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Things to do in Woonsocket

    Museum of Work and Culture Museum of Work and Culture Woonsocket, Rhode Island
    This museum in Woonsocket, Rhode Island honors the city's early textile manufacturing history and managed by the Rhode Island Historical Society that opened in 1997. It is situated in the Market Square area of the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor and concentrates mostly on the French Canadian migration to the city from Quebec that would become known as the Quebec Diaspora. The museum sits in a former textile dying structure that had been built in 1915 and would become home to the Barnai Worsted Company, and later the Lincoln Textile Company. Exhibits here depict the stories, culture and religion of the immigrants when they worked in the mills. Visitors to the museum start their tour at a rural Quebec farmhouse and then take a journey through a normal work day for the city's many residents and immigrants from the early 20th century to the current day. You'll visit a shop floor of the textile mill, then the front porch of a three family tenement, in the union hall, and the church, becoming part of the working class of America. The museum contains six walk through exhibits, numerous interactive audio presentations, two movies and a plethora of photographs. Some of the most significant displays include; the ITU union hall from 1934, the Quebec farmhouse from 1870 that depicts the rural lifestyle of the immigrants before they moved here from Quebec, the parochial school classroom, the Church of the Precious Blood that has a movie about the transition from farmer to wage laborer, the Slater Club that gave management's view of the industry, a textile mill shop floor from 1920 where former workers describe their experiences of life in the city, the triple decker parlor that replicates a living room in one of the city's many tenements and the front porch of a triple decker that showcases the ethnic community and folks talking about their life in the city. Although the museum concentrates on the immigration of the French Canadians to this city, it is a story much like the rest of the nation at that time that was going from a mostly farm industry to manufacturing in the large cities, just as it was happening across America. Many of the museums of today are converting old buildings into new museums, so it seemed quite proper that this museum should be housed in a former factory about the textile industry, and would happen in 1996, when the museum transformed the manufacturing plant into a modern museum. The museum store located there is a great place to purchase unique items like books, clothing and crafts, along with brochures, booklets, guidebooks and more information about the industry and city.

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    St. Ann's ChurchSt. Ann's Church Woonsocket, Rhode Island
    St. Ann's Church complex has become a historic Roman Catholic church and cultural center, located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island in a renaissance structure that was constructed in 1913 by Walter F. Fontaine to service the French Canadian people that had come here to work in the textile mills. The complex had originally consisted of a church, school, gymnasium that also was their theater, a convent and parish house. It would close down in 2000, and later open as the Arts and Cultural Center, and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. The church contains many beautiful murals that cover the walls and ceilings of the church, reminding many of the Italian renaissance churches of Italy, which were painted by famous church decorator, Guido Nincheri in the 1940s, and these fabulous paintings would bring the Bible to life for many of the church's parishioners for years. However, as the congregation thinned, the structure would become abandoned and fall into disrepair, before some of the parishioners got together and saved the old church from being demolished. It is now an arts and cultural center, with the owners hoping that they can make enough money to keep it solvent.

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Local Restaurants in Woonsocket

    Entrees; served with house or Caesar salad; seafood pasta is imported pasta topped with white clam sauce, fresh chopped clams, imitation crabmeat, shrimp & scallops; grilled chicken & broccoli alfredo is grilled chicken breast thinly sliced & tossed with penne pasta & broccoli in house alfredo sauce; buffalo chicken Mac & cheese is housemade 5 cheeses Mac & cheese tossed with chunks of buffalo chicken tenders; chicken parmesan is breaded chicken breast topped with house marinara sauce & mozzarella cheese served over imported spaghetti; dinners served with choice of 2 of the following; baked potato, mashed potatoes, steak fries, curly fries, sweet potato with butter, veggie of the day, house or Caesar salad; grilled ribeye is tender USDA choice ribeye steak seasoned & grilled to order 12oz.; baked stuffed sole is house secret seafood stuffing rolled onto 2 flaky sole fillets with cracker crumbs & lemon butter sauce, baked & served with 2 sides; smothered steak tips is 10 oz. of marinated steak tips grilled & served over a heaping portion of mashed potatoes, smothered in gravy served with choice of veggie or salad.

    Entrees; surf & turf is beef tenderloin & gulf shrimp sauté, garlic butter, warm rice cake; gulf shrimp scampi is roasted tomatoes, wilted arugula, white wine, garlic butter sauce & spaghetti; house made lobster ravioli with sherry cream, crushed tomato, fresh basil; ricotta ravioli is house made ricotta, roasted garlic fondu, oven dried tomatoes; paella chicken, gulf shrimp, native clams, PEI mussels, chourice, saffron rice & veggies; veggie risotto with baby spinach, asparagus, parmesan; grilled salmon with cool couscous, grilled asparagus, tomato jam; pistachio crusted tuna with warm rice cake, cool carrot ginger broth, baby greens; vanilla seared sea scallops with cool couscous salad, baby greens; chicken cordon bleu Napoleon is prosciutto, Boursin cheese, pastry puff, raspberry port glaze, mixed veggies & country mashed potatoes; grilled chicken parmesan is grilled chicken breast, vine ripe tomato, fresh mozzarella, spaghetti pomadoro.


