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Yyz Pearson Intl. Apt. Alamo Car Rentals - Pearson Intl. Apt.
Alamo Rental Cars Toronto Metro Ctr.
 1200-200 Wellington St. W.

Things to do in Oshawa

    Robert McLaughlin Gallery Robert McLaughlin Gallery Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
    This awesome gallery in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada is the biggest public art gallery in the Durham region of Ontario, containing a magnificent collection of Canadian modern and contemporary artworks, kept in a wonderful structure designed by well known Canadian architect Arthur Erickson, with the collection focusing mainly on the works of art created by the group known as the Painters Eleven, that had been started in the Oshawa studio of member Alexandra Luke. William Caldwell, local designer, would start a group of artists to begin a commercial gallery area in Oshawa, and within a short time, Ewart McLaughlin and his wife Margaret (Alexandra Luke) offered to give some financial support to the group and a number of excellent works to assist in creating the foundation of a public gallery for the city, using Ewart's grandfather's name, Robert McLaughlin. The museum houses some 6800 works altogether, with the Thomas Bouckley collection making the art library and archives much better than it was, and includes the Painters Eleven paintings, the Group of Seven paintings, abstracts, the archives, the Bouckley collection, watercolors, landscapes and the Beaver Hall group paintings, in their permanent collection.

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Toronto Budget Car Rentals - 1474 Victoria Park Ave. 
Budget Car Rental Markham - 7604 Woodbine Ave.

    Parkwood EstateParkwood Estate Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
    The Parkwood Estate in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, is the former home of Samuel McLaughlin, who founded the General Motors of Canada company, and would be their homestead from 1917, when it was constructed, to 1972. Construction started in 1916, with designs done by the Toronto architectural firm of Pearson and Darling, and added to the National Historic Site of Canada's list in 1989, with tours given all year round. It is one of the best and grandest remaining grand estates in the nation, featuring outstanding architectural, landscaping and interior designs that would survive the 1920s and 1930s, at one time being the home of auto magnate, R. Samuel McLaughlin, and praised by the country's Historic Site and Monuments Board as "a rare surviving example of the type of estate developed in Canada during the inter-war years and is rarer still by its essentially intact condition, furnished and run to illustrate as it was lived within". This fabulous estate had once been a private enclave that would only be experienced by a privileged few, but now is open to the world as a National Historic Site. The immense estate continues to keep its original conditions, as the private home of a wealthy Canadian family, that reflected not only his interests and tastes, but the most remarkable five decades of history in the country and the world that would embrace both the automobile and the 20th century technology. The fabulous interiors of the Parkwood showcase an entire representation of the early 20th century design and grand estate functions with outstanding room settings that showcase the designers' works and illustrate the family's lifestyle along with the hospitality that they would give to their guests. The house is filled with silver, china, crystal, family photographs, linens, needlework, trophies and memorabilia that have all been excellently preserved and shown in their original surroundings, down to the monogrammed linens, as if the family still occupied the house. There are magnificent murals that adorn the walls, including fantastic works by well known Canadian artists like Frederick Haines and Frederick Challener, along with hand-painted murals and fabulous artworks, custom furniture, photographs and family mementos, bright chandeliers and European and Canadian fine art. The mansion's interior decorations include elaborate architectural finishes in plaster, decorative plaster ceiling treatments, marble, tile and wood flooring, carved wood, mantles and fireplaces, as well as outstanding architectural novelties like hidden panels and stairways. These magnificent decorations reflect the splendid blending of old world style with new-world modern art. The incredible collection includes Louis XVI furniture, ornamental metalworks, decorative clocks, planters, vases, innumerable pieces of original artworks, custom-loomed rugs, oriental carpets and elegant window treatments. It has 55 rooms sitting on 15,000 square feet, with a fantastic array of gardens.

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Oshawa Enterprise Rental Car - 423 Bloor St. W. Unit #1
Enterprise Car Rentals Oshawa - 184 King St. W.

