peppers, sugar snap peas, water chestnuts, mushrooms, carrots & bok choy, drizzled with sweet and spicy sauce, topped with crispy wonton strips & cilantro.


Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon Whiskey Creek Wood Fire Grill North Platte, Nebraska





Grilled Sirloin Applebees North Platte, Nebraska

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Hertz Rental Cars North Platte- 1214 N. Jackson

    Union Pacific Railroad Bailey Yard Union Pacific Railroad Bailey Yard North Platte, Nebraska
    Bailey Yard is the biggest railroad yard in the world, owned and operated by the Union Pacific Railroad, located in North Platte, Nebraska, named after the former UP president Edd H. Bailey, covering a total of 2,850 acres, more than eight mile in length and 2 miles wide, with 315 miles of track, that includes 18 receiving and 15 departure. This amazing yard handles more than 10,000 railroad cars each day, with about 3000 cars being sorted daily in the yard's two humps and 114 bowl tracks. Since there are so many products passing through here each and every day, the UP considers this to be a good economic barometer of the country. Besides the two humps, the yard has a locomotive refueling and servicing center that can handle more than 8500 locomotives each month, with an incredible engine repair shop that can repair up to 750 engines a month and a car repair shop that can take care of up to 50 cars each day. UP employs over 2600 people in North Platte, with the majority of them taking care of the day-to-day operations that are needed in the Bailey Yard. Since the yard opened in the late 1860s, North Platte has been a division point, where the trains are sorted, with the rail crews exchanged and maintenance or repairs performed on the equipment, and the early yard design had been that of a flat switched yard with just 20 tracks. UP opened up Bailey in 1948 as a hump yard, with 42 tracks, and another hump yard opened with 6t4 tracks added in 1968, and then a diesel locomotive shop opening in 1971, and a railroad car shop in 1974; but it would be replaced in 1980 with a 50 track yard.

avis discount rental car North Platte

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Avis Discounts
Avis Discounts

McCook Avis Car Rental  - 109 W. 8th St.

    North Platte Historical MuseumNorth Platte Historical Museum North Platte, Nebraska
    This museum will take you back to the days of yesteryear, when the Oregon Trail and Pony Express riders went through this region in the shadow of Scotts Bluff National Monument and other famous and historic places showcased in the museum. It describes the fascinating story of the plains Indians, emigrant trails, fur traders and the early settlers of the North Platte River Valley that is found in the western panhandle of Nebraska. Just outside the museum are historical authentic sod and log houses, that had been constructed in the late 1800s, that have been partially furnished with relics that belonged to the families that lived in them, along with a marker that shows where the Oregon-California Trail passed. The museum is also home to the Paul and Helen Henderson Oregon Trail collection, one of the most comprehensive research collections about trail materials that has ever been assembled. Some of the outstanding exhibits shown here include the McGrew Bank, the Pioneer Wall, the ceiling from Hall's Furniture store, Gerign Courier press, the Garlock cabin, a tipi, murals, and stone relics, a one room schoolhouse, a bull boat, the Haig post office and bank, the Mud Springs Pony Express station, much bead work, a 1929 Chevrolet business coupe and a general store. There are some unique items showcased here as well like the Patriot truck that had been manufactured in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1919 by the Hebbs Motor Company, and is just one of the fifteen known to still exist; and the Mary Ann Jane Plumbly Simmons crazy quilt that is considered to be one of the best in the world, believed to have been made in the 1800s in New York and came to Sidney, Nebraska by train and would end up in Scottsbluff with the original family. Another magnificent quilt is the Trails Across Western Nebraska that was created in 1998 by the Panhandle Quilt guild, and a special fold down bathtub that provided hot water.

Thrifty Car Rental North Platte

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Grand Island Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 3773 Skypark Rd. #4

    Stones and Bones Emporium and GalleryStones and Bones Emporium and Gallery North Platte, Nebraska
    Combining the best of both worlds or ages, this outstanding gallery offers both artifacts and art for sale that include rustic and old artworks made from bones and stones of various types, creating beauty and form from plain old stones found along the ground and in river beds, some worked on by Native American craftsmen thousands of years ago. This unique gallery offers both for free, with some of the most interesting and exciting relics found in the state, along with an excellent collection of native stone-age relics from the rural areas of Nebraska. Discover such marvelous items as bison skulls from western Nebraska and many types of arrow heads and spear heads made from the bones of animals and the stones found along a trail or river bed that have survived centuries of discoveries and treasures that bring in folks daily to see what different kinds of paraphernalia the gallery has developed or discovered. The gallery offers classes and workshops to construct tipis and stone art, with overnight stays provided for those that wish to experience the closest thing to living in those times, under the most primitive conditions available. Another class offered is flintknapping, which is the ancient art of shaping flint, obsidian, chert or other conchidal fracturing stone by using a process called lithic reduction that creates stone tools, flat faced stones for building or facing walls, flushwork decoration and strikers for flintlock firearms. It is an ancient art form that transforms stone or bone into useful tools or decorations intended for many uses, and has been around for centuries. It you ever wanted to learn about this ancient technique, then this is a great gallery to visit and learn more about it.

Dollar Rent-A-Car North Platte

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Omaha Dollar Car Rental - 101 S. Tenth St.
Dollar Rental Car Omaha Intl. Apt. - 4501 Abbott Dr.

    Alpha Omega LabyrinthAlpha Omega Labyrinth North Platte, Nebraska
    This labyrinth is located in North Platte, Nebraska, providing a spiritual journey to visitors, wanting to quell their minds of unnecessary feelings, thoughts, ideas and plagues, that affect the intellect and spiritual growth of people around the world, using a labyrinth to quiet the mind as your body flows along a singular path that leads from the outer edge to the center, and then back to the outer, creating a walking meditation that was born during the 11th and 12th centuries by Christians. This spiritual walking leads people to a sacred place far deep inside us that begins to engage the process of healing and transformation, with a symbol of unity and wholeness, along a winding path that takes each individual to the center that changes into a metaphor for our own unique spiritual journey. The labyrinth is ancient, with some believing that it is as old as civilization itself, when these tools would be used for paths of prayer or walking meditation for praising, thinking and petitioning, without a specific model to follow, other than one's own abilities and thoughts. It is a place of spiritual discernment, that is just right for you, without anyone else's ideas or thoughts about the path that you choose, and always perfect for you. Some advice offered is that visitors enter the labyrinth without any expectations, or thoughts, providing you with your own unique experience, with many believing that it is just as God wants it to be for you. Your experience in the labyrinth is going to be different each time you enter, with some walks feeling as if nothing happened to you, while at other times, you may feel that you have gained a world of knowledge and understanding. Sometimes it just improves your mood and outlook on life, but whatever happens, may not become evident until later, when you realize that the subtle changes in your life have come about because of your walk. Many folks come here when they have difficult problems that need answering and others that need more positive influences; but regardless of your reasons for coming, you will walk away with a different outlook on life and the world around you.

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North Platte Apt. National Car Rental 

 5400 E. Lee Bird Dr. Ste. 8