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Verona Alamo Car Rentals - Stazione Porta Nuova
Alamo Rental Cars Verona - Villafranca Apt.

Things to do in Verona

    Arena di Verona Arena di Verona Verona, Italy
    One of the finest preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world is located in Verona, Italy that is now internationally famous for its big-scale opera performances that are shown here, as well as being one of the best preserved ancient buildings of its kind in the world. It was constructed in 30 AD on a site that was far from the city's walls, and staged here ludis or shows and games that became so very famous that people would come from all over the world to watch them, able to host over 30,000 spectators at one time. The round facade was originally made from pink and white limestone from Valpolicella, but when a huge earthquake shook it in 1117, destroying almost the entire outer ring, except of the ala, the stone would be used for other structures; still drawing curious visitors from abroad that came here to enjoy its size and stability or age, while many considered it a labyrinth that didn't have an entrance or exit. The initial attempts at regaining the structure's use as a theater would arise in the renaissance period, with many operatic performances being hosted inside it during the 1850s, because it contains incredible acoustics. Then, in 1913, the operatic performances began in earnest because of the zeal and initiative of the Italian opera tenor Giovanni Zenatello, along with the impresario, Ottone Rovato. The very first 20th century production of an opera would be the staging of Giuseppe Verdi's Aida, that occurred on August 10 of that year, and would mark the 100th birthday of Verdi. Musical legends arrived to celebrate, and since that time, summer operas has become an exceptional occurrence, except during the period of 1915 to 1918 and 1940 to 1945, when the entire continent and most of the world were engaged in a world war. There are four productions shown between June and August, welcoming more than half a million people. The amphitheater had been capable of seating 20,000 but due to safety hazards, it now can only host 15,000. The productions had never used microphones or loudspeakers until this year, when an electronic sound reinforcement system was installed to amplify the sounds better than ever.

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Budget Car Rental Arrival Terminal - Valero Catullo Apt.

Local Restaurants in Verona

    Ristorante Maffei
    Entrees; Mediterranean style monkfish backed with olives, capers, tomato sauce on a crispy spinach; lobster flambé in grand reserve Solera Spanish brandy served with diced veggies; slices of sesame seed crusted tuna with a fresh fruits' cubes; colt tournedos with black truffles season mushroom & crispy spinach; carre of specially raised seaside grass fed lamb with a grantinee's crust oven, potatoes & chicory; braised beef in Valpolicella red wine sauce with toasted polenta; sautéed veggies turban scented with extra virgin olive oil from Puglia on creamed aubergines; rough spaghetti with crab & large sea mullet & fresh tomato confit; prosecco risotto with scampi tails & swordfish perfumed with olive oil from Puglia; maccheroncini with salmon ragout & miniature veggies; large ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese & basil on cream of fresh tomatoes; fettuccine with rabbit ragout & baby veggies served in stravecchio wheat pastry shell; potato dumplings with duck's ragout & sprinkled with pecorino cheese; fusilli with ostrich ragout & mimolette cheese.

    Ristorante Greppia
    Entrees served with veggies; cabbage & tomato soup, macaroni blacks with yellow peppers & shrimp with basil; risotto with truffle fondue & pear jam; change of prawns; scallops with quails eggs & salad; halibut with creamy burrata cheese & turnip greens flavored with honey & anchovy; fillet in pastry with artichoke sauce; duck breast with caramelized orange and boiled meats served with traditional sauces & pear.


Mediterranean Style Monkfish Ristorante Maffei Verona, Italy




Duck Breast Ristorante Greppia Verona, Italy

Hertz Car Rental Verona

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Hertz Rental Cars Verona- Circonvallazione Oriani 2 G
Verona Apt. Hertz Car Rental - Villa Franca Apt.
Hertz Rental Car Verona- Via S. Quasimodo, 3
Garda Hertz Car Rental - Piazza della Chiesa 20

    San Zeno Maggiore Church San Zeno Maggiore Church Verona, Italy
    Now the Basilica of San Zeno or better known in the region as San Zeno Maggiore, this is the famous church where Romeo and Juliet would be married, and with the abbey forms the annex dedicated to St. Zeno of Verona, Italy. The saint would die in 380 AD, and according to the local legends, a small church would be constructed over his tomb, that rested along the Via Gallica and was built by Theodoric the Great, who had been king of the Ostrogoths. The present church's history and the adjacent Benedictine monastery started in the 9th century, when a bishop Ratoldus and King Pepin of Italy, would come to the moving of the saint's artifacts to the new church. In the early 10th century, a Magyar invasion would destroy a large part of the structure, so the saint's body would be moved to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Matricolare; and later returned to what has become the crypt of the basilica today in 921. A newer edifice would be constructed in the Romanesque style in 967 by bishop Raterius, who would get financial help from the Holy Roman Emperor, Otto I. The church would be partially destroyed once again, but this time by an earthquake in 1117, but would be rebuilt and enlarged in 1138, with the entire work being finished in 1398, with the roof being reconstructed and a gothic style apse. The exterior of the church is marvelous and richly decorated, with innovative techniques and features, being completed by many outstanding artisans and craftsmen. Its stand alone bell tower would constructed in 1045, and then renovated in 1120 and additions finished in 1178, more Romanesque, with a central vertical belt of alternating tuff and brickwork bands, being divided in its flooring by small tuff arches and cornices that give rise to a double storied bell tower with triple mullioned windows. A small conical spire with smaller pinnacles at every angle would then be mounted on top of that. The outside walls are decorated with Roman sculptures, and the older bells had been cast in 1149, but only one of these is still there. The interior is even more dramatic and splendid, with three floors and large crypt on the basement level, with a raised presbytery and church. The crypt was created in the 10th century and still contains the sarcophagus of St. Zeno, his face covered by a silver mask, and the crypt itself has a nave with eight aisles and 49 columns supporting the arches. It is a fabulous church and one of the finest destinations in the city that has such a long and distinguished history.

