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Things to do in Thunder Bay

    Thunder Bay Museum Thunder Bay Museum Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
    This museum located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada is run by the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society that was founded in 1972 as the successor to the Thunder Bay Historical Society, which was founded in 1908. Beginning in 1994, the museum would be housed in the former Fort William Police station and court house that is close to the Thunder Bay City Hall. This three story structure was designed by the architect, Robert Mason, and constructed in 1910, as an outstanding example of classical revival architecture, with two big Corinthian columns and pilasters. The first floor contains a gallery filled with permanent displays of various stages of the local history, while the second is called the James Murphy room and has been dedicated to meetings and various programs like workshops for children. The third floor gallery showcases the McKellar games room and special exhibits. The excellent museum continues to collect relics of regional interest, like furniture, pictures and dolls, with one collection containing a firetruck. The archives have 1900 maps and plans, 2200 volumes in the library, 150,000 photographic images and 400 feet of linear records. Their historical society publishes a yearly magazine called the Papers and Records, as well as producing publications about a number of local and regional interest. Other collections include beadworks, ceramics, lamps, maps, clothing and birds. They also have a magnificent Victor III 1902 table phonograph that played 78 rpm records on a 10 inch turntable, from the Andrew Coffey collection, with a number of other gramophones and other kinds of musical instruments, as well as sheet music. Another collection is the military relics collection that includes a WWII gasmask. There are many outstanding examples of medals, uniforms, badges, documentation and weapons.

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Lakehead Apt. Budget Car Rentals - 100 Princess St. 
Budget Car Rental Thunder Bay - 230 Waterloo St. S.

    Fort William Historical ParkFort William Historical Park Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
    This park had been known as Old Fort William, and is a magnificent Canadian historical site found in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, where a reconstructed fort fur trading post sits that had been first built in 1815. It opened in 1973, and designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1923. In the early days of the 18th century, the North West company had built a significant trading post called Fort Charlotte at Grand Portage, Minnesota, but when the colonists won the Revolutionary War, and the British ceded the region to the United States, their fur traders decided to move the trading post further north so that they wouldn't have to pay taxes to the US. They moved the post north and called it Fort William. Today, it is a living history site, with many historic structures being rebuilt to show the span of the old post, and brought in costumed historical interpreters to help recreate the fort in 1815, although it wasn't a major settlement, but a central transport depot in the now defunct North West company's network of fur trading posts. Since it had been centrally located in the province, it was built much bigger, with more facilities than the average fur trading post. Because of this, the park now contains 42 rebuilt structures, a small farm and a rebuilt Ojibwa village. The historical interpreters have taken the numerous roles and cultures that had been involved in the fur trading business, including Scottish fur traders that would often take Native American wives and had their families living with them. There were also French Canadian voyageurs and workers that would also take wives from the Native American tribes, with native hunters and trappers. The native Indians in the Fort William area had been mostly Ojibwa and have been well represented by the historical interpreters. Today, the park has a large number of tradesmen working there, like tinsmith, birch bark canoe makers, blacksmith, carpenter and cooper; who continue to craft their articles as they did in those days, using the same old tools and methods. Some of these ancient trades are no longer practiced anywhere else in the world, like the birch bark canoe builder that has produced these marvelous old canoes for other cultural Canadian sites, including the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

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Thunder Bay Apt. Enterprise Rental Car - 100 Princess St.
Enterprise Car Rental Thunder Bay - 727 Memorial Ave.
Thunder Bay Enterprise Rental Cars - 1100 Arthur St. W.

