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Alamo Rental Cars Windsor - 160 Eugenie St. W.

Things to do in Windsor

    Willistead Manor Willistead Manor Windsor, Ontario, Canada
    This fabulous manor house situated in the former town of Walkerville, now a part of Windsor, Ontario, Canada was designed by famous architect Albert Kahn in the 16th century Tudor-Jacobean style of the English manor house, constructed in 1904 through 1906, commissioned by Edward Chandler Walker, the second son of Hiram Walker, but named after the first son, Willis Walker, who had become a lawyer in Detroit, Michigan, but had passed on at an early age. Hiram would never live in the mansion, although many believed that he had, but it would have only a single bedroom, for Mr. and Mrs. Walker, since they never had any children. The coach houses had rooms that would house their guests, and after Edward passed on in 1915, Mrs. Walker didn't like living in the large house by herself, so she deeded the house and grounds to the town of Walkerville; and when the town would be amalgamated into Windsor in 1935, it would also inherit the estate of Willistead. After the house had been deeded to the town, it would began serving as the local town hall, then the Art Gallery of Windsor, and finally as a library branch. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, the house was falling apart, and in desperate need of repairs, so the town decided to demolish it, but preservationists took action and kept it from being destroyed, and now the 36 room manor is used for a banquet hall, with the marvelous grounds of three acres incorporated into a bigger park. The house is available for rent for such grand occasions as weddings, private parties and corporate meetings, and is decorated beautifully in the Christmas season. The Paul Martin Gardens, which are very formal, contain numerous rare perennials, and is adjacent to the house, giving a special meaning to the wedding photos.

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Windsor Apt. Budget Car Rentals - 3200 Cty. Rd. 42 
Budget Car Rental Detroit Metro Apt. - Bldg. 287 Lucas Dr.
Troy Budget Rental Cars
- 300 W. 14 Mile Rd.
Budget Car Rentals Sterling Heights - 34703 Van Dyke 

    Windsor Community MuseumWindsor Community Museum Windsor, Ontario, Canada
    The community museum is housed in the historic Francois Baby house, that had been constructed in 1812 by Francois Baby, a well-known French-Canadian, and sits in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, showcasing the city's rich and vibrant history, and has become a National Historical Site. This museum would originally be called the Hiram Walker Historical Museum since he and his sons had donated so much to the museum and the restoration of the house, but in 1991, it would be changed to the Francois Baby House: Windsor's Community Museum, so that there would be no confusion between the historic house museum and the Hiram Walker Brewing company. Also, the name really didn't divulge any significant idea as to what the museum was really about, and then in 1996, it would received its current name. The museum contains more than 15,000 relics and documents that are significant interest to the city's history and the community, along with more information about the greater Essex County, Ontario region. It had been founded in 1958, by a local amateur historian and merchant, named George Fortune MacDonald and is operated by the city now. The city has also become responsible for the interpretation center that sits behind the Duff Baby House, that is used currently for educational programs, mostly. Some of the magnificent relics housed here include the carving of the Holy Family by Francois Baillarge, which is from the 18th century, and is believed to have been on the front door of the local Assumption Church, and the police call boxes from the 1920s, when they would be installed on just about every street corner. Other artifacts include fire buckets from the fire department and had been used before 1856; an octant/sextant from the early 19th century, used by Capt. William Malott, and the ferry ticket for the Argo used in the early 19th century, a contempra telephone made by the Northern Electrical Telephone company in the early 1970s, and a magnificent violin created by Joseph Gratiani in 1792.

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Windsor Enterprise Rental Car - 2466 Dougall Ave. Unit 4
Enterprise Car Rental Windsor - 9250 Tecumseh Rd. E.
Windsor Enterprise Rental Cars - 3703 Walker Rd.

Local Restaurants in Windsor

    Entrees; pork sishkabob is tenderloin skewered with pepper, onion & mushroom; chicken shiskabob is marinated breast of chicken skewer; bifteki is ground beef patties seasoned with garlic, herbs & spices; trigonia (BBQ quail); baby lamb chops is 4 tender lamb chops accented with lemon & oregano; pork chops is 2 big center cut chops accented with lemon & oregano; loukanika dinner has house made hot sausage; arni psito is boneless roast leg of baby lamb with hint of garlic & gravy; beef kokinsto is tender stewed beef in herbed tomato sauce; mousaka is fresh baked eggplant, ground beef, seasonings & bechamel sauce; pastitsio is Greek lasagna with ground beef, penne noodles, spices & bechamel sauce; stuffed grape leaves dinner is with avgolemono sauce on the side; cabbage rolls in tomato sauce; Thanasi's platter is one cabbage roll & beef kokinisto combo; Olympus platter is mousaka or pastitsio, roast lamb or beef kokinisto, cheese or spinach pie; Athenian platter with 2 BBQ baby lamb chops, 3 jumbo butterfly shrimp & BBQ breast of chicken shiskabob.

