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Alamo Rental Cars Porto Downtown
 Rua Antonio Bessa Leita 1478

Things to do in Rio Tinto

    Oporto Cathedral Oporto Cathedral Porto, Portugal
    The Porto Cathedral, known as the Se do Porto in Portuguese is situated in the historical heart of the city, one of its oldest monuments, as well as being one of the most significant Romanesque monuments in the country. The present structure was started in 1110 by the bishop Hugo and completed in the 13th century, although there is some evidence that the city has been a bishopric seat since the Suevi domination during the 5th and 6th centuries. It is flanked by twin towers in a square shape, with both of them supported by buttresses and crowned with a cupola, although its facade is devoid of decoration, it does show a baroque porch and elegant Romanesque rose window that is located beneath a crenellated arch that provides something of a fortified church. The nave is Romanesque and quite narrow, covered over with a barrel vaulted ceiling and flanked by two aisles that are covered with a lower vault. Its unique stone roof covers the central aisle supported by flying buttresses, that shows this structure to be one of the first in the country to use the unique architectural feature. It is considered to be one of the first Romanesque structures in the city and region, but has undergone numerous changes, although keeping its Romanesque facade. A gothic funerary chapel would be added in 1333, called the Joao Gordo, who had been a knight hospitaller that worked for the King, Dinis I, and his tomb is decorated with his figure and reliefs of the apostles. The magnificent cloister is also from the 14th and 15th centuries, when King John I reigned, and he would marry Princess Phillippa of Lancaster, England in the cathedral in 1387. The interior and exterior would be significantly changed during the baroque period, with a beautiful silver altarpiece added, and a new apse, constructed in the baroque style would be constructed with many magnificent paintings created by Nasoni and more choir stalls added. It is a beautiful and glorious church, filled with many antiquities and artworks.

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Porto Budget Car Rentals - Avenida Da Boavista 918 

Local Restaurants in Rio Tinto

    The Old Kitchen Restaurant
    Specialties; medallions over lobster; mashed pennyroyal with seafood cream; sole with ivy pudding.

    Lion House Restaurant
    Specialties; over mashed candied cod loin; sautéed chickpea & turnip tops; black candied pork cheeks with red pepper paste, over mashed pennyroyal.

Lobster Medallions The Old Kitchen Restaurant Rio Tinto, Portugal

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Hertz Rental Cars Braga- Rua Conselheiro Lobato, 67
Barcelos Hertz Car Rental - Avenida Joao Duarte-Arcozelo
Hertz Rental Car Viana Do Castelo
 Estrada da Papanata Bldg. Edificio do Parque
Moncao Hertz Car Rental
 Praca de Republica 55 AVIC Travelagency

    Pousada Porto-Ash Palace Ash Palace Rio Tinto, Portugal
    The Ash Palace in Porto, Portugal was constructed in the mid-18th century, and is one of the finest examples of baroque Portuguese architecture, designed by Nasoni. The facade is a well preserved structure with beautiful lines and details, becoming a National Monument in 1910 and includes two structures that are linked together. The size of the spaces here, along with its excellent cuisine and magnificent aura have made this a fascinating destination for many of the country and Europe's elite well-to-do.

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Porto Apt. Avis Car Rental  - Aeroport Francisco Sa Careniro
Avis Car Rental Porto
- Rua Guedes De Azevedo 125
Porto Avis Rental Cars
- Campanha

    Palacio da BolsaPalacio da Bolsa Porto, Portugal
    The Stock Exchange palace is situated in Porto, Portugal, constructed in the 19th century in the neoclassical style, in the historical center of the city, which is a World Heritage Site, and sits beside the St. Francis Church of Porto. Construction began in 1842 and completed by 1850, although the interior would continue to be worked on until 1910, that would include numerous artists and their excellent works. These works include a big metallic, octagonal dome that held glass panels would be designed by Tomas Soler and installed after 1880, with the lower area of the dome decorated with the coat-of-arms of Portugal and the nations that it would have commercial relationships with. On the rear of the courtyard, there is a magnificent staircase, constructed by Goncalves e Sousa, in 1868, and goes to the upper levels that is adorned with busts created by such famous sculptors as Antonio Teixeira Lopes and Antionio Soares dos Reis, with the ceiling frescoes created by Antonio Ramolho. There are numerous rooms in the palace that have beautiful furniture designed and built by Jose Marques da Silva, with sculptures by Teixeira Lopes , allegoric paintings by Joao Marques de Oliveira and Jose Maria Veloso Salgado and numerous other works of art. The most significant feature of the palace is the Arab room, that had been constructed between 1862 and 1880 by Goncalves e Sousa, and is decorated in the splendid and exotic Moorish revival style that was becoming quite fashionable during that period of the 19th century and would be used to receive visitors and other personalities that were visiting here in a state capacity.

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Lisbon Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - Rua Martires De Timor

    Paco Episcopal do PortoEpiscopal Palace Porto, Portugal
    The Episcopal Palace of Porto has been the former residence of the bishops of Porto, Portugal, and sits on a high elevation near the Oporto Cathedral, and today, dominates the skyline of the city, located in the historical heart of the city and designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is a prime example of late baroque and rococo civil architecture, with the first church being constructed in the 12th or 13th century that is evidenced by the Romanesque windows that can be seen in the interior of the church. It was here that the marriage of John I of Portugal and Phillippa of Lancaster would be married, and then in the 16th and 17th centuries it would be enlarged, with an old drawing depicting a number of structures that had towers attached, which was quite atypical of the period. The current palace is the result of a significant renovation that was completed in the 18th century that converted the architecture into a more baroque structure. Some believe that the palace was drawn in 1734 by the Italian artist Nicolau Nasoni, who had done a lot of work around the city and its outskirts, with the actual construction starting in 1737 under the leadership of Miguel Francisco da Silva and went rather slowly, with problems in the financial area, that eventually would cause the structure to be scaled down. It would finally be completed in the last decades of the 18th century, under Bishop Rafael de Mendonca, who has his coat-of-arms inscribed on the main entrance and the inner monumental stairway. It would continue to be used as a residence until the 19th century, when the Siege of Porto began, in 1832, and the bishop would be forced to leave the city, which left the palace to be occupied by Peter IV's troops, as a stronghold during the battle against Miguel I. Sometime during the years between 1916 and 1956, the bishops would stop using the residence and it would become the seat of the municipality of Porto.

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- Aeroporto Sa Carnerio
National Rental Cars Porto Downtown 
 Rua Antonio Bessa Leita 1478