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Tocumen Intl. Apt. Alamo Car Rentals - Tocumen Intl. Apt.
Alamo Rental Cars Panama City Downtown
 Ricardo J. Alfaro Ave.

Panama City Alamo Car Rentals - Calle 50 

Things to do in Tocumen

    Heron's Palace Heron's Palace Panama City, Panama
    The Palacio de las Garzas or Heron's Palace, is the governmental office and residence of the President of Panama, and is named after the many herons that roam freely and openly around the palace courtyard. These birds were brought here in 1922, by former president Belisario Porras, at the suggestion of friend and poet of the nation, Ricardo Miro. The marvelous palace is located in the old part of the city that had been reconstructed after Morgan the pirate had come here and sacked and burned the city in 1672. It would be constructed the next year, and has endured numerous changes over the centuries; originally used as a residence for the Spanish governor, then the royal winery, a warehouse and customs house and National Bank's headquarters. This newer house would replace the older one in 1885, with the outstanding remodeling done that included a new room for the official events, located on the upper floor, where the other rooms used by the president and his family. The Columbian artist, Epifanio Garay, is charged now with the painting of the portraits of the presidents that have been in office since 1855. The new palace was inaugurated in 1923, but it wouldn't be until 1938 that it was completely occupied when the National Bank left. The structure would get large renovations in 1922, under the leadership of architect Leonardo Villanueva-Meyer, when the Andalusian courtyard would be added, along with the third floor and two towers. In 1934, an elevator would be added for a state visit by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, so he would be able to stay in his assigned quarters. The structure has continued to be used by all the presidents except for a few that kept their own houses in the city and commute to the palace. The Salon Amarillo or Yellow Room is the most significant, since the majority of the formal events take place here, and the Tamarind's room where the president and his family dine, with outstanding murals were painted by Roberto Lewis that was inspired by ideas of Taboga Island and its famous tamarind trees. Juan Demonstenes Arsoemena, who was the president during 1938 would ask for the works to be done. The Salon Moriso or Moorish room is another lovely room that was added in the 1922 remodeling by Villanueva-Meyer.

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Tocumen Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 Tocumen Intl. Aeroporto
Budget Car Rental Panama City - Via Espana La Cresta
Panama City Budget Rental Cars
- El Cangrejo, 55th St.
Budget Car Rentals Panama City - Israel Ave. 

Local Restaurants in Tocumen

    Entrees; yucca country pie with chicken, corn, capers & raisins; fresh seafood in delicious stew with rice; chicken pot tamale; rice with chicken; salted hung beef with fresh tomato sauce; pot roast in tamarind sauce; shredded loin of beef; pork chop with mango chutney sauce; roasted fresh pork; NY steak grilled with chimicurri sauce; filet mignon with bacon; mixed kebab with beef, chicken & shrimp; chicken breast filled with spinach, breaded; chicken breaded & grilled in garlic sauce or with fresh tomatoes; chicken breast with orange sauce; linguini with chicken & veggies; salmon en mantequilla; octopus grilled with lemon; squids with roasted pepper in coconut sauce; red snapper Caribbean style; seafood casserole with garlic & olive oil; fresh jumbo shrimps spiced with curry sauce served in pineapple.

    La Posto
    Entrees; beef carpaccio with artichokes & pistachios; la posta heirloom tomato caprese with baby arugula & mozzarella; corvina escabeche with citrus marmalade; crispy salmon with watercress & goat cheese; frito misto with zucchini, eggplant, shrimp, Greek yogurt and mint; cannelloni di polo e bietola with Swiss chard & chicken; shrimp tabliarini with zucchini; penne regatti picone with eggplant, wood oven roasted tomatoes & ricotta salad; linguine with imported clams; portobello ravioli; oxtail tortellini with asparagus & portobello mushrooms; ravioli verdi with housemade sundried tomatoes & ricotta; porcini & asparagus; wood oven roasted bacon, tomatoes & garlic; scallops, shrimp, calamari & octopus; corvina with mojo & cassava; corvina enpapillote with white wine sauce & greens; pedasi yellow fin tuna with quinoa & feta salad.


Yucca Country Pie Tinajas Tocumen, Panama




Beef Carpaccio La Posto Tocumen, Panama

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Hertz Rental Cars Albrook Domestic Apt.
 Aeroporto de Albrook

Panama City Hertz Car Rental
 Calle 52 Bella Vista y Ricardo Arias

Hertz Rental Car Tocumen Apt.
 Aeropuerto INternacional de Tocumen
Panama City Hertz Car Rental -
Via Porras three blocks from Calle 50

    Panama Cathedral  Panama City Cathedral Panama City, Panama
    The Metropolitan Cathedral of Panama City lies in the old part of the city, showcasing the Spanish influence that inspired the large church, constructed between 1688 and 1796, an excellent example of colonial religious architecture, that was prevalent during that period. It would be there for about 108 years, with a marvelous stone facade flanked by twin towers that had held outstanding bells that had to be taken away when Henry Morgan arrived in 1671 to pillage the village. It would be reconstructed, although eventually fall into a bad state of disrepair, until 2004, when $4 million would be pumped into it to bring it back to its old splendor. Much of the stoneworks were taken from the old city and it would have inlaid mother-of-pearl in its towers. The interior is simple, compared to other churches or cathedrals in Central America, but the walls have been magnificently painted with beautiful scenes. The exterior is a lovely contrast of grey and black on the facade, with white towers that offset it just right. Out in front of the cathedral, lies the big plaza that would become famous throughout the country when the nation's independence would be declared here. The lovely plaza is encompassed by the Municipal palace that had been occupied by the French when they came to construct the Panama Canal, and houses a marvelous exhibit about the changes, construction, function and significance of the canal in regards to the country and its people. Whenever there is a religious ceremony being held in the nation, the president and his staff come here for the ceremony, as well as throngs of people.