    Mezo Ristortante & Lounge
    Entrees; tagliatelle is egg noodles tossed in short rib meat sauce, toasted pine nuts, rosemary oil & guincale; ravioli is housemade ravioli stuffed with roasted butternut squash & mutzu apple in a bacon, sundried tomato cream sauce; gnocchi is potato dumplings tossed with shrimp, wild mushrooms & baby spinach in brandy blush sauce; fettuccine is housemade fettuccine tossed with chicken, prosciutto, sundried tomato & asparagus in basil pesto blush sauce; whole wheat penne noodles tossed with baby spinach, chicken, wild mushrooms, asparagus & diced tomatoes; manicotti is wild mushroom, goat & ricotta cheeses stuffed manicotti in sambuca blush sauce topped with asiago cheese & white truffle oil; black cod is Canadian maple syrup marinated sablefish over top of sweet corn & lobster mash with soy stained green beans; osso bucco is veal shank slowly braised in red wine, veggie tomato sauce, accompanied with saffron veggie risotto; provimi veal or pollo funghi is pan seared chicken breast or veal scaloppini served with wild mushroom, white truffle cream sauce, served with apple wood smoked cheddar mash & daily veggie; pollo mezzo is bacon wrapped chicken breast stuffed with oven dried cranberries, wild mushrooms & goat cheese with champagne cream sauce, served with apple wood smoked cheddar mash & daily veggie; Australian lamb is pan roasted Australian rack of lamb finished in white truffle lamb jus served with wild mushroom & pancetta risotto.


Pork Sishkabob Thanasi's Windsor, Ontario, Canada








Tagliatelle Mezo Ristorante & Lounge Windsor, Ontario, Canada


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Hertz Rental Cars Detroit- 400 Renaissance Dr.
Detroit Hertz Car Rental - 1949 E. Jefferson Ave.
Hertz Rental Car Dearborn- 15320 Michigan Ave.
Grosse Point Farms Hertz Car Rental - 18001 Mack Ave.

    Art Gallery of Windsor Art Gallery of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
    This outstanding art gallery opened in 1943, and was mandated by the government to create a public art space that would show the excellent works made by local, regional and national artists, thus creating one of the province's most significant collections of Canadian art, and is now one of the city's most destined cultural institutions. It had originally been located in the Walkerville's Willistead Manor, in its distinct Tudor-Jacobean style, and would keep the collections preserved from 1943 until 1975, starting out as the Willistead Gallery. By the late 1950s, it would become overcrowded, it would become an independent institution with its own board of directors, and by the 1960s, would be in dire straits of a crisis, which is when the gallery began looking for a place to house this marvelous collection, and by 1970, it was suggested that the collection be housed in the old empty Carling Brewery warehouse that sat on the waterfront, creating a magnificent modern setting on the waterfront set in a manufacturing center. The Art Gallery of Windsor would open its doors in 1975, and for the next two decades, grow into a significant museum with an outstanding collection of the province's most important collections of Canadian art. It would leave the structure in 1993, leasing it to the Casino Windsor to obtain funding for another venue and increasing its fabulous collection. So it would move into the Devonshire Mall, and for the next six years be in a state of flux, wondering what to do and where to go. Eventually, the museum would be moved into a new structure that was being constructed on the old warehouse location, which was torn down and made room for the new museum, that now houses the Art Gallery of Windsor today. The gallery contains some 4,000 paintings, works on paper and sculptures, with more being added each year, that are donated by the artists or collectors, with some being bought specifically for that reason. The artworks are housed in a controlled environment, in special vaults, with an old English tapestry, about 300 years old being the oldest piece in the collections.

avis discount rental car Windsor

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Windsor Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 3200 Cty. Rd. 42
Avis Car Rental Dearborn Heights
- 6216 Telegraph Rd.
Royal Oak Avis Rental Cars
- 27364 Woodward
Avis Car Rental Troy - 300 W. 14 Mile Rd.

