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Panama City Downtown Alamo Car Rentals
 Ricardo J Alfaro Ave.

Alamo Rental Cars Panama City -  Calle 50
Panama City Tocumen Intl. Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 Tocumen Intl. Apt.

Things to do in San Miguelito

    Panama Interoceanic Canal Museum Panama Canal Museum Panama City, Panama
    The Panama Canal Museum sits in Panama City, Panama, founded in 1997 to show the history of the building of the Panama Canal, in its different stages, that includes the initial French construction attempt, and then, the later construction that completed it by the United States. When all was said and done, it would be transferred to the Panamanian government so they could control it. The building that houses the museum was constructed in 1874, and had been a headquarters of both the French and American companies that had been involved in the construction; and sits in the city's old quarter. This museum has 10 permanent display rooms that showcase the testimony of the history of the inter-oceanic route and construction of the canal and in divided into these galleries by the following; road, water and people; telecommunications and the Panama Canal: 1855-1930; the impact of the Panama Canal in Panamanian economy and finance; history of the building; construction systems from 1904 to 1914; the material life of the Canal Zone; engineers channel 1904 to 1914; Canaleros Claims; the Canal in Panamanian hands and 1914-1979 American Canal. Their temporary displays have become an essential aspect of the mission and goals of the museum, that shows the pivotal role about specific topics of special interest. The National temporary exhibits allow the Panamanians to educate visitors about the present issues that pertain to their objectives and the ones that come from other museums or institutions that assist in raising the nation's cultural levels. The current temporary exhibition is titled, German for Beginners. Of special interest to many are the itinerant exhibits that meet specific needs and interests that pertain to others understanding the history and reality of the country and helps to strengthen the international confidence in the nation and the continued operation of the canal. The museum continues to publish outstanding books about the canal and museum that helps visitors and others learn more about it and their operations in the scope of their country, their culture and history. The museum helps in annual campaigns and activities that uphold and enhance these objectives.

Budget rent a car San Miguelito

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Panama City Budget Car Rentals - Israel Ave. & 57th St. 
Budget Car Rental Panama City - Israel Ave.
Panama City Budget Rental Cars
- Tocumen Intl. Apt.
Panama City Budget Car Rentals  - Via Espana, La Cresta

Local Restaurants in San Miguelito

    La Posto
    Entrees; penne regatti picone is eggplant, wood oven roasted tomatoes & ricotta salad; linguine with imported clams; portobello ravioli; oxtail tortellonni with asparagus & portobello mushrooms; ravioli verdi with housemade sundried tomatoes & ricotta; porcini & asparagus; wood oven roasted bacon, tomatoes & garlic; scallops, calamari, shrimp & octopus; Chiricano pork chops, wood oven roasted with purple cabbage; imported braised beef short ribs boneless, with parmesan risotto; USA imported flank steak; Chiricano angus filet with green pepper infusion; organic wood oven roasted chicken with lemon, herbs & polenta; NY 12oz. steak with potatoes, herbs al tartufo & mushroom demi glaze; Creole lechoncito is wood oven roasted with corn tacu tacu; grilled lamb with couscous salad garbanzo puree; angus ribeye with potato, onion and pancetta for two.

    Tre Scalini
    Entrees; basilico served with fresh tomatoes, basil & olive oil; fresh sauce with fresh tomatoes, cappers & olive oil in a tomato sauce; putanesca with fresch tomatoes, black olives & anchovies; vodka style with rose sauce, shives & red peppers; rossini is chicken breast with pomodoro sauce & mozzarella; Venetian is flambe chicken & mushrooms in a rose sauce; carbonara is with bacon, eggs, parmesan cheese & cream; alfredo is ham, cream and parmesan cheese; broccoli alfredo is chicken breast with tender broccoli & peppers in white sauce; al capriccio is diced chicken breast with crunchy bacon, grilled tomatoes, fresh basil with pesto sauce & parmesan cheese.


Grilled Lamb With Couscous La Posto San Miguelito, Panama




Broccoli Alfredo Tre Scalini San Miguelito, Panama

Hertz Car Rental San Miguelito

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Hertz Rental Cars Albrook Domestic Apt.
 Aeroporto de Albrook

Panama City Hertz Car Rental
 Calle 52 Bella Vista y Ricardo Arias

Hertz Rental Cars Tocumen Apt.
 Aeropuerto Intl. De Tocumen
Panama City Hertz Car Rental
 Via Porras 3 blocks from Calle 50

    Casco Viejo Casco Viejo Panama City, Panama
    Casco Viejo or in English, Old Town, is also called San Felipe or Casco Antiguo, and sits in the historic district of Panama City, Panama, that had been settled in 1673, just after the initial city had been destroyed by pirates in 1671. In 1997, it would become a World Heritage Site because of its outstanding architecture and historical places, and especially, the Panama Canal. Originally, the city would be founded in 1519 and continue for another hundred and fifty-two years before the governor, Juan Perez de Guzman would have it set on fire, to keep the infamous pirate, Henry Morgan and his cutthroats from coming in and pillaging it in 1671. Antonio Fernandez de Cordoba would arrive in 1672 to begin rebuilding the city that would be finished and founded in 1673. This time the city would be constructed on a peninsula that was totally isolated from the ocean and a marvelous defensive system of walls. Today, the city is preserved in its condition and called Casco Viejo or Old Town. Some of the main sights a visitor might be interested in seeing include the Plaza de la Independencia, La Catedral Metropolitana, which is the main Catholic church in the city, Plaza de Francia, El Palacio de las Garzas that is the residence and office of the President, Plaza Herrera, Church and convent of St. Francis of Assisi and many others that are sure to excite and interest you when you visit with your family or friends.