Local Restaurants in Thunder Bay

    Caribou Restaurant
    Entrees; Sicilian grouper is matalotta style pan seared with olives, capers, onions, crushed plum tomatoes & simmered in the oven, served on a polenta cake & finished with olive oil; steak & potatoes is grilled certified angus beef striploin, topped with roasted chili vinaigrette, served with Syracuse salt potatoes & fresh green beans; Moroccan lamb shank is Canadian lamb shank seasoned with coriander, cumin, paprika, cinnamon, dates & slowly braised, served with harrisa golden pearl barley & natural jus; paella Valancia is wood oven roasted in a Spanish cazuela terra cotta dish, with chorizo sausage, black tiger shrimp, chicken, peppers, green beans & tomato saffron rice; seafood pasta is fresh clams, black tiger shrimp, bay scallops, plum tomatoes, premium extra virgin olive oil, tossed with bagna cauda butter & tagliatelle noodles; Korean BBQ duck breast is muscovy duck, pan seared marinated in hoisin-ginger BBQ sauce & oven roasted, served with scallion-egg fried rice & Thai chili broccoli; piri piri chicken is boneless half chicken, brined & wood roasted in a spicy lemon-garlic olive oil, served with charred bell pepper & shoe string frites; Yucatan pork is grilled pork tenderloin, brushed with sweet chili glaze served with chipotle cheddar risotto & warm salsa cruda.

    Flame Grill House
    Entrees; stone pot bibimap is mixed rice served in hot stone pot with jasmine rice topped with sautéed & seasoned veggies & sweet chili pepper paste or house soy sauce & fried egg, with choice of beef, chicken, pork or shrimp; flame chicken burger is two house special crispy chicken patties topped with lettuce, wedge fries & grilled veggies on the side; bulgogi on sizzling hot plate is marinated beef, sautéed with mixed veggies, vermicelli noodles, served on sizzling hot plate with jasmine rice; la galbi on sizzling hot plate is marinated prime beef short ribs, sautéed with mixed veggies, served on sizzling hot plate with jasmine rice; bento box is served with soup, salad, mixed tempura, dumpling, fruit, jasmine rice; kimchi fried rice on sizzling hot plate is fried rice with mild chili twist of kimchi, chicken, mixed veggies, topped with mozzarella cheese & shrimp.


Morrocan Lamb Shank Caribou Restaurant Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada







Bulgogi Flame Grill House Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

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Thunder Bay Hertz Car Rental - 1480 W. Walsh St.

    Amethyst Mine PanoramaAmethyst Mine Panorama Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
    Amethysts have a marvelous history and this mine would be established in 1960, becoming the biggest amethyst deposit in North America, discovered in 1955, because of a road that was being constructed to a forest fire lookout tower that is today very visible from the site. Amethysts had once been considered to be revered as the "jewel of the gods", and is the official gemstone of the province today. It is the birthstone for February, and the official gem for Wednesday, Jupiter and those born under the sign of Pisces. It has been used to symbolize deep love, wealth, happiness, sincerity and humility, and centuries ago, farmers believed that is could protect their crops from locusts and hailstones. It was also the emblem for Matthew, one of the twelve apostles, and Leonardo da Vinci believed that it had the power to control evil thoughts, quicken intelligence and help men become shrewd in business matters. The amethyst production would begin in 1960 at the mine, and it has been producing since that time. This mine produces 40% usable amethyst by volume, and there is a huge digging area that is open to the public, as the main source for "pick your own" amethysts. There are enormous amounts of amethysts mined every year here, to replenish the digging area, obtain landscape and garden stone, as well as supplying the Amethyst Gift shop, found in Thunder Bay, and this mine has about 60 to 70 years of reserves that will provide stones for years to come. The legend of amethysts began millions of years ago, when the great wine god, Bacchus, had become angered by the insults of man and vowed to let his man-eating tigers destroy the first human they were able to catch. There lived a beautiful princess, named Amethyst that had been traveling along the shores of Thunder Bay, to worship at the shrine of the goddess Diana on the highest hill, and upon hearing the roaring of the tigers, climbed up to Elbow Lake thinking she could escape by a canoe, although one couldn't be found. She began believing that she would be killed, when a cave appeared nearby and she went inside, praying for help. Diana, hearing her cries, sealed the cave and keeping the princess safely inside. Bacchus became ashamed and remorseful, so he poured red wine onto the cave, which stained all the crystals inside and created the magnificent gemstones called amethyst, thus freeing the princess. The legend had such a strong following around the world, that the people began believing that the wearer of amethyst would always be healthy and protected from the results of over-indulgence, and these vibrant purple stones are still mined here today and enjoyed by all.

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Thunder Bay Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 100 Princess St.
Avis Car Rental Thunder Bay
- 1465 Walsh St. W.

