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Things to do in Sudbury

    Art Gallery of SudburyArt Gallery of Sudbury Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
    The Sudbury art gallery opened in 1967 and is located in the historic arts and crafts movement Belrock Mansion of William J. Bell, the first lumber magnate in the city and philanthropist. It originally was called the Laurentian University Museum and Art Center or LUMAC, but changed to its new name in 1997. In 2010, the gallery announced a fundraising for a new and expansive gallery that would add another 14,000 square feet of exhibit space, that will be called the Franklin Carmichael Gallery, and should be finished in 2014. The gallery is set in such a unique environment that is inclusive of the entire scene, with fabulous artworks set inside a fabulous mansion that exudes history and more. The gallery offers exciting lecture series, special events that bring the community together for discussion, art classes and more. One of the most interesting aspects of the gallery, at least to the novice and beginner, it hosts many kinds of art classes throughout the year for all ages and interests. Another interesting venue is the sales and rental program that the gallery has, selling artworks for any interested parties for the home or business, as well as offering many of the paintings and sculptures available for rental for as long as you wish. It is a great program where homeowners or apartment dwellers can add some color and excitement to their place, without having to spend a lot of money to place these magnificent artworks in their home. Two of their upcoming exhibitions include Sense of Place, with excellent prints made by the Windsor Printmaker's Forum and 56 degrees and North that showcases the works of the Inuit Indians, like Lucy Qinnuayuak and Kenojauk Ashevak, with a unique and mysterious wonder that is sure to capture your own imaginations.

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    Science Center North Science North Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
    Science North is a unique interactive science museum in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, that is the most popular attraction in Northern Ontario, and consists of two snowflake shaped structures on the southwestern shore of Lake Ramsey, south of the city's downtown area, and a former ice hockey arena that contains the entrance and an IMAX theater. These unique snowflake structures have been linked by a rock tunnel, that goes through a billion year old geologic fault, that was not discovered when the structure was being built in the early 1980s. As the walkway gets closer to the bigger snowflake structure, the Inco Cavern auditorium located there is used quite often for temporary exhibits, along with press conferences and other special events. Located in the main building, there is a 60 foot fin whale skeleton that had been recovered from the Anticosta Island hanging from the ceiling. The complex has a marvelous boat tour, called the Cortina, that offers scenic tours of the lake, along with the Jim Gordon boardwalk that runs from the museum to the city's Bell Park, on the western shore of the lake. The first floor houses the IMAX 3D theater, TD Canada Trust Toddler's treehouse, which is an educational playground, the planetarium and a 4D Inco Cavern which is a 4D Bush Plane adventure ride that glides through the Arctic Archipelago. On the second floor, there is a lapidary lab where you can learn to cut, polish and grind rocks that transform them form ordinary rocks into works of art, the nature exchange that is a wonderful game for all ages and the F. Jean MacLeod Butterfly garden that houses over 400 butterflies from over thirty various tropical locations. The third floor contains four main areas that include the Northern Forests, where animals that live in this region are showcased, the wetlands where visitors learn more about the region's vast ecosystems, rivers and lakes where marvelous animals live and the Discovery theater where all visitors watch live science shows on topics ranging from fire to sound. The fourth floor has the racetrack, the techlab, bodyzone, space place and FedNor cyberzone. The museum has many more exciting and interesting venues that will entice and inspire you and your entire family, giving you one of the most unique days of your life.

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Local Restaurants in Sudbury

    Fish Bowl Restaurant
    Entrees; fish & chips is haddock served with FF & cole slaw; 5oz. AAA filet mignon grilled your way with maritime lobster tail, served with fresh seasonal veggies, choice of baked, garlic mashed, home fresh cut fries or home style rice; filet mignon 8oz. AAA premium cut, lightly seasoned & grilled served with fresh seasonal veggies, choice of baked, garlic mashed, home fresh cut fries or home style rice; NY striploin is 10oz. AAA premium NY striploin grilled your way served with fresh seasonal veggies, choice of baked, garlic mashed, home fresh cut fries or home style rice; 12oz. or 14oz. AAA premium ribeye grilled your way served with fresh seasonal veggies, choice of baked, garlic mashed, home fresh cut fries or home style rice; yellowfin tuna grilled rare, topped with balsamic glazed mushrooms served with fresh seasonal veggies, choice of baked, garlic mashed, home fresh cut fries or home style rice; swordfish brushed with garlic butter served with fresh seasonal veggies, choice of baked, garlic mashed, home fresh cut fries or home style rice; salmon seasoned with lemon pepper twist & topped with tomato salsa served with fresh seasonal veggies, choice of baked, garlic mashed, home fresh cut fries or home style rice; shrimp is skewered jumbo black tiger shrimp grilled & seasoned with olive oil & garlic served with fresh seasonal veggies, choice of baked, garlic mashed, home fresh cut fries or home style rice.

    Little India
    Entrees; diamond beef curry is marinated in yogurt with fresh ground Indian spices; beef korma curry is boneless beef, cooked in traditional korma spices served with rice; beef & lemon curry is boneless beef marinated with lemon & cooked perfectly; butter chicken is boneless chicken cooked in delicious thick creamy tomato based curry; chicken homestyle is boneless chicken cooked with fresh herbs, yogurt & spices; achaar chicken is boneless chicken breast cooked in East Indian achaar spices; tandori chicken is marinated chicken, baked to order in clay oven served with garden salad; ginger lamb chops is fresh Ontario lamb chops, tossed in fresh ginger, onions, tomatoes & garlic; lamb vindaloo (hot) is hot vindaloo spices & fresh Ontario lamb; lamb/goat korma is fresh Ontario lamb, cooked in exceptional korma masalas; achaar lamb is fresh Ontario lamb, cooked in traditional achaar spices.


