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Things to do in Pawtucket

    Slater Mill Historic Site Slater Mill Historic Site Pawtuket, Rhode Island
    Sitting close to the Blackstone River in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, the historic Slater Mill is now a National Historic Landmark and began its life being modeled after the cotton spinning mills of England, and the first water-powered cotton spinning mill in North America that would use the Arkwright system of cotton spinning that had been created by Richard Arkwright. The mill's founder, Samuel Slater, had become an apprentice in Belper, England to industrialist Jedediah Strutt, and a little while after immigrating to the new world, would be hired by Moses Brown of Providence, Rhode Island to create a working set of machines that could utilize running water to operated its machinery. The earnest construction of a waterway, mill, waterwheel and dam would start in 1790 and finished by 1793. The manufacturing process would be based on Arkwright's cotton spinning system that included spinning, carding and drawing machines. Slater began by hiring children and families to work in his mill, beginning a practice that would be copied in all the Blackstone Valley and become known as the Rhode Island System. Some years afterwards, it would be outdone by Francis Cabot Lowell's Waltham System. The mill would become the holder of the first and lowest reference number in the National Register of Historic Places, even though many others had been on the list before them, and in 1966, it would be listed on the landmarks. The original part of the mill that had been constructed in 1793 held six bays in length and be two stories high, with more additions completed in 1801 and then another in 1835. During the time between 1869 and 1872, a much bigger addition would be added on the north side of the mill, its cotton spinning business would continue to 1895, when the mill would be used for different industrial businesses until 1923. During that period, the mill would barely escape significant fires, with two of them in 1912, that would cause the community to realize the significance of the mill historically. The Old Slater Mill Association would be started in 1921 to save and preserve the old mill, which began in 1923, and it would be brought back to its 1835 condition, and in 1955, it would open as a museum, that now sits on 4.23 acres of land with a community center, educational center, the mill and the living history museum.

Budget rent a car Pawtucket

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T. F. Green Apt. Budget Car Rentals - 700 Jefferson Blvd. 
Budget Car Rental Providence - 17 Eddy St.
Norwood Budget Rental Cars
- 125 Access Rd.

    Steamship Historical SocietySteamship Historical Society Pawtucket, Rhode Island
    The Steamship Historical Society of America (SSHSA) was founded in 1935 as a non-profit, and bring amateur and professional maritime historians together in the last years of the steamboat services in the northeastern parts of the nation. Their interests have expanded to include the engine-powered vessels that operated throughout the country and world wide, that would include both deep sea and inland. In 1950, it would be incorporated in the commonwealth of Virginia and be headquartered in East Providence, Rhode Island. The society publishes a quarterly journal called the Steamboat Bill, and has been published since 1940, now the oldest publication of its kind in the world. The society would modernize the journal's layout and title to include more about the ship industry and is called PowerShips, publishing original and authoritative articles about ships from the past and present. It also includes regional and international reports about the current vessels, cruising and shipping. It showcases the latest and best maritime books in the field, and publishes related material and books about the history of engine powered vessels. It hosts two meetings a year, in this country and Canada, where the maritime industry has been very active, and includes trips on active historical vessels whenever it can. The society also announces any special cruise opportunities that are being offered on ocean vessels and inland ships, with numerous local chapters still being active around the country.

Enterprise rent- a- car Pawtucket

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Pawtucket Enterprise Rental Car - 458 Broadway
Enterprise Car Rental Providence - 90 Weybosset St.
N. Providence Enterprise Rental Car
 1935 Mineral Spring Ave.

Enterprise Car Rental E. Providence - 365 Waterman Ave.

Local Restaurants in Pawtucket

    The Village Restaurant
    Entrees; fried rice with beef, fish, chicken or variety meat or shrimp; village designer rice, plantains, rice & variety meat; jollof rice with fish, chicken or asst. meat & plantains or salad; stir fried fish, chicken, beef or shrimp with boiled rice & mixed veggies or plantain; egunsi with fish or variety meat; asaro with fish, chicken or variety meat; Gbegiri Ewedu with fish, chicken or variety meat; village fried eggs, yams, bread or plantains; beans with spicy sauce & plantains.

    Modern Diner
    Entrees; orange grilled salmon is Cajun-grilled salmon basted in an orange marinade; baked haddock topped with butter & crumbs; mango grilled tilapia is blackened tilapia topped with fresh mango salsa; fried haddock is golden fried; fried shrimp with cocktail sauce; jambalaya is shrimp, andouille sausage, chicken, onions, red & green peppers all sautéed with Cajun seasonings & rice, garlic bread; Tuscan seafood pasta is boiled scallops & shrimp, bruschetta mix & linguine tossed in delicate white sauce; chicken alfredo is penne pasta with alfredo sauce, topped with grilled chicken breast & shredded parmesan cheese; chicken parmesan on bed of linguine topped with melted cheeses & marinara sauce; Cajun chicken penne Florentine is penne pasta tossed with spinach, tomatoes & alfredo sauce, topped with Cajun chicken & sprinkled with parmesan & Romano cheeses.

Gbergiri Ewedu with Fish The Village Restaurant Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Orange Grilled Salmon Modern Diner Pawtucket, Rhode Island


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Hertz Rental Cars Pawtucket- 180 Broadway
Providence Hertz Car Rental - 400 Silver Spring St.
Hertz Rental Car Providence- 1375 Mineral Springs Ave.
Providence Hertz Car Rental - 630 Taunton Ave.