Local Restaurants in Oshawa

    Fazio's Restaurant & Wine Experience
    Entrees; cedar planked maple & walnut encrusted Atlantic salmon with bacon seared sea scallops; whole roasted Aussie lamb rack rubbed with fresh herbs & garlic in red wine mint reduction; frutti de mare is fettuccine in a plum tomato white wine garlic sauce with jumbo shrimp, diver scallops & mussels; slow braised osso buco with cab wine & hunter veggies au jus; Frenched chicken supreme oven roasted & stuffing of olive tapenade, sundried tomatoes, spinach & goat cheese with alla vodka sauce; parmigiano is Italian crusted veal tenderloin or supreme of chicken, baked in tomato san marzano sauce & mozzarella cheese; black spiced Chilean sea bass with spaghetti alla vongole, in baby clam white wine sauce; caramelized crisp blackened duck in a raspberry lime sauce with baked apples & pecans.

    Entrees; chicken linguini with asparagus is grilled sliced chicken, extra virgin olive oil, fresh asparagus, & goat cheese in an aioli sauce; seafood linguini is prawns, scallops, mussels with linguini in a fresh garlic wine basil tomato sauce; jumbo shrimp fettuccini with fresh basil & roasted garlic tomato cream sauce; vegetarian pasta is fresh tomato & basil sauce with roasted red peppers, zucchini, mushrooms & asparagus on bed of fettuccine topped with baked goat cheese; prime rib rubbed with house special spices & slow roasted; rack of lamb seasoned with olive oil, lemon, sea salt & mountain herbs, flame grilled to order; stuffed chicken supreme is chicken breast stuffed with spinach, sundried tomato & goat cheese; NY strip 8 or 12 oz. ; filet mignon 8oz. ; peppercorn NY steak served with Harpo's housemade brandy tri-color peppercorn sauce; steak Neptune is butterflied filet mignon, topped with asparagus & crab, finished with hollandaise sauce.


Roasted Lamb Rack Fazio's Restaurant & Wine Experiecne Oshawa, Ontario, Canada



Chicken Linguni Harpo's Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

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Hertz Rental Cars Pickering- 970 Brock Rd. S.
Markham Hertz Car Rental - 4 Laiklaw Blvd.
Hertz Rental Cars Scarborough- 2507 Eglinton Ave. E.
Markham Hertz Car Rental - 3120 Steeles Ave. E.

    Canadian Automotive Museum Canadian Automotive Museum Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
    The Canadian Automotive Museum in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada showcases many Canadian made autos, but more specifically the Canadian division of the General Motors Company, that is known as General Motors Canada, which has been the main industry in Oshawa for many years. This museum opened in 1961, when a group of local businessmen, opened the museum to preserve the automotive history of the nation and to offer its history to the public in an educational and entertaining way. It occupies a 25,000 square foot structure located in downtown Oshawa, that had been a 1920s car dealership, with it keeping its original period architecture right down to the original elevator that would move cars from one floor to the other. The museum houses some 65 magnificent cars from the earliest in the 1900s to the latest and greatest in the 21st century. Some of the fabulous models displayed include; an 1898 Fischer Electric, a 1902 Orient, 1903 Redpath Messenger, 1905 McLaughlin Carriage, 1908 De Dion Bouton Roadster and Tudhope-McIntyre, a 1909 Hupmobile and a 1909 Model T, that was manufactured in Canada. And those autos are just the ones made before 1910, with many other made before the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and more, like the 1960 Austin Princess Limousine, the 1960 Rolls Royce Phantom V Limousine, 1962 Hillman, 1962 Lotus Formula Junior, 1966 Buick Wildcat, 1971 Manic GT and 1981 Plymouth.

avis discount rental car Oshawa

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Oshawa Avis Car Rental  - 78 Bond St. W.
Avis Car Rental Ajax
- 147 Westney Rd. S. Unit 6

    Oshawa Community Museum & ArchivesOshawa Community Museum & Archives Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
    This is the sole museum in the city that depicts the local history using three renovated homes, that are still standing on their original foundations and provide a much better understanding of the lifestyles of the city's early settlers. The Henry House would be the first to be rejuvenated by the Oshawa Historical Society and would be opened as the Henry House Museum in 1960, and then the museum would begin to grow with the addition of the Robinson House in 1969 and then the Guy House in 1985. In 1982, the museum would be renamed the Oshawa Sydenham Museum to connect the museum's houses with the lakefront, that had been called Port Sydenham. But, then, in 1998, on Canada Day, the museum would rename the museum the Oshawa Community Museum & Archives to reflect its significant role in the city's historical, cultural and educational aspects. The museum's collections are considered diverse and showcase a marvelous photograph and postcard collection that had been Thomas Bouckley's, along with a newspaper microfilm dating back to 1862, medical instrument collection, relics from the Henry, Guy and Robinson families and other early settlers of the town, a 7000 item Grandview artifact collection, a fabulous reference library featuring local history books and a huge photograph collection that depicts the city's places, personalities and events. The museum and its archives have grown into a prominent part of the city and outstanding resource, with four magnificent structures from the past, that includes the museum, and the earliest native occupation to the current times.