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Verona Apt. Avis Car Rental  
 Verona Villa Franca Aeroporto

Avis Car Rental Verona
- Via Basso Acquar 30
Verona Avis Rental Cars
- Via Torricelli 50

    Museo di CastelvecchioCastelvecchio Museum Verona, Italy
    The Castelvecchio Museum in Verona, Italy sits inside an eponymous medieval castle that was restored by architect Carlo Scarpa between the years of 1959 and 1973, that would embellish the looks of the structure and its outstanding displays. Carlo's innovative architectural techniques is quite visible in the details of the furnishings, fixtures, staircases and doorways that were designed to house a unique piece of artwork. The museum contains a fabulous collection of goldworks, miniatures, statues, paintings, sculpture, ancient weapons, old bells and ceramics. The castle is one of the most significant military structures in the nation, that had been built during the Scaliger dynasty that would rule the city during the Middle Ages, and was quite compact and very powerful for its size, having little decoration if any. It sits upon ground that many believe held a Roman fortress. Some of the most spectacular sculptures and paintings in the museum includes the following; the Holy Family by Andrea Mantegna, the Sepulchre of the Sts. Sergius and Bacchus that is a beautiful bas-relief from the 12th century, Crucifix-a 14th century tuff work by the supposed Master of Sant'Anastasia, the Madonna of the Quail by Pisanello, St. Cecilia and Catherina from the same master, Madonna of the Rose Garden by Stefano da Verona or Michelino da Besozzo and Crucifixion and Madonna dell'Umitta by Jacopo Bellini.

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Verona Catullo Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - In Terminal

    Museo ArcheologicoArchaeological Museum Verona, Italy
    The Archaeological Museum in Verona, Italy, sits across from the famous and ancient Roman theater, on the former site of a 15th century Jesuit convent, established in 1924, although its collections would be placed in the museum at Victoria Harbor, in 1857, acquired from various private collections that had been donated to the city of Verona, with many relics from the 8th century that included statues, Etruscan urns, bronze statues, inscriptions, glass objects, mosaics and Greek vases. The San Girolamo church adjacent to the museum house many beautiful frescoes from the 15th and 16th century as well. In the former refectory of the convent resides a magnificent picture of Leonardo's Last Supper, sitting amidst sculptures long ago forgotten although still visible under a soft light, from the imperial period. A large majority of the relics were discovered beneath the fields of Verona, with many sculptures being uncovered at nell'Adige. There is a gorgeous mosaic floor that was taken from the floor of a villa that had been constructed in the 3rd century in Negrar in Valpoicella, showing gladiators of great detail that represented the great heroes of the arena in Verona. The museum is filled with fantastic artifacts from antiquity, that include fabulous sculptures, the remnants of a Roman aqueduct, decorative elements of the theater, marble sculptures from the first, second and third centuries, with beautiful Greek pottery from the 5th century BC, funerary items, frescoes, marble portraits, Etruscan bronzes, blown glass vessels, clay oil lamps, ceramic vases and a large amount of bronze. There are wood panels painted with magnificent floral motifs, a wooden crucifix from the 15th century, decorative items from the imperial palaces, altars and statues dedicated to the old Roman gods, and much more that is sure to blow your mind with so many ancient artifacts located in one place, itself an exceptional relic of ancient times.

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Verona Catullo Apt. Dollar Car Rental - In Terminal

    Porta dei BorsariPorta dei Borsari Verona, Italy
    The Porta Borsari is a large opening in the Roman walls of Verona, Italy, and has been called the Porta Lovia in the Roman era because of the close proximity of a temple nearby that had been dedicated to Jupiter Lustral, and then during the Middle Ages, it would become the Porta San Zeno, although the current name of Bursari pertains to those guards on duty at the portal. There is a magnificent inscription on the lintel above the double archway that had been put there by the builder, Emperor Gallienus in 265 AD, that was then celebrating the finishing of the walls reconstruction. Because of that inscription, many believe that the walls were built during the first century, and some even believe that the walls were preceded by another walled entrance that was constructed in the first century BC. From the ancient times, this entry has been an intersection of all land and water transport systems in the northeast, since it would be the confluence of four consular roads that would give the only access to the city during that period. The facade is constructed of white limestone blocks that were quarried locally, and contains two arched passages, with each one of them being framed by two semi-columns with Corinthian capitals, sorregnti entablature and pediments. The walled area is a rectangle shaped wall, with a door, and two fronts with the hole and surrounding land. The entire wall is Italic with two arches, that are perhaps the oldest parts of the area, and had been a significant prototype of military engineering that Rome had developed in the Hispanic and Gaul provinces.

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National Rental Car Verona - Stazione Porta Nuova