Fish & Chips Fish Bowl Restaurant Sudbury, Ontario, Canada










Diamond Beef Curry Little India Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

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    Dynamic Earth Dynamic Earth Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
    This interactive museum is situated in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, owned and operated by Science North, showcasing the city's mining heritage, although it concentrates more on geology and mining history displays. The museum opened in 2003 and is home to the city's most famous landmark, the Big Nickel. Science North is the region's most popular tourist destination and has been an educational resource for both adults and children, maintaining the second and seventh biggest science centers in the nation, featuring an IMAX theater, butterfly gallery, special exhibits hall, digital planetarium and Dynamic Earth, home of the Big Nickel and an earth sciences museum. It seems that about 1.85 billion years ago, a huge meteorite struck the earth and created the Sudbury Basin, which would become one of the most unique locations on earth, creating a crater almost seven hundred feet in circumference, and the second biggest impact centers in the world. It would also have three distinctive effects on the geology of the ground and rocks there. The first condition of rock that it created was shattercones, as the high-energy shock waves raced through the rocks here, re-aligning the minerals into fan-like patterns called, shattercones. These unique rocks can be seen and found by Ramsey Lake Road and inside the tunnel at Science North. The second is called Sudbury breccia, which is found just outside Dynamic Earth, that is found in the ancient crater walls. Once the impact passed, the rocks inside the crater walls would be shattered immensely and their fragments would become mixed with molten rock that solidified and became known as Sudbury breccia. The third unique rock is called Sudbury ejecta, which was the materials ejected out of the crater and thrown some 500 to 700 kilometers away from the impact site and it has been found as far away as Northern Michigan. To find out more about this fantastic process, you can visit the special exhibition called Riding with Meteorites at Dynamic Earth.

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    Centre Franco-Ontarian Folklore Centre Franco-Ontarian Folklore Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
    The Center for French Ontario folklore is one of the nation's most famous collector's of oral folk art, housing hundreds of traditional stories and songs about the people of this great nation that have been saved in print and recorded materials thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Father Germain Lemieux. It also contains magnificent displays and collections of Northern Canada antiques, with plenty of sights for all visitors to enjoy. The center is found in a historical structure, and is quite involved in the research and interpretation of Franco-Ontarian culture, by collecting and archiving the spiritual, historic and symbolic heritage of the region, as well as workshops and conferences, a magnificent reference library and guided tours of the many displays that pertain to the French Canadian culture, the Franco-Ontarian heritage data bank and a fabulous folklore archive. The center is a leader in the heritage conservation and development area, since its founder Father Lemieux began keeping oral histories of many Canadians long ago. It has been a provincial organization since 1991, collecting, preserving and promoting Franco-Ontarians' oral history, and has four outstanding displays that showcase the trades and traditions of the region's pioneers, with antique musical instruments and the daily life of the initial French-Canadian settlers. It continues to host social gatherings to celebrate their popular festive holidays, activities that concentrate on the Franco-Ontarian oral traditions, a magnificent resource center and excellent archives about oral folklore and religious heritage, as well as workshops.

Thrifty Car Rental Sudbury

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    Copper Cliff Museum Copper Cliff Museum Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
    The Copper Cliff Museum is kept in a log cabin that is located on the very first homestead in the region, although it wasn't the original structure that had been constructed there, but was located elsewhere and moved here in 1972. The museum has been set up to depict the lifestyles of a miner's family in the area, along with the baseball jacket of Thelma Jo Walmsley, one of the Copper Cliff natives that played with the Racine Belles in 1946 All-American Girls Professional Baseball League championship team. There is a Ontario Historical plaque installed at the site that commemorates the Mine Rescue Station's role in the province's history. The log cabin is a turn-of-the-century two story log structure that had originally been the homestead of an early miner and his family that sat on Clarabell Road in Copper Cliff. Just left of the museum, a stone fireplace was built in 1927 by the citizens of Copper Cliff to honor the first structure built in the region. Inside, visitors can see an antique wood stove that had been used for cooking, with cooking or silver utensils, as well as a pump organ and silver display that showcases some of the luxury items that were used back then. Upstairs, the museum houses a bedroom and display area where the family would sleep, as well as a hat and shoe exhibit that depicts the turn-of-the-century women's fashions. The cabin also has a top notch view of the biggest smokestack in the nation, INCO's superstack.

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    Anderson Farm Museum Anderson Farm Museum Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
    This museum occupies the original fourteen acre farmsite in Lively, Ontario, which still houses a historic dairy farm that had once been owned by Flemish immigrants, Gretta Peltonen and Frans Anderson, including many of the original structures, along with a historic paymaster's cabin from Inco's mining camp in Creighton, that would be moved to this site after the community had shut down in 1987. The farm has been painstakingly restored to its original condition, when it would use horse drawn machinery and windmill generated power. It had been built in 1914, and is still preserved to showcase the outstanding history of the region. The milk house and barn are still there to show visitors the kind of hard work that would be involved in the old dairy farm. Gretta and Frank were married in 1901 in Copper Cliff and raise six children. Other rooms include the kitchen that had been added to the house in the 1920s, as well as the parlor and dining room. The museum has a marvelous exhibit about laundry chores that show their progression through the years, and is a great display. The museum houses the original Finnish loom that would create the rugs needed by the house and family, and a Singer sewing machine that is run by a foot pedal. The main dairy barn is 120 by 40 feet and built in 1916 for $700, with many various examples of farming exhibits, and the loft had been used for hay storage, but is now a huge display area. The reconstructed stable has been converted into a storage area for many of the antiquities, including a Beatty Brothers manure carrier, with numerous windmills used to pump water to the barn and farmhouse.

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