    Jackson ParkJackson Park Windsor, Ontario, Canada
    The park is located in the southern parts of downtown Windsor, Ontario, Canada, with numerous war memorials, that include a WWII and Korean War memorial, along with more than 10,000 plants that are sitting in the Sunken Gardens. It had been named after a former mayor, from the city, Cecil E. Jackson, with many new features constantly being added to it, like the original WWII monument that housed a Avro Lancaster bomber aircraft, FM212, that had to be taken down in 2005, after being overexposed to the elements during its forty year tenure, and replaced by more weather resistant fiberglass models of a Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane fighter, with a garden in the shape of a Lancaster just below them. Another very significant monument is the Holodomor Memorial that sits in the Queen Elizabeth II Gardens in Jackson Park, that was dedicated to the seven million victims of the famine genocide of 1932-1933 that occurred in the Soviet Ukraine, by the infamous Stalin. This park has become one of the most important in the city, with its beautiful formal gardens and fountains that showcase summer perennials and full blooming annuals. It is a very popular sports park, being the home of the Windsor Lawn Bowling Club and the Windsor Stadium, with rugby and soccer fields, five baseball diamonds and a basketball court. The lighted tennis courts and lawn bowling greens would be refurbished in 1991, and upgraded, with outstanding repairs made to the cedar pergola building.

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Detroit Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 334 Lucas Dr.

    Dieppe GardensDieppe Gardens Windsor, Ontario, Canada
    This city contains more than 215 parks, that total more than 3,000 acres of naturalized and formal gardens, like the Dieppe Gardens, that sit at the bottom of Ouellette Avenue, serenely sitting along the banks of the Detroit River, named in memory of the large group of the Essex-Kent Scottish Regiment that would lose their lives in the WWII landing at Dieppe, France, in 1942, featuring many intriguing monuments of the Canadian army and navy, with a beautiful number of annuals and perennials that flourish with colors in the season. For quite sometime, the property had housed a docking site for the Detroit-Windsor Ferry system, along with hotels, businesses, retail stores and cottages, that would be demolished by the late 1950s, in hopes of creating a major riverfront park, which it seems to have accomplished. The park houses picnic tables, a waterfall and fishpond, historical monuments, benches, concession stand and launch site for cruises. The historical monuments located at this park include; dedications to the men and women of the first World War, from 1914 to 1918, another for WWII from 1939 to 1945, the Korean War from 1950 to 1953, the Canadian Naval Peacekeeping Force, Dieppe Plaque and the Cairn to Pipe Major J. Copeland. There is an eternal flame burning here, along Riverside Drive, with the French Settlers Plaque further up on the same highway, the Railway plaque, the Greening of the Riverfront and the Knights of Columbus Peace monument. The Silver Cross monument, the ancient Jesuit pear trees and the RAF/RCAF monument in the gardens that were created by local sculptor, Mark Williams, that features a Hurricane, Spitfire and Lancaster; moved here from the Jackson Park. In 1749, the first settler in the region, Charles Chauvin, would plant the 12 pear trees located a bit east of the concession stands, that were imported from France, and each one would represent an apostle of Christ, and symbolize much more than just historical pear trees.

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Detroit Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - Detroit Metro Apt.

    Windsor Wood Carving MuseumWindsor Wood Carving Museum Windsor, Ontario, Canada
    The museum is only wood carving museum in the province, and just one of two in the country, taking great pride in their work, creating magnificent carvings of wood from around the world. It is located in a room of the Central Library, in downtown Windsor, with a large outstanding collection of wood carvings. The museum houses over 300 carvings from Canada, around the world and the United States. Many are showcased in big glass cabinets so that you are able to get up close and personal, as well as photograph them if you like. The museum also contains bird skins for studying, tools, wood samples and relics, with a very knowledgeable staff to answer any questions you might have. Every part of wood carving is shown and represented, including the contemporary, historical, wildlife or traditional, with the majority of the carvings reflecting the talents of Windsor and regional woodcarvers, as well as educational programs to help interested students become involved in the art of wood carving and more. The idea for a wood carving museum began in New York, in late 1992, as a nonprofit organizations that would use many venues to fund the project. Since it spectacular opening, it has continued to feature hundreds of carved objects ranging in subject matter from history to wildlife, contemporary to caricature carving, with every object shown in a brightly lit room. Going even one step further to involve the public, the museum has a wonderful website that offers you videos and tutorials so that you too can learn to carve wooden objects for sale, personal satisfaction or gifts.

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National Rental Cars Windsor -  160 Eugenie St. W.