Thrifty Car Rental Oshawa

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Toronto Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars
 In Terminal Pearson Intl. Apt.

Thrifty Car Rental Burlington- 3485 Harvester Rd.
Markham/Unionville Thrifty Rental Cars - 4470 Hwy. 7
Thrifty Car Rental Mississauga Hurontario
 3660 Hurontario St.

    Oshawa Zoo & Fun FarmOshawa Zoo & Fun Farm Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
    This rural zoo and fun farm in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada houses 45 species of tame exotic and domestic animals that will eat food from your hand, set in an open interactive environment that is sure to delight your family and you with a great day outdoors. The babies of these animals seem to bring the nurturing genes out in every child, adult and parent that visits, getting the marvelous opportunity to hand feed these small newbies and watch them as they playfully run around and interact with the other animals and children. It is a great day for the family, regardless of your ages, and a sure fire way to help introduce your children to the farm life. The farm and zoo opened their gates in 1993, offering a clean, green, interactive way to mix friendly exotic and domestic animals with humans, both large and small. These animals are housed on 22 exciting acres, with camels, wallabies, lemurs, llamas, macaws, Patagonian cavies, monkeys and peafowl in the exotic area, and goats, miniature horses, potbellied pigs, miniature Dexter cattle, mammoth and mini donkeys and Texas longhorns in the domestic arena. The zoo is dedicated to finding and adopting orphaned animals, with excellent success, with many on the doorstep of death, with the fabulous staff at the zoo bringing them back to life and living a great life at that. Each spring, the zoo has many new babies born, and this year was a banner year with 12 new lambs being born, and two camels, with a young miniature horse, baby llamas, donkeys, mini Dexter cattle, Barbados sheep and many more. They do have one animal that isn't mentioned, that is the first of its kind in Canada, and this baby girl is going to surprise all visitors when they come.

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Toronto Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental
 Pearson Intl. Apt. Terminal 1,2 & 3

Dollar Rental Car Toronto - 191 Parliment St.
Toronto Dollar Car Rentals - 1108 Bay St.
Dollar Rental Cars Toronto - 140 Carlton St.

    Oshawa Military & Industrial MuseumOshawa Military & Industrial Museum Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
    The Ontario Regiment Ferret Club that is now a part of the Oshawa Military Industrial Museum has grown significantly during its fifteen years of operation, going from just nine Ferrets to a collection of more than 55 vehicles, with the latest being an Abbot self propelled gun that just arrived from the British Army in Suffield, Alberta. The museum began in a two car garage in Oshawa in 1980, and it wouldn't be long before it was looking for a larger permanent home, which would turn out to be the local airport that was one of the numerous British Commonwealth Air Training Plan sites for allied pilots, including Americans, that would operate here during WWII. This airport would also serve as the drop off point for candidates to the city's then top secret spy school called Camp X that is now quite famous. Strangely enough, James Bond's creator, Ian Fleming, would be trained here as well as did many other intelligence agents that would eventually play an important role in winning WWII. The Ontario Regiment, part of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps has had a long and distinguished history of service and gallantry that is proudly documented and showcased at the museum, with more than just a collection of military objects, that includes bringing all the military vehicles to a good running condition, as well as commemorating the outstanding roles that this country's great people would play in the war, giving sacrifices and lives in defense of their freedom and those of the world. The museum not only reminds people about the courage and self sacrifice of the many service people that gave their all to the war efforts, but also, the people that stayed at home and did all the necessary things that would complement and assist them in obtaining their goals. Besides a marvelous collection of military vehicles, the museum has an excellent and large collection of weapons, uniforms, medals, and relics that have been used by the Canadian army since the 1850s to the current day. These relics have been meticulously displayed in outstanding dioramas that showcase their area of use, with many medals being displayed.

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Metro Hall National Car Rental - 200 Wellington St. W.