avis discount rental car San Miguelito

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Marcos A. Gelabert Apt. Avis Car Rental  - Albrook Field
Avis Car Rental Tocumen Intl. Apt.
- Panama City
Panama City Avis Rental Cars
- Edif Distribuidora David
Avis Car Rental Panama City - Calle d. El Cangrejo

    San Jose ChurchGolden Altar San Jose Church Panama City, Panama
    The Church of San Jose, located in Casco Viejo is a small and almost simple structure that sits on a narrow street in the San Felipe district of Panama City, Panama, but inside the church is the spectacular gold altar that was created out of wood and then covered over with gold flake, much the way the old Israelites made their altars and other instruments for their temples. In Spanish, it is called, the Altar de Oro, or Golden Altar, and had originally been located in an old church that sat in Old Panama. When the English pirate, Henry Morgan came to pillage, rape and ransack the city, in 1671, the Jesuits that were there painted the altar in black so that the pirates wouldn't notice the golden altar and take it with them. It worked, because the pirates left it alone, thinking that it was just a worthless piece of junk. After Morgan and his pirates had sacked and burned Old Panama, the Jesuit monks of the Order of St. Augustine would move the altar to the new church and it is still sitting there to this day. The image to the right is the actual altar as it sits in the church today. The congregation and others welcome the exciting tourist business that they get, but when there is a service going on, be sure to be as respectful as you can, because these folks don't appreciate some foreigner coming into their sanctuary and taking pictures of their altar. They don't mind any other time, and don't mind if you come in during their services, but you must be respectful, or the consequences might not be what you expected.

Thrifty Car Rental San Miguelito

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Panama Intl. Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - In Terminal
Thrifty Car Rental Panama Domestic Intl. Apt.- In Terminal
Panama City Thrifty Rental Cars - Via Espana No. 100

    Metropolitan CathedralMetropolitan Cathedral Panama City, Panama
    The cathedral rests in Casco Viejo and showcases the Spanish influence in the church's size and age, taking over a century to complete, between 1688 and 1796, and an excellent example of religious colonial architecture that existed in Panama. The facade has a stone carved face that is flanked by two towers that house the bells that had been taken away from the Cathedral of Panama after it had been destroyed by the infamous pirate, Henry Morgan in 1671. The cathedral would remain in a terrible state of disrepair until 2004, when a large renovation project would bring it back to its former glory and is now one of the main attractions in the old part of the city. It had been reconstructed in 1673, using many of the stones that had been taken from the old ruined city. The towers are inlaid with mother-of-pearl, and the large imposing arches inside don't have the aesthetics of the exterior, but the walls have been magnificently decorated with fabulous paintings. The structure has a contrasting black and grey facade, with white bell towers that showcases the excellent example of a Latin American neoclassical building. In the front, the cathedral has a large plaza, where the citizens would celebrate their independence from Columbia when it would officially become the Republic of Panama. Encompassing the plaza, the Municipal Palace still stands where the French would live while they started building the canal. It has been converted and remodeled into a house museum that depicts the significance and future of the canal. The president and his staff attend official religious ceremonies here when it is necessary.

Dollar Rent-A-Car San Miguelito

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Panama City Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - Main Terminal
Dollar Rental Car Panama City Domestic Intl. Apt.
 Marcos Albrook Gelabert
Dollar Rental Car Panama City-Cochez 
 Ave. Ricardo J. Alfaro

    Panama CanalPanama  Canal San Miguelito, Panama
    The Panama Canal, considered to be one of the seven modern wonders of the world, is a 48 mile canal running through Panama, linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans making it easier, shorter and less expensive than traveling around Cape Horn that sits at the bottom of South America. In the beginning, some 1000 ships would use that canal and shorten their trip from the Atlantic to the Pacific from 14,000 miles to 9,500 miles in less than half the time and expense. In 2008, the canal would allow some 815,000 ships to pass through it and become one of the most difficult, but successful engineering projects in the world, unfortunately, it would cost the lives of almost 28,000 people that included almost 22,000 in the 1880s when the French tried to accomplish this incredible feat, and the 5,600 that perished when the Americans finished it in 1914, after spending ten years building it. The original idea was considered in the early 16th century, when the Spanish and other countries were trying to find a pathway to the Far East, and instead, stumbled upon one of the richest areas in the world. The journey takes about 6 to 10 hours to complete, and the biggest ship that has completed the journey was the San Juan Prospector, that has now become the Marcona Prospector, which is an ore-bulk-oil carrier, and is 296 plus feet and a beam of 106 feet. The first idea of a canal would be spoken of by King Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor and king of Spain, in 1534, hoping to find an easier route for their ships traveling to and from Spain. But it would be another three and a half plus centuries before it could be accomplished, and at a cost beyond the realizations of the American and Panamanian governments. Actually, the treaty that would start the process was between the US government and the Columbian government that controlled the region until 1903, when it broke away from Columbia and became the country of Panama; which would be immediately recognized by the United States and a treaty completed. One noteworthy item from the concept and construction was that President Theodore Roosevelt would go to the canal to see for himself what the immense problems would be, and become the first sitting President of the United States that had traveled outside of the country.

National Rental Cars San Miguelito

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Panama City Tocumen Intl. Apt. National Car Rental 

 Apt. Counter

National Rental Cars Panama City Marcos A. Gelabert Apt.  
 Canal Area

Panama City National Car Rental 
 Ave. Diogenes De La Rosa Y