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Marcos A. Gelabert Apt. Avis Car Rental  - Albrook Field
Avis Car Rental Tocumen Intl. Apt.
- Panama City
Panama City Avis Rental Cars
- Edif distribuidora, David
Avis Car Rental Panama City - Calle D, El Cangrejo

    Soberania National ParkSoberania Natoinal Park Panama
    This national park in Panama rests near the banks of the Panama Canal, in the provinces of Panama and Colon, with the Chagres River flowing through it, after being established in 1980; and spanning about 55,000 acres. It has grown to become a very popular area for birdwatchers since the huge numbers of birds that come here are spectacular to see and watch, and these include; motmots, flycatcher, toucans, antbirds, trogons, hawks, woodpeckers and tanagers. Some of the rarest birds that come here to nest and rest are crimson-bellied woodpeckers, sirstyes, yellow eared toucanets and harpy eagles, that are not seen very often, and the mammals include; agoutis, white-faced capuchin monkeys, mantled howler monkeys, coatis, Geoffrey's tamarins, anteaters, two-toed sloths, and three-toed sloths, with the occasional green iguana. The are known as the Parque Municipal summit has been part of the park, until 1985, when it would be given to the city. All told, the park contains over 1300 plants and 100 animals, and believed to be one of the most diversified bird sanctuaries in the nation. The park would be the landing place for the Spanish conquistadors in 1492, when the discovery of the Americas was made. The park has fishing, bird-watching, hiking, biking and eco-studies that entice visitors to come here, besides the plethora of birds that make this area their home, with one recorded count being 525 species encountered in a single day. The Camino de Cruces Trail and the Chagres River includes some areas that were used by the Spanish centuries ago to carry gold and silver out of Peru.

Thrifty Car Rental Tocumen

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Panama Intl. Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - Tocumen Intl. Apt.
Thrifty Car Rental Panama Domestic Intl. Apt.
 Marcos A. Gelabert
Panama City Thrifty Rental Cars - Via Espana No. 100

    Gamboa Rainforest Gamboa Rainforest Tocumen, Panama
    Gamboa Rainforest is located near the town of Gamboa, Panama, that had been constructed to house the workers of the canal, and one of the permanent Canal Zone townships; with the name Gamboa being the name of a tree from the quince family. The small town is located on a tight bend of the Chagres River, where it feeds Lake Gatun, and the only road accessing the town and rainforest is an iron and wooden bridge that crosses over the Chagres, which can only allow a single lane of traffic flowing across it at one time. The town had been constructed by the former village of Santa Cruz, and three miles up the river, the small town of Las Cruces had been constructed to handle the traffic of travelers disembarking from the barges to get the overland trail that would be finished by mule. The area is home to iguanas, caymans, crocodiles and many beautiful birds, although it is considered to be quite far from any major cities or civilization, but still one of the best birdwatching regions in Central America. Since it is one of the premier birdwatching areas in the nation, many amateur birdwatchers come here to join with the ornithologists for the annual bird counts that are held nearby Gamboa by the Audubon Society of Panama. The famous Gamboa Rainforest Resort is located there, which is a hotel that provides access to the nearby rainforest, and today is the town's only tourist attraction. It brings tourists from around the world, with a large amount of tourists coming in from Canada in a Noolitours package. The resort was constructed in the Gamboa Ridge area, and incorporates the old 9 hole golf course, that is no longer uses or maintained, a row of typical Canal Zone wooden houses, and the town's clubhouse. The area has many iguanas, jaguarondis and opossums, and the resort has two tennis courts and a gazebo, where guest have a spectacular view of the lake and sunrises.

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Panama City Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - Tocumen Apt.
Dollar Rental Car Panama Domestic Intl. Apt. 
 Marcos Albrook Gelabert
Dollar Rental Car Panama City-Cochez 
 Ave. Ricardo J. Alfaro

    La Merced Church La Merced Church Panama City, Panama
    La Merced is considered one of the most fortunate churches or even structures in the nation, having survived fires and earthquakes, that included the pillage of Henry Morgan, the English pirate. It has been in the same spot since 1673, after having been reconstructed from its original location that was just ten kilometers from its current spot. The original had been constructed in Old Panama City in the 16th century, and one of the few structures that would not be burned in the fire ordered by governor Juan Perez de Guzman, and later used by Morgan's men as a refuge while they stayed here a month. After the Spanish authorities ordered the relocation of the city to present day San Felipe, it fell to the black slaves to remove the church's baroque style facade stone by stone and then rebuild it where it sits today. The older church was of great historical significance, since it would be the place where Diego de Almagro and Francisco Pizarro would take holy communion before sailing to Peru and conquer the Inca empire. The old bells of the church were created in 1232, and cracked in a way that cannot be repaired, but they were signed by the creator, Imanuel Perea.

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Tocumen Intl. Apt, National Car Rental 
- Tocumen Intl. Apt.
Tocumen Intl. Apt, National Car Rental 
 Panama City Marcos A. Gelabert Intl. Apt.

Panama City National Car Rental 
 Calle 50 Edificio Ph Universal 50