Seafood Pasta Chelos Woonsocket, Rhode, Island



 Shrimp Scampi Vintage Woonsocket, Rhode Island

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    Providence Athenaeum Providence Athenaeum Woonsocket, Rhode Island
    The Providence Athenaeum was founded in 1753 in Providence, Rhode Island and is the fourth oldest subscription library in the nation, and began when a group of private citizens started the Providence Library company to get access to books that they couldn't otherwise afford under normal conditions. Their members would pay a small subscription fee and gain access to the library so it could buy books that every member could share. One of the leading members, Stephen Hopkins, would also be one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and quite a few of the books that were bought would be coming from England, but, in 1758, a fire would start and destroy the first collection of books that had been stored in the Providence courthouse. By 1770, when the Brown University had moved to Providence, their library would become available to students; and in 1836 the Providence Library company would merge with the Providence Atheneum that had been started in 1831, with the new group being called the Providence Athenaeum. By 1838, William Strickland had designed a new structure that would be finished in 1838 and house the library, where it resides today.

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    Blackstone River Valley National Heritage CorridorBlackstone River Valley Naitonal Heritage Corridor Woonsocket, Rhode Island
    The John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor is a National Heritage Corridor that has been dedicated to the history about the early American industrial revolution, that includes the many mill towns that spanned 24 cities and towns that contains some 400,000 acres near the river's course in Worcester County, Massachusetts and Providence County, Rhode Island. The region contains a very historical area in the Blackstone Valley that is named after the late US senator from Rhode Island, John Chafee. The National Corridor would be created by an Act of Congress in 1986 to preserve and interpret, for current and future generations, the unique and important value of the Blackstone Valley. This incredible corridor contains about a million people, cities, towns and villages, and the nation's government doesn't own any part of it, but the National Park Service, along with two state governments, businesses, nonprofit historical and environmental organizations, dozens of local municipalities, educational institutions, private citizens, many local municipalities and a unifying commission working together to protect the valley and get ready for the future. The Blackstone River Bikeway is one of the planned paved rail trails that run along the East Coast Greenway that runs through the corridor, and by 2009, about ten miles of the trail had been completed in Rhode Island with just 2 miles finished in Massachusetts.

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    Eleazer Arnold HouseEleazer Arnold House Lincoln, Rhode Island
    This historic house in Lincoln, Rhode Island was constructed for Eleazer in 1693, in the Great Road Historic District, that is now a National Historic Landmark that is owned by Historic New England, and open to the public just two days a year. The house is considered a big "stone-ender" that is nothing more than a building type brought here from the western areas of England and would be used for construction in the northern parts of Rhode Island. The house would be constructed in two stories, with four rooms on each floor, a lean-to, and exposed fieldstone end walls, a pilaster chimney and wooden side walls. By the 20th century, a gable would be added to the house to make it more like the house of the period. In 1919, it would be donated to the Historic New England society by Preserved Whipple Arnold and go through two stages of rejuvenation. The first would be done in 1920, with stabilization works accomplished by Norman Isham and in the 1950, it and the chimney would get a complete structural rehab. During the second restoration, the house would be returned to its 17th century appearance, and then declared a National Historic Landmark in 1968.

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    Southwick's ZooSouthwick's Zoo Mendon, Massachusetts
    This zoo sits on 300 acres in a privately owned and operated zoological park in Mendon, Massachusetts that opened in 1963 and continues to this day, still family owned. This Southwick homestead dates back to 1803 when it had been a working dairy farm, until the 1930s, when Justin F. Southwick would begin collecting exotic poultry, and his son, Justin A. Southwick, would share that passion for exotic birds, who would become a leading authority on migrating birds. He would sell the dairy herd in 1953 to pay more attention to his passion, and in 1956, he put a donation box at the barn where he kept his birds and allow him to buy more. In 1963, he opened the zoo, forming two companies; the Southwick Wild Animal Farm, Inc. and the Southwick's Birds and Animals, Inc. with Justin A. acting as president of both companies. His son, Daniel, would become the vp of Birds and Animals that sold, leased and traded animals, while his son-in-law, Robert Brewer, would become vp of the other company. The Brewer family would eventually move away to partake in other opportunities, so Dan would take over both companies in 1971. When he passed on in 1977, the zoo would be lost for a while, until the Brewer family returned and took over the responsibilities of the companies. They would add a chimpanzee display in 2001 and then, the SkyFari in 2008. The zoo has a number of excellent exhibits that include; the North American exhibit that is home to numerous North American animals that include red deer, swans, foxes, painted turtles, elk, river otters and great blue herons. The Deer Forest is a 35 acre walk through exhibit that allows visitors to get up close and personal with the animals that include painted turtles, frogs, native birds, and fallow deer. The bird display has parakeets, flamingos, fancy pigeons, kookaburra, African crowned cranes, cockatoos, Polish chickens, macaws, conures, Mandarin ducks, eclectus, emu, rhea, cockatiels and ostriches. There is a petting zoo, camel rides, pony rides, a play area, the Woodland Express that is rubber tired train, the Earth Discovery Center and a great day of fun and adventure for the entire family.

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