    Eagle CanyonEagle Canyon Adventures Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
    The Eagle Canyon adventures began on the sheer cliffs of Eagle Canyon, encompassed by fabulous scenery, magnificent landscapes and extraordinary surroundings, and for those that have already been here, to begin the journey, the first bridge you cross is the nation's longest foot suspension bridge at 600 feet long, crossing the canyon, above the ground about a 150 feet in the air. Add to this the nation's longest zipline and you are in for one of the biggest thrills of your life. The park has many RV sites, wheelchair accessible, amethyst gift shop, snack bar, motor coach parking and many tenting sites. It is located by Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, and has some of the most fascinating scenery in the world, with beautiful panoramic views and vibrant vistas. It has grown into one of the best sites in the province, and crossing the bridge offers you a beautiful view of a spring fed lake, along with fantastic trails that take you for a journey that you will never forget, with more adventure and excitement than you probably have ever had, but regardless, this one is going to stay with you for a long time. There is a smaller suspension bridge that is just 300 feet long, sitting above the ground about as high as the other, and if that isn't enough to give you the thrill of a lifetime, then try out their half mile long zipline, that is the country's highest and fastest, some 175 feet into the air where you will travel at speeds up to 60 miles per hour.

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    Kakabeka FallsKakabeka Fall Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
    Kakabeka Falls is located on the Kaministiquia River, just west of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, with a spectacular waterfall that drops a 130 feet into a fantastic gorge that was carved out the Precambrian Shield by melt water that followed after the last glacial maximum; and because of its size and ease of getting there, it is often referred to as the "Niagara of the North". Its rock face and escarpments are made mostly from unstable shale, that is constantly eroding, but still manage to grow sensitive flora, and house some of the oldest fossils in existence, with some being 1.6 billion years old. Since it is so fragile and unstable, it is forbidden to go down into the gorge below the falls. Its name, kakabeka is derived from the Ojibwa word gakabikaa, that means "waterfall over a cliff", which is fairly simple and to the point. The park would be established in 1955, and includes some 1,236 acres that are managed by the Ontario Parks, with the park encompassing the falls and going along the river, that had been used for centuries by the Voyageurs, who had been the first Europeans that would winter in northern Ontario. They used the river as a main route to the northwest, with less than a mile portage around the falls. There had once been a hotel located at the edge of the gorge that had a magnificent terrace, but that would be taken down after it became a park, but the hotel had a round restaurant that looked out over the falls and during the frigid winters would get a thick coat of ice from the spray of the falls that was extraordinarily beautiful. The park has two campgrounds with 169 camping sites, with 90 0f them having electricity, and there is about 11 miles of hiking on six trails, unless you plan on making your own. In the winters, they have cross country skiing, and a natural heritage education program offered in the summer, with daily interpretive programs, visitor center and guided hikes. business, but part of the larger corporation.

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    Lake Superior Area GeologyLake Superior Area Geology Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
    The rocks on the north shore of Lake Superior date back to the early days of the earth, when the magma forced its way to the surface and created granites for the Canadian shield, during the Precambrian age, which was between 4.5 billion and 450 million years ago. These granites are available for viewing today, on the north shore, and during the penokean orogeny, a process would begin that created the Great Lakes Tectonic zone, when many valuable metals would be deposited. This area is rich in minerals, nickel, copper, iron, gold and silver, which were naturally mined. Some outstanding examples of these discoveries include the Hemlo gold mine near Marathon, uranium at Theano Point, copper at Point Mamainse and silver at Silver Inlet. As the mountains continued to erode, deposits of sediments would continue to be deposited, that would, over time, be compacted and become, dolostone, taconite, the shale at Kakabeka Falls and limestone. The entire continent would be riven, that created one of the deepest rifts in the world, and the lake lies in the long extinct Mesoproterozioc rift valley, called the Midcontinent Rift, where magma would be injected between the layers of sedimentary rock and create diabase sills. The hard diabase protects layers of sedimentary rock beneath it, and formed flat topped mesas in the Thunder Bay region. Amethyst would be formed in many of the cavities that had been created by the rift, which is how these amethyst mines would become located in the Thunder Bay area. This age continues for millennia, with an intriguing history, leading up to the arrival of the first humans to come to the area, some 10,000 years after the retreat of the glaciers in the last ice age.

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