    American Diner Museum American Diner Museum Pawtucket, Rhode Island
    The American Diner Museum would begin its historic journey in 1996 when it would start celebrating and preserving the historical and cultural importance of the American diner, one of the nation's unique institutions, as well as recognizing and sharing the significance of diners nationally and internationally. A true diner is considered to be a prefabricated structure built in an assembly plant and then transported to a permanent location to be installed to serve prepared food. The Webster's dictionary defines it as "a restaurant in the shape of a railroad car", because the would diner comes from the longer and more historical term of dining car, which in turn would cause the manufacturers to design and construct a diner that reflected the style of the railroad dining cars. The diner would most often have a counter, food prep area, usually along the back wall and stools for customers to sit and eat at. Many decommissioned passenger cars and trolleys have been used to be converted into diners, rather than paying the expensive price of new ones. It seems that in the mid 19th century, one Walter Scott, a part-time pressman and type compositor, living and working in Providence, Rhode Island would need to supplement his income, so he began selling sandwiches and coffee from a basket to the men and women working nights a the newspaper, as well as patron's of men's clubs. He started in 1858 and was just seventeen years old, but within fourteen years, his business had become so lucrative that he quit his part-time job and started selling his wares from a horse-drawn covered express wagon that he would park outside the Providence Journal Newspaper office. The outstanding success of these early pioneers of the diner, would cause some to start companies and make lunch wagons to be sold. It would blossom into one of the most enjoyable experiences for Americans and would continue to this day, although there are not nearly as many good diners as there once was. However, it would become part of the American landscape for over a century, and affect culture and dining out in many excellent ways, that have touched many lives and include aspects of lifestyles that pertain to cooking, design, fashion, popular culture and dining out. It was what many kids did after high school back in the 1950s and 1960s, when they would head to the local diner to get a cherry coke, vanilla coke or other drink with a burger and fries or just plain French fries; talking the afternoon away, listening the juke box and dreaming about whatever was important to them.

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Avis Car Rental Norwood
- 125 Access Rd.
Providence Avis Rental Cars
- 1 Dorrance St.
Avis Car Rental Warwick - 1074 Post Rd.

    RI Jewish Historical SocietyRI Jewish Historical Society Pawtucket, Rhode Island
    Founded in 1951, the Rhode Island Jewish Historical Association is now the oldest ethnic historical society in the state, led by volunteers, supported by donations, bequests and memberships, the group serves genealogists, history buffs, scholars, teachers and students, both Jewish and Gentile. It has constructed a magnificent archive about the state's Jewry from the 19th and 20th centuries, with over 5,000 photographs, city directories, oral history recordings, numerous relics, manuscripts, congregational and organizational records and a complete run of the Rhode Island Jewish Herald and Federation Voice. The association involves itself in the community in many ways that include leadership, publications, education, events, research and genealogy, with an excellent list of links and photographs about past and present members.

Thrifty Car Rental Pawtucket

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Providence Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 700 Jefferson Blvd.
Thrifty Car Rental Warwick- 2329 Post Rd.

    Providence Athenaeum Providence Athenaeum Providence, Rhode Island
    The Providence Athenaeum was founded in Providence, Rhode Island in 1753, when a group of people from the community created the Providence Library Company so they could get access to many books that they couldn't afford individually. They each would pay a small fee to the library so it could purchase the books that every member could share and enjoy. It is the fourth oldest subscription library in the country and one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Stephen Hopkins, would be one of the leaders of the early group. Quite a few of the books would have to be purchased from England, but in 1758, a fire would break out and destroy the first collection of books, that had been located at the Providence court house. In 1770, Brown University would move to Providence, and the library would offer students the use of its books. In 1836, the company merged with the Providence Athenaeum that had been founded in 1831, and the results of that merger would be called the Providence Athenaeum. A brand new Greek revival structure would be finished in Providence by the Philadelphia architect, William Strickland and the athenaeum would be moved there with an outstanding collection of books and volumes. Today, the circulating collection contains more than 150,000 books, DVDs, recorded books on tapes and CDs, periodicals, and movies on video and DVDs.

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    Capron Park ZooCapron Park Zoo Attleboro, Massachusetts
    This small zoo sits on an eight acre parcel of land that would open in 1937 in Attleboro, Massachusetts, and become home to some 100 animals that represent 44 species, as an accredited member of the AZA and AZAD, as well as taking part in the species survival plan program. It would be the small children going to school that began a penny drive in 1925, trying to raise enough money to fund a small zoo in their town, and in 1937, the Capron Park Zoo would open up on eight acres of the original 33 acres that the Capron family donated to open the park. In the late 1980s, the zoo would be rejuvenated and reopened in 1990. In 1991, a new children's department would open, and the zoo continues to offer public educational programs as well as excellent recreational activities that are devoted to improving the understanding of animals. The educational department promotes environmental education and instructs the children of the interaction between them and the animals and how the zoo works. Its exhibits include Asia, Australia, North and South America with beautiful animals like lion, lemur, agouti, snow leopard, emu, sloth bear, green tree python, owls, meerkats, kangaroo and white lion. It also has a great nocturnal structure that have reversed the lifestyle of the animals house here so that visitors can enjoy viewing nocturnal critters in the daytime and those include numerous birds, porcupine, three-toed sloth and fruit bats.

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